Monday, November 20, 2017

Book of Effective Gun Laws

If somebody ever thought about a book listing all the EFFECTIVE anti-gun laws, it would be easy to produce, because it would be a set of covers with no pages inside. That's because there ARE no "effective anti-gun laws." Every time some fool takes a gun (legal or illegal) and shoots a bunch of innocent people, there is always a clamor to make even more anti-gun laws that do not work. Intelligent people know that if someone is contemplating committing such a heinous crime as mass murder, he will just IGNORE any piddlng little law that says he can't have a gun, and go right out and do his crime. He obviously doesn't give a "tinker's damn" about committing such a MINOR crime as illegally owning a gun when he is out to murder a bunch of people. NONE of the existing anti-gun laws have done a thing to stop the mass murders that have occurred in many places, and new ones will not do so, either. If the anti-gun fools had any intelligence, they'd know this, but they don't. They keep on making their stupid and unconstitutional laws, while criminals predictably ignore them and keep on killing people. (National Review)

Here We go Again!

A known violent man who was "officially banned" from owning and/or using a gun because he was a felon got a gun anyway. Then he murdered his wife and went on a killing spree that terrorized a small North California town, until the "good guys with guns" came and killed him. When will the anti-gun FOOLS begin to realize that their silly, USELESS gun laws do NOTHING to stop such malcontents from getting guns, with which to shoot and kill innocent people? Yet they keep making them, instead of spending their time looking for REAL solutions, and they use such instances as this one to fuel their further calls for more useless "gun laws." They are already calling for the .50 cal. rifle to be banned, and some fool wants to ban the gun used in Texas to stop a similar "killing spree." What kind of reasoning they use for that, is beyond my comprehension, since without this gun being legal, the death toll would have been much higher. I just think these fools HAVE no reasoning ability, and many liberals claim there IS no such thing as reason and logic. such stupidity abounds among liberals and other anti-gun fools. (Just common sense)

Friday, November 17, 2017

What're They Gonna Do?

The anti-gun fools are hollering (again) for gun confiscation to put stop to mass shootings. Never mind gun confiscation in America is against the Constitution, which is the very BASIS for every law we make. Each law MUST conform to the Constitution, or be eventually thrown out by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. But what if they actually got a law through in spite of that which allowed the government to confiscate (steal) every gun in the country (if that's even possible), and the mass shootings continued, unabated. What would they do, then? They would then be faced with IRREFUTABLE evidence that their laws stop NO gun crimes. What would they do? What would they be ABLE to do? Ignore the fact that their law did NOTHING to stop mass shootings? What about "mass knifings," or terrorists running people down with cars and trucks? Gun confiscation laws won't TOUCH those, as they didn't in communist China (where you can't get a gun legally) recently, where a couple of guys ran a car into a bunch of people, then jumped out and began STABBING everybody in sight. (Keep and Bear)

Incapable of Reason

The anti-gun fools are incapable of logic and reason when they ridicule us for suggesting that law-biding people not be encumbered by their silly, stupid, unworkable anti-gun laws. They can see positive proof that allowing the law-aiding to be armed DOES help in stopping insane fools from killing even more people than they have, already, and they "brush it aside" as if we know nothing. That's a hallmark of the stupid--being too stupid to even know how stupid they are. Yet these are the kind of people we (not me) have elected to represent us. They get many people killed while obeying their stupid laws. Meanwhile, the "bad guys" blithely IGNORE their silly laws and go on killing people unopposed--EXCEPT in places like Texas, where the lawmakers are largely more intelligent and allow more law-abiding people to have their guns for self defense, as was intended by the Founders when they wrote the Second Amendment. And a good thing for the parishioners in that Texas church that an armed citizen was there, and shot the killer before he could kill EVERYBODY in that church, causing that coward to flee. But the anti-gun fools just can't admit the wisdom represented there. They think they know better than we do, and, unfortunately, they have wormed their way into positions where they can make such STUPID laws, and ignore wisdom, while causing many deaths. (New York Post)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

More Anti-Gun Laws?

Whenever some fool takes a gun and kills a bunch of people, the anti-gun fools scream for "more gun laws!" Why? The many ignorant anti-gun laws already in effect did nothing to stop the shooter from getting his guns, even if he was BANNED from ownership of a gun by being a convicted felon. Many mass shooters have no felony convictions UNTIL they start killing innocents in clusters. In Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas, they easily got their guns, legally or illegally. What laws would have stopped the Las Vegas madman from killing all those people? By all reports, he was a "model citizen" up until h started spraying bullets into a crowd. The killer in Sutherland Springs Texas, had at least TWO reasons to be denied the use of a gun, but he had them, anyway. And in both cases, the place where the shootings occurred were "gun-free zones," so THAT law didn't work. What more anti-gun laws would accomplish what all those already in effect did not? The only real answer is to allow law-abiding people to be legally armed, so as to provide a DEFENSE against that kind of person, but the anti-gun fools won't hear of it. Stupidity abounds! (Rush Limbaugh)

"Don't Mess With Texas!"

"DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!" That's something the shooter in a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas learned, the hard way, when he walked into that church and started killing innocent people. An armed local shot him and ENDED his massacre, forcing him to run to keep from getting killed, himself. But it didn't do him much good, because he was found dead inside his vehicle some time later. It is not known if he killed himself, was shot by pursuing deputies in a neighboring county, or died from the wounds suffered when the citizen shot him. But he's dead, which is a good thing. He got what is coming to him without all the folderol of a "show trial" such as the guy who killed three people in a Denver Wal-Mart is going to get, at great expense. His motive is not yet known at this writing, but this doesn't seem to be an Islamic terrorist operation. He is a known abuser who did jail time after being dishonorably discharged from the Air Force. One fool at MSNBC said, "The Second Amendment nullified the right to live of these people in Texas." But, in fact, the Second Amendment allowed the citizen who STOPPED the carnage to BE armed. (Grabien News)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Will That Work?

The Dumocrats have introduced legislation to BAN the gun used to STOP the shooter in his Texas church killings--as if that would stop similar killings. Which proves again the anti-gun fools just want to disarm everybody. I should point out that this shooter WAS a felon, and gun ownership was DISALLOWED for him. But he got four guns, anyway. What kind of a law would have stopped him? Can anybody tell me? I'd really like to know--if anybody has an answer, tell me. My e-mail address is above, to tell me directly. But frankly, I'll guarantee you nobody will be able to come up with ANYTHING that will WORK, because there ISN'T anything that will work, outside of allowing law-abiding citizens to own and carry their own guns for self defense--which the anti-gun fools will not hear of. They ridicule the very suggestion, in their ignorance. They think if we allow the law-abiding to carry guns, they'll "go wild" and kill each other over trivialities, completely ignoring the fact that owners of ILLEGAL guns are doing that, already. Mostly gang members, who will kill you if you step foot on "their turf." And none of them have gun permits anyway, because most of them are too young to qualify and the older ones just don't give a damn. (Breitbart)

"Ban Cars!" Seriously

That's what a writer for Buzz Feed thinks, anyway. " In the coming days, politicians will try to convince you that what happened on the West Side Highway in Manhattan recently was an issue of terrorism, immigration, or religion. But just like the plague of mass shootings is a gun problem, the thousands of people killed by cars as they walk our streets every year is a car problem." I'm not sure if this writer is serious or writing with tongue firmly in cheek. But this article serves to show how silly, stupid, and illogical it is to want to ban guns because some people misuse them. He says that, "As 6.000 Americans are killed by cars last year walking the streets, and terrorists embrace this deadly power. Car-free cities make even more sense." Actually, it makes just as much sense as banning guns, since people who want to drive will find a way, illegally, if possible. And the carnage will continue. Banning cars will inconvenience millions of people. But if this guy is serious, he doesn't care about that. And I'll bet he owns a car, too. Those who want cars will get them, one way or the other. This article easily illustrates the complete LACK of intelligence displayed by the anti-gun fools in ignoring the PEOPLE holding the guns and blaming the guns, themselves. (Buzz Feed)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Real Gun Control

There is only one kind of "gun control" that will work; that is allowing law-abiding citizens to own and carry their own guns, so they can defend themselves and others against those fools who carry their ILLEGALLY-gotten guns without bothering to follow any law, and want to victimize innocent people who DO obey the law. they laugh at such people as they rob and even KILL them. The shooter in Sutherland Springs, Texas did exactly that. He was both a felon and discharged from the military under "less than honorable conditions," yet he still found himself able to buy FOUR guns over four years nevertheless, due to incompetence or laziness on the part of those responsible for entering his status into the National Crime database (NICS). The Air Force is SO SORRY, but "sorry doesn't get it." 26 people are dead because of that error, and the death toll would be higher if a citizen had not had his own gun and was able to stop his massacre by shooting him. The ability of licensed law-abiding citizens in stopping illegal shooters has been proven many times, but the anti-gun fools will not listen. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. Ex VP Biden wants to make the gun the guy used to STOP the carnage illegal, which reveals the REAL goal of the anti-gun fools, which is to make all Americans HELPLESS against the ILLEGAL guns already out there. (WBAA)

"Armed Civilians Complicate Things"

That's what the cops say about several armed people who were present at the Wal-Mart store in Thornton, CO, when a gunman started shooting and killed three people before unconcernedly walking out and going away. Unfortunately, none of them confronted the shooter. But the cops were more concerned about how long it took them to review the security videos when they saw people other than the shooter with guns than they were with finding the guy actually shooting. By the time they found him on the videos, he was long gone. I suspect it was the higher ranking cops who felt this way, rather than the "rank and file," who, being "in the trenches" as it were, better understand things. Why those armed civilians didn't shoot the shooter, I don't know. It's a big store. Maybe they just weren't where he was and the whole thing happened too quickly for them to locate and "neutralize" (kill) him. If one of them had been in the right place, maybe he might not have been able to kill all three of those people. Dead men don't kill many people. (Denver Post)

Monday, November 13, 2017

"Unarmed and Helpless"

Many churches are opposed to licensed gun carriers bringing their guns into their churches. They'd rather their parishioners be murdered in their pews than be able to defend themselves against rabid mass killers who hate Christians (Catholics, Jews, etc.) and want to kill them. Some because their beliefs may be slightly different, and others who don't believe in anything, period. They want their parishioners to be unarmed and helpless when some fool comes in to kill them. Other churches welcome armed parishioners in their churches, and hope they will be trained, and willing to engage such people and save the lives of their people. My advice is to STAY AWAY from churches that do not want armed parishioners in their churches. Go only to one that welcomes them, because they respect the lives of their people and want to protect them, unlike those churches that ban guns, even in the hands of the law-abiding. I just don't understand the thinking of those who are against guns, period, even in the hands of responsible people who can DEFEND against mass killers. Disarming yourself is just not the way to self defense and those who think otherwise are not just ignorant, they're STUPID. (Sun Sentinel)

Anti-Gun Laws Fail

Again. And people die. Again. Bob Morse, of Slow Facts was a believer in "gun control laws." Until he did a little research. What he found was that they are WORTHLESS. "Gun control disarms honest people who follow our laws, but gun control doesn’t stop convicted felons or mass murderers." I've been telling people this for many years, but the important people weren't listening. He shows that ALL the mass shootings to date have occurred IN "gun-free zones." And that many of the shooters have passed from one to many "background checks" on their way to infamy. The ones who were felons or otherwise not allowed to have guns simply got theirs ILLEGALLY. Some just STOLE them. He notes that the cases of legal gun owners stopping crimes happen "thousands of times daily," but are not covered by the liberal media--because to cover them would go against their efforts to help anti-gun fools disarm America. It would be easy for anti-gun fools to do the same research, but they're either too lazy or simply don't want to do so because that would END their quest. (Slow Facts)

Friday, November 10, 2017

They Know It Won't Work

But they do it anyway. Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the most mouthy anti-gun fools (who, herself, carries a gun), has introduced a bill in Congress to revive the now expired "assault weapons ban" that she KNOWS won't work. She says she just wants the pro-gun crowd to know there IS a measure in Congress to reduce the numbers of "assault weapons" out there. Never mind the millions of "assault weapons" there are already out there that were obtained ILLEGALLY. she just wants to get rid of those that can be used by law-abiding people who OBEY laws. This is just another example of liberal stupidity. They know their laws won't save a single life, because they only apply to the law-abiding. But they make them anyway, just to make themselves "feel good." Meanwhile, many of them ADMIT they're wrong, by carrying their own guns for self defense. The level of hypocrisy here is very high, but they refuse to realize it. (Diane Feinstein)

"Feel Good " Solutions

This article says the Las Vegas killings have "brought gun control to new prominence." Where has this guy BEEN? All the Las Vegas shooting did was give the anti-gun fools yet one more excuse to promote their favorite "common sense solution" to gun violence, none of which have ever saved a single life from a shooting. He rightly notes that the revolution that freed us from the tyranny of a British King was as a result of the crown's attempt to DISARM the colonists. And after we freed ourselves, some of us continued the fight started by the British to disarm the American people. He says "any attempt to ban guns will result in a "tragic constitutional war." And he's right when he said that "We have a penchant for reacting only with emotion to horrific events like the Las Vegas massacre. This can lead to impetuous decisions and ultimately foolish legislation. We just wring our hands and say “something’s better than nothing!” Then we jump into the middle of a new policy without much thought (italics mine -RT) The fact that not a single one of their "common sense solutions" have worked is instructive. Meanwhile, allowing more law-abiding people to have and use guns for self defense has caused a significant REDUCTION in "gun violence." (The Courier)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"Done Nothing On Guns"

The liberals keep telling us the Congress is "complicit" in gun deaths because they have "done nothing" to stop gun crime. What would they have them do? Everything they have tried up to now has done NOTHING to stop gun crime, so what should they try next? "Gun-free zones" doesn't work. Every mass shooting up to now has occurred IN a "gun-free zone." Mass shooters SEEK OUT gun-free zones because they can be pretty sure law-abiding people will not be armed there. Safe storage laws don't work. They only make it harder for legal gun owners to get their guns in operation fast enough to defend against an ILLEGAL gun. Gun registration and background checks haven't worked, because mass shooters often have no records, or just get their guns ILLEGALLY. Even a complete gun ban wouldn't work for the same reason. None of the other laws on the books have worked. So what new "gun law" will work? I don't have the answer, except to arm the law-abiding, but the anti-gun fools won't hear of it. Their minds are "set in stone." so don't confuse them with facts. (The Atlantic)

They'll Use Something Else

The anti-gun fools (emphasis on FOOLS) think the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself, leaving the field clear for the thugs with their ILLEGAL guns to kill you. They think they can stop such crimes by mysteriously getting rid of all LEGAL guns while doing nothing to get rid of the ILLEGAL guns already out there. This is not LOGIC, but they deny the very EXISTENCE of logic AND common sense. In communist China, it's almost impossible to get a gun legally. So those wanting to kill a bunch of innocent people just use a knife. Several fools did just that recent;y, in Kunming, China, at a railway station, where four knife-wielding men murdered 29 people and wounded another 130. Not a single gun was involved, AGAIN proving what intelligent people have been saying for a long time, but which STUPID people ignore while they make their USELESS and UNENFORCEABLE anti-gun laws. The "bad guys," if they can't get guns, WILL "find a way" to do their evil deeds. Fortunately, there WERE some "good guys with guns" (though I hesitate to call Chinese cops "good guys"), who came on the scene and soon all the knife attackers were dead, having been shot to death. Once again, guns stopped the carnage. But anti-gun fools would include the cops killing the thugs in their "gun violence" figures, to further fool us. (Conservative Tribune)

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Same Ol' Same Ol'

Not a new idea. Not at all. Dr.Garen Wintermute, at UC Davis (in California, where else?) seems to think doctors asking people about gun ownership in their homes will stop gun crime. Not that it will. All the patient has to do is first, refuse to answer. Or if he/she does answer, LIE. The doctor has no way of knowing if the patient's answer is a lie, or is real. And even if the answer is real, what can he do? Tell the "authorities?" Does he really think an ILLEGAL gun holder is going to "fess up" to his doctor when asked? Frankly, I wouldn't want to trust my life to a doctor who is this gullible. If he believes this, what else does he believe? the latest "miracle cure" with no proof of its efficacy? No; I'll go somewhere else and find a doctor who knows which foot to put in which shoe. So far, 150 physicians have "taken the pledge" to do as he asked. (all in California, I hope) I'd like to see a list of the names and locations of those physicians so if mine is on it, I can go elsewhere. (CBS Sacramento)

They'll Use Something Else

The anti-gun fools (emphasis on FOOLS) think the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself, leaving the field clear for the thugs with their ILLEGAL guns to kill you. They think they can stop such crimes by mysteriously getting rid of all LEGAL guns while doing nothing to get rid of the ILLEGAL guns already out there. This is ILLOGIC, but they deny the very EXISTENCE of logic AND common sense. In communist China, it's almost impossible to get a gun legally. So those wanting to kill a bunch of innocent people just use a knife. Several fools did just that recently, in Kunming, China, at a railway station, where four knife-wielding men murdered 29 people and wounded another 130. Not a single gun was involved, AGAIN proving what intelligent people have been saying for a long time, but which STUPID people ignore while they make their USELESS and UNENFORCEABLE anti-gun laws. The "bad guys," if they can't get guns, WILL "find a way" to do their evil deeds. Fortunately, there WERE some "good guys with guns" (though I hesitate to call Chinese cops "good guys"), who came on the scene and soon all the knife attackers were dead, having been shot to death. Once again, guns stopped the carnage. But anti-gun fools would include the killings in their "gun violence" figures, to further fool us. (Conservative Tribune)

Monday, November 6, 2017

Gun Control Is Futile

Whenever we suffer a tragedy such as the mass shooting in Texas in a church, or the shooting of hundreds of people at a music festival in Las Vegas, the anti-gun fools scream for more gun control. Meanwhile, nobody notices that gun control had NO CHANCE of stopping the shooters in either instance. In Texas, the shooter was BANNED from owning guns, but when they finally found him dead after killing a lot of innocent people, he had FOUR guns that he obtained AFTER being dishonorably discharged from the air Force AND spending a year in jail for a felony. the shooter in Las Vegas bought all his many guns LEGALLY because he was NOT a felon, nor was there any other reason to prohibit him from owning firearms. The point is, BOTH got their guns, in SPITE of every anti-gun fool law that has ever been made. People like that don't care about a piddling law that says they can't be armed, since they plan on doing something much more terrible. In the Texas case, the carnage was ENDED by a citizen with his own gun, legally owned. Had that man not been there, and armed, the shooter probably would have finished the job, having killed the ENTIRE congregation. (Just common sense)

"Sensible" Gun Control

Well, this guy thinks he has covered it all. He thinks his ideas are "sensible" and will "solve" the gun debate. There's only one little problem: there isn't a thing on his list they haven't already tried, and NONE of them work. None of them stop a single killing, or ONE mass shooting. ALL of them, like all the rest, DEPEND on a LAWBREAKER to somehow OBEY these laws, and that ain't agonna happen. That has been amply proven, many times. And like most of the anti-gun fools, this fool ignores that fact, and a few others. This is just another liberal who thinks making a law will cause LAWBREAKERS to stop getting guns. Which it will NOT. I don't know what's wrong with these people that they can't see what is easily visible to intelligent people. I guess they're just too stupid. What they'll never know is that they will NEVER eliminate all guns from the hands of criminals and other bad guys. It's like putting toothpaste back in the tube. They will always get their guns ILLEGALLY, one way or the other. (The Advocate) Not the gay magazine.

Friday, November 3, 2017

"Concealed Carry Increases Gun Crime"

At least, that's what this article says. It begins with the story of a cop being shot investigating a domestic violence incident, but fails to mention whether or not the shooter would have been denied his gun rights if such a law existed. Most of the increase in gun deaths were, of course, suicides. Of the slight increase in homicides, no mention is made of how many "homicides" were law-abiding people shooting criminals, since anti-gun fools commonly conflate those with unlawful murders to get their phony numbers. That's how they get the numbers that allow them to run articles like this with a misleading headline. Yes, gun killings WILL increase for a while, as law-abiding people shoot criminals who come to victimize them. They talk about the W. Virginia law "allowing criminals easier access to guns," completely ignoring the fact that it is much easier to buy a gun ILLEGALLY than it is to get one legally. And most criminals have guns they never register with any "authority." They just don't bother. (Williamson Daily News)

"Common Sense" Solutions

The anti-gun fools like to call their silly laws "common sense" solutions to the "gun problem." But they're not. In this instance, they're leaning hard on high-capacity magazines and bump stocks. As if banning them would stop a determined mass killer from getting them to use in his killing spree. They really think a law saying he can't be armed, or can't have a high-capacity magazine or a bump stock will dissuade him from his plans. People who are planning on murdering a lot of people couldn't care less about a piddling law that says they can't have certain things. They'll just go out and buy them in a back alley, somewhere, or just STEAL them. The problem with their "common sense solutions" is they're not "common sense" at all, because they depend on people who don't obey laws to somehow, all of a sudden, obey their laws. It's a futile effort, and only makes them "feel good" about themselves, while it only serves to disarm innocent people and make them "sitting ducks" for those who don't bother to obey their laws. They can pat themselves on the back while ignoring the REAL problem. (The Times-News)

Thursday, November 2, 2017

As I Predicted

I predicted yesterday that Dumocrats would use that New York City TRUCK attack as a platform to promote gun control. and in just one day, I have been proven correct. New York Mayor DiBlasio and NY Governor Cuomo (both Dumocrats) came out TODAY promoting more and tighter GUN CONTROL laws. How they justify that is a complete mystery to me, since the only guns involved were in the hands of hero cops, one of which shot the attacker, ENDING his attack. What is not mentioned is the fact that if ANY ONE of those people on that trail had had a gun and the will and training to use it, his rampage could have been ended even earlier, and some of those lives saved. These dim-bulb politicians just can't see the logic of arming honest, law-abiding people to blunt the threat from those who refuse to OBEY any gun law so as to stop being "sitting sitting ducks" for them. They have no real answers of their own, so they keep making those USELESS and stupid laws that get people killed by DISARMING them in the face of this danger. (Conservative Read)

Legal Gun Stops Kidnapping

Once more, a legally owned and carried gun prevents a crime. A man who did not have custody, attempted to kidnap his child, and was stopped by a neighbor with a gun. He saw the man, with his hand on his gun, and decided to just get in his car and leve without the child. This guy stopped it without even taking hid gun out of the holster. Just the sight of the man with his hand on a gun yelling "stop!" caused hi to change his mind and run. This may make the local papers, but it is doubtful that it will be picked up by the national liberal media, because it dpoes not fit their dogma. They promote the idea that legal concealed carriers never stop crimes. And when they do, they just ignore it. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Liberal Stupidity

California is known for its stupid actions in many areas. The latest action by the California Legislature and Governor Jerry Brown tops it off. The legislature passed a measure removing the requirement for stiff sentences for criminals using guns in their crimes, and Brown signed it into law. At the same time, he signed legislation keeping teachers and other school staff from bringing their guns to school, even if they are legal concealed carriers; two of the most EFFECTIVE "gun laws" there are. I've been saying to make using a gun in a crime should buy a criminal a much longer sentence, for years, but nobody was listening. Little did I know California HAD such a law in effect, until they threw it away. I've also supported allowing teachers and other school staff to be armed, so they can "take out" a shooter before he can kill too many children. An armed, UNIFORMED officer does no good, because the shooter can locate him and "take him out" first, before killing any children. Armed teachers and other staff would be better because he wouldn't know they were armed, unless arming them was done publicly. (Breitbart)

Using the Left's Jargon

One thing that ticks off the left more than anything else is when we use their own jargon to pillory them. That's why it's such a good thing to say, "If a good guy with a gun saves only one life." That's one of their favorite excuses for passing all those USELESS anti-gun laws that save not a SINGLE life. They love to say that whenever they get a fool law passed and people complain. The problem is, none of their laws ever save one life. They only put controls on people, and what they can do. Today, you can hardly fart without having some kind of a "permit," authorized by some silly law, made to "save one life," and which does not. We need to use their own jargon more often to put the quietus ro their scams and schemes. If you examine what they say, AND what they do, you'll notice that nothing they say or do makes any sense. But they keep saying and doing them. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sorry About That

No updates yesterday because my computer is acting up. I was not able to get it to do anything on the Internet. It's just barely working tonight. I'll have to take it to my computer guy. So don't be surprised if I miss some more days soon. I don't think the problem is with my computer, since the word processing works normally. If a new computer is required, I'll get one.

Slow Weekend In Chicago

Only 2 killed, and 21 wounded, including a 3-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl. The weekend numbers of wounded and killed in Chicago are usually much higher. Of course, since Chicago is one of the tightest gun law cities in the country, it's not surprising that so many die of "gun violence" there, since they have DISARMED the law-abiding people and left the way open to the ILLEGAL gun wielders such as gang members, who accidentally kill everybody around them while fighting with other gang members over their "turf." That NONE of those gang members are licensed gun carriers goes without saying, since most of them are too young to legally carry a gun, anyway, and they don't usually bother with that. We've tried and tried to pound this into the thick skulls of politicians there, but to no avail. Their "minds" are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. (CBS Chicago)