Friday, September 22, 2017

They Don't Reduce Crime!

As is noted in the linked article, gun buybacks get many headlines, but do NOTHING to reduce crime. In fact, they give the "bad guys" an opportunity to get money to buy NEW guns, by turning over old, unreliable guns to get money from the cops to buy new ones that are reliable to use in their crimes. They steal cheap guns, then sell them to the cops (or whatever gullible people are running the buyback). The cops get nice pictures of piles of guns, most of them inoperable, for the local papers, and crime continues, unabated. The cops pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves on "getting x number of guns off the street." Meanwhile, the crooks use the money THEY provided to get new guns. They have to know this, but it doesn't even slow them down in their quest to disarm the law-abiding. The "authorities admit it makes no difference, but it's an "easy thing to do" and the public demands it. Not a good reason to waste time, money, and effort. (The Buffalo News)

Gun Control Is Stupid!

It just plain does not work! It's amazing to me that an entire group of people can remain as STUPID as are the anti-gun fools! They have to know that not a single one of their laws work, and that they even INCREASE gun crime by disarming the law-abiding and making them "sitting ducks" for those who do not obey their laws. But they use every instance of a mass shooting (or any kind of a shooting, even a NON-shooting) to advance their silly goals. If somebody takes a KNIFE, or a BAT, or any other weapon and hurts people with it, they clamor for more of the same stupid laws they KNOW don't work. I'm beginning to believe their purpose is NOT to "stem gun violence," but to make the law-abiding helpless when THEY come to take what's theirs. They don't want any of their agents falling victim to an armed citizen when they come after their property. And they HAVE done so in the past. I remember fully the story of a rancher whose property a sheriff coveted for a new sheriff's station. He wouldn't sell, so they phonied up some "drug charges" and raided him in the early morning. He didn't know what was happening, and came out with a gun in his hand. so they killed him, and bought the ranch for a song from his grieving widow. It seems to me that's what they're after. (Just common sense)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Are We Obsessed With Guns?

Are we obsessed with guns, or does the media just want people to think we are? The answer is, No. And yes. the media DOES want people to think we are obsessed with guns. The truth is, it is the anti-gun fools who are obsessed with guns--taking them away from all law-abiding citizens, that is. And we have to meet them with significant opposition to KEEP our constitutional right to be armed for self defense. Truth is, owning and using a gun IS a RIGHT, not a privilege, to be regulated tightly. But that's not what certain politicians think, wrong though they may be. And they continue to make unconstitutional laws and regulations that we must oppose, at every turn, or LOSE that right. No, it's NOT an obsession, on OUR part. It IS, on THEIR part. They think (or PRETEND to think) that taking guns away from the law-abiding will stop those who DON'T obey laws from getting their guns. That's been proven wrong, time and time again, but they never tumble to reality. (Liberty Park Press)

Wrong Again!

In Dallas County, a judge thinks if he ASKS a known wife/girlfriend abuser to turn in his guns, he'll do it. There's no way to be sure he does it, and he can ignore the judge and keep his guns. So if he wants to use them on his wife or girlfriend, he can. How many men who want to do violence OBEY the laws that say they can't do it with a gun? And how many guys who DO give up their guns use other means to hurt their women? As with other anti-gun fool laws, it DEPENDS on lawbreakers to OBEY their law. They call them lawbreakers for a REASON. They BREAK laws. so how does this judge (and his political friends) think this law will do a BIT of good? Of course, it won't. But will they notice? Probably not. they're not intelligent enough to SEE that it won't, so they will probably make excuses when it doesn't, and then make even more USELESS laws. That's their pattern. Take guns away from as many law-abiding people as possible, leaving the ILLEGALLY-armed people to victimize them. (Dallas News)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

These People Are Insane!

They keep talking about HUNTING as a reason to allow the average, law-abiding person to own and use a gun. They don't know, or PRETEND not to know that hunting is only a "side issue' to self defense against all oppressors, criminal, crazy, Islamic terrorists, and even GOVERNMENT. Yes, against government. Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founders actually said so. that in the final analysis, a gun may be required to defend ourselves against an oppressive government. Jefferson was very forward-looking. He could actually SEE what we are facing, today; an out of control, oppressive government that is today, much worse than the British government against which we rebelled. Of course, the way they did it was "gradualism," something King George just didn't understand. His power was absolute, and he wielded it that way, which was against everything the colonists stood for. Revolution was inevitable. The fact remains that the chief reason for the Second Amendment is SELF DEFENSE. For INDIVIDUALS, not for government establishments such as "organized militias," which did not exist at the time the Constitution was written. (Dana Milbank)

Australia Without Guns

It's illegal in Australia cities to carry even a small pocket knife--unless you have a "good reason" to do so. But the "good reason" restriction there is an easy one to pass. One is that it is a "useful tool" in your life. Another is "food preparation." In America, they regularly abuse the "good reason" requirement. In Australia, they don't, much. In the "outback," knives are freely sold in many stores, and universally carried by most people. Just not in the cities, and not in schools or bars. Knives are carried in "the outback" because there is always a "good reason" to carry them, and the cops rarely stop people for a search. They have almost completely banned guns for the law-abiding (but the NON-law-abiding still carry them, as usual), so knives and other kinds of weapons are popular with the law-abiding. And as quickly as people come up with effective weapons, "the authorities" try to ban them or make them difficult, or impossible to carry, as they do in America. But it's a losing proposition, since even a heavy ashtray can be a deadly weapon, and who wants to ban heavy ashtrays? (Gun Watch)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Affects Only Honest People"

The late columnist Charlie Reese once wrote about gun laws, and he was absolutely correct when he said that "gun laws only affect honest people. Gun control is not about crime. It's about a small elite who fear and despise the common people." He couldn't have been more right. Gun control is NOT about guns. It is about CONTROL. The politicians who tell you they want to ban your guns or make you buy a license to exercise a constitutional right are telling you they don't trust you, and that is not only insulting, it is WRONG. Elite politicians realize what many "average people" do not. As Thomas Jefferson said, “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” And since their purpose is to install a tyranny, it is incumbent upon them to eliminate our right to carry guns for self defense. which is why so many of them are "anti-gun" fools. (Just common sense)

Contradiction In Terms

A "liberal gun club." Now I've seen it all. A bunch of self-styled liberals with a gun club. Hoo, ha! A gun club goes against all things liberal. So to claim to be a "liberal gun club" is a definite contradiction in terms. I don't know what their platform is, but I suspect it, in the long run, is bad for gun ownership for self defense for the average citizen. They say they favor enforcement of current gun laws, rather than the giddy passage of new ones--to that, I agree wholeheartedly--except, of course, those laws that do NOTHING to "stem gun violence," and those are many. They say they're "not sure" about universal gun registration. They try again, to convince the world that 48% of voters are liberal and vote for Dumocrats. To that, I say, why then, can the Dumocrats not win elections? (Liberal Gun Club)

Monday, September 18, 2017

"Poverty and Hopelessness"

That's what's at the bottom of a lot of the "gun crime." The "authorities" recognize this, but keep on making laws to make honest people defenseless. The most of the "gun violence" everywhere is committed by street gangs, many of whom RULE their areas. Even the cops, in some areas, leave them alone unless they get way "out of control, as they are wont to do, sometimes. In some places, they even DEFER to them, as if they were a LEGITIMATE organization. In Sacramento, they even want to PAY them not to kill people. Is that insane, or what? But if "poverty and hopelessness" is the impetus, why don't they go after that, rather than take guns away from HONEST people, leaving them DEFENSELESS against those who obey NO laws? Their every effort works to INCREASE gun violence, but try and convince them of that. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. Telling them facts that don't agree with their preconceived notions is like throwing a rock at a boulder. It just bounces off without effect. (Just common sense)

"Guns on the Street"

Surprise, surprise! Potential criminals tend to buy their guns (those that don't just steal then) "off the street," not from gun stores. And those who buy from gun stores are not generally the crooks; so why do they keep making it harder and harder on honest, law-abiding people to get guns to use in self defense? I don't thiink they do it to make things easier for criminals to victimize us, but that's the sum effect of ALL their highly-touted "gun laws." And you can't convince them of this. Are they just STUPID, or what? I think most of the anti-gun fools just have an unreasonable hatred of guns, period. They can't get at those who get their guns illegally, so they go after the guns they can find--those bought and owned by people who actually OBEY their laws, and think they're actually DOING something to reduce gun violence. Meanwhile, gun violence continues, unabated, and even INCREASES. Which frustrates them no end, and they work harder and harder to do away with every gun in the world, except those in the hands of cops and government agents (and crooks, crazies, and Islamic terrorists). Is there no "antidote?" There is. Just stop electing these incompetent fools who demonstrate an unreasoning HATRED of guns, But will we? Probably not. There are still too many anti-gun fools voting. (Bearing Arms)

Friday, September 15, 2017

Realtors Face Reality

I hate to use that term to describe real estate brokers, because it is inaccurate. The term, "Realtor" is a word used to describe real estate brokers who are members of a specific organization, but has been taken to describe ALL real estate brokers. But the words "real estate brokers" takes up too much room in a headline. But the facts are there. Real estate brokers have been suffering "gun violence" at the hands, mostly, of unlicensed gun carriers, and they want to be able to fight back--something the "authorities" seem to be against. I guess they just want the real estate brokers to succumb to the victimization intended by those criminals. In 2015, the number of Realtors who carried was 12%. In 2016, it rose to 16%, and in 2017, to 19%. Significant numbers, but still not enough. The number ought to be 100%. Being a real estate broker can be a dangerous profession, and they, like ALL Americans, ought to be able to defend themselves. But brain-dead politicians just don't agree. (Gun Watch)

Anti-Gun Misinformation

The "Violence Policy Center" says, "Concealed carriers don't stop crimes, they commit them." Unfortunately, they have no proof that this is true. Yes, some of the mass shootings have been committed by people who had not yet committed a crime and are thus able to get gun rights. Which only proves that their highly-touted registration laws do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down people who wish to commit mass murder. If they can't get their guns legally, they just steal them, as some have done, or buy them illegally, which is easy. They try, and they try, but so far, they haven't come up with a real "cure" for gun violence. And they never will, as long as they aim at the guns instead of the PEOPLE, and depend on LAWBREAKERS to OBEY their laws when they obey no others. Yes, a very FEW permit-holders commit crimes. But the vast majority do NOT. That's something they don't tell you. (Truth About Guns)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Gun Laws Don't Work?

Amazing! None of the laws that are supposed to stop gun violence did a single thing to dissuade that student who was obsessed by mass shootings from shooting his classmates, IN a "gun-free zone," a school. I wonder why that is? Could it be that the people who made them are too STUPID to realize that not a single law against gun ownership will dissuade CRIMINALS, crazies, and Islamic terrorists from bringing their guns and shooting people? They HAVE to know their laws are aimed in the wrong direction when they're aimed at the gun. The gun is but a TOOL to be used for good OR evil. And to ban guns in the hands of the law-abiding is to make them DEFENSELESS against the fools who misuse guns. Something must be done about the PEOPLE, not the guns. Anybody with a modicum or INTELLIGENCE knows this. That's why I call all those who make anti-gun laws stupid. They know their laws do NOTHING, but they keep making them. Not to control guns, but to control PEOPLE. (Just common sense)

When Will They Learn?

We've been telling them and telling them for years, that their anti-gun laws and rules don't work, but they ignore us, ridicule us, and keep right on making them, every time they can. They even use instances of VEHICLE violence to advance their silly gun laws that do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down gun violence. What are they THINKING? Gun-Free Zones have become "killing zones" because shooters know most law-abiding folks will not be armed there, since they OBEY laws and regulations. Criminals do NOT. Gun Safes and other "safe storage laws only keep honest people from being able to get their guns in action fast enough to be effective if they're attacked by an ILLEGAL gun-wielding criminal. Limiting magazine capacity accomplishes nothing, either. Even if they can't get higher capacity magazines, it's easy to have more than one magazine. My favorite in the silly law department is the state that allows concealed carry, but the gun carried must be UNLOADED! What the hell good an unloaded gun does you, is anyone's guess. But they wanted a law, and they got it. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Banning All Guns

The Chicago Diocese of the Catholic church has banned all guns from all church properties. Which means all the guns brought there will be brought by people who care not about their "rules and regulations," and those who do care will, as usual, be defenseless when one of those who don't comes in to shoot up the place. This action merely shows the abysmal IGNORANCE of this bishop, Bishop Blaise Cupish. Like all anti-gun fools, he firmly believes such rules will actually keep the "bad guys" from bringing their guns to church with them. Father Michael Pflegler, equally ignorant, Tweeted his thanks to Bishop Cupish for his action. Both Cupish and Pflegler are anti-gun fools and they say this will "slow crime" in Chicago. Really? Like all Chicago's tight gun laws have kept Chicago from being the "gun crime capital of the country?" (Guns)

Anti-Gun Baltimore Sun

They don't allow gun ads--unless they amount to five-or six-figure prices. I guess they don't care if there's enough money involved in their pockets. For many years, even when they actually had a classified section, they didn't accept ads to buy or sell guns. Why then today, do they accept ads for the Rock Island Auction Company? I guess their justification is that a gun valued at $25,000.00 or more isn't likely to be used to commit a crime, nor to defend oneself. It's a distinction without a difference. The Sun is adamantly against private gun ownership in any form--except this one (except for the armed guards that control entrance to their news building, of course). Which proves one thing--money talks. Never mind the Constitution of the United States guarantees citizens the right to own and use a gun for self defense. The Baltimore Sun (BS) apparently thinks their opinion should supersede that of the Constitution. (Baltimore Sun)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Medical Emergency

Sorry, folks. I missed a day recently. I had a medical emergency that required TWO trips to the hospital and one to a specialist to correct They told me it wasn't really serious, but they weren't experiencing the pain I was. I fought to keep updating these blogs, and did it, although I got seriously behind on my research. I'm pretty much caught up now, and I thank you for your patience. Still, I AM 80 years old, and these things will happen. I will continue bringing you the truth as long as I can.

Not Right Or Left

Politicians and others love to say politics is a matter of "right or left." What they mean by that, I don't know. What I DO know is that, on the left is totalitarian government, usually brought on by collectivism (socialism, communism, etc.) A form of government that relies on total power over the populace, While on the "right," you find freedom, the free market, the right of the INDIVIDUAL to make his/her own decisions, not encumbered by the decisions made by nameless, faceless bureaucrats appointed by elected politicians who think THEY know best, and we know nothing. Each person is BORN with certain rights, by right of BIRTH. The Founders called these "inalienable rights," or "God-given rights." Whether or not you are a religious person, those rights belong to each and every INDIVIDUAL who is born. Basic of these is the right to make your OWN decisions, and have them stick. If that includes the ownership and use of a gun for self defense, you have that right, too. Unencumbered. Yet lawmakers work HARD to "encumber" that right and CONTROL you, and the decisions you make. The government does NOT have the right to tax you unmercifully to pay for the giveaway programs they propose, which are basically collectivism. If this is "left and right," I'm on the right, forever and ever. (Just common sense)

Armed Attack: Big Mistake

Two armed men burst into a Taco Bell and ordered the five employees to "get on the floor." They didn't follow orders. Three of them who were armed, opened fire on the fools, killing one. The other one "lit out for the tall and uncut," and is suspected to still be running. Apparently, Taco Bell doesn't have a problem with their employees being legally armed, for all they did was offer "counseling" to the employees; both those involved, and those who were not. This again illustrates what can happen when the average citizen is "allowed" to carry their legal guns and are attacked by criminals who are ILLEGALLY armed and expecting those law-abiding citizens to be unarmed.. Politicians ought to notice this, and "change their ways" accordingly, They will not. They will continue to :make sure this never happens again." They apparently would LIKE for those Taco Bell employees to have knuckled under to the illegally-armed criminals. They did everything they could to make THAT happen, and will continue to do so, until we defeat anti-gun fool politicians at the polls. (New York Post)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Why Is There Poverty?

In the richest country in the world, there is still poverty. It is that, they blame for the "gun violence" and gang activity. But why IS there poverty in a country that is the richest in the world? Why are there pockets of poverty? The reason is drugs. Some people get rich selling them, and others get POOR buying them. The next thing they have to do to "support their habits" is start stealing. They can't make enough money to support their habits by working, and the drugs increase the tendency to do NOTHING, rather than go out and work to improve their lot in life. The next thing you see is them living in squalor, not caring about anything except where their next "fix" is coming from. The only "work" they do is robbing, burglarizing, and even KILLING to get enough money for the next "fix." And that's the basis of gun crime--not the gun, itself. But they ignore that and go after the guns, which is useless. But they'll never know that. they're too STUPID. (Just common sense)

What's Their Purpose?

The anti-gun fools will tell you their purpose is to "stem gun violence" by getting rid of all guns. They must be stupid not to know there is NO WAY to "get rid of all guns." The bad guys will ALWAYS be able to get their guns to use in victimizing the law-abiding. The simple effect of all their "gun laws" is to INCREASE gun violence, not reduce it. Their laws only serve to disarm the law-abiding. So it becomes obvious (to intelligent people, at least) that their purpose is to make it easier for the bad guys to victimize the law-abiding--and that's exactly what they're doing. If they can't stop people from buying guns legally altogether, they make laws to make it harder to get the ones they do have into action fast enough to deal with the holder of an ILLEGAL gun, or make their guns impossible to use. Laws that defy understanding, like that one in one state that allows people to "concealed carry," but the gun carried must be UNLOADED. What the hell good an unloaded gun does is not explained. I think, for some reason, they WANT the bad guys to prevail, so they can make ever more stringent gun laws. It's like a "circular firing squad." (Just common sense)

Friday, September 8, 2017

Constitution Says No

But the politicians do it, anyway, How is this possible? Because there is NO PENALTY for violating the Constitution. One of the best recent examples of this is DACA. Obama's "executive order" that "protected" people brought here as children by their parents from deportation. Obama spent much time telling us he had NO AUTHORITY to help those people. Then he did it, in complete VIOLATION of the Constitution, which is the BASIS fir ALL our laws. Now President Trump is trying to put that to rights, and is being VILIFIED in the press for it. Otherwise, look at all the anti-gun laws. Each one is an INFRINGEMENT on our constitutional RIGHT to be armed for self defense. Without conditions. Yet they put MANY conditions on gun ownership. Basically, it if does not conform to the Constitution, a law cannot be made, or enforced.

But many such laws ARE enforced for years before being reversed by the Courts. But there is NO PUNISHMENT specified for a politician who does so, either blatantly, or in secret. That was a basic mistake made by the Founders. Apparently, they thought just reversing the effect of an unconstitutional law was enough. Unfortunately, the effects of such laws remain, long after they are reversed. They thought the politician involved would be sufficiently embarrassed as to never do it, again. Not so. apparently, some politicians are incapable of being embarrassed.. A law needs to be made to PUNISH politicians who ATTEMPT to make unconstitutional laws. But the problem is who must make that law. The very people who would be most affected by it. And it's going to be difficult, almost impossible, to force them to make such a law. Almost. (Just common sense)

Make It Harder

Politicians know the Constitution prevents them from simply BANNING guns, altogether. So they just make it very difficult to OWN a gun in as many places as possible. At the same time, they make it as difficult as possible to SELL a gun, so maybe you'll just "throw up your hands" and go out of the gun business altogether, and there'll be nowhere to buy a gun. You will have a de facto gun ban, People will have to travel out of your jurisdiction to even BUY a gun. Meanwhile, they make laws that make even HAVING a gun more difficult. Higher fees and taxes, stringent reporting requirements, etc. All this makes it harder and harder for the average citizen to have and use a gun for self defense. That seems to be their goal. Not reducing gun violence. It does not. It makes it easier for the "bad guys" to find victims for their ILLEGAL guns, because law-abiding people will be unarmed, since they OBEY their laws. All these are INFRINGEMENTS on gun ownership, though they wil deny that to their dying day--which might be soon, if a bad guy selects them for victimization--unless, like many anti-gun fools do, they carry their own guns, in secret. (The Gun Feed)

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Are Guns the Problem?

Professor Walter E. Williams doesn’t think so. “When I attended primary and secondary school — during the 1940s and ‘50s — one didn’t hear of the kind of shooting mayhem that’s become routine today. Why? It surely wasn’t because of strict firearm laws. My replica of the 1902 Sears mail-order catalog shows 35 pages of firearm advertisements. People just sent in their money, and a firearm was shipped. Dr. John Lott, author of ‘More Guns, Less Crime,’ reports that until the 1960s, some New York City public high schools had shooting clubs where students competed in citywide shooting contests for university scholarships. They carried their rifles to school on the subways and, upon arrival, turned them over to their homeroom teacher or the gym coach and retrieved their rifles after school for target practice.
Virginia’s rural areas had a long tradition of high-school students going hunting in the morning before school and sometimes storing their rifles in the trunks of their cars that were parked on school grounds. Often a youngster’s 12th or 14th birthday present was a shiny new .22-caliber rifle, given to him by his father.” But today, liberals are so frightened of guns in ANYBODY’S hands (except cops or government agents) that they don’t want guns anywhere NEAR a school, so they make ALL schools “no-gun zones,” which ASSURES that one day a “crazy” will come to a school and shoot it up because he knows there will be NO GUNS there to oppose him, or if there are, they will be in the hands of a uniformed cop who can be located and killed FIRST. That’s why school shootings have become so “routine” (Walter E. Williams)

"Pro-Guns Is Racist"

Liberals have long used the phony racist accusation to blunt ANY opposition to their zany pipe dreams, so it's not surprising that they are now calling ANYBODY who is "pro-gun, "racist." They must have run out of the other LIES they normally use. They think we actually WANT gun control--for black people, and other "people of color." They really think that, if they ever came up with an anti-gun law that specifically targeted "people of color," we'd be all for it. I hate to burst their bubble, but racism in gun control was a LIBERAL invention, for the purpose of keeping black people down. They bring up the case of Black Panthers openly carrying guns they were licensed to carry. They really thought it was the fact that they were black was the reason Reagan signed the law to prevent them from parading around in their "cop-like" uniforms, intimidating people. We'd be just as upset if the KKK started running around wearing cop-like uniforms, intimidating everybody. Somebody needs to remind them that the Black Panthers were (and are) a violent extremist bunch, no matter WHAT their color. THAT'S why their armed activities were curtailed--NOT because they were black. Of course, you'll never convince liberals of this truth. They'd rather maintain their LIE. (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

"Why's It A Right?"

Some anti-gun fools are asking, "Why is carrying a gun an "unalienable right" in America when most of the rest of the world doesn't agree?" To which I answer, "Who the hell CARES what the rest of the world likes or doesn't agree with?" Another answer is, Americans are GOVERNED by the Constitution and the Second Amendment thereto, which other countries are NOT, which GUARANTEES that unalienable right. Hitler's so-called "constitution" said NOTHING about a right for the citizenry to bear arms, and that helped him become a dictator. The same is true in many other dictatorships. One notable one today is N. Korea, where it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get a gun unless you're a "government man" or otherwise favored by Kim. And Kim murders his citizens wantonly, on a regular basis. Kim wouldn't last a WEEK if his people could buy and carry guns. (Quora)

MOMS' New Tack

Not every day do you hear of a scam artist "taking a new tack" in his swindle, but with anti-gun fools, it is often. AlGore did it with his so-called "global warming" swindle that wasn't working very well at the time because it was discovered by REAL climate scientists that the :"globe" had NOT been warming for almost 20 years--the same period during which Gore's "the sky is falling!" rhetoric made him $BILLIONS. So he just changed its name to "climate change," so he could attribute ANY kind of unusual weather, anywhere, to his swindle. Now "MOMS Against Guns" (or something like that) is taking a new tack in their swindle. They're now calling it a "state's rights issue," thinking they'll have better luck intimidating state legislatures than they've had with Congress.

Never mind the FACT that states were not mentioned when the Second Amendment was written, and it was NOT STATED in the Constitution that the states "may" say yea or nay in gun ownership and use. It says, very simply, that the right of the CITIZENS to be armed, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED." One of the basic things they preach is not to trust the average person not to go wild and kill somebody over a fender-bender while there are millons of criminals, crazies, and even Islamic terrorists, RIGHT NOW, out there carrying their guns, every day without (mostly) killing people over trifles. You see, those people are the "bad guys," and they only use their guns to kill each other and VICTIMIZE harmless, law-abiding people who OBEY laws, and thus will probably not be armed. They will be "sitting ducks." (Gun Free Zone)