Monday, August 3, 2015

Ban All Defense Firearms

You thought Obama was a real gun-hater. But socialist Bernie Sanders is even worse. Obama at least gives “lip service” to the Second Amendment, while he tries every way he can to “get around it.” Bernie doesn't even RECOGNIZE the Second Amendment as being a deterrent to his wish to ban ALL personal defense guns. Naturally, he exempts guns designed for “hunting” from this edict (like they couldn't be used wrongly). He thinks gun ownership is a “privilege” granted by the government. This is how Bernie thinks. So it's a wonder he gets as much support as he does, It's a testament to the ignorance of many people that his candidacy has taken on ANY semblance of seriousness, especially since he self-admitted to being a SOCIALIST, which should have signaled a “death knell” to his candidacy. But it has not. (Bearing Arms)

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