Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another Phony "Study"

The “American Journal of Public Health” has come out with a new “study” in which they “prove” that states with more guns are the places where more cops are killed. Of course, that got lots of coverage in the liberal media because it advanced their agenda of eventual gun confiscation (from honest gun owners, leaving all the guns in the hands of NON-legal gun owners). One example of how they skewed the results is this: if a state passed a gun law at the same time the national gun death rate was dropping, they attributed this reduction in deaths to that law, though they knew it wasn't. People are still saying that murder rates are so low in England because of the recent gun ban—but they went UP 50% after the ban went into effect. They cite lower gun murder rates as if they were the RESULT of the law when they are the result of the fact they STARTED OUT a lot lower than those in the U. S. In other words, like most “gun haters,” they TWIST the figures until they cry out, so as to make their fool point. (Crime Prevention Research Center)

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