Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sharpton should Be IN PRISON!

Sharpton should Be In PRISON! Louis (Calypso Louie) Farrakhan should be in prison. He DAILY works HARD to create a race war where none would exist, but for his big mouth. He calls for the KILLING of white people who have had NOTHING to do with his mostly imagined racism. His entire organization (and his very nice living) depend on him “whipping up” racism, where none existed before he (or his fellow race whores like Jesse Jerkson and Al, uh, Sharpton) came on the scene. But now he is blatantly advocating MURDER, and that's akin to “shouting fire” in a movie theater and should NEVER be considered “free speech.” He's fomenting violence, pure and simple. Any black man who kills a white man in response to his exhortations should be laid at his doorstep—and any black man KILLED while TRYING to kill a white man, likewise. The world would be much better off without this FOOL, or other people like him. (Minute Men News)

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