Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Don't Ask Questions"

That's what a man learned one day at a gun show when he made the mistake of asking a question about guns of an ATF Agent. One of them regarded if it was illegal to put a rifle-type gun to your shoulder OR just use a “forearm brace.” soon there were three ATF Agents surrounding him and giving him the “stink eye” as they grilled him as to why he was asking the question. Seems there IS an ATF rule that requires a person to “jump through hoops” and “bribe the government” (buy a tax stamp) before it becomes legal. And the reason for this rule? People asked too many questions. He tells his story: “The interaction with the agents left a bad taste in my mouth, not only did I dislike them crowding my stand as if I were some sort of criminal for asking these questions, but I didn’t like the fact that I was told ‘If you guys would have just kept your mouths shut no one would have bothered with the SIG Brace ruling.’ To me that’s ridiculous. So a perfectly law abiding citizen can be turned into a felon instantaneously because they shouldered a weapon that fires a rifle cartridge? How is this law in any way going to protect people? “ This is what it has come down to. (All About Outdoor)

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