Sunday, May 31, 2015

"We Changed Our Minds"

Baltimore, MD residents aren't so sure they want their cops GONE any more, after murders rose 100% and arrests WENT DOWN 50% Now they're begging the cops to “do more.” Well, what do they WANT? The cops to be GONE or DO MORE? They can't seem to make up their minds, can they? I think they're finally finding out what we already knew: that without the cops standing between us and the savages, they're defenseless, since Obama and the gang have, for the most part, effectively DISARMED them. But not the crooks, who get their guns illegally and carry them illegally. They don't care about restrictive gun laws. Actually, they LIKE it that way because they can be pretty sure their intended victims won't be armed. (The Blaze)

Bypassing Congress

It was only a matter of time. Every time Obama goes to Congress to get his silly and useless gun laws passed, he has failed. In other situations where that has happened, he has groused about how Congress just hasn't followed his orders and “did it administratively.” Meaning he made “regulations” to be enforced by his nose-ring led bureaucrats as if they were law—and nobody “called him on it,” so they're now being ENFORCED as if they were law. So now he's going to do the same with regard to his anti-gun laws. He has several of them poised to be enforced, soon. He and his cronies say Sandy Hook couldn't have happened if these laws had been in effect. But that ignores the fact that the gunman STOLE the guns he used. In other cases shooters PASSED “background checks.” So what could these laws have done to stop ANYTHING? (Conservative Byte)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Oklahpoma "Got Religion"

They finally figured out that “gun-free zones” were a “target-rich environment” for bad guys, which is why would-be mass shooters choose schools, for the most part, to do their mass killings. Which is why the Oklahoma governor signed a bill into law allowing teachers and other staff who had “carry permits” to bring their guns to school. So now a potential shooter will never be sure if they come in to shoot up a school, that there won't be a dozen guns already there, aimed at him. You may wonder why I say “HIM.” That's probably because there has never been a female mass school shooter (so far). So you can count on the fact that there will not be a successful school shooting in Oklahoma in the future. The guy who tries it will quickly resemble Swiss cheese. Count on it. (Right To Bear)

One More Obstacle

The Constitution doesn't allow them to simply BAN guns, so they make many laws to put as many obstacles in the way of gun ownership as possible. Now they want to REQUIRE gun buyers to buy expensive liability insurance before they can buy a gun, with those who don't being subject to a $10,000.00 fine. Of course, the constitutional ban on “cruel or unusual punishment” doesn't apply, either. Rep. Carole Maloney (D-of course-NY, again of course) introduced legislation to do just that. It's as if people can't be liable for injuries to others if they don't have guns. She compares gun buying to buying a car, and the analogy just doesn't work. You don't buy a car for self-defense. And with such insurance, it opens the way for much more litigation as criminals who get shot by their intended victims sue the people who shoot them. This law does NOTHING to prevent that. Naturally, she completely ignores the fact that CRIMINALS, who don't obey laws, will not obey this one, either. (Breitbart)

Friday, May 29, 2015

Felon With Gun

According to this story, cops arrested a felon with a gun. How did this HAPPEN? I thought, according to gun grabbers, everybody OBEYED their gun laws! If so, a felon could never be caught with a gun in his possession! But this one was. So how did it happen? Were the gun grabbers WRONG? I wonder if they actually BELIEVE the crap they feed us in order to get their USELESS laws passed? You know, those laws that create a “target-rich environment” for criminals with their illegally-owned, illegally-bought, or STOLEN guns? All gun registration does is tell the politicians who has a LEGAL gun so they can come and “confiscate” (steal) them when they're ready to finish disarming the populace. They do NOTHING to slow gun violence because criminals don't OBEY laws. (JC Online)

"Turn In Your Guns!"

That's what a new New Jersey law proposed by Gabby Giffords says to crooks and criminals who have guns. Does Gabby really believe this law will cause criminals to say, “Boy! It's illegal for me to have this gun, so I'd better turn it in!” Boy, that bullet she took to her head must have really “scrambled her brains!” If she really believes CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, will obey this one, she's REALLY brain-scrambled! She says, “Guns in the hands of dangerous people are a threat to women.” No sh-t, Dick Tracy! But does she REALLY think a law such as the one she is pushing will make ANY difference to a criminal, to whom a gun is an important tool in his tool kit? And since he doesn't obey ANY laws, why should he obey this one? I wonder how people who are the victims of gun violence become so STUPID! But they do, and she is but one example. (

Thursday, May 28, 2015

...And Again

It happened again, and will happen again and again, as long as politicians think the way to end gun violence is to DISARM honest people while criminals have no trouble getting their guns illegally because they don't obey laws. That's the DEFINITION of a “criminal.” They don't obey laws. In Chicago, IL, where the gun laws are the tightest in the nation, 49 people suffered gun violence in just ONE weekend! Things like this ought to “wake up” those obtuse politicians—but they don't. They go right on pushing their USELESS laws that provide these criminals with a steady stream of UNARMED victims. They never learn from experience. They just “block it out” and keep on disarming honest people so the criminals can victimize them easier. Is there ANY way to “wake up” these FOOLS? I don't think so. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Guns In Colorado

A small town called Rifle, Colorado, named for a trapper returning to the town to get his rifle, there is a restaurant called the “Shooter's Grill,” where everybody working there is “packin'.” It's a lot of fun watching those pretty young waitresses walking around wearing shorts with a .45 on her shapely hip. The owner, who is just as shapely, and just as armed, says she was surprised at the response from the public when she opened it on this concept. But the place is full of armed customers every day, who are ecstatic that it exists. According to liberal blather, there should be a bloody shootout every day there. But the truth is, there has never been a “shootout” at this restaurant, and a robber wouldn't dare show his face there. And they run “concealed carry” classes for those who want to get a concealed carry permit. I've been to Rifle, but that was before this one opened. What I found was a “veggie” restaurant that was all that was open that night in town. I had my first “veggie burger” that night, and it was surprisingly good. I'm hoping to go back to visit this restaurant. (You Tube)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Concealed Carry Causes Bikers"

According to the “Violence Policy Center,” biker gangs are all told by their leaders to get “carry permits” where they can. Which makes it easy for them to kill each other. But this ignores the fact that there were just as many shootings among biker gangs BEFORE the concealed carry laws were made. And where they can't get licenses to carry they just get them illegally and kill each other, anyway. And if they can't GET guns, they use knives and heavy chains—and in some cases, their bare hands. As with any group of people, if they want to kill each other, they'll do it, if they have to use a SWORD or a baseball bat. You can't keep misfits and malcontents from killing each other by making laws against the tools of violence. They'll just “go around” the law, one way or the other. But anti-gun fools will never “tumble” to this. They just want to “disarm America,” whatever they must do or how many lies they must tell to do it. (Gun Free Zone)

No "Gun Control" Groups

Remember those “gun control outfits” that are always working to disarm honest Americans by “hook or crook?” Outfits like “Moms Against Guns” (or some such), Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and “Everytown,?” Most of which are financed by former NYC Mayor Bloomberg, the biggest, and best known anti-gun troll in the nation, are no longer “gun control” groups. Now they're “gun SAFETY” groups, since they know so much about gun safety, and all, ya know? At least before, they were honest enough to describe themselves as what they were, but now they're trying to masquerade as gun SAFETY groups. People who don't know which end of the gun the bullet comes out of PRETEND to tell us how to handle guns! I guess nothing worked when they were “gun control groups,” so now they're going to try another scam. (Second Amendment Insider)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Crooks Love Gun Laws

Wherever gun laws are the tightest, the instance of gun violence is highest. This is something the “anti-gun fools” won't admit, but which criminals KNOW. They LOVE tight gun laws because they have no intention of obeying them, while law-abiding folks WILL, and thus will be largely disarmed. The politicians making those laws really think that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself. Liberals used the same “reasoning” in their efforts to get Russia to agree to nuclear disarmament in the past by unilaterally disarming ourselves. What they don't realize is that criminals (and Russians) do not OBEY such things and to disarm ourselves in hopes of getting them to do likewise is a “pipe dream.,” Criminals in prison readily tell you they feel the most comfortable “plying their trade” in areas with tight gun laws because they can be pretty sure their intended victims will be unarmed, and thus helpless. The writer talks about the dangers he incurred by leaving that gun untended, but ignores the fact that to be dangerous that gun would still need human intervention, as usual. (Political Forum)

Guns Don't Kill

To listen to the gun grabbers, guns are the most dangerous thing going. But, as illustrated here, guns, without a human being holding them and pulling the trigger, are completely inert. They are an inanimate object. There are more people killed by cars than guns, and they're an inanimate object without human intervention, too. Why aren't people trying to get rid of cars? Oh, right—they are. But not because they kill people, because they POLLUTE. Liberals are deathly afraid of things like that. They completely ignore the fact that both need human intervention for them to do any damage. And that includes polluting. To pollute, they need to be driven, which requires a human being at the wheel. If they were smart, they'd aim their “gun laws” at the CRIMINALS using them for nefarious purposes instead of disarming honest, reliable people who DO obey laws while CRIMINALS do not. But they aren't smart. (Inquisitr)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Microcosm for America

Obama wants to emulate Jamaica in its handling of “the gun issue.” So do all the other anti-gun fools. Some time ago they had such a problem with violence in Jamaica, gun violence and otherwise, that you took your life in your hands if you went to the grocery store if you were white or “beige.” The government spewed so much white hatred that a white man couldn't walk down the street without taking a chance on being shot or killed in another way. So they decided to DISARM the whole country "to solve the gun problem." They decreed that ALL guns and bullets should be “turned over” to the government unless they were government-owned, or in the hands of the cops. Then the only people to fear were the cops or “government agents,” who were known for their white hatred and were not above PLANTING guns so they could send people to what amounts to a “concentration camp.”

So there we all were - government-disarmed, sitting-duck, law-abiding citizens and expatriates. Anyone can guess what happened next: the rampant and unfettered carnage began in earnest.Robberies, kidnappings, murders, burglaries, rapes - all committed by the vast populace of still-armed criminals. Doubtless the criminals were positively ecstatic that the government had been so helpful in creating all these juicy and utterly defenseless victims for their easy prey.” That's the basic fallacy in today's “anti-gun laws.” The CRIMINALS remain armed. Because they don't OBEY laws. They CREATED a lawless society of criminals who KNEW their potential vicrims were most likely disarmed, and naturally “went wild,” running around in pickup trucksful of thugs, who picked houses at random, breaking in and raping, robbing them, and sometimes killing them. All this because the government DISARMED the honest people who DID obey laws. That's what Obama and his crowd want for America, Make no mistake. That's what he's working toward. We have to STOP HIM. (Varmit Al)

"Gun Violence Is Rare"

That's the actual headline in a liberal media source recently after the “big shootout” between motorcycle gang members and the cops. No, they kill each other in other ways: mostly with knives and heavy chains, which can't be easily defined as weapons until used as such. And therein lies the fallacy in ALL “gun control legislation.” It assumes that if people don't have guns, they won't kill and maim each other. Nothing could be further from the truth. If guns didn't exist, they'd find other ways to kill each other—and these people have. Which is why “Gun Violence Is Rare” among them. That headline is misleading, as it assumes that the lack of GUN violence is a lack of all kinds OF VIOLENCE. It isn't. Way back when, most men carried swords or some kind of a knife, and when they wanted to kill each other, they used their swords or knives. Notice in this case, the guns didn't come out until the cops arrived with THEIR guns. (10 News)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Making Guns Useless

Obama can't just BAN guns. So he does the next best thing: he makes them useless. Without bullets, all they are is inefficient clubs. Bullets aren't protected by the Constitution, so he can do what he wants with them. So he's starting the process of banning them by first, forcing people to “register” them. If he's successful, every bullet you buy will have to be registered in your name, It won't stop you from killing anybody, but it WILL make sure you get caught when you do—unless you can find a way to negate the registration, something I'm sure criminals will find a way to accomplish. Meanwhile, people will continue to die as a market for illicit ammunition grows, and the cost of bullets goes sky high so criminals can go on committing their violent crimes with seeming impunity. And if Obama thinks criminals can't find a way around his “registration” of ammunition. Meanwhile, nothing gets done to reduce gun violence and the government, as usual, spends a lot of money making it LOOK like they're doing something real when they're not. (Right to Bear)

MOMS Lie to Texas

One of the “ladies” from “Moms Against Guns" (or some such) LIED to the Texas Senate when she tried to convince them her son killed his dad with a gun. Actually, he killed him with a pipe wrench and a knife. But truth apparently means nothing to these people. The lies they tell all the time mostly go unnoticed by many people. Maybe their next target will be pipe wrenches and knives. She also played up the fact that her son “had an arsenal” of guns, which had NO BEARING on his killing his father. All members of this group who testified were obviously reading from a prepared script given them by Bloomberg. It even had blank, underlined spaces for their individual names, some of which had their names handwritten in the space. Maybe they needed it to remember who they were. (Breitbart)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

But Does It Work?

Apparently that doesn't matter to a court in Illinois. If it “makes people feel better,” it's okay to violate a very basic constitutional right. How STUPID are some judges? They suppose that bans on weapons make sense because it “makes people feel safer.” Only one problem: it doesn't stop people from being victimized by criminals with their ILLEGAL guns, as gun ownership will do. Owning and carrying their own guns will ALSO “make people feel safer.” Especially the ones who do have their own guns. But that is not even considered by this kind of a fool. I don't know what's wrong with these anti-gun fools—which this judge seems to be. They can't see reality. They only see what they WANT to see. It's a malady that seems to be common with them. I wonder which came first: stupidity, or gun control? Or are they the same thing? (The

No Coverage

As more and more concealed carriers and their guns stop mass shootings, the liberal media IGNORES it. The more often people who have “carry permits” strop shootings, the less media coverage it gets. Why is that? So people like the liberal magazine “Mother Jones,” can falsely claim “there hasn't been a case where a concealed gun carrier has stopped a shooting.” What about New Holland, SC, where two firefighters with permits stopped a shooting? Or in Chicago, where an Uber driver used his gun to stop a shooting? How about the time in Philly when a permit holder saved a lot of lives by killing a would-be shooter outside a barber shop? And again in Chicago (with it's tough anti-gun laws) where a man with his own gun stopped four gang members from killing a woman for removing a cup from where they had placed It on top of her car. There are so many such instances, I can't even mention them all—and the liberal media doesn't even TRY. They just don't want you to know about them, that's all. (Fox News)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Can't Undersatand Reality

Liberals talk a lot about our “heavily-armed culture,” as if it's something REAL. What they ignore is that the shootings they talk about are those done by CRIMINALS, who don't OBEY laws. The theater shooting, for instance, in Aurora, Colorado, was done by a guy who HAD the right to own guns, but should not have had it. But most legal gun owners do not go out and shoot up theaters full of people. Even most of ILLEGAL gun owners don't. It's only those “looney-tunes like the Aurora theater shooter who do, and they would get their guns anyway, anyway they can. Most mass-shooters don't HAVE gun permits and steal their guns or have people buy them for them. There's even a name for that: “straw purchase.” Or they BUY them ILLEGALLY in a back alley somewhere. Meanwhile, honest, reliable, law-abiding people can't get guns to use in defending themselves because of all the stupid laws that keep only honest people unarmed. It's not our “heavily armed society” that's at fault, it's the gun-grabbers who keep good people unarmed who do the damage. (Dallas News)

He Really Belives!

Country music star Brantley Stewart really believes in guns. And he proves it. Just look at his back. I believe in our right to own and carry guns for personal protection, too. But I don't think I'd go THAT far. I wouldn't get ANY tattoo, pushing ANYTHING. If Obama has his way, just having a tattoo like that would get him a prison term. And in this day and age with people being PROSECUTED for flying the AMERICAN flag—in AMERICA, I don't think it will be too long. Obama is losing BIG on the legislative front, when it comes to banning guns. But he's making advances in the bureaucratic front, where all it takes is his WORD to make something SEEM like law and be ENFORCED like one as long as corrupt bureaucra6ts will ENFORCE them as if they were. (The Right to Bear)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

"Can't Handle Guns!"

That's what one fool professor in Texas says because of the big “shoot-out” in Waco. Never mind that just about ALL people who legally “carry” don't do stupid things with their guns. He thinks tighter gun laws will keep people like these motorcycle gang fools from shooting it out with each other. Show me a SINGLE motorcycle gang member who has a “carry permit,” why don'tcha. This professor is making the same mistake ALL anti-gun fools make in thinking taking guns away from HONEST, reliable people will keep them out of the hands of the criminals. He thinks because CRIMINALS occasionally shoot each other up, ALL of us “Can't handle having a gun.” That's a typical; thought from a feeble-minded liberal. That includes politicians who make useless “gun laws” for others, while they either carry their own guns like Sen. Diane Feinstein does, or hire others to carry their guns for them, as do other anti-gun politicians. (The Blaze)

Shot Down Again

Remember recently when a judge shot down DC's tough gun law, allowing issuance of “concealed carry” permits where they previously allowed none? Well, they tried to compensate by requiring people to “show cause” why they NEED a “concealed carry” permit, with some nameless, faceless bureaucrat having the power (which he/she usually exercised) to say, “No, your reason isn't good enough.” Which “obeys the law” but “gets around it,” as politicians are wont to do. The judge “tumbled” to that, and issued another ruling, BANNING the practice of requiring people to “show cause.” No, we haven't WON, but we have moved in the right direction. If this happened more and more often, maybe the anti-gun nuts will get the word. But I'm not holding my breath until they see reality. They aren't too bright, you know. (The Patriot Post)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Background Checks Do Nothing!

Moms Against Guns (or some such) keep telling us we need expanded background checks to “keep guns out of the wrong hands.” But in reality, all they do is keep thjem out of the RIGHT hands. “Would-be shooters” seem never to have trouble passing them. “For example, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi (Garland), Jared and Amanda Miller (Las Vegas), Elliot Rodger (Santa Barabara), Ivan Lopez (Fort Hood 2014), Darion Marcus Aguilar (Maryland mall), Karl Halverson Pierson (Arapahoe High School), Paul Ciancia (LAX), Aaron Alexis (DC Navy Yard), Tennis Melvin Maynard (West Virginia), James Holmes (Aurora theater), Jared Loughner (Tucson), Nidal Hasan (Fort Hood 2009), Jiverly Wong (Binghamton), Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech), and Naveed Haq (Seattle), all passed background checks to acquire the guns they used in their attacks, yet Watts and Turner are silent about it.” (AmmoLand)

How Many Points?

Two fools tried to rob a competitive shooter, not knowing he had a gun in his pocket. They grabbed him and drove to a nearby ATM, where they forced him to withdraw a large amount of money. Then the told him to get out of the car. Whereupon he grabbed his gun and shot one of them to death. One witness said he “shot the sh-t out of him.” The story doesn't say what happened to the other fool. But I'll bet the shooter got points for both of them. (Gun Free Zone)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

They Found Gun Parts!

Surprise, surprise! The feds raided a gun parts manufacturing company (a completely legal operation) and “found a large cache of gun parts (3,000, of which they 'confiscated' 105).” What the hell did they EXPECT to find? Huh? They SAY it was part of an “ongoing investigation into illegal activity,” and that “Stag Arms” had had many complaints. It doesn't require any proof to CLAIM they have a “long list of complaints” and that's a good way to make them LOOK like lawbreakers to the uninitiated. “During a routine inspection of Stag Arm's facilities in August, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives found 3,000 receivers — the part of the gun that houses the trigger and firing mechanism — without serial numbers, which is a violation of the National Firearms Act. “ No kidding. Did they ever think that applying serial numbers to the parts was the NEXT operation in the manufacture? Were they really surprised to find parts that had yet to get their serial numbers in a manufacturing facility? I guess they'll have to get their raid in quickly next time, to get there before the serial numbers are applied (so they can steal some more parts), now that Stag knows what their scam is. (Hartford Business)

"They Wouldn't Have Guns!"

“Moms Against Guns (or some such)” say those killer bikers in Waco “wouldn't have any guns if they had expanded background checks there.” It amazes me at the abject STUPIDITY of those fool gun-grabbers. Do they really think ANY of  those bikers bought those guns LEGALLY? Damn, how STUPID they are! That's one of the main reasons why their idea of “common sense gun laws” are NOT “common sense,” and NEVER work. Wherever they are the most successful in getting their useless laws passed, violent crime goes UP. Where they are UNSUCCESSFUL, crime goes DOWN. But they never “tumble” to that. Which tells me their goal is NOT keeping guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, but is aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of HONEST people. They'll never be satisfied until ONLY criminals (who don't obey laws) have guns. (AmmoLand)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Imagine That!

Let honest people carry guns and crime goes down. This has been proven over and over, yet the gullible politicians still refuse to believe it. Apparently, they're “stuck on stupid.” Chicago is one of the worst places to live anywhere, because they have some of the tightest gun laws anywhere. Recently, a judge forced them to allow more people to carry guns and they did. And crime went down 20%. Surprise, surprise! In the first quarter of this year, homicides are down 56%. Whoda thunkit? "It isn't any coincidence crime rates started to go down when concealed carry was permitted. “Just the idea that the criminals don't know who's armed and who isn't has a deterrence effect," said Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association. "The police department hasn't changed a single tactic — they haven't announced a shift in policy or of course — and yet you have these incredible numbers." And yet the politicians still insist on making their USELESS “gun laws” that do nothing but make the crime rate WORSE. (WashingtonTimes)

Fat and Happy!

Michael Moore is “fat and happy” in his palatial home paid for by his silly liberal ideas, most of which, if put into effect, would have ENDED us. Now he wants to “solve the police problem” that we don't have by releasing all the criminals from prison and DISARMING the cops. That would CERTAINLY cause a huge reduction in the number of LIVE cops out there. The ones the thugs didn't kill (with their illegal guns) would wisely go into other work, and we'd be left defenseless—unless the politicians let us carry our own guns or we became criminals by carrying illegally. Of course, they're never going to do that. They're too stupid. They keep doing the same things over and over and thinking it will work this time. Wait a minute: isn't that the definition of INSANITY? Frankly, I think the definition if insanity is LIBERAL. Their every idea is wrong, and they keep doing wrong things over and over. (Conservatives United)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Power Outage

Some guy flubbed his dub and ran over a roadside transformer on the freeway and took it out. It took them almost 24 hours to find another one and get it here and installed and working. Meanwhile we just suffered while they made numerous promises about when it would come back on, all of them wrong.The power went out at about 3 PM Friday and back on (for the last time) about 2 PM Saturday. It went on and off three times before finally coming on and staying on. The outage not only caused me not to be able to use the computer or TV, it took me off the WiFi so I couldn't post anything.; Sorry, folks.

Short-Sithted, As Usual!

Banning guns is costing government billions of dollars in taxes and fees. “Since 2008, gun sales have climbed steadily. So, too, has the number of firearm-related jobs. According to a recent study commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, today’s firearms industry employs 134,429 people who make more than $5.9 billion in wages and create a direct economic impact of nearly $17.8 billion.” So attempts to limit gun ownership is costing them a LOT of money, which should come as no surprise to INTELLIGENT people. But since they apparently aren't very smart, it's a big surprise. All this falls under the title of, “unexpected consequences.,” of which there seems to be a lot—and not just in the gun industry. (WV Gazette)

"No Place In Schools!"

That's guns, we're talkin' about. And that's anti-gun fools talkin'. And they're right. When it comes to the students, who have no need for guns in today's society, anyway. Since they're not called upon to provide food for the table, any more. But it's not so when it comes to PROTECTING those children from fools who come there to shoot the schools up, who, to a man, IGNORE laws that say they can't bring a gun into the school. So far, ALL schools are “gun-free zones,” but where have most mass shootings taken place? In schools, of course! Mass shooters themselves have told us they SEEK OUT such “gun-free zones” when they pick their targets. (Detroit Free Press)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Against Good Sense

The biggest problem today is not guns. It's not socialism. It's not punishing achievement. It's not ANY of those things by themselves. It's those, and many other things that represent governing AGAINST common sense. It is a majority of politicians governing against common sense and IGNORING those who tell them different. Punishing achievement is still at the top of the list. I have to gag every time I hear a politician talk about “the rich paying their fair share” when they're not only paying their fair share, they're paying MOST of the income taxes paid—period. And that's by the government's own figures. Next in line is thinking that they can stop gun violence by DISARMING honest people, leaving them DEFENSELESS before ILLEGALLY-armed criminals that have NO problem getting their guns. They call their “gun laws” “common sense laws,” but they're ANYTHING BUT that. Thinking you can defend yourself by DISARMING yourself it the HEIGHTS of stupidity, but when we try and tell them that, they IGNORE us.

Leaving our borders open while Islamic terrorists are pouring in by the thousands, making plans to kill people in wholesale fashion for not “ believing” properly is STUPID, but Obama is DETERMINED to do so. Not only by leaving our borders open, but by IMPORTING them by more THOUSANDS, calling them “refugees.” Talking about taxing “the rich” more than others is IGNORANCE. It kills INCENTIVE to achieve because when you do, some fool in Washington takes it away from you. Yet a MAJORITY of politicians in DC talk about this constantly. Liberal politicians running big cities cause those cities to go bankrupt while suffering from high rates of violent crime. All the big cities that have such problems today are being run by liberals, and have been for many years. That this is all INCOMPETENT government goes without saying. When Islamic terrorists come to my town to kill people, I want to be able to shoot back, and give them the only kind of a message they understand—a bullet in the brain. (Just REAL common sense)

"End Gun-Free Zones!"

That's what Ohio Rep. Ron Maag (R-of course) wants to do, at least, in Ohio. He is one of a very few enlightened politicians who realize “gun-free zones” kill people by giving would-be shooters the ASSURANCE that there will most likely be NO GUNS there to oppose him when he comes in the shoot the place up. Would-be shooters SEEK OUT “gun-free zones” in which to do their dirty work, and some have actually ADMITTED it, Maag realizes what other politicians don't: that “gun-free zones” provide a “target rich area” in which shooters can kill at will while waiting for a “good guy with a gun” to show up, notably a cop. If more politicians would “wake up to reality,” it would significantly reduce gun violence. But most politicians aren't smart enough to know that. So they go right on making their USELESS “gun laws” while criminals and crazies take advantage of them to advance their own goals. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

What Good Is It?

Did you know that HALF the cops shot in 2013 were shot by guns in the hands of felons who are BARRED from owning guns? How did THAT happen? I thought laws STOPPED people from getting guns. I guess felons, who aren't usually people who obey laws, anyway, don't bother to obey gun laws. Yes, banning them from owning guns does give us something to use to keep them in the slam longer, once they're caught—IF the “powers that be" actually ENFORCE them, and stop using them as “bargaining chips “ to get convictions in other crimes. (Huffington Post)

Discrimination Against Gun Owners

That's what Obama's government is promoting among banks and other financial institutions. Some are now closing the accounts of people who make, sell, or own guns—against the law. But what does Obama care? He breaks the law daily. If someone with big enough brass ones to move against him did so, he'd have to stop that and try something else. But as long as nobody stops him, he'll violate the Constitution and break laws as a routine matter. In this case, Michael's Gun & Pawn in Fruitland Park, FL, applied to the TD Bank for a new line of credit, and was refused service because they sold guns. In response to an inquiry from the Daily Signal, the bank management said they “have no blanket policy against the gun industry.” But this store still cannot get a new line of credit. Banks across the nation have been refusing to do business with gun people while claiming they have no such policy. Meanwhile it is KNOWN that this is one of Obama's latest scams. (The Daily Signal)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Ad for Glock

It features the killings of Islamic fools outside of Pamela Geller's “Draw the Prophet” contest. That “Jihad operation” came to a screeching halt when a couple of local cops saw what was about to happen and shot the attackers to death before they could DO anything. It's a classic illustration of what I, and other pro-gun people have been saying, that “The best defense against gun violence is a gun in honest hands nearby when it starts.”They should show the result, then without other words, cut to a Glock logo, since Glock is the “weapon of choice” for a majority of cops. Truly, those two former terrorists (now dead) chose the wrong place to practice Jihad. (Misfires and Light Strikes)

Don't Think We've Won

We've “beaten back” most of Obama's ill-advised measures to disarm Americans recently, but don't get overconfident. He has more tricks up his sleeves than any of us can imagine. He's a MASTER con-man. Next up is his “Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty” which, if it is approved, will allow him to FORCE Congress to pass a minimum wage law. Then he said it will make it better for “high-end manufacturers to operate more efficiently” (Like, “if you like your doctor or hospital you can keep them?). If this treaty is ratified by Congress, which requires only 2/3 majority of members PRESENT on the day it's presented for a vote, it will also give him authority to further restrict our access to, and use of guns for self-defense. The treaty mandates every country signatory to it create, and maintain, a registry of gun owners, overseen by the UN, a body run by dictators and thieves. This treaty effectively “gives away the store,” and that means our sovereignty, which is what Obama is after. If it passes, the “foot is in the door” for the UN to DICTATE our laws, regardless of the Constitution.This bill could become LAW this week, so you'd better act fast. (Eagle Rising)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Some PolIticians Are Just STUPID!

The City of Highland Park, IL passed an ordinance BANNING the right of citizens to keep firearms in their homes. A judge said it does NOT ban gun ownership, and only controls the disposition of them, which is simply a way to “get around” the Constitution by not calling it what it IS (A common con). Politicians and liberal judges do a lot of “dancing” to be able to get around the Constitution and pass laws and ordinances that they SAY do not do a thing when the EFFECT of them DOES do it. If you can't keep your guns in your home, what good is it for self-defense? Similarly, if you're required to put a “trigger lock” on your gun that may take several MINUTES to remove, what good is it against a criminal, whose gun does not have such an impediment to its use, and is already in his hand? (Truth About Guns)

What? He Agrees?

A black Democrat sheriff is now saying what I've been saying for a long time: Milwaukee's black, Democrat Sheriff David A Clark is now openly saying, “President Obama is fueling racial tensions between African-Americans and the police to justify a federal takeover of local law enforcement.” And, as I've beemn saying, that's exactly what he's doing by taking little minor disagreements and blowing them way out of proportion, as he (and his cronies) have done in Ferguson, MO. Yes, an unarmed teenager was shot and killed by a local cop. Witnesses lied, and said he was trying to surrender when shot, but he was not. Then they changed their story and said he was shot in the back, meaninng he was running away. That was a lie, too, put out by his “homies” to incriminate that cop, who was just trying to stay alive while doing his duty against a huge MONSTER who didn't need a gun to be “armed. That “monster” was doing his best to KILL that cop.

Obama's lap-dog attorney general couldn't find any evidence to show the cop (who had to resign before the truth came out) did anything wrong, so he said the entire police force there was racist, (also without providing any proof, only inference). Then, when six cops in Baltimore, MD were accused of murdering a black man who died after being in their custody, he did the same thing, with the help of a local Democrat, "connected" prosecutor, who RAN to “indict” those six officers BEFORE the facts were in. I suspect it will be found that he died from complications from his earlier back surgery which were made worse by his fighting with the cops so soon after (which completely would absolve the cops, half of which were black). All this is being done to advance us toward a race war, which would give Obama an excuse to “take over” local police forces and create a “national police force.” Meanwhile, he is doing his best to DISARM Americans so his thugs will not meet a loaded gun when they come to take what is ours. (Info Wars)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Armed Citizen Saves Cop

This rookie cop became separated from his partner while chasing a suspect, so he was alone when he found him and tried to arrest him. A fight ensued, and the perp got hold of the cop's nightstick, with which he tried hard to KILL this cop, when a citizen with a “carry permit” told him to stop, with a gun in his face. He stopped. Why this cop didn't just shoot him is a mystery. Maybe he's afraid of being dealt with like the one in Ferguson, MO, or the six in Baltimore if he shot an “UNARMED” black teen who was trying his best to KILL him. The (finally) arriving cops didn't mistake him for a perp and shoot HIM to death, which is a wonder. Maybe they, too, were hindered by recent happenings elsewhere. The actions of this perp show the overwhelming lack of respect black youths have today for cops, fed by Obama's rhetoric, and that of other politicians, who are, wittingly or unwittingly feeding Obama's wish for a race war. (Bearing Arms)

Democrats Create Jobs!

I have to give Democrats credit. they actually CREATED a bunch of jobs. They didn't plan it that way, and I'm sure they hate it. It happened this way: “The total economic impact of the firearms and ammunition industry in the United States increased from $19.1 billion in 2008 to $42.9 billion in 2014, a 125 percent increase, while the total number of full-time equivalent jobs* rose from approximately 166,000 to more than 263,000, a 58 percent increase in that period, according to a new report released today by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the industry’s trade association.” Up 58%! That's a BIG number, and the Democrats and their failed anti-gun efforts are responsible! I'll bet they didn't see THAT coming! I've always said if the Democrats ever did anything GOOD, I'd be the first to give them credit for it. And here it is. They didn't PLAN it that way, it just happened. But they made it happen, anyway, And for that I congratulate them. (Daily Caller)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Same Old Excuse

Whenever the liberals want to “get around” the Constitutional PROHIBITION on laws against gun ownership, they come up with what they call “COMMON SENSE” legislation, which is not “common sense,” at all. Here, they can't just BAN the AR-15, so they've come up with a scheme to make them USELESS. Any gun in existence is useless without ammunition, ergo: ban their ammunition. Of course, this IGNORES the fact that people who can make illegal guns can also make illegal ammunition. Or that the ammunition can be IMPORTED. It also ignores the fact that the AR-15 can be redesigned to fire different, NON-illegal ammo, or that ammo can be bought illegally on the black market. Banning AR-15 ammo will, as usual, do NOTHING to reduce gun violence, As the AR-15 is NOT the “gun of choice” for most criminals on the street. Meanwhile, criminals go to their usual place to buy an illegal gun, a back alley somewhere in which another criminal is waiting to sell it to them WITHOUT government oversight—or simply STEAL it. (Stop the Ammo Ban!)

Two Cops Killed In Miss,

Do “gun control laws” work? NO. Not EVER! Not the kind they're making now. Yes, we need to have a law against felons owning and carrying guns so we can keep them in jail longer when they USE them in the commission of a crime. But do such laws stop violent crime? NO. NEVER! We need other laws to punish the USE of a gun to commit a crime, again, to keep gun USERS in jail longer. Obama's thugs say, “Black lives matter,” and they're right. But “BLUE lives matter,” too. And that seems not to be true among black thugs, who are out to KILL as many cops as they can—which makes the cops “touchy” and “quicker to shoot,” creating a “self-fulfilling prophecy” that cops “shoot first and ask questions later.” If this kind of thing keeps on, Obama will have his “race war” so he can make tougher laws and regulations. (Conservative Byte)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

It Shouldn't Cost You

Tennessee Governor Bill HASLAM (R-or course) signed a law to allow people renewing their “concealed carry permits” to get a “lifetime permit” for only $500.00. It's a small move in the right direction, but I ask you: why should an American citizen, who has the unalterable RIGHT to be armed, have to spend $500.00 to RETAIN that right? Who does ANY state government have the right to LICENSE what is recognized as an inalienable right by the Constitution of the United States of America? Why should we have to PAY to exercise a right that is ours under the Constitution? One state, Arizona, I believe (and several others), recognizes that, in that state you don't need ANY kind of a “permit” to be armed. Most states do, however, require you to get a permit to carry CONCEALED. But $500.00? That's a “bit much,” isn't it? (Guns)

Louisiana Bans Cash

It may be only the first time this has happened, but it is a harbinger of things to come. The government wants to be able to KNOW what you spend your money on, and this is one way to do it. It is a law passed by the Louisiana legislature banning the use of cash to buy used goods such as that you'll find in a flea market. What amazes me is their current governor would SIGN such a bill into law. They must have hidden the meaning of the law from him in a necessary piece of legislation. This is only the first “experiment” in allowing the government to keep total track of how you spend your money. To ban such transactions is patently unconstitutional, but unless somebody who CAN do something about it notices and DOES something, it will be “the law of the land” until repealed.

What worries me is the thought that such foolishness might spread, from Louisiana to the federal government, and they will find some way to ban cash, altogether, to keep track of everybody's spending. For a man like me who operates almost COMPLETELY with cash, and am not likely to change, it is disturbing. I am determined that the government will NEVER be able to keep track of my spending, whatever they do, and what laws they make. They can say I have nothing to worry about if I'm not doing something wrong all they want, but I reply that THEY have NO BUSINESS in my business unless I DO do something wrong and first, they must PROVE it. I don't even HAVE a bank account. I don't write checks, and I don't use credit cards. And WILL NOT. Cash is STILL “legal tender for all debts, public and private, and that no state legislature has the power to change. I doubt this law will last long unless it goes to a corrupt court. (Crooks & Liars)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Building the Con

There is a con being run on the American people by Obama and the federal government, aided by all the “race whores” such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan , and the like, that cops are shooting unarmed black boys with abandon, all over the country so they can “move in” and take over the local police departments with federal “rules and regulations,” meaning total control of your local police force by the feds (currently meaning Obama). They do it by running stories in the press about police misconduct SIX TIMES as often as they do about the misdeeds of the THUGS out there. According to the Media Research Center, allegations about police misconduct amounted to one out of every SEVEN minutes of evening news time. This is supposed to make you more afraid of that traffic cop on the corner than ISIS and allow Obama's complete TAKEOVER of the local constabulary in violation of the Constitutional PROHIBITION on a federal police force. The biggest and best-known instances of this so far are in Baltimore, MD and Ferguson, MO, both based on LIES. This is a “two-pronged attack,” to take CONTROL of the local cops and further their attempts to DISARM the populace. Don't let them succeed. If you do, we're LOST! (Media Research Center)

Coming for Homeschoolers, Guns

The state, cops, CPS (Child Protecton Services) and the federal government are combining to make it hard on homeschoolers. In this case, they used the cops to FORCE their way into the home of a family that homeschooled their children, saying (falsely) that they had the power to come in and “inspect” the home to “make sure their kids are getting proper schooling.” One of the lies they told them was that they HAD to teach the kids the SAME THINGS they would be taught in school (including the political lies), which is a bald-faced LIE. But then, CPS is used to that, they do it every day. One of the questions they asked (and insisted on an answer) is about how many GUNS they had, and where they were. So they're trying to “kill two birds with one stone.” That this “home invasion” is all based on a LIE goes without saying. And the willingness of the cops to go right along with it is CRIMINAL. (World Net Daily)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Feeling Like A Man?"

There's just something about beating the hell our of someone that makes a gang banger feel like a man. Especially if the victim is an OLD man just doing his shopping. And if you've got 8 to 1 odds, so much the better. That's what happened in a Kroger Store parking lot in Arkansas the other day (Wait, what? I thought Kroger Stores declared their property to be a “gun-free zone”). Until a man who had a gun “carry permit” came upon the scene, completely IGNORING Kroger's directive. And a good thing he did, too. Because he used his gun—which he wasn't even supposed to have on Kroger property) to “run off” those eight thugs who were beating that old man unmercifully. Again, this proves that “gun-free zones” don't work. In fact, if this guy had not IGNORED Kroger's directive, that old man might now be dead, or at least, seriously injured. The guy, whose name is “Gene,” but who refused to give his last name to avoid gang retaliation, says he “kept his finger away from the trigger because he didn't actually want to shoot anybody”) Why? Had it been me, I'd have been fully ready to shoot any of those cowardly gang-bangers, since they're all probably illegally armed, but afraid to pull their guns because they each didn't want to be the ONE he shot if they did. This hero probably got hell from Kroger managers for ignoring their directive. (Second Amendment Insider)

How Many of the 15 States?

We've all heard about the Islamic terrorist claim that they have a BUNCH of operatives in as many as 15 states. The open question is, how many of these states have “open” gun laws? None, I'd bet. They WANT to operate in states where there will be the least possibility of their being any guns there in the hands of private citizens, to oppose them. So of course, they'll put high on their list those states with the tightest gun laws. And our incompetent politicians won't even NOTICE this, much less make their laws such that we can defend ourselves from Islamic terrorists, who, like other criminals, don't obey laws. Most of them think DISARMING ourselves is the way to self-defense. (InfoWars)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Think ISIS Isn't Here?

The Islamic terrorists themselves tell us they already have 71 trained terrorists already IN the United States, in 15 states, just “waiting for orders” to commit mayhem on OUR streets, and bringing the horrors we've seen in MUSLIM countries here. Obama says they're NOT here, while he's working HARD to get as many more here as possible before they get “the order” to strike again—after it will no longer be “on Obama's watch.” They've already got five major targets mentioned (with more to come) and their people are “ready to go” at a moment's notice. I think it's noteworthy that, even though ISIS itself BRAGS that the Garland, Texas failure was theirs, Obama STILL refuses to call it Islamic terrorism, NOR will he allow anybody else he controls to do so. If America (not Obama) doesn't get off its butt and DO something about this, we're DOOMED. Not because ISIS is so good, but because we're GIVING it away! One of the things we MUST do is ARM as many good citizens as possible so Tojo's remark about there “being a gun behind every blade of grass” will come true for the Islamic terrorists. (Sooper Mexican Conservative)

Our Best Weapon

The best weapon we have against Islamic terrorism (which IS coming here—soon) is an armed American populace. We need to make Tojo's prediction that “there will be a gun behind every blade of grass” come true for the Islamic fools. It happened in Texas, and they didn't even get to the civilian populace. They didn't get past the first TRAFFIC cop! Scratch two Islamic fools! In Israel, just about everybody is armed, and considered to be part of the Army. My favorite picture is of a Jewish woman, standing over a Muslim puke, pumping bullets into this brain, stopping him from his terrorist attempt. That will happen here, too, as soon as the Islamic terrorists start their “reign of terror” here.

The strange thing is that so many ignorant politicians are frightened to death of an armed populace. They know that when they come to take what's ours, if more and more people are armed, they won't survive the attempt. We need to change the aim of our gun laws to make sure most of us who are HONEST are armed at least as well as those who are criminals; and know how to use them. The individual American citizen is the best, first level of defense against those Islamic pukes. And we'd better get started on arming this country's people. Trying to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens is at best misguided, and at worst CRIMINAL, and will get people killed, even BEFORE the Islamic pukes come here. (Liberty Alliance)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"Safe Act" Senator Loses Gun

State Senator Dean Skalos, the politician who sponsored the “Safe Act” in New York, and, under that law, must give up his shotgun and can no longer go hunting. He's charged with extortion, conspiring to commit fraud and soliciting bribes in a corruption scheme also including his son, Adam. But this is not about corruption. It's about being “hoist on his own petard,” since he WROTE the law under which he is now denied ownership of any kind of a gun, without being convicted (yet) of ANYTHING. He is now a victim of his own law! Come to think of it, what is he even DOING owning a gun, being an anti-gun fool? If he's going to go hunting, maybe he should just take along a collection of throwing rocks, if he believes certain people should be denied the right (that is guaranteed under the Constitution) to own a gun, just by being ACCUSED of a crime. (The Observer)

Never A Legal Gun

Whenever I see a report of some gun violence, especially mass shootings, I look (in vain) for them to tell me if the gun or guns used was or were legally owned. I presume that's because they want us to think that ALL “gun violence” is committed by people who have a legal right to own their guns because “guns are so easy to get legally.” But that really doesn't matter because it doesn't really matter if the guns are legally-owned. If they're legally owned, that means their “laws” did NOT stop the perp from getting a gun. If the gun is ILLEGALLY owned, that means their laws wouldn't have stopped him from getting a gun, because they didn't. It shows that gun laws, as now written, DO NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of people who wish to do bad things with them. “Gun-free zones” are useless because they are an OPEN INVITATION to a perp to come in and do his shooting, and be pretty sure there will be no guns already there to stop him.

Lists of legal gun owners don't do anything because criminals, and people who want to be criminals, don't register their guns. Furthermore, all they do is (maybe) allow the cops to find the perp LATER and arrest him, which does NOTHING to stop gun violence. The people who are, “oh, so concerned about gun violence” need to rethink the DIRECTION in which ALL their so-called “gun laws” are aimed is wrong. It penalizes only the LEGAL OWNERS of guns while doing NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who don't obey laws, anyway. Instead of keeping guns out of the hands of HONEST people, they need to punish the USE of a gun in a crime. And don't tell me there are already laws on the books to do that, because the authorities consistently use them as “throwaways” to get convictions in other crimes. We need to make a law to ensure ENFORCEMENT of these laws, therefore punishing the CRIME, not the innocent victim. Start doing that, and I will no longer be an ENEMY of “gun laws.” (Just common sense)

Monday, May 4, 2015

"Only Cops Qualified"

That's a favorite claim of the anti-gun fools all the time. But I beg to differ. How many guns have been left in unguarded spots in the nation's capitol by average individuals? NONE. How many by “official security” in the same places? THREE. Now, you'd think people charged with protecting “important” politicians would be a little more careful where they leave their guns, wouldn't you? But they aren't. And “average citizens” with concealed carry permits HAVE been. So only cops are qualified to carry guns, huh? That claim is typical of the LIES told by gun grabbers to help them DISARM Americans while “important” politicos hire their own guns to be carried by other people, some of which aren't so careful as the average citizen So why would we believe ANYTHING they might say? (Misfires and Light Strikes)

'Illegal Stun Sun"

A 12-year-old kid ordered a stun gun from Amazon and his mother intercepted it, which is a good thing. But the stun gun is only illegal to own for ANYBODY in a few states. One of them is New Jersey, a New England State, of course, where ANYTHING a person might use for self-defense is illegal to own. It was Amazon's mistake not to have a system in place to keep that youngster from buying it, but it's New Jersey's mistake to make it illegal for EVERYBODY to own one. I have PERSONALLY saved myself from a beating in a “road rage” incident, and I know how helpful they can be, without being a “deadly weapon,” as some people claim. Yes, I know, several people have died after being hit by a POLICE stun gun, which is much more powerful that those sold to individuals. But so far, in EVERY CASE, the “victim” has been shown to have died from OTHER CAUSES, not from the stun gun. Like the guy a cop stunned and caused to fall from a second story perch, who died of his injuries. The headline predictably was, “Man Dies After Being Stun Gunned,” which is, while technically not a lie, is deliberately misleading to the reader. (ABC)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

"NRA Is Winning!"

That's what New York Times (anti-gun columnist Charles Blow[hard]) says anyway. Maybe he's just the first of many to “see the writing on the wall.” But most of the others will not see it. They're not smart enough. Blow apparently is a little smarter than most of them. Two years ago, when the Senate (at the time run by Democrats) threw out most of Obama's favorite anti-gun bills, Blow blamed it on the “Republican FEAR of the government.” And he was right. But it goes further than that. The government is just ONE of the entities intelligent Americans “fear” if they manage to take away our right to be armed while criminals (as usual) have no trouble getting their guns. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Smart Politician

Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, is a smart politician, and they are few and far between. She knows why the founders made their support for an armed populace so definite and simple, even if the gun-grabbers DID find something they could obfuscate. They knew that if they didn't, one day the government would become a dictatorship or some other form of dictatorial government. So while her legislature is debating doing away with many of the state's tight gun laws, she has signified her willingness to sign what they come up with. Way too many politicians are still so stupid as to think making a law against ownership of guns by HONEST people will keep CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, from having them. If you mention punishing the USE of a gun in the commission of a crime, they tell you there are already laws on the books for that. The only problem is, those laws are universally “waived” to get convictions on other crimes. Making laws forcing their enforcement would go a long way toward reducing gun violence. But they're not listening. (Second Amendment Insider)

Friday, May 1, 2015

No Place In Church

In Lansing, MI, one priest thinks ALL members of his church should be armed, at all times, And that means bringing their guns to his church. He's even willing to teach a class on gun safety IN the church. But his Bishop doesn't agree, and as Bishop, he has the authority to shut this priest down and get some people killed. He says all Catholic churches are “gun-free zones,” and that's not going to change. Yeah? Even if some yahoo comes in and starts shooting one of his churches up? Not possible, you say? It happened in Colorado Springs, Colorado not too long ago. And if it were not for one small woman parishioner who was carrying a legally-carried gun, it could have been a massacre. In fact, the shooter DID kill two people before he even got INTO the church. That Bishop is as short-sighted as are ALL anti-gun fools. They want us to WAIT for the cops to come. But that's stupid. While the cops are on their way, the shooter can kill a lot of people. An armed person there the shooter didn't know about can (and does) make all the difference in the world—and DID in that Colorado Springs church. (Guns)

More Proof For Guns

I don't usually like to report things like this because there are too many of them. Honest people with guns are fast proving that the gun grabbers don't know their rear ends from a hole in the ground. In CHICAGO, fergwdsakes! Where what this guy did would have gotten HIM a jail sentence last year, now gets him the description of a hero. He's a “Uber driver” who had just dropped off a passenger, and he saw another man start to “shoot up the landscape” in a mass shooting. So he shot him with his legally-carried shotgun and ended that mass shooting. A year ago HE'D have wound up in jail for what he did. But not any more, due to the INTELLIGENT ruling of a federal judge that concealed carry was legal and to deny it was unconstitutional. This is in CHICAGO, remember, what used to be “the murder capital of the world,” but due to this ruling, is no longer. (Preserve Freedom)