Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why Are Guns So Popular?

Every time you turn around somebody gets killed with a gun. Sometimes it's murder, and sometimes it's self-defense. But it seems like in nine out of ten killings, there's a gun involved—why? The answer is simple. A gun is the very best tool to use if you want to kill one or more individuals. And in response, another gun is the best tool to use in DEFENSE. Back before guns existed, they used knives and swords. At one time, EVERYBODY carried a sword or a knife—or both. Back in the “stone age,” not even knives or swords existed, but they still found ways to kill each other. Back then, the best tool for killing people was a heavy object—like a club. So everybody carried a club around and merrily killed one another with them. Had there been guns way back then, those who wanted to kill each other would have found a way to get a gun—or he'd be DEAD. The obvious point here (but which is not obvious to gun-grabbers) is the PEOPLE. If they want to kill, they want to use the very best tool for killing individuals—a gun. Back in the stone age, it was a club. So that's what they used.

The whole point is that if somebody wants to kill somebody, they'll get a gun, in most cases, legally or illegally, in SPITE of any laws people make. That has been proven, time and time again. No matter how tight you make gun laws, people will find a way to get one, or will use something else to do their killing. So what's the answer? Create a “level killing field,” or “playing field,” as liberals are so fond of saying by allowing honest people innocent of crimes to have and carry their own guns. Cave men all carried clubs, and there was no movement to “ban clubs” because “clubs kill people.” Back then, they were smart enough to know that it is the PERSON who did the killing, the club was only the TOOL he used. Since you can't ban PEOPLE. You can only arm yourself for self-defense. As Robert Heinlein famously said in one of his fine books, “An armed society is a POLITE society.” But that's only if everybody has the means to defend him/herself, be that a gun or a club, or a sword, whatever the best self-defense tool is available at the time. That's where the gun-grabbers go wrong. They target the GUN, not the PERSON. (Just common sense)

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