Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gun Control Anyway

The latest Muslim terrorist attack was not carried out using a gun. The assailant used his truck and a butcher knife. And he was very inept, at that. Had he been less incompetent, there could have been many dead at this university, which, like all schools in the United States, is a "gun-free zone." Which does NOTHING to stop fools like this Somali "refugee" from coming in and trying to kill people, at the suggestion of damned fool outfits like ISIS. The only gun involved was in the hands of the cop who shot and killed him before he could kill anybody. But the anti-gun FOOLS are still using this incident to promote "gun control," which is short-sighted, at best, and MURDEROUS, at worst, because it makes these students "easy targets" for Islamic terrorists, or any other kind of crazy. Authorities are recommending more armed security, which is okay, but uniformed security is easily disposed of before any killing even begins.

They also recommend "concealed carry" among university personnel, which is the best idea, yet. If a would-be mass shooter doesn't know who, among bystanders and potential victims is armed, it is HE who will be an "easy target" before he can kill anybody. But the anti-gun fools will not hear of it. They think that if random people are legally armed, there will be "blood bath," as they go about shooting each other over trifles, which shows their abject stupidity. There are only going to be more and more such attacks as the plans of ISIS and other Islamic terrorist outfits materialize. If we don't stop keeping law-abiding people disarmed, more and more will die, and the anti-gun fools will have their blood on their hands. 99% of such attacks occur in "gun-free zones," as potential shooters SELECT them for their outrages. (Bearing Arms)

"No Background Checks"

A mob broke into a Tampa gun store and stole a lot of guns and ammo. Why? Because criminals don't want their names to EVER appear on a list of gun owners. So they just steal them or buy them in a back alley somewhere, and go about their business, victimizing those people who OBEY gun laws and submit to those pesky background checks. What anti-gun fools never take into account when they whine and snivel about "gun violence" is that law-abiding people aren't the ones who COMMIT gun violence. It is the ILLEGAL gun owners who do. They look at places like Chicago, where so many people are killed by guns, it's like a "war zone." Never considering that the majority of the guns used to victimize people are NOT owned by people who have gone through background checks and been given a license to OWN their guns. Chicago already has some of the TIGHTEST gun laws in the nation, and at the same time have the WORST record of gun violence. They can't explain that, so they just ignore it. (Fox 13)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Guns Cause Gun Deaths"

That's what the anti-gun fools think, and confidently tell us. No, you fools! PEOPLE cause gun deaths! Not guns! If there were no guns, they'd kill them with knives. Or clubs, or ROCKS! Or their bare hands! Killing predates guns by thousands of years Where was the gun when Cain Killed Abel? Where was the gun when people killed each other on a regular basis with swords? The gun is NOT the cause of "gun deaths!" It is the PERSON holding the gun that is responsible. The gun is only a TOOL, as a car jack is only a tool for raising a car far enough to be worked on. Only a FOOL blames the gun for people killing each other with guns. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of fools in our society, and they manage to worm their way into responsible positions where they can get laws made to DISARM honest, law-abiding people, while criminals run wild with their ILLEGAL guns, killing "easy targets" that have been disarmed by the anti-gun fools. They talk a lot about all the killing going on in places like Chicago, without mentioning that Chicago has some of the tightest "gun laws" in the nation, that do NOTHING to "stem gun violence," but simply make it easier for those who get their guns ILLEGALLY to kill people while the anti-gun fools thrash about making laws that do NOTHING to stop these people from getting their guns. (America's First Freedom)

No Guns, No Killing

That's what the damned fools making out current crop of "gun laws" say, confidently. They "know not what they do." They disarm honest, law-abiding people and make them "easy targets" for criminals who want what's theirs, and are willing to kill them to get it. Or Islamic terrorists who see a "target-rich environment" of people who will not "convert" to their silly "religion." It is said that Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world, and why not? With people threatening other people with DEATH for not "converting." I'd bet that most, if not ALL of those who do "convert" are Muslim in name only, and do not feel it in their hearts. They only "convert" to stay alive. It's easy to have a "fast-growing :"religion" if you offer people DEATH for not "converting." Killing predated guns by thousands of years. There were no guns on Earth when Cain killed Abel. And hundreds of years ago when people commonly killed other people with swords. (Just common sense)

Monday, November 28, 2016

A Lot to Repeal

Trump has a big job ahead of him, just repealing all the stupid laws Obama managed to get made before he got saddled with a Republican Congress and had to resort to the ILLEGAL use of executive orders, which he "enforced" LIKE laws. One of those silly laws is the one that made ALL "school zones" gun-free zones. That single law is responsible for ALL the school children who have been killed and injured by mass shooters, who KNEW there probably wouldn't be anybody there with their own guns, and able to oppose him. I say, "him," because, so far, ALL mass shooters have been male. So don't give me a lot of crap about ignoring women. I know, I know: those laws MAY have been made before Obama. But they were made by the same kind of people Obama is. Point is, it may be a full-time job JUST to get stupid liberal laws repealed. (Bullets First)

They Have Nothing Else

So, as usual, they call us racists--without a scintilla of PROOF we are. That's what the anti-gun fools are saying about the NRA. That ALL the members are racist. They can't come up with ANYTHING real to back what they're doing, so they fall back on that old "racist" BS. And BS is what it is, as it is every time a liberal says it.. Ever since Obama was elected, he and other liberals holler "racist" every time they're opposed on ANYTHING. They never explain how, if this country is so damned racist, how a man who would RATHER be black even got elected, so he COULD blame everything on racism. They might say white people were just afraid to be accused of racism, but that's BS too. They can't be "afraid" one minute, and full-blown racists the next. They even have to go back and use a DEAD man as an example. A man who has been dead for many years. They say Trump "rode a crest of white, middle class anger" to the presidency, but it's actually PEOPLE"'S anger! White, black, Hispanic, and otherwise. All angry over being screwed over by their government for so many years, and they're TIRED of it!. (The Trace)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gun Laws Have Failed

And failed badly. There's one thing that bothers me no end. That is the fact that every "gun law" they've made, so far, has failed miserably to do what it's supposed to do, and, in fact, does just the opposite. It DISARMS honest, law-abiding people and makes it easier for Illegally-armed criminals to victimize them. But they keep on making them. Some of them ADMIT their laws are USELESS, but continue to make them, anyway. "Gun-free zones," for instance. Criminals SEEK OUT gun-free zones in which to do mass killings because they KNOW there probably will be no one there with a gun, to oppose them. Law-abiding people aren't too smart, I guess. They OBEY their stupid laws, KNOWING they don't work, and in fact, put them in more danger. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel tells illegal aliens "You're safe in Chicago," completely ignoring the fact that NOBODY is safe in Chicago, with all its "tight gun laws." You're more likely to be killed by a "stray bullet" in Chicago than in any "war zone." In fact, Chicago IS a"war zone. (Just common sense)

Through Liberal Tears

Americans are "lining up round the block" at gun stores in many places, buying guns and gun accessories for their Christmas lists. But they've got to be careful and not slip on the "liberal tears" that are shed by liberals looking at those lines. They just hate the idea of law-abiding people having guns to defend themselves against all the ILLEGAL guns out there that are being used to victimize them. They still think law-abiding people will "go crazy" and have shootouts over fender benders, or something else trivial. They just don't think we have enough self control to be able to keep our guns in our pockets unless there's a REAL reason to take it out. They're probably going by themselves. They're pretty sure THEY won't be able to control themselves if they had guns, so they think we won't, either. They blame many things--except the real thing-- for the increase in gun sales so they won't have to take responsibility for the USELESSNESS of the "gun laws" they pass to do anything except make it EASIER for criminals, crazies, and terrorists to victimize us with their ILLEGAL guns. (Breitbart)

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sorry About Yesterday

I'm still a prisoner to Comcast foibles. We tried to make some changes in our Comcast account and they managed to screw everything up. I don't have TV and won't have until Monday (takes them that long to get a tech out here). My Internet was down yesterday. It went down right after I updated the Bull Cutter. But we did manage to get it back up, thankfully.

Total Stupidity

That's what you get when you elect liberals to office. Stupid liberals are in the minority, you say? Then why is it that, where liberals "rule," you have tight gun laws, combined with high gun crime rates? And politicians who will not listen to those who tell them their laws are USELESS, with the proof staring them in the face? Then you have the politicians who take it way too far. Like the ones in Baltimore who want to ban TOY guns. Of course, toy guns aren't protected in the Constitution, so they can get away with that stupidity. But what danger are TOY guns? That's easy. Letting little children have toy guns is against their policy of keeping ALL knowledge about guns away from children. They think that's how you keep kids from killing themselves and others through ignorance and curiosity. As long as we (not me) keep electing these ignoramuses, we'll get such stupid laws, and be forced to OBEY them, if we're law-abiding people, that is. (Fox News)

It's A National Travesty

"It is a national travesty. It is funded and organized by the likes of George Soros and the Democratic Machine. It is condoned by the Obama Administration: the mass-murder of our law enforcement officers at the hands of thugs who receive cover and praise from the Left." And those thugs are ready and willing to kill as many cops as they can, mostly from ambush. Sometimes calling in phony disturbance calls that don't forewarn the cops it might be a trap. Sometimes just walking up to their cars and shooting them in the ear. And they keep saying that cops "hunt black men for sport" to justify their killings. Sixty cops have been MURDERED in the United States, and the liberals praise the thugs and "knock" the cops. Obama and his friends are DIRECTLY responsible for all these deaths, and the many more to come, as stupid people "hunt cops for sport," as advised by "Black Lives Matter" and APPROVED by Obama. What we need is a "Blue Lives Matter" organization, not that it will do any good. Or maybe charging BLM spokesmen for "terrorist threats" for their rhetoric. (Blabber Buzz)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, Folks!

We have a lot to be thankful for this day. We have been spared the hardship of a Hillary Clinton administration. We have elected a man who can return this country to its rightful prominence and respect in the world. Whether he does, or not, remains to be seen. But we have a chance. That is, if all Hillary's chicanery does not succeed. She acts like she's above it all, but I'd bet she's behind all the silly "demonstrations," using the same people that have been seen at other "demonstrations," all over the country, ostensibly beginning with the killing of that giant thug who tried to kill a policeman in Ferguson, MO. Today is a day of thanksgiving, and family. I have a family too, believe it or not, and I intend to spend it with them. But I'll be back tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It Can't Happen, Huh?

The anti-gun fools keep telling us private citizens with carry permits CAN'T do any good when trying to stop "gun violence. Right! I count THREE instances of that happening just today! How's that workin' for ya, guys? They have no confidence in the intelligence of honest, law abiding people to own and carry their own guns without getting into gunfights over something trivial, something owners of ILLEGAL guns do, on a regular basis. They keep making laws that disarm honest people, and making them "easy targets" for the ILLEGALLY armed criminals, who LOVE those gun laws. Because they KNOW a disarmed potential victim can't shoot back and maybe kill them. But they'll keep on spouting that nonsense, no matter how many times FACTS get in the way. (WBRC Fox 6 News)

Concentrating On Ammo

They're so obvious, it's crazy. The anti-gun fools can't just ban guns, so they want to make the ones we do have USELESS. That might be good, in a way, because that's pne of the only things in their fool laws that MIGHT effect people who have ILLEGAL guns, too. Except that it's so easy to get bullets ILLEGALLY. Requiring TWO forms of identification before people can buy bullets only creates yet another illicit market, this time for bullets. Criminals LOVE it. Those fools in New Jersey's hierarchy are making them a LOT of money with their fool laws. This hasn't happened in NJ yet. It's only a "recommendation" of a "commission." But you can expect those foolish lawmakers to "jump on it" with a passion--the liberal ones, anyway. One good thing about Republicans: they tend more toward a bit more intelligence--sometimes. Maybe one day they'll find a way to do something REAL. Maybe. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"So Why Bother?"

The anti-gun fools say that we think, since their gun laws don't work because criminals don't obey them, "Why bother?" Which shows their incredible STUPIDITY. The same stupidity evident in their laws, period. We don't say, "Why bother?" We say, "Make some laws that actually DO something to keep criminals from having "the upper hand" with their ILLEGAL guns! Of course, they're too stupid to understand that. They just attribute their own stupidity to us, and keep right on making their USELESS laws that not only do NOTHING to "stem gun violence," they actually PROMOTE it, by DISARMING honest, law-abiding people, making them "easy targets " for criminals and their ILLEGAL GUNS. We say, "Make laws that make use of a gun in committing a crime add a SIGNIFICANT amount of time to their sentences, and PREVENTING cops from "waiving" gun charges to get convictions in other crimes, as they do now. We say, "Make laws that allow honest, law-abiding people to have guns to use in self defense against these criminals and their ILLEGAL guns." We say "Make laws that make a felon just HAVING a gun a SERIOUS offense, not the minor one it is, now," and make that law enforcement MANDATORY, not a 'bargaining chip'." But that's something they just can't understand, with their obviously feeble minds. (Adirondak Daily Enterprise)

"Fear of Trump"

The anti-gun fools are stupid. They prove it every time they come out with an imaginary description of "gun nuts." Now they're saying it's "fear of Trump" that is spurring the increase in gun sales. They just don't have the brain power to understand that it is fear of ANTI-GUN FOOLS and their USELESS gun laws that spurs those sales! Obama has PROMISED to use the last few weeks of his presidency to put tighter controls than ever on gun ownership and usage. Those who value their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own and use guns in self defense are afraid of THAT, not what a PRO-GUN Trump would do. That's typical of these fools: blame US for THEIR own ignorance! Yet those fools keep getting elected to positions where they can keep making their stupid laws while they blame US for their own stupidity. I would question their LOGIC in blaming Trump, if they HAD any. Liberals deny the very EXISTENCE of logic, AND reason. (Raw Story)

Monday, November 21, 2016

Ammo Yes, Voting, No

Liberals want to require "photo ID" in order to buy bullets. They don't seem to worry about making it harder on black people and others who don't have a lot of money like they do if those people want to VOTE for the people who "run their lives." In New Jersey, they want to require photo ID to buy bullets for their LEGAL guns, while maintaining that requiring the same thing to be able to VOTE is "racist" and makes it hard on groups they assume don't have $5 to buy a state ID card, or get a driver's license. I don't notice any real problem for those people to drive cars--which cost a lot more than a driver license. Are all of them driving illegally? This is the kind of a contradiction that is rife in dealing with liberals, They make up the rules as they go along, and don't care if one rule contradicts the other. (AmmoLand)

The Media Turns Away

The anti-gun fools insist that legally armed citizens can't do anything to "stop gun violence," and they are helped immensely by the liberal media, which IGNORES cases where they DO, as much as they can. Or they cover those instances without mentioning the "concealed carrier" who "saved the day." The incident to which I refer here is typical. A cop had a perp get the better of him after a short chase following the perp trying to run the cop down on an accident scene. He had the cop down and was "beating the hell out of him," and trying to get his gun so as to kill him. The courageous armed citizen told him to stop or he'd shoot. He didn't. so the man shot him three times, after which he died, a fate he richly deserved. CNN didn't cover it at all. Washington Post did, but just barely. The same for the New York Times, which ran a very short piece on it, buried. This is common when a story doesn't fit their narrative. Only the "alternative media" covered this heroic act by a man who would rather not be identified in news reports because he doesn't consider himself a hero. But he is, and SOMEBODY needs to cover it. The liberal media won't. (America's First Freedom)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Record Gun Sales

And who is buying the most guns? WOMEN. They're pushing gun sales to record levels. Anti-gun fools say they shouldn't. That a "bad guy" would take their gun away and shoot them with it. Maybe they should ask the "bad guys" women have shot trying to assault them. Oh: I forgot. You can't ask most of them. They're dead. A gun in the hands of somebody TRAINED in its use is the "great equalizer." I certainly wouldn't want to try and take a gun away from a woman who was trained in the use of the gun in her hand. I'm allergic to "lead poisoning." Women are realizing, more and more, that they can't just depend on the men in their lives to protect them at all times. Sometimes they're alone. And a gun in their pocket is great insurance against assault and murder. Of course, the anti-gun fools will confidently tell you this is not happening. They love to lie and DARE you to disbelieve them. Their "cause" is failing all over the country for the most part. They have had some successes--temporarily--but even those are doomed to "go away" as time goes on. They will never give up their ignorant and futile quest to "rid the world of guns." But we are more and more alert against them every day, and they will LOSE more and more as time goes on. (KPLR11)

"Elite Law Enforcement Agency"

That's what the Secret Service is supposed to be, right? Then how did they "lose, or have STOLEN so many guns, laptops, badges, and even CARS? The DHS is in trouble for the same thing. "Once in a while" reports of SS or DHS losing various items do not even begin to show the real picture, and it took a LONG TIME for them to answer a FOIA request about this "problem." So I guess one of the biggest suppliers of guns to criminals, is the federal government, whether they like it, or not. The anti-gun fools say that, "Only the cops should have guns." But apparently, they're so careless with them, they're a BIG HELP to the criminals who want to get guns ILLEGALLY. Yeah, I know--they're not "regular cops." But they're in the same category, and are supposed to be BETTER than your average cop. Hmmmmm....I wonder how many guns the COPS lose to thieves? (Daily Caller)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happens Every Day

I could write about concealed carriers stopping crime every day, if I wanted to, because it HAPPENS every day, somewhere--putting the LIE to the anti-gun fools' assurances that concealed carriers CANNOT do anything about crime. This one is slightly different, in that it doesn't involve a gun in the hand of an attacker. In this one, a man came into a small convenience store in Sherman, TX, and tried to kill the clerk with a machete. He was routed by the clerk, who was a concealed carrier, and shot him. He was last seen by the clerk, "running for the hills." He was later found in a hospital with the clerk's bullets in him, and arrested. Thus proving AGAIN that what we say is true. Armed Americans CAN stop crime in their little world, or elsewhere. They slam the whole idea of honest people being armed in self defense in Chicago (and elsewhere), citing how many ILLEGAL guns are out there. They disregard the idea of an honest person being ABLE to defend himself against those illegal guns, which is short-sighted, at best--STUPID, at worst. (Sherman Herald-Democrat)

Faulty Reasoning, As Usual

"In many states across the country, legislation that allows concealed carry, a license which grants an individual the ability to covertly carry a gun on them, has already been passed. The addition of guns on campuses has caused students, staff, faculty and parents to worry, especially after mass school shootings such as Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook." (Badger Herald) What they seem to uniformly IGNORE is that the very shootings they mention were carried out by people with ILLEGAL guns, not by people who LEGALLY carried their guns. That's the "fault" in their reasoning. It's all about LEGAL gun carriers, whom they suspect of "running wild" if they have a gun, while IGNORING those carried by ILLEGAL gun owners, most of whom are gang members and/or criminals--a redundancy, there). (The Badger Herald)

Friday, November 18, 2016

It Happened Again!

The anti-gun fools keep saying that people with legally-carried guns can never do anything to stop crimes from occurring, in spite of regular evidence that they do, on a regular basis. Just yesterday I wrote about a "concealed carrier" who rescued a cop who was being beaten, maybe to death, at the end of a chase, by shooting the attacker. And today, I'm writing about a "concealed carrier" who saw a man stabbing TWO people at an apartment building, got the drop on the stabber, and held him for the cops. What's it going to be tomorrow (or even later today)? Somebody shooting a liquor store robber? Or an old man killing a burglar in his home because the burglar was attacking him, or his wife? It happens, all the time. The anti-gun fools deny it--and they're LYING--or STUPID.. (The Courier)

They Just Never Learn

Liberals (Democrats) were "spanked" in the presidential election, and so was gun control. But did Democrats notice? Not a chance. They've "pledged" to renew their efforts to take the guns away from honest, law-abiding people to make them DEFENSELESS against the crooks carrying ILLEGAL guns out there, and voted in anti-gun fool Chuckie Schumer to replace Crappy Harry Reid as minority leader in the Senate, guaranteeing anti-gun efforts will continue, in spite of Donald Trump's promise to "respect the Second Amendment." They plan to also promote the usual giveaways and higher taxes. Things the people rejected in this, and two previous elections. And they're having meetings all over the place to "find out what went wrong," when the answer is so obvious: the American people just got tired of being screwed over and decided to, as Trump put it, "clean out the swamp in DC and elsewhere." They'll never learn, and thus, beginning two elections ago, their party will dwindle until it goes the way of the Whigs. (America's First Freedom)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Nobody Bothers

Thousands of people in the Washington State try to buy guns, even when they KNOW they're not allowed to do so, by having committed certain crimes in the past. The cops really ought to follow up on those people, not just because TRYING to buy a gun, for them, is a violation of state AND federal law, but because after being denied the purchase legally, their next move is to find an ILLEGAL gun dealer in an alley somewhere, who sells guns out of the trunk of his car, never bothering to ask if the buyer is ALLOWED to buy a gun. Then they go on to commit their crimes with it. He doesn't care. All he cares about is the money. A local sheriff says he doesn't have the manpower to enforce that law. Well, he needs to do something about that, rather than make excuses for not doing his job. The very VOLUME of people attempting to buy guns when they KNOW it's illegal tells us that is a MAJOR problem. (King 5 News)

Criminals STEAL Their Guns!

Surprise, surprise! Criminals don't usually go to a gun store and BUY a gun. They STEAL them, or find someone in a back alley somewhere and buy one out of the trunk of his car. This is a BIG STORY in Columbia, MO. Gun store owners have noticed a significant INCREASE in the number of gun owners calling to find out the serial numbers of the guns they purchased, which tells them the gun was stolen, and the owner needed that number for the cops. They say they used to get one or two such calls a month, but now are getting them at the rate of one or two a DAY. The cops say it's hard to say how many guns are stolen because they put those numbers in with stolen laptops, jewelry, and all other property thefts. Which is a damned fool thing to do, since it makes it impossible to know that gun thefts are becoming a major problem. (ABC 17 News)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Deluded Gun Grabbers

There's a new "study" out, "affirming" that anti-gun laws WORK, in spite of indisputable evidence that they DON'T. These "findings," were put out by JAMA Internal Medicine, an agency that knows NOTHING about guns, or gun control, except what they've been told by anti-gun fools, just as if those "studies" actually meant something other than the pipe dreams of fools. Just one city (Chicago) among many (LA, NYC, and many others) with TIGHT gun laws and exceedingly high gun death rates DISPROVES this "research," but they ignore that in their efforts to help the anti-gun fools DISARM the populace. They decry Congress essentially PROHIBITING research into "gun violence" by medical sources, even though "gun violence" is NOT a "medical issue." Those who claim it is are self-deluded. They say, "Stricter gun laws are associated with fewer gun deaths," which is a patent LIE. They also refer to such laws as Florida's "stand your ground law" as producing more homicides--which ALSO is a lie. Their conclusion? That eliminating all guns will mean no more murders. Talk about self-delusion! These people just can't face reality, just as those fools who promote global warming can't. (Popular Science)

Again Chicagp!

It seems like I'm always writing about Chicago. With all their "so tight" gun laws, there shouldn't be anything to write about for a pro-gun blog, except to extol the success of those laws. IF their gun laws worked. They don't, but the liberals running that city will not recognize that fact. They won't even listen when you say it. Again, notwithstanding their tight gun laws, 4,000 people have been gunshot victims in Chicago, in just ONE year (2016). If that fact doesn't tell them anything, they're STUPID! The mayor there used to be Obama's chief of staff, which should tell you a lot about him--AND Obama. Meanwhile, thousands of people are being shot and hundreds dying every year in this "tight gun law" city. Likewise, in every other city run by gun-hating (except for themselves) liberals, just maybe not quite so much. I, and many other people keep calling their attention to this fact, but they ignore us, which gets more and more people killed, while they criticize us for trying to bring reason and logic to the argument. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"Taking Out" Bloomberg, Soros

We took Hillary out, ENDING her political career. In 4, maybe 8 years, she'll be too old to seriously run again for president. And Soros is already too old to be much more trouble in the future. But he has systems set up to do us as much damage as he can in his remaining years, so we need to find a way to "take him out," too. Bloomberg is relatively young, and can still do a LOT of damage, especially to those wanting to retain their natural right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun. If they read this, they'll probably accuse me of wanting them killed. That's how they deal with opposition: paint the opposition as black as they can. They'll probably call me a racist for having the temerity to use the word, "black." So now, I'll be not only a potential murderer, but a racist one, too. But I don't want them dead. I want them rendered IMPOTENT to do us any more damage, since these two are the biggest KNOWN enemies of the United States. With all he's done, I don't know why Soros is not in prison, now. That's where this evil monster needs to be. He has already destroyed the economies of FIVE countries, and is working diligently to do the same here. The NRA spent $20 million to "take Hillary out," and is now working to "take them out," so their influence probably will not last much longer, billionaires, or not. (Washington Examiner)

Another Good Reason

There are many good reasons to allow law-abiding people to be armed in self defense. There is the obvious: to be able to defend themselves against the myriad of ILLEGAL guns out there, in the hands of thugs and killers, who are willing to KILL people to be able to take what they have worked for, and EARNED. That's one, and probably the most important one. Then there is the possibility that the government, itself decided to victimize people. They need to know they are just as easily stopped by a bullet as is anybody else. Hunting? Yes, but that is the least important reason. Another reason is to help defend the law enforcement officers when they get in trouble trying to apprehend a criminal, who "gets the drop on them." That's what happened in this case: An officer in Estero, FL, was pursuing a man, who jumped out of his car and started beating the hell out of the cop, who was alone. A bystander, who was a licensed "concealed carrier," ordered him to stop, and when he did not, the bystander shot him three times, killing him. There's no telling what would have became of that officer, had that bystander not taken action. That officer might have been beaten to death. People in the vicinity of such occurrences with concealed guns can be very helpful to the cops when they get into a bad situation. Maybe even life or death. (LEO Affairs)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump "Declares War!"

War on anti-gun fools who want to "dice up" the Second Amendment. I'm sure he's not the first president who has had a concealed carry permit, but he's certainly the first one in my memory who proudly declared it--and my memory goes back a long way. He has served notice that he isn't going to allow them to "dice up" the Second Amendment the way they've been trying to do for a long time. There's even a movement afoot to REPEAL the Second Amendment. Which is DOOMED if it ever reached his desk, because he will veto it, if necessary. Trump is definitely the best friend people who wish to retain their constitutionally guaranteed right to self defense, as well as to own and carry the tool to do it, a gun, ever had recently in the White House. He knows would-be dictators are the only ones who want to disarm the populace, and he certainly is not that! No matter what liberal Democrats say. He believes the government has NO BUSINESS deciding whether or not a citizen can own and carry a gun for self defense. Hitler did it; Stalin did it; and other dictators did it, and you know the result if you've been paying attention. (Breitbart)

Anti-Gun Politician Loses

We didn't make a big thing of it when Hillary lost the election, but when she lost, the government lost one of the most virulent anti-gun fools in politics. She supported an "Australian-style gun buyback program," although they, themselves admit it did NOT work. They're decrying the number of ILLEGAL guns in Australia now, although they're planning to "do it again." She says she is "concerned about toddlers killing each other," but had no plans on how to prevent it, except to come as close to banning guns as she could. Mostly by making the guns we have USELESS. She thinks the Supreme Court is "wrong on the Second Amendment." How that is, is in question, since the Court merely supports what is WRITTEN in the Constitution. That CANNOT be wrong. An interesting factoid is that the NRA put money into FIVE pro-gun candidates, and won 4. That should tell you something about who's right. (Washington Free Beacon)

Sunday, November 13, 2016

"NRA In Their Pocket"

The media says the NRA is "in the pocket of the gun makers." What a short-sighted bunch these fools are! They just can't understand the fact that so many people WANT to keep their constitutionally guaranteed right to self defense, and to own and carry the means to that, a gun. They know their own purposes are questionable, so they think those of the NRA are, too. They're very disappointed that Trump won the election, because that signals that their anti-gun efforts re DOOMED, for the foreseeable future. At least for four years, and probably for eight. And if Trump appoints the right people to the Supreme Court, for longer than that. They can't admit the actions of the pro-gun people are admirable. They have to demonize them and run them down, so they can feel good about themselves. But their mission is WRONG, and so they will be defeated. (Police One)

"Repeal the Second"

"Voters in Oak Park, IL township voted to repeal the Second Amendment." Sounds ominous, doesn't it? But not so ominous when you consider it only took 15 signatures to get it on their ballots. A professor at UIC is all "shook up" that 17 people were killed by guns in Chicago in the last 2 weeks, and says "that has to end!" What he doesn't seem to notice is that we already have more than enough laws in Chicago, and they don't seem to have any effect, because the people who are the problem don't OBEY laws. so what the hell good would repealing the Second Amendment DO? It would only create a nation of DEFENSELESS law-abiding citizens who will be even MORE at the mercy of the ILLEGAL gun owners. Fortunately, his measure is not in any danger of becoming law. (Bearing Arms)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nationwide Conealed Carry"

Boy, Trump really knows how to make liberals and anti-gun fool "toss their cookies!." I can just hear the sound of toilets flushing all over liberal-land as liberals show their distress at Trump supporting a NATIONAL concealed carry law. I can hear liberal "heads exploding like popcorn kernels" (I stole that from PJ Media. It was too good not to). In a position paper pub;ished on his web sire recently,Trump called for the elimination of gun and magazine bans, calling them "a total failure." He is the first major office holder I've seen who not only recognizes the truth, he isn't afraid to SAY it, and to ACT on it! With all the anti-gun fools out there, many of them with the ability to make themselves heard, that takes real GUTS! "Law-abiding people should be allowed to own the firearm of their choice. The government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to own," Trump wrote. It won't take long for the anti-gun fools to crap on him over this, because the very idea of honest people being able to defend themselves against the armed thugs who already have ILLEGAL guns, makes them barf all over the place. But with the PRESIDENT on our side, how can we lose? But don't get too cocky. There are still so many stupid people out there who believe the government SHOULD "control guns" that we should never let our guard down. (PJ Media)

"Target Rich Environment"

I predicted it recently. Waffle House restaurants are going to be "targeted" by armed robbers because they think they have a better chance of not finding honest people with their own guns, well able to stop them. Well, in Georgia, a "serial robber" has proved me right by robbing SEVERAL Waffle Houses. The cops say they want to capture this guy before he finds an "armed customer." They assume it will be the CUSTOMER who gets shot. I think they're very wrong. It is the ROBBER who needs to watch out, because not ALL law-abiding people obey STUPID laws. "Gun-free zone" or not, he IS going to eventually run into somebody with his (or her) own gun, and he is going to "go down." The more Waffle Houses he robs, the more apt he is to find an ARMED customer. And when he does, it is not the CUSTOMER who will "go down," it is HIM. (WPXI Channel 2)

Friday, November 11, 2016

It Doesn't Work. Period

Gun control. It is inherently a failed effort. Its proponents think they can "control guns" by making laws against them. They can't. Experience shows that as soon as they ban a certain gun, it turns up in increasing numbers on the black market. Banning a certain kind of gun only creates a bigger illicit market in them. Gun laws only apply to people who OBEY laws, and those people are not the problem.

The people who ARE the problem are the criminals. And they don't obey laws. ANY laws. If their entire being is devoted to breaking the law, why would anybody expect them to obey a law that says they can't be armed? You can't. What they do is take advantage of the short-sighted laws against guns, that keep their intended victims unarmed and DEFENSELESS. Anti-gun fools look on in horror at the very THOUGHT of a society where all law-abiding people have the right to be armed in self defense.

That shows a certain IGNORANCE of human nature. As Robert Heinlein said, "An armed society is a polite society." What's more, an armed society is a safer society, since they have the means to fend off the "bad guys." All current efforts to"control guns" are futile, as we can see by the fact that where the gun laws are the tightest, gun crime is the worst.

Chicago is the best example of that. Australia is another. They have an almost complete gun ban there, and gun crime has INCREASED 300% since. Maybe one day the anti-gun fools will wake up and realize that their efforts only make things worse, and change their direction. But I'm not holding my breath until they do, because I don't like turning blue. (Bearing Arms)

One More Reason

Why we should reject "gun control." There's a race war coming, promoted by Barack Hussein Obama. It doesn't matter that Obama will soon be a part of our history. He "planted the seed" when he SUPPORTED ideas like that promoted by "Black Lives Matter" and the idea that cops shoot and kill black males in undue numbers. Every time a cop shoots a "bad guy," it doesn't matter that the "bad guy" was shooting at him, or preparing to shoot at him. They paint it as an UNNECESSARY killing of one more black man. And putting a target on the backs of every cop only makes it worse. They talk about the higher numbers of black men killed and injured by cops in "minority" areas, completely ignoring the unalterable fact that those "minority" (black) areas are where the most CRIME occurs. Therefore, it's not unexpected that more black men will be shot in those areas. They're now OPENLY promoting gun violence, and getting away with it, while Obama still "holds the reins of power." One anti-Trump protester actually said, on CNN, one of the most liberal news sites, that "violence and death" was the means to effect political change. For my part, that demonstrator may be right, but such violence and death should be visited upon people like her, not law-abiding citizens. (Mediaite)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Frightened Liberals

Awww....poor babies! Some wag brought a "nerf gun" to a polling place in Sarasota, FL, and some of the liberals there (probably voting for Hillary) "lost their minds" and called the sheriff. The sheriff thought the man had a real "automatic weapon" and responded quickly. But when they got there, they found out the truth. Some liberals can't tell the difference between a TOY gun and a real one (even with the bright orange tip on the barrel), and were frightened. So they spoke to the man, saying the "gun" might cause more such calls, and suggested he leave it in his car. That's all they did, then they left, to the anger of the liberals who made the call. The man walked off, and did not return. (Herald-Tribune)

Anti-Gun Attorney General

The (former) attorney general of Pennsylvania, who is an avid anti-gun fool, a petty, vindictive sort who violated the law on a regular basis, promised to "end corruption" in Pennsylvania. And I guess she did, in a "round-about way." She was convicted on many counts of abusing her power and faces maybe 28 years in prison (though she'll probably get less). She traded political favors for legal protection. But it wasn't her anti-gun activities that got her in trouble. It was her complete disdain for the limitations on her power. At one point she managed to stop an investigation into her activities, but it was taken up by local prosecutors, and resulted in many convictions for corruption, including hers. She lost her law license, as well as her job. But it's likely she won't need either while she's in prison, just as Bill Clinton didn't need his after being impeached, since he made more money by braying. Maybe the FBI should take a look at this woman, and apply the same rules to Hillary Clinton, now that she has been eliminated from the presidential race. But I doubt they will. Notice this former AG is a Democrat. So you won't hear much about this in the liberal media. Loretta Lynch take note. (Bullets First)

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Made the Right Decision

Well, it wasn’t a landslide, but it was a significant victory, with Trump far enough ahead that Hillary’s election fraud efforts were to no avail. I guess I could be gloating right now, but actually, I’m heaving a sigh of relief that we wouldn’t be saddled with a SOCIALIST as president, one who would work HARD to take away our right to be armed in self defense against all the ILLEGALLY armed criminals who seem to always get their guns, no matter what the laws are. It’s like the feeling you get when somebody takes a shot at you and misses, just barely. Now Trump just has to keep his promises and we will regain our eminence in the world. The Islamic terrorists, under whatever name they operate, will now know it isn’t going to be easy for them any more, that we will now be really fighting them, not PRETENDING to. The flow of illegal aliens will, if not stop, slow down, as will the flow of Islamic terrorists posing as “refugees.” People will know that, if they “prod us,” they WILL “answer for it.” Iran and Russia will no longer have their planes “buzz” out ships for fear of being shot down. Socialism will “take a back seat” to the free market and we will prosper again. More jobs will open up, and the cost of health insurance WILL go down, this time. Many good things will happen. (Just common sense)

We Should Be Pleased

We have elected a man as president who has PROMISED to support our right to own and use the means to self protection, a gun. He has announced who will be in his “gun rights coalition.” Most of those named are known pro-gun activists. Of course, the anti-gun fool crowd will claim they’re just “his supporters,” being rewarded for that support. Not so. They are pro-gun activists, and will act that way in all they do. The long awaited day has come. There WILL continue to be efforts to take away our rights. But no longer will they have presidential support, which is important. Presidential support is a powerful incentive for many people. Take it away, and the effort weakens. This is what will happen under Trump. (Independent Journal Review)

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Passed Background Check

The guy who almost killed former Rep. Gabby Giffords PASSED a background check when he bought his gun. Did that do her any good when his bullet invaded her brain? Not a bit. She was sorely wounded, and almost died. Now she’s campaigning in support of the SAME background check her assailant passed, in Nevada. I guess her brain was “scrambled” more than we thought by that bullet, if she thinks that background check, or any other, will do any good to keep guns out of the hands of such people. The guy obviously had not committed a crime before he tried to kill her, so he didn’t have any trouble passing a background check. Which is what I’ve been saying for years. Background checks only help the cops IDENTIFY an assailant, by tracing his background check, AFTER the crime. Which doesn't help the victim, who may be dead. “Gun-free zones” likewise do NOTHING to stop CRIMINALS, who don’t OBEY laws, from bringing their guns in. It only stops law-abiding people from doing so, making them DEFENSELESS. Which is the fatal flaw in all their anti-gun laws. (Breitbart)

"Self Defense Illegal"

That’s what the National Park Service says, in its parks. Carrying a gun is not illegal. It is a constitutional right, and state law allows it. But they have made “discharging a firearm” for self defense, or any other reason, ILLEGAL. As usual, they can’t just BAN guns altogether, so they make laws and rules that make the guns you have USELESS. If a bear attacks you, what are you to do? Just let him eat you? They say “bear spray” will do it, and MAYBE it will—if you have any handy, and if that bear is not enraged. But, failing that, you’ll just have to let the bear kill you, I guess. For my part, I’d rather face legal action by the Park Service, rather than allow myself to be killed by a bear. If they don’t like that, nasty break! If the only way to stay alive is to break the law, guess what I’ll do. (Bullets First)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Gun Frightens Liberal Fools

A woman got all shook up when a man wearing an openly carried gun tried to give her a Trump leaflet and when she refused it, he asked her, “Who are you going to vote for, Crooked Hillary?” Which sorely frightened her (poor baby!). Like he was going to draw that gun and shoot her for not voting the way he thought she should. Virginia is an “open carry state,” so he was fully within his rights. They asked him to cover the gun, which he readily did (he also had a concealed carry permit), and then everything was “okay.” He stayed the requisite 40 feet from the polling place, so that was okay, too. Nobody could see that “wascally gun,” so nobody was frightened, any more. What a bunch of WIMPS those liberals (Democrats) are! Just the SIGHT of a gun scares the hell out of them, and they go “crying to mommy!”

The man did nothing any political operative would not do. He was “nice” to everybody, according to reports. But he had a gun! So he frightened people, just standing there. Sheesh If this is the kind of place America has come to, I don’t want to be here, any more. But there’s nowhere better to go. So I’m stuck. They make a “big thing” about the difference between this and the big black men carrying nightsticks and wearing cop-like uniforms at a polling place last election. But those men weren’t 40 feet away. They were right in the doorway. You had to walk around them to get inside. They say the difference is this man was WHITE, injecting race into it, as usual (that’s what liberals DO!). But those black men were violating the “distance law,” and WERE intimidating people. This guy was not. Black or white, he was in the right, law-wise. (Huffington Post)

Revealing His Ignorance

Gabby Giffords’ husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, says “Those gun nuts wouldn’t stand a chance against an active shooter.” Which reveals his abysmal IGNORANCE. Those “gun nuts,” as he calls them. Regularly DO prevail against “active shooters” when confronted with one. Unarmed people DON’T, like that pizza joint owner who was shot to death recently. Kelly reveals the disdain which he, and all anti-gun FOOLS hold concerning those who fight against people like him to keep their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own and use the means of self defense, a gun. Yes, if they’re untrained, he might be right. But the NRA (which he hates with a passion) TEACHES them proper gun handling and safety. And the holders of illegal guns get NO such training. They just get their guns, from another crook, out of his car trunk, in an alley, somewhere. HE is the one who would have “no chance” against one of the “gun nuts.” (Politico)

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Is Revolution Coming?

The last time the government tried to take away our guns, it started a revolution that created a nation, BASED on freedom for the INDIVIDUAL, not for the government, and in which the right to be armed for self defense was enshrined in our founding documents. The Founders knew that if we gave up that right, we would soon be enslaved. Since then, even before the ink dried on that founding document, politicians have been trying mightily (unsuccessfully, I might add) to “get around” that founding document and “get rid of our guns.” Again, unsuccessfully. They just can’t understand why, after so many years trying, they haven’t been able to do it. It doesn’t occur to them that the MAJORITY of Americans are AGAINST it. They try every way they can to “get around” the Constitution, and mostly concentrate on making the legal guns out there USELESS by forcing gun owners to “safely store” their guns in such a way they can’t be gotten into action fast enough t oppose a criminal bearing an ILLEGAL gun. They create “gun-free zones” that criminals IGNORE, bringing their guns there anyway, SEEKING OUT gun-free zones in which to do their dirty work, being pretty sure that gullible, law-abiding people will not be armed and able to stop them.

People fear that the politicians, if Hillary is elected, will finally succeed, and they’re ready to fight. Some of them have formed “militias” and are HEAVILY armed. They will probably lose, but they WILL fight, and they will be joined by others. Maybe they will even win. The “authorities” have shown that they are “stopped cold” by a display of armed people resolute in their desire to stop their atrocities. Many are just not prepared to fire upon other Americans. I don’t want to see another revolution in this country, mostly because we don’t know what lind of government we’ll get after it’s over, and the Constitution invalidated (not even to mention the unnecessary bloodshed). I’m too old and “broken down” to participate, anyway. But I see one coming, and I wish it wouldn’t happen—at least, in my lifetime or that of my progeny. (NY Times)

Banning Bullets

If there were no bullets, guns would be useless—right? The anti-gun fools can’t just BAN guns, because of the Constitution. But the Constitution says nothing about bullets, so after years of trying (since before the ink dried on the Constitution), they haven’t been able to enact a ban on guns for law-abiding people. So now they want stiffer “controls,” or an outright BAN on bullets. They’ve already started on high-capacity magazines (how they figure that will stop anybody, who has access to many magazines, from killing a bunch of people, I don’t know). The anti-gun fools have people in dimly-lighted rooms, constantly racking their tiny brains to find ways to disarm the American population so they can better oppress them, and every once in a while they come up with something that might work—to get guns out of the hands of law-abiding people. But they never think about a way to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who don’t OBEY laws, so those law-abiding people remain DEFENSELESS against them. (WBAY2)

Saturday, November 5, 2016

"Keep 'Em Ignorant"

Liberals think the best way to keep kids from getting into the guns in the house and maybe killing themselves or others is to “keep them ignorant” about guns, so they remain curious. That curiosity usually leads to them getting into the guns and “playing with them” as if they were cap guns, having no idea they can KILL. So they do everything they can to HIDE “gun knowledge” from the kids, and that can get them KILLED. So the kids predictably get into the guns in the house (they know where they are) and sometimes shoot each other, not having any idea it’s not a “cap gun.” And they know what cap guns are, don’t they? A Jacksonville, FL mom, who has heard all the ignorant lies from the anti-gun fools was very upset that her school had “taught her children about guns” without her permission. She said, “They’ve undone 7 years of parenting in one year.” This shows the level of IGNORANCE she has, if she thinks keeping her kids IGNORANT about guns is “parenting.” If you’re going to keep your lids alive, you’re going to have to TEACH them about guns, that they can KILL you, and they’re not the same as cap guns. Otherwise, their innate curiosity will “take over” and they (or their friends) might not survive it, It is this level of IGNORANCE that gets kids killed, plus the carelessness with which parents store their guns, not the gun. (Ammoland)

Ols Man With Gun

Two ILLEGALLY armed thugs thought robbing this 73-year-old man would be easy. How much trouble could an “old geezer” be to a couple of young, ARMED hoodlums? Quite a bit, as it turns out. They’re both dead, having been shot to death by that “old geezer” after they put a gun to his head and demanded his truck. One of the thugs’ guns was found to be stolen (surprise, surprise!). The killings were ruled “justifiable homicide.” And no charges will be filed against this “old geezer.” (I can use that term, because I’m an “old geezer,” myself). It’s interesting to note that one of the dead thugs was from Ferguson, MO. I guess he didn’t learn anything from Michael Brown’s death. The “old geezer: said he would rather have done anything besides killing those two young men. He’s “devastated” over it. He’s described as a “very nice man” by his neighbors. One who uses his snow blower to clear a neighbor’s porch, and “takes care of” a blind man in the neighborhood. (Daily Wire)

Friday, November 4, 2016

Oh, Poor Babies!

The Brady Campagn is whining about the current record level of gun sales. Boo-hoo! They’re trying to iintimate that it’s linked to potential election violence. MYBE HE OUGHT TO ASK HIS Democrat (liberal) friends, since they’re the only ones fomenting (and even PAYING for) violence, so they can blame it on Trump supporters) They predict much gun violence during the election, and a “wild West a6mosphere. Somehow they ignore the fact that, as legal gun sales soar, gun violence drops like a stone. They don’t susprct, in their ignorance, that the real cause of the soaring gun sales is the fear that a new Clinton administration would CRUSH their gun rights, and they want to have their guns already, so they can hide them from government confiscators. (America’s First Freedom)