Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Need More Guns?

This article is basically asking, “If people are killing people, why do we need more guns?” What a STUPID question that is! We need more guns in the hands of HONEST people to defend ourselves against DISHONEST people who ALREADY have guns they either STOLE or bought ILLEGALLY from other criminals. They cite a case where cop was cleaning his gun in a school when it went off. They ask, “If a man with a lot of training in handling guns can make such a mistake, why let just anybody carry a gun?” Which begs the question, “Who says this particular cop HAD extensive training in gun handling? Some cops NEVER get any training in how to handle their guns. And why was he cleaning his gun IN A SCHOOL? They ASSUME that honest people carrying guns will be CARELESS in the handling of those guns, which is another STUPID assumption. What IS really stupid is thinking they can protect people by DISARMING them while crooks, who don't obey laws, are still armed, and can be just as irresponsible as they assume honest people are. That picture of the writer shows even HE looks as silly as he is. (OAOA)

Typical Exaggeration

This video is funny. Even if it does exaggerate the situation, showing people shooting other people (and even themselves) at the slightest provocation. Even the expression of the “commentator” has on his face shows that he thinks the whole thing is so funny he can't keep from having a =snarky expression on his face. The first scene is probably the closest thing to the truth, although it is also an exaggeration. And that beard on the central character is really phony. But “mutually assured destruction” worked against the Russians. They had all the nuclear weapons they needed, but they never used them because they knew if they used them, THEY would perish. What a holdup man NEEDS is to be surrounded by guns in the hands of his potential victims, and never be able to be sure it won't happen. (The Gun Feed)

Monday, March 30, 2015

"Gun Ownership Is A Privilege"

Not a right, according to a judge in Glendale, Arizona, who put on his crown and “confiscated” (stole) the guns owned by a disabled vet, based on a “complaint” from ONE person. No charges were ever filed in this case, but this judge, “feeling his power,” took these guns away, anyway, saying, “Owning guns is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.” Somebody needs to tell him about the Second Amendment to the Constitution where gun ownership is GUARANTEED to every American. There are way too many people in powerful positions who are either not aware of this, or who just IGNORE it. Which, I suspect, is the case, here. This is yet another case that shows the Founders made a BIG mistake when they did not write a severe penalty into the Constitution for people in government positions who violate it, beyond reversing legislation. People like this judge should be summarily REMOVED, and all his decisions reviewed with a view toward reversal in other cases of wanton violation of the Constitution. Judges SHOULD know better. (Student of the Gun Radio)

Just More Proof

Liberals react with horror when we suggest that ALL restrictions on gun ownership should be removed. Like those restrictions WORK to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals!” They don't. Because criminals don't OBEY laws, of any kind. They're CRIMINALS! By DEFINITION, they don't obey laws. What the hell makes them think laws to keep felons from having guns will have ANY effect on their ability to get their guns ILLEGALLY? This case in Boston where a cop was shot in the face is yet more proof that such laws do NOT work. So why bother to make them? Yes, make laws against known felons having guns, so you can prosecute them specifically on that charge when you catch them. But don't include HONEST, reliable people in that restriction. The criminals will get their guns in any case, so let honest people get theirs too, so they can defend themselves. (Breitbart)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dearth of Gun Info

There isn't much information out today about the “gun violence fight” that we haven't already covered, so I guess I'll just have to reiterate what I've said before—many times. That the kind of “gun control” legislation they put out today not only doesn't work, it is actually the CAUSE of much gun violence and many deaths, because it gives ILLEGALLY-ARMED criminals a steady stream of UNARMED victims. Their laws ONLY disarm honest, reliable people while criminals simply either buy their guns out of the car trunks of other criminal's cars in some back alley, somewhere, or simply STEAL them. They worry about “creating a Wild West atmosphere” if everybody is allowed to carry guns. Not so. As Robert Heinlein once said, “An armed society is a POLITE society.” Which is probably why illegally-armed gang members only OCCASIONALLY shoot up the landscape. Every member of a “street gang” is armed. ILLEGALLY. That's a known fact. But it takes something big to get them to “shoot up the landscape.” As a rule, they are very respectful of each other (except for rival members of other gangs with which they are “at war.”). With Islamic terrorists running out of Christians to kill in the Middle East, they are threatening to come here and kill us. There are LOT of Christians here for them to kill, and they're unarmed. Therefore "easy targets." And there are more of them already here than you know, READY to start killing. We need to be armed, in order to repulse them. (Just common sense)

They're Wrong, As Usual

The “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” is, as usual, wrong. They point out that one of the guns the Tsarnevs used during the Boston bombing was “trafficked” through many buyers before it came to them, which means, to them, that gun registration would have stopped them from getting that gun and maybe have stopped the bombing, itself. What “circular reasoning” THAT is! Haven't they ever heard of ILLEGAL buying of guns? or simply STEALING them? Do they think somebody planning to KILL a lot of people in a bombing will say to themselves, “I can't buy a gun legally, so let's not KILL those people.”? Damn, these people are STUPID! Yet they have the ear of the media and MANY politicians, who themselves are incompetent. (Gun Free Zone)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

They Really Think This'll work?

Two ministers in Joliet, Illinois are organizing a “walk to end gun violence” after a “marked increase” in gun violence there. Are they really stupid enough to think this will have ANY effect on gun violence? As with other “gun laws” passed recently, it will have ZERO effect on gun violence, but they will feel good about themselves because they will have “done something” to stop it. Never mind it will have NO effect. Anybody who proposes a REAL law to “end gun violence” such as one that will arm HONEST, RELIABLE PEOPLE so they can defend themselves, gets immediate, and violent opposition from these FOOLS. They think they're doing a great job, but the number of people who get killed by ILLEGAL guns tells us otherwise. But they're not intelligent enough to “tumble” to that. (Joliet Patch)

Gun Ownership Declining

Not so's you could notice it, according to REAL statistics, not those phony ones put out by the anti-gun crowd. Gallup Polls and FBI Background Checks (not their phony “studies” that falsify figures) prove it. An Associated Press story says gun ownership is declining, but cites phony figures put out by anti-gun fools. I think what they “find” reflects the person surveyed's reluctance to say, “yes” when asked if he/she has a gun. The Associated Press is depending on the word of people answering questions asked by a stranger on their doorstep, and does not reflect the actual number of guns in a household. Another indicator is the increased number of concealed carry permits issued lately. (Daily Caller)

Friday, March 27, 2015

They Just Never Learn!

Background checks do NOT stop gun violence. That has been proven time and time again. But that proof falls on deaf ears to the anti-gun fools. They just keep on making their USELESS laws that do nothing but make it harder on honest, reliable people to have the means to defend themselves from CRIMINALS, who have no trouble getting their guns, because they obey NO laws, much less those that say they can't be armed. Criminals LAUGH at these “feeble efforts” to “stem gun violence,” knowing that the tighter the gun laws are in a given area, the easier it becomes to get their guns ILLEGALLY. Background checks are just ONE of the kind of STUPID laws they make, all the time. They don't work, as do none of their other “bright ideas” such as “trigger locks,” “smart guns,” and such. They know that, but they keep on making laws that keep guns out of the hands of GOOD people while making it easier for criminals to get their guns. Maybe one day they'll get smart. I doubt it will be in my lifetime, if ever. (Statesman-Journal)

Come On In And Shoot Us!

That's what students at The University of Nevada at Reno might as well be saying to those who would like to do just that. They might as well add to their statement that, “There will be no guns here to oppose you, so come on in and kill as many of us as you want.” That's what ANYBODY does when they create a “no-gun zone.” They're IMBECILES if they think creating a “gun-free zone” will stop someone bent on mass murder from bringing their guns on campus to do it. I just don't understand the thinking (if there IS any) of the people who create such zones. Do they really think that will dissuade people from bringing their guns on campus? ALL campuses are “gun-free zones,” but has that stopped the people who came on campus and killed a lot of unarmed, innocent people? Not a chance! If you want to get a bunch of people killed, just create a “gun-free zone.” (Reno Gazette-Journal)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ban Airplanes!

Make sure all passengers go through background checks. Oh, sorry: it was a CO-PILOT who intentionally crashed his plane and killed all aboard? Okay, ban PILOTS! Because BANNING things always “solves the problem.” At least, according to liberals like Senator Diane Feinstein, who knows NOTHING about guns, but who pretends to be an expert. For instance, ANYBODY who has any EXPERIENCE at all with guns knows you don't put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to FIRE. Look at the picture in the attached story. Where is her finger on the gun she's holding? Oops! You can't see it because of the airplane they "Photoshopped" in. But I've seen the original, unedited photo, and her finger is firmly ON the trigger, unconsciously threatening everybody in the room because if she accidentally fires it, there's no telling where the bullets will go (IF the gun is loaded). And again, experienced gun handlers know a gun is ALWAYS to be ASSUMED loaded, and treated as if it were. Damn! It sure would be nice if the politicians who push their brand of “gun control” knew a little something ABOUT guns, wouldn't it? Of course, if they were more intelligent, they wouldn't make the kind of "gun laws" they make, would they? (Gun Mart)

FBI Falsifies Report

You can depend on the FBI to tell the truth, can't you? Apparently not, in the Obama administration. They're apparently taking a page out of Obama's book and making the shooting figures not only look worse than they are, but presenting a completely different picture than reality. Their figures showed an INCREASE in mass shootings, when in reality they've been HALVED! It's to the advantage of the (Obama) government if mass shootings HAVE been increased, because it puts pressure on to “do something” about it, and their usual “something” is to make it even harder for honest, reliable people to buy, carry, and USE guns in self defense. Meanwhile, wherever their “gun laws” are the tightest, it is easier to get guns ILLEGALLY. John Lott, of the Crime Prevention Research Center says there are indications that the data was INTENTIONALLY altered. Which brings into question ALL their “crime statistics.” (Weapon Blog)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Ban Wal-Mart"

That's the liberal “logical solution” to the gun violence that seems to be on the increase in Wal-Mart parking lots, one of the most recent involves 17 people in Cottonwood, Arizona. ONE of the “suspects” was killed, and ALL EIGHT of the responding police officers was injured. Isn't that enough to have government BAN Wal-Mart? You say Wal-Mart parking lots are “no-gun zones?” How is it then that people still bring guns there? Don't they know it's against Wal-Mart policy? Oh; you mean some people don't OBEY such things? That's UNHEARD OF. You say it's NOT? You say banning Wal-Mart is the wrong solution?” So is banning guns a better solution? They probably won't obey THAT ban, either. At least, they have PROVEN to ignore laws. You say criminals don't OBEY laws? What a novel idea! So I guess banning guns is out of the question, too? No, you say? You'll keep on doing that, even though it has been PROVED to be a useless gesture? Oh. (Fox 8)

"Surging Gun Violence"

Cops and citizen organizations are “disturbed” about increased gun violence in Tampa, Florida last year. They're disturbed because the number of gun deaths this year, so far, has almost DOUBLED from 2014. What they don't say is that few, if ANY of those shootings involved LEGALLY-owned guns. The news item doesn't even MENTION that as a possibility. Most of them came from GANG killings, done by KIDS too young to even be ALLOWED to have guns, but who do, anyway. That way they don't have to admit that their misguided “gun laws” that take guns away from honest, reliable people while ignoring the fact that guns are more easily available ILLEGALLY to criminals CAUSES most of those shootings as the criminals take advantage or the DISARMING of their potential victims. They don't severely punish the USE of a gun in the COMMISSION of a crime. Instead, they DISARM the potential VICTIMS of criminals who are holding ILLEGAL guns. (WINK News)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Liberals Hate This

It's a “common sense gun law” that makes them wet their pants. It's a law to make “concealed carry laws” reciprocal from one state to the next. To make states without easier “concealed carry” laws respect the permits issued by other states that have them. There are way too many situations nowadays like that in Maryland, where the cops TARGET people from states with “concealed carry rights” and search their cars WITHOUT “probable cause” to find any guns they might have forgotten in their cars so as to ruin their day—week, month, years. States that don't allow “concealed carry” work HARD to punish people from those states that do for having the temerity to do so. They ignore the Constitution and enforce ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws in their state, hoping to punish people from states who follow the Constitution. They want EVERY PLACE to be a “gun-free zone,” even though gun-free zones get people KILLED. Of course, they're not intelligent enough to admit that. (Second Amendment Insider)

"Targeting" Open Carriers

One of the things gun grabbers are doing now is, when they spot a man in a store with a gun, call the cops, claiming there's an “armed robbery going on,” hoping the cops will KILL that man when he leaves the store, thinking (falsely) that he just robbed the store. That happened to Eric Scott, who is a LICENSED gun carrier, and was “targeted” by a “rent-a-cop” in a Las Vegas COSTCO store where was shopping. The security guard told him to leave, but the manager told him he could stay. That pissed the security guard off, so the cops were called (not by the store manager) and given the false information that Scott was robbing the store. They waited outside, and when Scott came out, they confronted him, and ended up shooting him to death—on the phony word of that “rent-a-cop,” in OPPOSITION to the orders of the store manager. Which makes him a MURDERER. There are many other instances of this, and in these cases, the cops are WAY too quick to shoot, ending up killing INNOCENT legal gun carriers—which is the GOAL of the “gun-grabbers.” They're really getting “down and dirty,” folks! They use cops top “do their dirty work.” (Daily Caller)

Monday, March 23, 2015

NY: "Gun-Free Zone"

And predictably, their violent crime rate went UP 21%. And that's LOW compared to some other “gun-free” cities. They've even got microphones in certain places, supposedly to pick up the sound of gunshots so they can get there quickly. But those microphones can also pick up conversation, so if you have some “anti-government views,” you'd better keep them to yourself around those microphones (IF you can tell where they are). New York City is supposed to be “a safe place” because of their “draconian gun laws.” But it is NOT. It is one of the most UNSAFE cities on the planet. It's a “bait and switch” for them to say that, so you'll come there and, after living there a while, find out the truth that you aren't safe, at all. Just like their “bait and switch” ad campaign all over the country telling businesses to move to New York and not have to pay state taxes for ten years. What they don't emphasize is that after you've been there ten years and are well-entrenched and can't afford to move, THEN they hit you with what amounts to the highest taxes in the nation. (Last Resistance)

Gunfight At the "Wal-Mart Corral"

And here I was led to think there would never, ever, be a gun problem in a Wal-Mart parking lot after their decree that it was a “gun-free zone.” So how is it POSSIBLE that there have been gun fights in Wal-Mart parking lots TWICE, just this week? The first in my own, personal Wal-Mart. In the most recent “gun fight in the Wal-Mart parking lot,” civilians actually shot at responding police officers! You'd think they'd figure it out that their silly “no gun zones” are USELESS and only INVITE gun-play there. I really feel sorry for all those fools who “cling to their damnfool notions” that criminals OBEY laws and rules. They think all they have to do is make a rule against guns and criminals (who don't obey laws OR rules) will leave their guns at home when coming there. They're proved wrong time and time again, but they maintain their fool notion. (The Blaze)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Collects Guns? He's Crazy!"

That's what they figure here. This was originally a child safety action, but soon became a gun-control issue. This government has been making gun ownership a reason for confiscating guns for a while, now. And this is just one case of it. They can't just BAN guns, so they make it as hard as possible on people who HAVE guns. It's a case of law enforcers DEFINING the law to suit themselves. In this case, just the fact that this guy has a gun collection means he has “mental issues.” He doesn't, but they SAY he does, and their “pet judge” accepts their bullcrap, so it happens. This judge has ordered that there be no guns in this guy's house until his kids are ALL over 18. The man argued that the court erred when it ordered him to get rid of his guns, and the court seemed to agree. But they still made getting rid of his guns a condition to allow him to keep his children. What gives? This is an example of TWO of my “pet peeves,” “gun control” and “child protection” come together—and we know how the child protectors flout the law while ABUSING children in the NAME of child protection. (Washington Post)

Machete Attack

A man with a machete attacked people at the New Orleans Airport. This item says he attacked TSA agents, but he attacked passengers first. The passengers used their bags to defend themselves before the TSA got involved and stopped him, with what? Wait for it—GUNS. It's unusual for armed enforcement agents to be around when somebody attacks people, but this was an AIRPORT. If he had attacked somewhere else, where people aren't allowed to have guns, there's no telling how many he could have killed before a “good guy with a gun” could have showed up and kill him, as they did, here. But only because they were already there.. It's a PROVEN FACT that allowing honest people to carry guns will NOT create a “Wild West atmosphere” where people are killed over trivial things like fender-benders. Even ILLEGALLY-armed CRIMINALS mostly don't do that, and they already HAVE guns. But you'll never convince the “gun control industry” of that. They want to DISARM America, and they're DETERMINED to do it, in SPITE of facts. (UPI)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ignoring "Routine"

In New Jersey, authorities normally give new gun owners who have applied for “concealed carry” permits a “grace period” long enough for the permit to come through. In some areas run by FANATICAL anti-gun fools, they twist things to suit themselves so as to get convictions on honest people who have followed the law in every way it is USUALLY observed. Now comes a man who has done so, who “ran afoul” of such a fanatic police agency in New Jersey, that IGNORED the “grace period” usually given in such cases (which they CAN do, since it is something they “arbitrarily do” and is not the law.) This kind of cop just wants to hurt people who own guns (and are not cops) and doesn't care that by so doing, he is ruining this man's entire LIFE and hopes for a career in law enforcement. It's not the individual offense that counts, it's the EFFECT on this man's life that's important. Yes, those cops don't HAVE TO observe the “grace period” normally given. But this guy followed the law and procedure as he knew it, not knowing that some FANATIC would change things to suit himself. I hope governor Christie is smarter than those cops. (Julie On Politics)

Friday, March 20, 2015

They Gotta Be Racist!

Pro-gun groups are organizing against the ascension of Loretta Lynch to the office of Attorney General. Of course, the only reason they would do that is because she's black. Never mind she's as unalterably AGAINST Americans having guns for self-defense or any other reason. Never mind she is an “Eric Holder clone” and will most likely continue his policies of refusing to enforce laws Obama doesn't want enforced, ESPECIALLY those laws HE has broken. Holder has been a staunch supporter of the lawlessness of this president, refusing to recognize his lawlessness even as congressional committees “investigate” Obama's lawbreaking every day without results, because Holder will not allow anybody to REALLY provide information that might indicate Obama's guilt and criminal actions. Federal attorneys who have tried have been summarily FIRED while others have “backed off” after being WARNED. So the ONLY reason in the liberal mind to oppose her is she's black—their usual “fall-back position” when they're opposed. (The Hill)

Always Some Fool Willing

There's always some fool willing to have a law made to do something unconstitutional. Now comes this “feminist” reporter who thinks ALL guns should be CONFISCATED, especially from MEN. This feminist “reporter” (Andrea Grimes), who works for the lefty woman's site, “Reality Check” (misnamed, of course—they always misname things), says we “need to stop 'giving guns' to everybody, but mostly to white guys” (We don't “GIVE” guns to ANYBODY. They have to BUY them). Funny: liberals call anybody who disagrees with them (since Obama) racist, but then they propose their own racist ideas. Unconstitutional, too. This fool is obviously a gun-hating, man-hating idiot and it's a shame ANYBODY listens to her tripe. She makes a blanket statement that “men aren't responsible enough to handle guns,” which is patently bigoted and false. But she's already announced her bigotry with her ideas about guns. Hope she never gets elected to any lawmaking body. If she did, we'd constantly have to be “pushing her aside,” which is what we should do with ANYBODY, male or female, with such fool ideas. (Daily Caller)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Anti-Gun Cop "Wises Up"

I've often said that gun-grabbers aren't smart enough to “open their eyes” and see the “forest for the trees.” But at least one did. Jack McCauley, once the commander of the licensing division of the Maryland State Police, thought allowing more people to carry guns legally would be a bad thing. But after “being schooled” by gun advocates, he changed his stance. He used to decry the thought of the “average Joe” being able to have a gun, completely forgetting that millions of “average Joes” ALREADY have guns, ILLEGALLY. Most of them are gang members, and ALL of them are criminals. Criminals do not OBEY laws (duh!). He was made to SEE this, and made the right decision. I wish more gun grabbers were as intelligent as this one. Most of them have their minds made up, so they don't want to be “confused by facts.” (Personal Liberty)

Target Is "Gun-Free"

So how did this happen? The other day a girl AND her dog were shot in a “drug deal gone bad,” which is “code” for “it'll never be solved.” Looks like one drug dealer at least, doesn't give a good DAMN about Target's “gun-fee” rule. He brings his gun right along with him when he goes into the Target parking lot to do a drug deal. How many times must the gun-grabbers' laws be proved USELESS before they “get smart” and stop making them? My thinking says, NEVER. They just don't have the INTELLIGENCE to realize ANYTHING. They're DETERMINED to “disarm America” and will do it, any way they can, meanwhile making it much easier for CRIMINALS to get their guns. It's a proven fact that guns are much easier to buy ILLEGALLY in places where anti-gun laws are the tightest. But they're too dim to understand that. Nor will they EVER admit that crime goes DOWN wherever guns are the easiest to get LEGALLY. I might add that I go to this very store REGULARLY. But no more. From this day forward, I will no longer enter a “no-gun zone.” (ABC 7 Denver)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Will Terrorists Attack Our Schools?

Will that happen? Will Islamic terrorists shoot up schools in America? Why not? They love to kill Christians, and American schools are filled with them. And they've been filing through our unprotected border for years unopposed, setting up their “secret cells” and waiting for orders from their “handlers.” They mostly only attack “soft targets,” and schools are NOTORIOUSLY soft targets, since they are automatically “gun-free zones,” which means there will be NO GUNS there to oppose them. They like that. That means they can kill a lot of innocent people without worrying about being shot, themselves. And policicians help them by KEEPING schools “gun-free zones.” If ANYBODY, even a SURVIVOR of one of those school shootings, introduces a law to allow legal gun carriers to carry their guns into schools, they oppose them in a “knee-jerk” reaction. The Japanese refused to attack the American mainland for a very good reason: they thought “there would be a gun behind every blade of grass,” and they were right—then. But today, it's different, thanks to the gun-grabbers. And we will regret that when Islamic terrorists start killing our CHILDREN in our “gun-free” schools. Does ANYBODY think Islamic terrorists care that they are breaking the law by bringing guns into schools? Probably not, since they're out to violate much more serious laws by killing people. (Second Amendment Insider)

"Choking 'Em Out"

That's what Obama's goons are doing to gun-makers and sellers. They're putting pressure on banks to deny them banking services on the basis of their being a “reputation risk.” Remember, these are LEGAL BUSINESSES that Obama's goons are setting up to “choke out of business” on a false premise. Gun makers and sellers are NOT a “reputation risk.” They are a LEGAL business that Obama just doesn't like. If I were in the gun business, I'd file SUIT against any bank that refused my business, accusing them of DISCRIMINATION. And I'd WIN, unless Obama gets to the courts, too—which he may have done. For whatever Obama wants, “the fix” seems to be in, legal or not. What he's doing here is PATENTLY ILLEGAL, but he's doing it, anyway. He cares NOT about the legality of ANYTHING he does. If he wants it, he does it. And so far, NOBODY has the GONADS to oppose him. (Wholesale Direct Metals)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Eric Holder Clone

Eric Holder is leaving, Hurrah! In his place is scheduled to be Loretta Lynch, a female clone of Eric Holder. Activists have gotten more than 148,000 signatures on a petition in opposition to her appointment. The president is SUPPOSED TO “respond” to a petition containing more than 100,000 signatures. They want to end up with more than 200,000 signatures. Does ANYBODY think that will make a WHIT of difference to Obama? How many previous petitions containing more than 100,000 signatures has he ignored? It's a known fact that Obama ignores any and ALL petitions, does just what HE wants, and to HELL with what the American people want. He is, after all, a KING, you know. Whoever he appoints is EXPECTED to be “approved” by this, the SECOND “compliant Congress” lately, Democrat or Republican. Yes, the Republicans now control Congress, for whatever THAT'S worth. They're ACTING like they're Democrats. (National Association for Gun Rights)

Pulling Out in Droves

Members of Michael Bloomberg's “Mayors Against Guns” are deserting Bloomberg in bunches. More than 50 have left the group recently. The mayor of Poughkeepsie, NY had this to say when he resigned from the group: ”[Mayors Against Guns] became a vehicle to promote his personal gun control agenda—violating the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens . . . [Mayors Against Guns] intended to promote confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens,” This sums it up nicely and says what we've been saying about it on a regular basis. Now it is being said by one of his (formerly) staunchest supporters who finally “wised up.” Now if more of the mayors he has duped begin to wise up, maybe his organization will fall apart and he will be out of the “gun-grabbing” business. That can only be a GOOD thing, This fool losing his anti-gun group. (NAGR)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Denver In Trouble

Chicago-style trouble. We know that Chicago has some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation, coupled with the highest gun violence rate in the nation, as well. Now Denver, Colorado is in the same kind of trouble. Chicago had 5 shootings over the weekend (update: the number now is 6), and so did Denver. Denver was lucky in that it had fewer good shots, and thus fewer people killed in those shootings. I keep telling them that tight gun laws as we know them today do not reduce gun violence, they INCREASE it. But try and tell the anti-gun fanatics that. They make all kinds of excuses for the gun violence statistics in these two cities (and others in a similar situation) that allows them to deny their “laws” are the cause of anything. They even pony up stats that make it look like their laws are actually doing some good, while people are DYING because of them. (BET)

They're Always Trying

A man in Connecticut died after being shot with a stun gun. The medical examiner says that there is NO evidence the stun gun was a factor in his death—but or course, the liberal media says it was, without reservation or the use of words such as “alleged,” or “probably.” The American Civil Liberties Union in Connecticut said, “Stun guns have been linked to the deaths of people throughout Connecticut.” No proof of of anything, but a bland statement of their imagined “fact” gthat has not been questioned. The fact is, there has been NO time when a stun gun was the CAUSE OF DEATH in those cases. Only that they were used. A FIST can be a deadly weapon, too. But you can't license or ban a man's fist. (NBC Connecticut)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weapons Are Everywhere

You just have to recognize them. This video tells you about a number of specially designed weapons known only to a few self-defense specialists. But don't even ASK me where to get them. Those “ripper rings” especially intrigue me. It make me think of many other items that can be used in the same way-- like a ring of keys, for instance. And it doesn't have to be a BUNCH of keys. Just ONE key between the fingers can do a lot of damage to an attacker. Another excellent weapon can be found in major book stores. It is designed to hold the pages down while you're reading and eating so that you don't have to hold the pages down with one hand while eating with the other. It looks like a policeman's “slap-stick,” and can be used as one. But with two heavy metal pieces on each end, it is very effective in use against an attacker. But don't try and use it to BE an attacker. That'll get you a long jail term..

Not because of what you used, but because you were the attacker. Not so because it is a weapon. It is NOT.It is being sold in major book stores all over the country. A heavy ash tray, or anything heavy that can be thrown or used as a club. Heavy lamps have been used many times effectively. You just have to have the right “mind-set” to look around you all the time and SEE a weapon where others do not. You can buy large ball bearings, which are excellent for throwing, and they can be bought legally in any sporting goods store. They are not weapons unless USED as such. I used to carry a 2-cell aluminum flashlight (available in drug stores everywhere) in my back pocket. And an encounter with a cop in the line at a convenience store reminded me of a basic truth: It's not a weapon unless you USE it as one. He told me it could be considered a weapon, and I replied that, if I ever used it as one, we could discuss it then. That got a laugh out of him. It reminded me that there are MANY things, all around us, that can be used effectively, as a self-defense weapon, if we just look around us and SEE them. (WesternShooting Journal)

"Only Cops Are Smart Enough?"

That's what a top Palm Beach sheriff is saying, in commenting on legislation now in Tallahassee (the state capital). He says only cops are able to learn how to PROPERLY handle weapons. How arrogant THAT is! Who are cops? Civilians who have gone through training—and all of THEM are not responsible in the handling of their guns, even after all their training. I've seen too many stories about cops "going off the deep end" with their guns.  What makes him think “private citizens” are not capable of learning how to properly shoot and handle guns—or how to be responsible abut it? This kind of thinking is a result of the “us or them” thinking in the minds of many cops, which divides the world into two groups: cops and non-cops, with non-cops somehow not being as smart as cops. This kind of thinking, if it gains “traction,” can set back self-defense a LOT. (CBS 12 News)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Self-Defense Ruled Illegal

This judge “reasoned” that, since stun guns were not in general use, nor had yet to be invented at the time the Constitution was written, the Second Amendment did not recognize them when weapons were ruled to be necessary for survival. Just the opposite of the way they falsely misread the Second Amendment to mean that guns were only necessary for members of an “organized militia,” something that did not exist then. But the comparison doesn't work, because the Second Amendment doesn't JUST cover “weapons” like guns. It is there to recognize that SELF-DEFENSE is an inherent right and the ownership and use of guns, being one way to that end, must be maintained. But it did NOT specify guns as the ONLY protected weapon, yet invented, or not.

Yes, a stun gun is a recent invention. But is a NON-LETHAL method of self-defense and is useful because it WORKS. A FIST is an effective weapon too, but it CANNOT be made illegal to carry (or they would). The judge, in Massachusetts (where else), says the woman in the case should get a license and carry a gun—something almost IMPOSSIBLE to do in Massachusetts, so she'll probably either be killed, or be forced to become a criminal to survive if she does get a gun. They also approve her using pepper spray, whose usage as a defensive weapon is ALSO recent. Fortunately, like Obama says, this is only ONE JUDGE, and we don't need to follow his orders outside of Massachusetts. (Federalist Papers Project)

Unbelievable Stupidity

I just can't believe the STUPIDITY of certain residents of Ferguson, MO, for whom facts just don't matter. They already have their minds made up. Even though the Attorney General himself (who is one of the co-conspirators in the attempt to start a race war on the backs of Ferguson residents) said the cop was in the RIGHT when he shot and killed Michael Brown, and that he NEVER raised his hands and said, “don't shoot”, a story that is SUPPORTED by witnesses who are not criminals, themselves, answer confidently that he DID when asked. They don't care a WHIT about the FACTS. All they want to tell us is what they WANT us to believe. I should ask them: “Who do you call when YOU are threatened by such goons as Michael Brown?” They'll probably return to their “fall-back position” and call me a racist because it's a question they CAN'T answer. They'll call me a racist for this, too: I can tell by their voices that those lying witnesses are all black. I feel sorry for the white residents of Ferguson. (Daily Mail)

Friday, March 13, 2015

It's A Fabrication

Holder's “study” that “proves” Ferguson is a “racist” police force is a bunch of “massaged” figures and lying inferences. For instance, the population of Ferguson is 67% black. Nationwide, blacks are 12.5%, but commit 50% of the crimes. Similar figures rule in Ferguson, but the Ferguson cops make fewer arrests of black persons than the national average. So where's the racism? It's being INVENTED by Holder, who is carrying Obama's water in trying to PROMOTE a “race war” for their own purposes. Their purposes being to make laws and regulations to have tighter CONTROL over the populace. Nationally, blacks make up 50% of prison populations, which is FIVE TIMES their population numbers. Liberals complain about that, IGNORING the fact that they commit far more crime than do whites. The fact is, you can make “statistics” say anything you want, by IGNORING stats that don't agree with your thesis—and that's what Holder did. (Yahoo Photos)

They Wonder Why We Want Guns

The anti-gun fools try and paint people who want to be able to carry and use the means to self-protection, a gun, as being “obsessed” with guns.” Not true. What we ARE “obsessed with” is being able to defend ourselves against the MILLIONS of “gang members” in this country, hundreds, even THOUSANDS of them living right in your neighborhood, each one of them holding an ILLEGALLY-obtained gun which they'll use at the drop of a hat. And they'll even drop the hat. My grandson had a job in a convenience store right down the street from where I live and had to quit, due to harassment from gang members. Add to that the FACT that Islamic terrorists are recruiting AMERICANS to fight AGAINST America in the future in “lone-wolf actions” to create havoc, right here in America. And I'd bet THEY will have illegally-obtained guns, too. Meanwhile, the government works HARD to DISARM all responsible, honest Americans so they will not be able to defend themselves. (Cowboy Byte)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Bad Idea From the Start

A man carried a rifle openly PAST a school where guns are prohibited. This forced them to put the school on “”lock-down” and disrupted the kids' education. The cops “politely” confronted him and he “not so politely” cussed them out. Yes, he has a right to do this, but “taunting” cops any time is not a good idea. They can ALWAYS find SOMETHING to arrest you for. In this case, “disturbing the peace.” If you're a pro-gun person, DON'T do anything like this. You'll set the gun rights issue back. Responsible people in favor of being able to have guns for self defense will NOT support you. If he had just walked by the school and not “paraded” back and forth, taunting school officials into CALLING the law, there would have been no problem. But he WANTED to force action on the part of the cops. That's what liberals do. Not us. We try to observe the law and not “taunt” the cops. (The Right to Bear)

"No Statistical Basis"

That's what a Washington Post fact checker says about Obama's snarky crack about the “fact” that “it is easier in some places to buy a gun than to buy a book or a fresh vegetable.” I knew he was LYING as soon as I heard him say it. I didn't need a statistical inference to know it. That's what he DOES. When he wants something, he LIES to support it. As he did many times when he wanted to pass Obamacare into law. He told us we could keep our doctors and hospitals if we liked them, well KNOWING it was a lie. He said his plan would LOWER yearly insurance rates by $2500 when he KNEW it would DOUBLE them, while we were FORCED to buy it. Whenever he opens his mouth, he LIES. Listening to him talk is the best way to know what's true. Whatever he says is a LIE, so “turn it around” and you have the truth. He says his laws will stop gun violence, so we KNOW they will NOT. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Arizona to Ban Federal Gun Laws

Yes, it can be done. By a simple law, passed by the legislature of ANY state—IF they want to do so. The feds tell you federal law TRUMPS state laws, which is a LIE. The Constitution clearly states that just the opposite is true, the “Commerce Clause” notwithstanding. That clause has been purposely misunderstood more often than the Second amendment has been misunderstood, and for the same reason: to pass unconstitutional laws and make the citizenry think they are proper. But Arizona apparently realizes this, and are in the process of making laws that TRUMP federal anti-gun laws. Let's just hope the new governor is as astute as was the former one, who was seen giving Obama a “piece of her mind” when he came to her state, thinking to “bully” her into submission. (Western Journalism)

Latest Argument Is Stupid

The latest argument against allowing college students to carry their guns onto campus if they're legally allowed to carry them, anyway is STUPID. They make note that there is a lot of drinking going on in college, and they don't want drunken students anywhere near guns. That completely ignores the fact that in the “general population” there is a lot of drinking, too—which is evidenced by the rising number of drunk driving convictions (that are on the rise even though “authorities” don't get exited about MULTIPLE drunk driving convictions until the drunk KILLS someone). And in places where gun carrying is easier, gun deaths are NOT a “rising problem.” On the contrary, where gun laws are the most permissive, gun violence goes DOWN. That's a provable FACT, much purposely ignored by gun grabbers. Yes, a lot of drinking goes on in college. But a lot of learning goes on there, too. (Rare)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Shades of Atlas Shrugged!"

In Ayn Rand's “landmark” prophetic tome, “Atlas Shrugged,” frustrated liberal politicians who wanted to continue to FEED off profitable businesses for their own profit, actually made a LAW against going out of business. Today, similarly frustrated thieving politicians are frustrated by certain businesses moving out of “gun unfriendly” states and into more “gun friendly” states. The same thing is happening in Obama's “race war” (You know, the one he is trying to start so he can make laws that hinder whites and make life much easier for blacks, who now are unafraid to vent their own racism). So race whore Jesse Jackson is now suggesting they make laws against businesses moving without “permission” from bureaucrats and politicians. That's the liberal solution to everything: make a law allowing the government to be able to give “permission” to do ANYTHING. (World Net Daily)

Too Much Opposition

Sometimes it works, folks. ATF has “surrendered” to the pressure and has announced it will not be banning AR-15 ammo any time soon. It cites massive opposition, not the fact that this would just be a “back-door getaround” the Constitution, since guns are worthless without bullets. They still like the idea, but they see the massive opposition, coupled with the difficulty in enforcing the ban and ammo makers being well able to come up with different ammo that will fit. Don't think this is the last you will ever hear about this ban, however. The gun-grabbers are anything but not determined in their fallacies. They're just postponing it until later, when maybe the laws will be better and they can get it done. (Bearing Arms)

Monday, March 9, 2015

"Easier to Buy A Gun Than A Book"

That's what Obama says. But that's yet another of his BIG LIES. It's NOT easier to buy a gun than to buy a book in this country unless you're a CRIMINAL, to begin with. I buy books regularly. But I'd have to really go out of my way to buy a gun. I'm not a criminal. That's the whole problem today. The “anti-gun laws” they make “create a market” for ILLEGAL guns. THAT'S what makes it easy to buy a gun—on the black market. That's the whole point: “create a problem," then claim to want to “solve” the problem YOU'VE created. That's the “modus operandi” of politics if you're a Democrat. If there weren't laws making it impossible for HONEST people to be able to be armed in self defense (in spite of the Constitutional guarantee to keep us armed), the black market in guns wouldn't be as strong as it is. (The Blaze)

Libs To Have Heart Attack

The news media says, “If this law is passed, liberals are going to have a heart attack.” and they're right. The specter of school children going to school ARMED frightens them. But it won't happen, no matter how hard they try and convince us it will. Whether schools are “gun-free zones” or not, it is ILLEGAL for children to carry loaded firearms. Anywhere. And that law works (along with parental control) as well as any other. But this proposed law only allows TEACHERS and other school staff to bring their guns with them to work IF they have the "right to carry" otherwise, to make a potential shooter UNABLE to know if there will be guns among them to OPPPOSE him when he comes in to kill innocent people. This new law just recognizes that “gun-free zones” don't work, and are only an INVITATION to would-be shooters to victimize people in places where he KNOWS people will not (mostly) be armed and able to stop him. (Right to Bear)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Attacked From Behind

Got a gun? Can't adopt. The anti-gun fools can't seem to get all the laws passed against guns they'd like.. So they improvise. Now they're influencing decisions about adopting children, while releasing “executive orders” to ban certain ammunition for the most popular gun in the country, the AR-15. Everything they can accomplish “administratively” to get around the law. And you can expect even more sniveling, back-stabbing actions to make it harder on people who own, or want to own guns, to live their lives in peace. Another harassment effort involves pressuring banks to close the accounts of gun makers and gun sellers to make it more difficult for them to do ANY business. So now “gun people” can't buy AR-15 ammo, adopt children, and likely can't get a bank account. What's next. There's no telling with the underhanded fools doing these things. You know, like Barack Hussein Obama. (Say Uncle)

Obama Lies (Again)

I know, I know: Obama lies so often it's not news any more. But his latest lies are so blatant, and easily disproved, it's FUNNY. He says, “Increased gun control measures would go a long way toward cutting down on America’s homicide rate, President Obama said during a town-hall event on Friday.” That lie depends upon the assertion that CRIMINALS, who don't OBEY laws, will obey one that says they can't be armed when they commit their crimes. I don't think Obama is STUPID, no matter how hard he tries to convince us he is through his ACTIONS, so that has GOT to be a lie. Just like his other lie that says AR-15 ammo is dangerous because it can penetrate a cop's bullet-proof vest, and has, is a flat-out LIE, designed to falsely convince people he is right in BANNING that ammo. The fact that NO cop has EVER been hurt by that ammo and even the COPS say the ban is wrong and is NOT needed doesn't seem to bother him. He wants to do it, so it WILL be done. That's the way it is with things Obama wants to do. Obama is bound and determined to disarm Americans, and he will tell ANY lie to get it done. (Bearing Arms)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Where Guns Are Banned

Bad guys will kill with knives. Or clubs. Or meat cleavers. Whatever they can find. Lack of guns has never stopped the killing—anywhere; any time. People who want to kill will find something to use in killing, even if they have to use their bare hands. In communist China, where guns ARE banned, there have been TWO mass “knife-killing” incidents in the last couple of years. At least one of which was finally broken up by cops with—wait for it—guns, who shot and killed one of the knife-wielders. This supports the time-honored insistence that the way to stop “bad guys with guns” is with “good guys with guns.” So why not ALLOW the “good guys” to have their own guns? Certain politicians think ANYBODY who has a gun will “go wild” and kill over a “fender bender” or getting cut off in traffic (which already happens, with ILLEGAL guns). (Fox News)

Safest Places In the Nation

In Alaska, Wyoming, Arkansas, and most of Montana you don't need government permission to carry concealed. It is recognized that it is your right to be armed in self defense without a government license. It was that way everywhere a hundred years ago (except in the East, where the anti-gun fools thrived). And these are the safest places in the nation, with crime rates a lot lower than in the rest of the nation. Are the two connected? Does allowing honest people to carry concealed make crime rates go down, as criminals either realize it's much more dangerous there for them to “ply their trade,” or to find out WHY that is and die for it? Now Colorado, with currently some of the tightest gun laws in the nation, is considering going in the same direction. A “constitutional carry law” has already passed the Senate there. It has two more hurdles to go, and I hope it survives them. As a Colorado resident, I look forward to being able to have and carry a gun, that the Constitution says is my right to do. (The Right to Bear)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Spreading Lies and Discontent

Jennifer Mascia, also known as “Tommy Gnostis, is a Bloomberg lie-spreader. She goes to pro-gun web sites and spreads lies and discontent. Pretending to be pro-gun, she says things no REAL pro-gun person would EVER say, all of it lies. One of the lies she spreads is that gun rights are losing. But anybody who pays attention to the real world knows we're WINNING. Obama can't get his anti-gun laws passed in Congress, so now he's planning on trying the “administrative” route. What that means is, he's going to put out an ILLEGAL “Executive Order” to BAN AR-15 ammo, telling the LIE that the ammo can penetrate the body armor cops wear, thus banning the ammo is to “protect cops.” The truth is, NO cops have EVER been hurt by an AR-15 bullet penetrating their body armor. His ban is not to “protect cops,” it's to CONTROL the use of guns by legal owners by making their ammo unavailable. (Captain's Journal)

"Just Pass A Law"

And crime will stop. That's the sum total of the thinking of the anti-gun fools who are constantly making useless gun laws that do nothing except provide more unarmed victims for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. They think all they have to do is pass a law, and criminal activity covered by that law will stop—immediately. That shows a degree of naivete that knows no bounds. They have been proven wrong time and time again, but that doesn't penetrate their thick skulls. They keep on making their stupid laws and creating more and more honest victims while criminals get their guns more easily in areas of tight gun laws than elsewhere. Now they're going in a different direction. They're now trying to ban AMMO, to make the guns (which they can't ban) useless. That's not going to work, either. (KMJ Morning News)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Telling "The Big Lie"

Obama is (as usual) telling “the big lie” to support his proposed BAN on AR-15 ammunition. He says cops have been KILLED by this ammo, and he wants to get rid of it by BANNING it. Now you ask, how many cops have gone victim to this “dangerous ammunition?” The answer is easy to understand for intelligent people—NONE. Zip. Nada! He's basing his ban on a LIE, as usual. That's what Obama does best—tell a LIE, and use that lie to convince people who should know better, to support his silly laws. Never mind that all a ban will do is keep HONEST people from having that ammo while innovative ammo makers redesign the AR-15 to use different ammo and criminals sell the original ammo on the Black Market. Laws to stop Americans from having guns NEVER stops criminals from getting their guns. To the contrary, the tighter anti-gun laws are in any given area, the easier ILLEGAL guns are to get there, and the more guns are available. It's a self-defeating exercise. (World Net Daily)

Gun-Grabber's Worst Nightmare

Illinois passed a measure that “canceled out” Chicago's tough anti-gun laws and allowed “concealed carry—and gun violence PLUMMETED as a result. NO longer can gun grabbers say, truthfully, that “concealed carry” won't affect gun violence, and that the only way to defend ourselves was to DISARM all Americans (except the criminals, of course, who get their guns illegally). Of course, they don't care about truth. The gun grabbers say whatever they think we will BELIEVE in support of their insane gun bans and attempts to ban ammunition to make our guns useless. Chicago, although it had some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation, also had the worst gun violence figures in the nation. Something we pointed out, many times, which did NOTHING to keep Chicago from making more useless and stupid gun laws—until now. I predict that the stupid politicians in Chicago will try their best to get around the Illinois law that PERMITS “concealed carry,” in SPITE of it's DEMONSTRABLE effect on gun violence (or perhaps BECAUSE of it). (Ben Swan)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More Than the Cops

Tulsa (Oklahoma) citizens are shooting more criminals than the cops, according to this study. Tulsa has had 11 homicides in the past year and HALF of them have been done by citizens defending themselves lawfully against criminals. In 2014, EIGHT of them were done by citizens defending themselves while only SIX were done by the cops. NONE of them this year have been done by the cops. In Oklahoma, you don't have to “fear for your life” in order to use “deadly force.” You only have to fear the “bad guys” will “hurt you or a member of your family. (Daily Caller)

"Going After" Gun Sellers

Obama's “Operation Choke Point” seeks to make it hard to do business for gun dealers, and any other businesses Obama doesn't like by doing such things as denying them as much banking privileges as he can, as well as other things. “Operation Choke Point is a program by which the Department of Justice works with other administration agencies, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to force banks to shut down accounts of businesses that it objects to (ones that are perfectly legal otherwise). The program purports to fight fraudulent businesses, but has instead targeted many gun and ammunition dealers and other lawful businesses.” And they're doing this by FIAT, not as a result of a law being passed. One of their tactics is IRS audits four times a year for selected companies. Talk about the IRS “targeting” scandal! This “triples down” on that, even while it is being “investigated.” That shows graphically how much that “investigation” frightens them. There's no law to back this up, just intimidation of bankers. (Patrick Howley)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

They Never Learn

We lost many of the anti-gun fools in the Congress in the last election, but those who remain are “alive and well” and as stupid as ever. Limiting the size of gun magazines never works, but they are determined to keep on coming at us with this stupid law. That's just one of the stupid laws they wan to make. All work to DISARM Americans while criminals go right on getting their guns ILLEGALLY. They just won't get it that criminals don't OBEY laws. ANY laws, much less ones that say they can't be armed. They never have, and they never will. But these fools keep insisting on trying to make more laws for them to ignore, rather than come up with some that will WORK. And we keep “beating them back” with LOGIC, until they come out and deny the EXISTENCE of logic so they won't have to fight it, any more. (Daily Caller)

"Militia Clause" Misunderstood

Purposely misunderstood, that is. It isn't hard to understand that there was NO SUCH THING as an “organized militia” at the time the Second Amendment was written, so they couldn't have meant that. The only other thing they COULD have meant is that the entire population is considered to be a “militia,” ready, able, and armed to respond in the government's need. This is why they made such a big thing out of the entire population remaining armed, so they could be “called up” if the need arose and would have their own guns. But the “anti-gun fools” are so bent on DISARMING the honest people of this nation that they purposely misunderstood it so they could CLAIM that people who were not members of an ORGANIZED militia did not need to be armed. This argument has gone on since before the ink dried on the Constitution, and will probably go on long after most of us are dead. Those “Gun-grabbers” are nothing if not determined to disarm Americans. (Daily Record)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Who "Vets" Commentators on Fox?

That's what they're asking since one of them, Regis Giles,  commented about Obama's ridiculous claim that AR-15 ammo could penetrate bullet-proof vests, his false claim as the reason why he wants to BAN those bullets, except in cop's and government agent's guns. The fact is, that there has NEVER been a case of a cop being murdered by such a bullet. It's all in Obama's “gun-hating” mind. He just wants to make it tougher on gun owners. As to “vetting” Fox people, they don't. They hire good people and “turn them loose.” They mostly tell the truth, but remember, they have as many LIBERALS on staff as conservatives. And you can't get liberals to tell the truth, wherever they are. (Patriot Post)

"Feeling the Pinch"

Obama is “feeling the pinch.” He has only two years left before he will need to spend ALL his time trying to figure out a believable reason to “delay” the elections for as long as possible (and don't think that's not at the front of his mind). He needs to get as much skulduggery done as possible. He just finished violating the Constitution and ignoring a court order to continue his “work” on amnesty, and now he is about to issue yet another “executive action (probably not an executive order) to BAN AR-l5 ammunition. He knows that ammunition is the most popular in the nation, because the AR-15 is the most popular of guns. He says it's because this ammunition is capable of piercing the bullet-proof vests worn by the cops. So instead of improving those vests, he BANS the ammo, and BELIEVES people will not be able to obtain it, since it will be illegal. Of course, that has never stopped criminals and crazies from getting their guns (and ammo) in the past, and it won't in the future.. And he forgets how innovative Americans are, and can redesign the AR-15 to use different ammo. (KMTV)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bad Day Yesterday

When you get to my age (77), you have good days and bad days. Yesterday was a bad day for me. I felt lousy, but that;s normal, for me. But what made it a bad day is that old eye problem that overcame me some time ago came back. I couldn't even OPEN my right eye, and it hurt like hades. I took a pain pill my doc gave (gave? ) me and it helped the pain—unless I opened my eye. Fortunately, I still had some of the eye drops the eye doctor gave me then, which “fixed it” then, and it seems to have fixed it, again. So, back to “business as usual.”

Mall of Americas Surrenders

That's what they've done with their new “no guns on the premises” policy. Do they REALLY think that will stop the Islamic terrorists when they “come calling?” Have they ever known Islamic terrorists to OBEY the law, or especially a “policy” of one of their targets? What kind of STUPID does it take to think the way to self-defense is to DISARM yourself? Most anti-gun fools think that. Which is why they consistently make and support their USELESS laws to keep guns out of the hands of responsible citizens while crooks, criminals, and that special kind of criminal, a gang member, never has any trouble getting his ILLEGAL guns? One of these days these FOOLS will figure it out, but It won't happen in my lifetime. Mall of the Americas probably plans on having uniformed, armed guards to rely on. That ought to give the terrorists some good target practice in preparation for shooting up their mall since they're so easy to identify and kill first. (Daily Caller)

Arrested for Using HIs Rights

The feds tried to claim that Anthony Bosworth was on federal property when he stood OUTSIDE a government building attending a “states rights” rally with a rifle on his shoulder, which was entirely legal in Washington State. But the feds were determined to arrest him for SOMETHING. So they arbitrarily extended the property limits of a federal building to include the sidewalk in front of it so they could arrest him for carrying a gun on federal property. Fortunately, someone higher up was a little smarter than the ones on the scene and released him without charges, thus not subjecting him to time in jail and having to spend a lot of money of lawyers. But he was still subjected to the indignity of being arrested, handcuffed, and "perp-walked" to their car in front of all his friends. (Last Resistance)