Sunday, August 30, 2015

Protecting Yourself

Figures show there are 8,000 home invasions in America every year, most by criminals using ILLEGALLY-OBTAINED guns. Most people, if they abide by the law, have their guns locked up in their bedroom and in such a way they cannot get them into action quickly enough to deal with a home invaded, whose gun is already in his hand. At least one home invader who beat a man to death, and also beat the man's wife horribly, was seen licking their blood off his hands and saying, “:I love doing this.” With people like that out there, we NEED to have guns that are readily available to us in seconds, yet in such a way that children cannot get their hands on them. Add to that the fact that Islamic terrorists are coming here by the THOUSANDS, helped along by Obama, who is PAYING THEIR WAY in some instances. They have TOLD US they plan on killing as many “unbelievers” as they can. If we don't have guns readily available to defend ourselves, we will die. Some time in the future it is going to be the same way here it is in Afghanistan today with Islamic terrorists running around killing people randomly for no other reason than they don't “believe right.”

If we aren't prepared for that, many of us will die. Our politicians are working HARD to take away our RIGHT to be armed for self defense. We need to dispense with such politicians, who want to DISARM all Americans. And NOW. If that's not possible, I recommend you do what the criminals do, and get a gun ILLEGALLY. If a black activist can go on the RADIO and tell blacks to kill cops without going to the clink, I can certainly advise you as I have. There's a “coming WAR. Several. In fact. There's a war defending ourselves against Islamic terrorists in the future, but there's a was NOW running to defend ourselves against ILLEGALLY-armed black men who THINK they're being abused, as that fool who killed those two newspeople did. And we need to be ARMED to do it. One way or the other. I'm 78 years old. I can barely even WALK. If a bunch of thugs break into my house, I'm DEAD. Because I will FIGHT. And I don't HAVE a gun, so I will die. I need to GET a gun so I can effectively defend myself. If the law prevents me from doing that, I will get one ILLEGALLY. If that statement incriminates me, so be it. (Just common sense)

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