Monday, October 31, 2016

"FBI Cleared Her!"

That’s the narrative the Democrats are putting out after the FBI reopened their “investigation” into Hillary’s crimes. But he didn’t. He listed all her crimes and said he wasn’t going to pursue charges “because she didn’t mean it.” But now 600,000 PLUS e-mails that were NOT turned over have been discovered. More than have ever been found before, on a system the Congress wouldn’t have discovered if they weren’t investigating the husband of her closest aide, and his sleazy sex texts. Of course, she never told them about those, and I’m sure she knew they were there, but kept them hidden.

A COUNTRY WITHOUT GUNS: Without LEGAL guns, anyway—except for cops and government agents. That describes Venezuela, where it is a CRIME for a private citizen to have a gun. So they kill cops and steal THEIR guns. You can bet there are plenty of ILLEGAL guns there, but they don’t help the 80% who want President Nicholas Maduro OUT. But they can’t do anything to make that happen as long as he controls “the men with guns.” That’s what our politicians fervently wish for here, which is why they try so hard to DISARM us.

3,000 SHOT IN CHICAGO: Just this year. 19 of them just since early last weekend. Why, oh why is Chicago one of the most dangerous places in the country to live, since they have such tight gun laws? That’s a question being asked by many anti-gun fools who just can’t figure out that if you disarm honest people, the criminals “run wild.” And that’s what all Chicago’s “tight gun laws” do. Law-abiding people obey their laws, while criminals do NOT. They call them CRIMINALS for a reason.

PUT ‘EM IN PRISON: Like Mexico does. In Mexico, if people they deport return, they give them a stiff prison sentence before deporting them, again. They’re pretty tough on returners, but we’re not. No wonder we have so many deportees who have been deported many times, come back and commit more crimes. Like that guy in San Francisco who murdered that defenseless girl, right in front of her father. He was deported FIVE TIMES. Many others see our border as a “revolving door.” So when are we going to do something about it? (AFTER Obama's gone, IF Hillary doesn't get elected)/

DID COMEY BREAK THE LAW? I guess the best defense is an offense. Which is why Hillary is accusing FBI Director Comey of violating the Hatch Act by releasing an announcement about reopening the investigation into Hillary’s crimes, just before the election. Maybe his best next move is to have her INDICTED before the election. I’d hate for her to be elected and have to resign. There’d still be a Democrat in office to replace her. And we don’t want that. You can bet they’ll pick the most dedicated socialist.

TRUMP ONE POINT BEHIND: Donald Trump is now just ONE POINT behind Hillary in “the polls.” In spite of all they did to twist the polls to help Democrats demoralize potential Republican voters, so they wouldn’t vote for Trump. He still overpowered them. The only poll that counts is the one on Nov, 8, and if Trump overpowers them there, Democrats lose. And that possibility makes them wet their jammies.

"Get Around the Constitution"

They can’t just BAN guns. So they do everything they can to first, make guns UNUSABLE, and then they do everything they can to make gun use a “hardship” by passing laws to make gun makers and sellers liable for damages in every case where a gun they made or sold was used to commit a crime—like they are really responsible for MISUSE of the guns they’ve sold, LEGALLY, following all the stupid “gun laws.” Next, they'll let auto victims sue makers and sellers of CARS any time there's an accident. Many of their “gun laws” work to make it impossible to get a LEGAL gun into action fast enough to defend against an ILLEGAL gun in the hands of a “bad guy,” which gets honest, law-abiding people KILLED. Others only give authorities a list of LEGAL gun owners, completely IGNORING the fact that the MAJORITY of crimes are committed by people with ILLEGAL guns. They haven’t figured out a law yet that can do ANYTHING about “gun violence,” but they keep making them, anyway, DISARMING honest people, while criminals still get their guns, and there is NO RECORD of who has an ILLEGAL gun, anywhere. Until AFTER the crime. Meanwhile, half of the ”anti-gun organizations” who support Hillary Clinton only exist on paper as a name, and use of a fax machine probably that can be found in Mike Bloomberg’s office. (America’s First Freedom)

"Men With Guns"

How long can Nicholas Meduro remain in power in Venezuela after 80% of the citizens signaled they wanted him out? Quite a while, I guess, as long as he continues to have the loyalty of “men with guns.” Government guns, that is. No one else is supposed to have any, since the government made private gun ownership a crime. This shows you what will happen if there were no legal guns in a country, except those in the hands of cops and government agents (except for illegal guns, of course). Now they’re killing cops for their guns! The “will of the people” is IGNORED. What would happen if Venezuela had the equivalent of the Second Amendment, you ask? He wouldn’t be around for long, and that’s what OUR politicians fear. That’s why they try so hard to DISARM us as they work HARD to take away one right after another, and take more power over us, while making us pay for it. They know the only thing that keeps them from taking COMPLETE power is the fact that so many people have LEGAL guns. So they want to put a stop to that, as quickly as they can. And failing that, they want to make the guns we do have USELESS. (Gun Watch)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

"It's Not A Right!"

That’s what they say in England about gun ownership. They say it’s a “privilege.” Which means it can be given or taken away by the politicians, at will. Of course, they don’t have a Second Amendment in England, so they know NOTHING about a human right to self defense, and to own and use the means to it, a gun. They say “the NRA is always coming up with new ways to be nasty,” completely ignoring the fact that the NRA is protecting a right GUARANTEED by the Constitution, which is the BASIS for all our laws. Since they don’t have such a thing as the Second Amendment, created by wiser men than they, before they were even born, they think they know more than people who simply are DETERMINED to maintain the constitutional RIGHT to defend themselves with whatever tool is necessary—in this case, a gun. Back when there were no guns, that right would involve the right to carry a sword, in order to defend oneself. We fought a war for independence from these people because of their ignorance of human nature, so let’s not allow them to tell us what is, and is NOT a “right.” (The Guardian of London)

Creating A Crime Wave

It’s becoming more and more clear that Obama wants to do as much DAMAGE to this country as he can, as long as he can. So he’s releasing as many criminals from prison, on specious reasons, as he can. Earlier this month he released 102 criminals, many of them with gun convictions. Then just the other day he released another 98, and 19.8% of them had gun convictions. This action GUARANTEES a significant rise in the crime rate, especially the GUN crime rate, as those “career criminals” continue to ply their trade. Couple that with his importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists, who have PROMISED to kill as many Americans as they can if they don’t “convert” to their phony “religion,” disguised as ”refugees, and a new “crime wave” is guaranteed. Of course, as a former president, he will live behind a wall with his own ARMED security, provided by the government, so he isn’t worried about being victimized. Besides: most of them are his friends, or just grateful to him for their freedom to victimize us some more, (Bearing Arms)

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Criminals For Gun Control

Did you know that one of the most powerful “anti-gun politicians” is barred, himself, from carrying or owning a gun do to past crimes? And he reports DIRECTLY to the president on his work. It’s a known fact that some of the hottest proponents of “gun control” are criminals, because what PASSES for “gun control” only benefits the criminal? Criminals LOVE gun control, because it makes their jobs easier, knowing their victims most likely won’t be armed, and able to kill THEM instead of being intimidated by THEIR guns. But it’s strange to me that a TOP “gun control” proponent is, himself, a criminal, who is not allowed to have a gun. This is the kind of anomaly that makes people wonder about government efforts to DISARM the populace, KNOWING it can only benefit criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, who are coming her by the hundreds of thousands, on OUR dime, thanks to Obama. (The War on Guns)

"Get Around the Constitution"

They can’t just BAN guns. So they do everything they can to first, make guns UNUSABLE, and then they do everything they can to make gun use a “hardship” by passing laws to make gun makers and sellers liable for damages in every case where a gun they made or sold was used to commit a crime—like they are really responsible for MISUSE of the guns they’ve sold, LEGALLY, following all the stupid “gun laws.” Many of their “gun laws” work to make it impossible to get a LEGAL gun into action fast enough to defend against an ILLEGAL gun in the hands of a “bad guy,” which gets honest, law-abiding people KILLED. Others only give authorities a list of LEGAL gun owners, completely IGNORING the fact that the MAJORITY of crimes are committed by people with ILLEGAL guns. They haven’t figured out a law yet that can do ANYTHING about “gun violence,” but they keep making them, anyway, DISARMING honest people, while criminals still get their guns, and there is NO RECORD of who has an ILLEGAL gun, anywhere. Meanwhile, half of the ”anti-gun organizations” who support Hillary Clinton only exist on paper as a name, and use of a fax
machine probably that can be found in Mike Bloomberg’s office. (Just common sense)

Friday, October 28, 2016

"It Doesn't Happen!"

That’s what the anti-gun fools tell us. They desperately want us to believe that defensive use of guns doesn’t happen. That the only thing guns are used for is to create “gun violence,” or for kids to kill themselves, or others, through ignorance. But then a respected organization like "National Academy of Sciences” (NAS) comes out with the fact that there are 500,000 to 3 MILLION defensive uses of guns, in SPITE of the restrictive gun laws all over the country. The report also noted that mass shootings are rare in the United States, though even the way they’re hyped when they DO happen makes it seem otherwise—which plays right into the hands of those who want to DISARM all honest, law-abiding people, leaving the field wide open for the criminals, crazies, and even Islamic terrorists (who are coming by the hundreds of thousands, at Obama’s invitation), who get their guns ILLEGALLY. They found, to Obama’s and the other anti-gun fools’ horror, gun use against crime was “commonplace” in the United States, contrary to the claims of the gun-grabbers. (Breitbart)

Teacing Our Kids

This is the kind of thing they teach our kids in schools these days. The question, “Do guns have a place in our society today?” gives you an idea how IGNORANT are the people deciding on the curriculum. Guns DO “have a place in our society!” LEGAL guns, to oppose all the ILLEGAL guns that are already out there in the hands of the “bad guys.” If (legal) guns were removed from society (even if that were possible), those with ILLEGAL guns would simply “take over.” And there would be no way to stop them, except maybe with more ILLEGAL guns in the hands of honest people who were forced to BECOME criminals, in order to to defend themselves. This very question reveals the kind of BONEHEADS who are deciding what to teach our impressionable kids, who haven’t been on this Earth long enough to know better. (University News)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Worse Than They Thought?

Liberals and other gun-grabbers tell us there are about 300 million guns in the U. S., and they’re WRONG, as usual, mostly due to lack of proper research, of course. There are NOT 300 million, there are at least 412 million, and maybe up to 600 million. Boy! That must make Sen. Feinstein and Gabby Giffords cringe! And most of those guns are ILLEGALLY-owned, which are usually the only ones used to do “gun violence” while all their “laws” only apply to LEGAL gun owners, who are not the problem, at all. As usual, their numbers are faulty. Sometimes because of faulty research, but other times due to them LYING to “buttress” their figures to make us think “guns are taking over.” Their entire narrative is based on the false premise that, if they can “get rid of guns,” that will also get rid of CRIME. And that all they have to do is make a LAW that LAWBREAKERS will obey. (Weapons Man)

"More Guns Won't Help"

That’s according to a “Johns Hopkins/ BLOOMBERG) (of course) “study.” They also concluded that mass shootings NEVER occur in “gun-free zones,” which we all know is a LIE. ALL mass shootings have happened in “gun-free zones!” Potential mass shooters SEEK OUT “gun-free zones” because they can be pretty sure there won’t be any law-abiding people there with their own guns. KNOWN mass shooters, when questioned, SAY they do! The anti-gun fools must really think Americans are STUPID! The LIES they tell are easily disproved, but they tell them, anyway, and those who ARE gullible believe them. It’s not surprising that a “survey” by BLOOMBERG people would have such “findings.” That’s what the gun-grabbers DO. Lie to you, because there AREN’T any real figures to back them up. They say that “best evidence" doesn’t support our contention that getting rid of no-gun zones would reduce gun crime, but “best evidence” DOES support our claims. (The Hub)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Flawed Thinking

It should be easy to dissuade the anti-gun fools from their intended path because their entire movement is based on not one, but MANY flaws in their thinking. We should be able to show them these flaws to get them to abandon their efforts to take guns away from honest, law-abiding people, leaving them DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there, in the hands of those who will only use them to victimize them. But that isn’t possible, because they just aren’t smart enough, and they firmly IGNORE all our efforts to reason with them. Their first faulty thinking involves disarming law-abiding people who AREN’T the problem, while ignoring the “bad guys” who ARE. That gets people killed. Next is their firm opinion that all they have to do is get rid of all the guns and that will stop the “bad guys” from committing their crimes, including murder and MASS murder. Even if that were possible (which it isn’t), crime would continue, using other weapons, or even their bare hands. Then comes their firm conviction that all they have to do is make a LAW against gun ownership, and CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, will somehow obey it, and get rid of their illegal guns. That’s just a pipe-dream. There are many more examples of their ignorance, but I just don’t have room here to list them all. (Just common sense)

Australia Repeats Their Failure

They instituted a “MANDATORY” gun-buyback program a few years ago, after a particularly disturbing mass shooting. It didn’t work. So now they’re going to offer “amnesty” for those who didn’t obey the first law, who give up their guns. “’There is little evidence to suggest that (the Australian mandatory gun-buyback program) had any significant effects on firearm homicides,’ University of Melbourne researchers Wang-Sheng Lee and Sandy Suardi wrote in 2008. ‘Although gun buybacks appear to be a logical and sensible policy that helps to placate the public’s fears, the evidence so far suggests that in the Australian context, the high expenditure incurred to fund the 1996 gun buyback has not translated into any tangible reductions in terms of firearm deaths,’ they added.” In other words, it didn’t work. Today, they ADMIT that there are 260,000 ILLEGAL guns in Australia, and are going to offer amnesty to anyone who will turn in their guns. Like a CRIMINAL will “turn in his guns,” just because they “offer amnesty.” What FOOLS these anti-gun idiots be! (Truth About Guns)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"No Training For Children"

Shannon Watts, boss of “Moms For No Guns (or some such),” one of the best known anti-gun fool outfit scoffs at the idea of teaching children gun safety. She says, “We teach gun safety to ADULTS.” Of course, this discounts entirely the FACT that if children KNEW something about guns (how dangerous they are, that they’re not playthings, and they can KILL you), they might be less likely to play with the guns in their home and maybe kill themselves or somebody else. The fact is, they KNOW where the guns are, no matter how hard we try to hide them. I certainly did when I was a child, and I predictably got in trouble because of it, though fortunately I didn’t kill myself, or anybody else. Though my dad had to control himself to keep from killing ME for getting into it. As usual, her sights are squarely on the GUN, and how to take away our right to self-defense and to own and carry the means to that, a gun. She is very short-sighted, as are ALL anti-gun fools. (Shannon Watts/Twitter)

No Guns In Restaurants

The usually short-sighted anti-gun fools are asking, “Why would you need a gun in a restaurant?” Why, indeed? Maybe they should ask the woman in Texas who had to leave her legally-carried gun in the car because the restaurant she was going to with her parents was a “gun-free zone,” and had to watch while some fool came in and shot up the restaurant and KILLED her parents. Or the employees of a Waffle House that was recently held up at gunpoint. Or the people in many other restaurants (like Panera Bread, a “soup and sandwich chain that is a “gun-free zone.” Yes, why would you need a gun in a restaurant? For the same reason you need one anywhere else. To repulse a would-be shooter who doesn’t care that the restaurant is a “gun-free zone.” People who want to rob restaurants or just “shoot them up” don’t OBEY laws, or especially a “corporate rule.” In fact, they SEARCH OUT such places because he figures he won’t meet a “concealed carrier” who will thwart his plans by killing him. (WTVM 9)

Monday, October 24, 2016

"Ban All Guns In U. S."

That’s what the L. A. Times suggests we do. I guess they don’t know anything about the Constitution or the Second Amendment, if they make such a suggestion. Or maybe they do, and they don’t give a rat’s patootie, like most liberal Democrats. Or maybe they’re just STUPID. Which they are, if they’re anti-gun fools, as their suggestion seems to label them. Anybody who thinks we can flat ban ALL guns in America has to be smoking some very good weed. If I were a druggie, I’d want some of what they’re smoking. Thank God we’ve got the Second Amendment if there are these kinds of fools in important positions to “mold” public opinion. California has passed a law REQUIRING “microstamping” on all automatic weapons sold in the state, so gun manufacturers just stopped selling their guns in that state, negating their law. Are they just “evil?” Not even! What California either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care about, it the FACT that the technology to DO microstamping doesn’t exist. Period. So they CAN’T sell their product in California. Period. Of course, this law, even if it were possible to enforce, IGNORES all the millions of ILLEGAL guns there are in California, as most of the stupid laws anti-gun fools pass do. So naturally, they do NOTHING to “stop the proliferation of such guns." But they’re too stupid or too stubborn to realize this. (Bearing Arms)

Townville Victim Is Smart

The parents of a six-year-old killed in the Townville school mass shooting want armed officers to be stationed in all schools. I hope they mean PLAIN CLOTHES officers, so the shooters won’t be able to identify them and kill them FIRST, as they have done in other places. It’s a good move in the right direction. But better still, they ought to do what Florida is trying to do: allow teachers who have a legal gun and are TRAINED in its usage, to bring them to school. That way, a potential shooter would have no way to know who was armed. A similar law has been in effect in Ohio for years, and has served notice on potential shooters NOT to come into their schools to kill children. (The State)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Twisting the Facts

The anti-gun fools make a “big thing” about America being the TOP country in gun ownership. But they omit the next stat. The one that says we aren't even the TOP TEN in gun deaths! That's another way they twist the facts to make us believe what is, essentially, a LIE. America only ranks ELEVENTH in terms of gun deaths. That's a far cry from “leading the world” in gun deaths, which is what they want us to believe. At the top of the list of gun death countries is Honduras, with several Latin-Ameican countries making up most of the rest of the top ten. The stats noted in the Telegraph article come from The Small Arms Survey and the 2012 Congressional Research Service Report. Not from some pro-gun outfit. And the article itself, you'll note, is in a British newspaper. Do you think it will be noticed, and “picked up” by the American liberal media? Not a chance. They're “in the bag” for the anti-gun fools. One thing they definitely don't want you to know: as gun ownership by honest, law-abiding people rose, gun deaths DROPPED. A correlation here is that more guns means FEWER gun deaths. Not the other way around, as they claim. (Breitbart)

Hysterical Stupidity

That's the only way I can describe what the anti-gun fools swear is going to happen. They think Trump supporters are going to “shoot up” polling places to get Trump elected—or something like that. They completely ignore such things as the Black Panthers” dressing up in “cop-like” uniforms, carrying “billy clubs,” and standing outside polling places to intimidate voters in 2012. They SAY they're just “providing security.” Security for WHOM? Never mind that it is a proven fact that DEMOCRAT activists are the ones who have brought violence to Trump rallies. If there is any shooting at polling places on election day, it is going to be the DEMOCRATS who are responsible, although they will TRY to blame Trump for it. Fact is, mass shootings can, and HAVE, occurred ANYWHERE lots of people gather. Not just polling places. The “common denominator” is that most mass shootings happen in “gun-free zones.” Mass shooters TARGET such places, because they figure they can kill more people before somebody with a gun arrives and kills them. (Gun-Free Zone)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lying Statistics

That's what the anti-gun fools use to convince people who don't know any better that lots of toddlers are killing people with their parent's guns. They use photos of toddlers with their hand on a gun to illustrate their pamphlets and ads. The “Statistics” they cite include teenagers (adults) up to 19 (street gang members) as “toddlers.” This is the kind of tomfoolery they've been using for many years, and will continue to use for many more if we allow it. The “anti-gun lobby” is, if not the biggest lying organization around, they are “right near the top. Don't trust ANY of their claims. They're probably twisted, or include people that they “include” in their statistics, but don't belong there. There's a reason for that: they HAVE no real statistics to cite. So they have to make them up and twist existing statistics to “prove” their narrative. (Washington Free Beacon)

Rewriting History

One of the things the anti-gun fools do is to constantly rewrite history. “Gun Controllers have long tried to rewrite American history, demonizing the “wild west” as some dime store novel where people are getting shot all the time.  In fact since everyone had guns often times the townspeople would defend their town where a Marshall or Sheriff wasn’t available.” Moreover, since everyone had a gun, very few people got shot, and it was often the criminal who was the victim. Now they're beginning to rewrite their own history. They try to twist the Second Amendment to make us think it was intended ONLY to ensure an “organized militia” was guaranteed arms. But a look at what George Mason, the man who WROTE the Second Amendment, said about it, paints a really different picture: “I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” -George Mason. And that is what the liberals in our government have been trying to do since before the ink dried on the Constitution. Colin Goddard claimed to be “just an average Joe” who was plainly affected by the Newton, Mass. elementary school killings, so he “packed his bags” and moved to DC. The only problem with that is, it's a load of BS. Goddard has been an anti-gun fool for many years, working for the DC-based “Gun Confiscation Group, The Brady Campaign, for TWO YEARS BEFORE the shootings he claims as his impetus. These are the kinds of LIES the anti-gun fools tell, and that is the biggest reason you should not believe ANYTHING they tell you. (Bullets First)

Friday, October 21, 2016

"Weak-Kneed Congress"

That's what anti-gun newspaper, USA Today calls Congress for not passing the stupid “gun laws” proposed by other anti-gun fools. In reality, it's the anti-gun fools, who ALL think CONGRESS is at fault for not passing their silly “flights of fancy, when it is THEY who are “weak-kneed. Or “weak-minded,” more likely. They just can't understand that the measures they propose not only DON'T WORK to “reduce gun violence,” they're UNCONSTITUTIONAL! That means they're ILLEGAL! Could that be why the Congress won't pass them? Because they won't pass his stupidities, Obama calls the Congress, “a 'do-nothing' Congress.” But they're NOT “doing nothing,” they're blocking his foolishness. That's DOING SOMETHING! The “flat-brains” who still think they can “reduce gun violence” by making laws for the LAW-ABIDING and ignoring the ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists will actually DO SOMETHING are constantly at work with their nefarious schemes, regardless of the fact they not only don't do what they're supposed to do, they actually INCREASE gun violence by DISARMING honest people, leaving them DEFENSELESS against the “bad guys.” But they're too damned dumb to know that. (America;s First Freedom)

Why Gun Control Fails

The answer is simple: they aim for the wrong target—the gun. And they make rules and laws for the LAW-ABIDING, which, as we all know, the lawbreakers IGNORE. And the laws they make are USELESS. Registering gun owners doesn't work, because all it does is tell them who has guns LEGALLY, ignoring those who have them ILLEGALLY, while legal gun owners usually aren't the problem. “No gun zones” don't work, because the people who are the real problem, the lawbreakers, couldn't care less about gun-free ones, except to know they probably won't be opposed when they enter to kill some people. Gun locks and “safe storage” don't work because criminals don't bother with them. Do you see something here that operates in all cases? Criminals don't OBEY laws, or “regulations.” Laws and “rules” are for the law-abiding, ONLY. Law-abiding people are not usually the problem. And the GUN is not the problem. PEOPLE are the problem. So the only answer is to give the law-aiding the means for self defense—something the anti-gun fools won't hear of. (Just common sense)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Dads Demand Guns!"

Because it's my ass that has to go see what that noise was.” When the wife wakes up and hears a noise, she does not go to find out what it was. I do. So do I go out there with nothing to use to defend myself if somebody who shouldn't be there is there, and has an ILLEGAL gun? Anti-gun fools say I should “just go back to bed and ignore it.” Safer that way. Also it gives the interloper free rein to steal my belongings, and maybe even come to my bedroom later and kill me. And my wife. No, sir. Not me. I'm going to go out there with my LEGAL gun in my hand, and KILL the SOB if I have to, to defend myself, and my family. If I can't get a gun legally, I'll get it any way I can, for self-defense. Nothing more. And I don't give a damn what your silly “gun laws” say. If I go to jail for that, so be it. My family will be safe. The only thing your silly “gun laws” do is make life easier for the burglars and thugs out there. They do NOTHING to make life safer for us human beings. If I have to break the law to make my family safe, I will. And be damned to you, and your “gun laws.” When the cops take over an HOUR to get there, I'm the only defense my family has. (Fox 5 DC)

"33,000 Die From Guns"

That's what Hillary thinks. Which reveals that she is as completely befuddled about guns as are all the other anti-gun fools and freaks. People don't “die from guns.” They die from PEOPLE holding guns! You can't reduce gun violence by making LAWS against certain people owning guns. Those people, if they can't get guns legally, will get them any way they can, ILLEGALLY. The proof is all the KNOWN felons, who are specifically BARRED from owning guns, who have them, anyway. She says she is a “firm believer” in the Second Amendment, but believes there should be some “reasonable regulation.” That's the “slippery slope” the anti-gun fools like her create that allows them to make laws to make it harder and harder for honest, law-aiding people to get the guns they need to defend themselves from the “bad guys” who victimize them with their ILLEGAL guns. She LIES when she says she is a “strong Second Amendment supporter.” She is KNOWN to want to get rid of the ENTIRE Constitution, as are most liberals. They view it as a LIMIT on their powers, and they don't like that. (Daily Caller)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Equipment Failure

Sorry about yesterday. I was just getting ready to start posting when my computer was “taken over” by someone PRETENDING to be Microsoft, who, of course, wanted me to call a certain phone number, at which I suppose I would be asked for money to get my computer released. I couldn't get rid of the block. So I got rid of the computer, instead, and I've spent most of the day today getting the new one set up. It's already been tried again on this computer, but it came with malware killer software so I was able to clean it up.

Destroy the Gun Industry?

That's what Hillary wants to do. She really thinks she can, and if she does, that will stop violent crime. Apparently, she's as stupid as the rest of the gun-grabber fools. If she ever managed to be successful in getting elected (which is highly unlikely), look for the knife industry to thrive. Look for knife deaths to increase markedly. That, and deaths from other tools and causes, such as clubs, saps, bush knives, bare hands, and explosives. Even bare hands. Meanwhile, the cops will be helpless to stop it, because they will have no guns, either. They have to obey even stupid laws. At the same time, guns will continue to flow into the United States from foreign sources (as usual), but at a faster rate. The cops will not have guns, so the criminals, who will get their guns regardless, will rule supreme. This is the kind of thinking ALL liberals do, never thinking about the RESULTS of their damned fool “laws.” And who suffers? Not those damned fool politicians. They will still have their armed security (they'll exempt themselves and their "security.") and they, like the criminals,will still get THEIR guns, also from foreign sources. (Truth About Guns)

They Don't Understand

Or they don't WANT to understand, why the city (Chicago) with the tightest gun laws, has the highest gun death and injury stats in the nation, as well. We know, and we've been telling them for years. But what we tell them has fallen on “deaf ears,” as they go right on making their USELESS “gun laws” that do NOTHING to “stem gun violence,” and actually INCREASE it, as they DISARM the honest, law-abiding people and see to it they never get training in proper gun handling. They criticize and demonize the NRA, which is one of the few organizations that DOES train people in proper gun handling and storage. So people, especially children, have no idea how to handle, or properly store their guns, and are more prone to make mistakes that sometimes kill people. Meanwhile, the “bad guys” continue to get their guns, ILLEGALLY, and use them to victimize the honest people, since they're unarmed. They think that, if they can eliminate the very MENTION of guns, it will help. On the contrary, what kills people is LACK of information about guns. If more law-abiding people were able to legally have guns for self defense, there would soon be fewer “bad guys” with their ILLEGAL guns, as they “kill them off” when they try and victimize them. But they don't listen. Their minds are made up, so we can't “confuse them with facts.” (America's First Freedom)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hillary: "NRA Unreasonable"

Whoohah! The NRA doesn't agree with her and shows it in everything it does. So it's “unreasonable.” I guess ANYBODY who disagrees with her on anything, and won't “come around” to her way of thinking HAS to be “unreasonable.” But the truth is, Hillary and the NRA hold COMPLETELY opposing positions on gun control. She wants to violate the Constitution and take our guns (therefore our ability for self-defense) away from us. The NRA fights to uphold our constitutional RIGHT to own and use the means to self-defense, a gun. There can BE no compromise between the two. Either there is a RIGHT to own guns, or there is NOT. Hillary believes NOT, in spite of the clear language in the Constitution otherwise. So I expect the NRA will continue to be “unreasonable” on the subject, while at the same time teaching people the proper handling of guns so they won't kill themselves or others.(Breitbart)

Pushing Gun Rights "Bullying?"

Not EVEN! Anti-gun fools, in this case notably, Democrat Rep. Elanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), she of little hair, says championing the constitutional right to own and use a gun is “bullying.” Really, now! Seems to me the ANTI-gun fools are the ones doing the bullying! They have set themselves to VIOLATE the Constitution, and nothing seems to sway them in their illegal course. Ms. Hairless has been heard from before. I guess she'd like to displace Sen. Feinstein as the most rabid anti-gun fool in the Congress. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) advanced legislation to return gun rights to DC residents and Rep. Norton right quick said that defense of gun rights is a “form of bullying.” How she figures that is in question. Stupidity, I guess. Since defending your rights is a natural thing, while trying to take them away IS “a form of bullying.” (Breitbart)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sec. of State Bloomberg?

Damn! What a horrible prospect THAT is! The most prolific “gun-grabber” on the planet running the State Department! Can there BE anything more frightening? Yes, there can. Hillary being president and able to appoint him. You think he can't do anything because of the Constitution? Just look at what OBAMA does! Deny the states the return of PART of their OWN money if they refuse to “knuckle under” to his illegal demands! You put that kind of power in the hands of somebody like Bloomberg at your own peril. We were lucky to survive when HILLARY was Sec. Of State, only because of her ignorance on how to wield that power. Of course, she has learned since, and giving her four years of time to learn more is very dangerous. If you elect her, nobody is going to escape the effect of her presidency. We will become a socialist country in effect, if not in FACT. And if you work and earn your way, YOU will be victimized—count on it. (Just common sense)

Stupid Reasoning

Gun grabbers say that if we could just do more research on guns, there'd be “no more murders.” As IF! That's like their damned fool notion that making a LAW against honest people carrying guns will keep CRIMINALS from carrying them. It's stupid. But you can't budge them in their beliefs. They're “set in stone.” They actually think they can make LAWS that will “eliminate guns forever!” They IGNORE all the cases of known felons who have guns, anyway, and who bring them into “gun-free zones,” in spite of the laws and “rules” that say, “no guns here!” “Researchers” who DO some “research” on the subject rely mostly on “facts” accumulated by a known anti-gun fool outfit whose only interest is making it harder for honest people to have guns for self defense, The “Gun Violence Archive.” They say the questions they ask in their “research” are, “Can we make guns safer or more child-proof?” and “What are the most effective ways to keep guns out of kids' hands?” NEVER on how to TEACH kids about guns and the fact that they're NOT toys and are dangerous, so they won't be as inclined to “play” with them, which is taught by the “hated” NRA. They IGNORE these efforts on the part of the NRA and look only at their efforts to preserve our constitutional right to own and use guns for self defense. (Las Vegas Sun)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

More Guns In Chicago

More ILLEGAL guns. Despite some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation, Chicago has more guns on the street than in NYC and Los Angeles, COMBINED. And most of them come from right outside Chicago in Lyons, IL, and are traceable to ONE gun dealer. They did something about that, with that gun dealer's cooperation, and therefore reduced the number of guns, somewhat. They also found that most shootings happened after altercations at certain bars. So they did something about that, too. And lowered the number some more, but both accounted for just a small number of the guns out there. They said that many “gun sales” were done at “gun shows” where unlicensed individuals (not necessarily holders of tables, but who were just “there”) buying and selling guns illegally. Why they specifically mentioned gun shows is in question, since that kind of activity goes on all the time, all over the city, and outside it. Another factor in “reducing gun violence” is INFORMATION. Not that put out by the anti-gun fools, REAL information that tells the REAL story, that gun violence is at its lowest ebb, since more people are buying guns for self defense. More and more burglars and “tough guys” who like to bully people with their ILLEGAL guns are getting killed and injured by LEGAL gun owners, which makes them more likely to go into other kinds of crime. (Wired)

The "Terrifying Rate"

This is the newspaper headline: “The terrifying rate at which children are killing themselves dead.” Then we take a look at the rate. By their own figures, it's 0.0003%. Doesn't seem so “terrifying,” does it? Except to the VICTIMS. They CLAIM it happens about “once a day.” The story linked below tells the story of a child who killed himself with a gun his grandmother hid under her bed. Obviously, she never heard of the “gun safety classes” run by the NRA. She probably hates the NRA, based on the lies she's been told by the anti-gun fools. But that LACK of information about proper “gun safety” and handling is what's responsible for this child's death. If the anti-gun fools would stop “demonizing” the NRA and push its efforts to teach people about gun safety, maybe we could further reduce such deaths, as more and more people use proper gun-handling methods, instead of “hiding them under the bed.” Children always know exactly where guns are hidden, even if they don't understand them. I know I did when I was a youngster, though I did know how dangerous they could be and mostly stayed away from them, and managed not to kill myself, or anybody else. (NY Post)

Friday, October 14, 2016

That's Jist Orful!

The guy who (allegedly) shot two cops in Boston before being killed, himself, didn't have a license for the gun he used! That's jist orful! He actually violated the law when he set out to kill a few cops! I thought laws limiting gun ownership for felons and crazies stopped them from getting them. You mean they don't? That they're USELESS? Well, what do ya know! It's like I've been saying, all along. The laws the anti-gun fools keep making do NOTHING to “stem gun violence,” and only INCREASE it by disarming honest, law-abiding people, who aren't the problem, anyway. This is the second time in a couple of days this has happened. The guy who shot and killed two cops in Palm Springs didn't have a license to own a gun, either, since he was a felon. But he got one, anyway, in spite of the “gun laws. Fancy that! This in California, a state with some of the tightest gun laws anywhere outside of Chicago, the “murder capital” of the United States. Hmmmmmm.... I wonder if the anti-gun fools will notice this. Doubtful; they're not smart enough. (Breitbart)

Gabby Changed Her Mind

The other day, I wrote an item about Gabby Giffords (one of the most vocal “gun-grabbers” on the planet) thinking “not enough people were killed at Newtown,” so she's going to concentrate on the West Palm Beach shooting, where 49 were killed, and another 50 wounded. But she has now announced her intention to go to Newtown and help them make even more USELESS gun laws, hoping to capitalize on the deaths of many CHILDREN, though not as many as the number of people who died in w. Palm Beach. I guess she figures you gotta take advantage of what's happening, and the Newtown people are independently working toward the same ends as she is. So she decided her input could make their effort more powerful. So now she's pandering to them. (Hartford Courant)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Killing Pro-Gun Bills

Florida State Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla (D-Miami) supported many pro-gun bills—until a Boloomberg group offered him money to kill them. So he did. Portilla is an excellent example of how the Cubans have “taken over” in Miami after “running” from Castro. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing, but notice he is a Democrat, doing non-Democrat things—until liberal anti-gun fools offered him money to go against his principles. Which he did, willingly, and quickly. Politicians of Spanish descent are well known for their corruption, mostly in Mexico. But Cubans are good at it, too, apparently. And that's NOT racism, it's common sense, just looking at the facts. (Guns)

Out In the Open

Politicians and POLICE politicians usually try to hide their gun confiscation efforts. Now some of them actually have units DEDICATED to “gun confiscation,” and even have special squad cars MARKED “gun confiscation unit,” in spite of the fact that ANY kind of “gun confiscation” is ILLEGAL under the Constitution, which is the BASIS for ALL of our laws. If you don't know that, you need to take the college free course on the Constitution put on by Hillsdale College. It's an online course, and is completely FREE. In any case, the Huffington Post is now pushing STEALING guns, to destroy them. Although I'll bet many of those stealing them will not be destroying them, but will be using them to victimize honest people, who don't usually steal ANYTHING. (Huffington Post)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lawbreaking By Fiat

I can't understand what motivates all the fools who want to get rid of our gun rights, in spite of the fact that the Constitution, which forms the BASIS for ALL our laws, GUARANTEES that right. One of the basic NATURAL rights is that of self defense, and the Constitution guarantees us the right to own and use the tools of that self defense. But they want to take away that right, anyway. People like Hillary Clinton PROMISE to do so, yet they expect to get elected to high office, in spite of it, and in spite of their own CRIMES. Grounds for impeachment include being guilty of “crimes and misdemeanors.” Few candidates go INTO office with KNOWN “crimes and misdemeanors." Wanting to remove our gun rights is a SIGNAL that the politician wishing to do so is a criminal him/herself and wants no opposition. (Breitbart)

"The Science Is Settled"

I've always been suspicious any time somebody says “the science is settled” on ANYTHING. Particularly global warming (now known as “climate change” to keep fooling the nation and sucking up money). But in this instance, it may be true. More people are killed by falling off ladders, falling down stairs, in cars, and by consuming household chemicals than they are by guns—and that includes justifiable shootings. So why don't the anti-gun fools go after ladders, stairways, cars, and household chemicals? Because they know banning such things is impossible. They claim guns are only good for shooting people, and they're right. But WHY they kill people is important. Most ILLEGAL guns out there are used to victimize innocent people. But others are used to DEFEND against the first group, and without them, we're at the mercy of ILLEGAL gun owners. Trying to ban ALL guns is the usual short-sighted action of the anti-gun fools, and they refuse to be deterred, or turned in a logical direction. So we have to keep fighting them, spending a lot of time and money that would not be necessary if they could see reason. (Joe Huffman)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Twisting Words

Liberals are good at twisting words to suit themselves, as liberal Justice Stephen Breyer showed again with his opinion, given on the Charlie Rose Show that the Second Amendment did not refer to an INDIVIDUAL right. That this is a liberal fantasy is well known, and he is just parroting it. But what makes it bad is that he is a Supreme Court Justice and his opinion can affect the rights of millions of citizens. The purpose of the Second Amendment is well known: it is to make sure INDIVIDUALS are armed if the government “calls them up” in defense of the country. A secondary purpose, spoken of many times by the Founders, is to “keep the government honest” by making sure the people are never disarmed. The first thing a dictator wannabe does is disarm the populace. Then he “kills off” all the dissidents. The Second Amendment was designed to prevent that from happening, and has worked well for years in doing just that. But, since among liberals are MANY “dictator wannabes,” they continuously try and “get around” the constitutional protection of the Second Amendment. We need to stay vigilant and never allow them to prevail. (America's First Freedom)

Kardashian Wants Armed Security

After being robbed at gunpoint, Kim Kardashian, a very vocal anti-gun fool, now wants more armed security. Thus proving again, that an anti-gun fool is just somebody who has never been robbed at gunpoint. She lost (she says) $10 million dollars' worth of jewelry to an armed robber in a terrifying robbery. Now she wants people with GUNS guarding her “stash,” what's left of it. Of course, what the hell she was doing with that much jewelry around WITHOUT security is a question. It shows the lack of intelligence by anti-gun fools on security. I'd bet she STILL is against us “po' folks” being armed, though she wants to be protected, herself. Like most anti-gun fools. It's a “common theme” for anti-gun fools to be armed, themselves, or go around surrounded by armed men for protection, while denying the rest of us the same right. (Breitbart)

Monday, October 10, 2016

He's Absolutely Right!

An Alabama police chief is getting a lot of flack (from Muslims and Muslim-lovers, of course) for saying they ought to “dip their bullets in bacon grease” to fight Muslim extremists because Muslims fear ANYTHING that has anything to do with pigs. And he's right. Doing something like that can be a “death knell” to the Islamic terrorist movement, because that's their main weakness. That's too strong a teaching to eliminate. Of course, the Muslims and Muslim-lovers will scream to high heaven when he says it, and that's a good thing. Anything they fear so much can only be a winner for us. Muslims call it “religious bigotry,” but that's a phony charge, using their usual con. It has nothing to do with religion—at least, not on our side. It's simply a common sense answer to their murderous actions. If they didn't demonize pigs and everything that has anything to do with them, this wouldn't strike fear into the hearts of those who want to KILL us. Objecting to this shows plainly their intent. The more flack he gets over this, the more it shows their intent. (Law Newz)

"Bloomberg, Pound Sand!"

In Maine and Nevada, the forces of the anti-gun fools headed by former New York City Mayor Bloomberg tried to get a measure passed for “universal background checks” that was opposed by many local sheriffs. And what they told him was essentially to “go pound sand.” Much like the response he got in Colorado when he tried to meddle in our local gun laws. They told him, rightly, that such a measure would have NO EFFECT on “gun violence” and was thus a USELESS law, and shouldn't pass. And they're right, just as they're right about ALL the gun laws he promotes. NONE of them have ANY effect on “gun violence” because they target the GUN, not the HOLDER of the gun. Maybe one day the anti-gun fools will “tumble” to that, but I doubt it. They're not smart enough. That's obvious by their basic thinking that if you eliminate guns, you can eliminate crime, too. (Liberty Park Press)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Not Enough People Killed"

They call it a “small, but vocal minority.” That's what they think the people who respect the constitutional prohibition on banning guns are. Which shows how IGNORANT they are. And Gabby Giffords and her ex-astronaut husband don't think enough people were killed at Townville, so they still concentrate on the Pulse nightclub tragedy, where 49 people were killed. They call it “gun violence.” But actually, it's simply “violence,” with a capital “V.” It would not matter if guns were non-existent, the killing would still go on; with knives, bombs, even bare hands, if necessary. People who want to kill will find a way, and blaming the gun will not stop the violence as long as violent PEOPLE still exist. This is a “short-sighted “solution,” at best. At worst, it CAUSES even more violence as innocent people are disarmed in the face of attacks from people who don't obey “gun laws.” They just don't understand that, and that causes more and more people to die as law-abiding people obey their laws and “rules,” while “bad guys” do not. (Orlando Sentinel)

Dads Demand Guns

”Because it's my ass that has to go see what that noise was.” When the wife wakes up and hears a noise, she does not go to find out what it was. I do. So do I go out there with nothing to use to defend myself if somebody who shouldn't be there is there, and has an ILLEGAL gun? Anti-gun fools say I should “just go back to bed and ignore it.” Safer that way. Also it gives the interloper free rein to steal my belongings, and maybe even come to my bedroom later and kill me. And my wife. No, sir. Not me. I'm going to go out there with my LEGAL gun in my hand, and KILL the SOB if I have to, to defend myself, and my family. If I can't get a gun legally, I'll get it any way I can, for self-defense. Nothing more. And I don't give a damn what your silly “gun laws” say. If I go to jail for that, so be it. My family will be safe. The only thing your silly “gun laws” do is make life easier for the burglars and thugs out there. They do NOTHING to make life safer for us human beings. If I have to break the law to make my family safe, I will. And be damned to you, and your “gun laws.” When the cops take over an HOUR to get there (as they did recently on a "burglary in progress" call in DC), I'm the only defense my family has. (Fox 5 DC)

Friday, October 7, 2016

"World With No Guns"

One imbecile made a film titled, “I Want to Live In A World With NO Guns,” and Obama has invited the maker to the White House. Why not? That's a good place for imbeciles to gather. People who actually believe that if laws were made to outlaw guns, that would make guns disappear from the world, and those who believe that one degree rise in temperature over one hundred years is a “national emergency," and that man could actually cause it, probably think they can put toothpaste back in the tube, too. This guy not only wants all guns gone, he wants the cops to be gone, too. Which signals to me he is a “budding criminal” who wants to victimize people without being bothered by the cops. Obama has signaled his own criminal tendencies by “honoring” this fool! If all guns were actually gone, including the ones normally held by the cops, he and his friends could “run wild” and victimize others at will. Such pipe dreams are the “stuff of legends” among liberals, who aren't too well supplied in the brain department. There are some real damned fools in this world, and one of them is sitting in the White House. (Breitbart)

102 More Criminals

Obama talks a good game on crime control while doing everything he can to increase it. If he thinks commuting the sentences of 102 more criminals, many of them with gun crimes will reduce crime, we need to commit him to a mental hospital. He's INSANE! I can see his purpose. It's to bolster his claims that “crime is out of control” so he can make more and better laws to better control all of us in the name of “crime control” and “gun control. He figures releasing so many criminals will do two things: one, they'll commit even more crimes, and two: they'll vote more Democrats back into office. Felons can't vote, you say? Watch 'em! If you think these 102 felons (and all the others he has released) won't vote illegally, since they don't have to properly identify themselves )because Democrats won't allow it,) they need to send you to the mental hospital alongside Obama. Obama has commuted the sentences of more criminals than the last ELEVEN presidents, COMBINED! What's the reason? I just told you, above. (Guns)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Why Cops Kill

Because if you shoot to wound, they may be able to shoot back, and that can get the cop killed. Cops are trained to “shoot to stop,” and the surest way to stop the perp is a “kill shot.” and that criminal is usually trying to kill that cop, at the time. And when he's dead, he isn't killing anybody. Yes, there are times when cops make a mistake and kill an unarmed person. Sometimes it's hard to tell if that person is, or is not armed, and the cop has to make a split-second decision that may cost him his own life if he's wrong. “Monday morning quarterbacks: constantly criticize the cops when this happens, after many hours of consideration the cop on the scene doesn't have, but it DOES happen. And yes, there are times when the cop IS wishing to kill the suspect. There are “bad apples” in every barrel.

Some of those cases arise because of the things that perp did, causing lots of anger and a “don't care attitude” on the part of the cops. Especially if that perp is KNOWN to have killed a cop, or a defenseless person—like a woman or a child. Yes, that's not right. But it does happen. Another factor is that witnesses LIE. Often they are friends of the perp, and just want to incriminate the cops. So they tell lies, like the “hands up, don't shoot” lie in Ferguson, MO. And the testimony of the perp's wife in Charlotte, NC, that the perp “has never owned a gun,” KNOWING that he has served 7 years in the pen for a gun crime, and after she, herself once took out a restraining order against him for threatening her with a gun. The whole thing is blown way out of proportion by criminals, who just want to do away with the police presence, so they can commit their crimes, unopposed. (CNN)

More Proof

A Waffle House that is “gun-free” in Georgia has been robbed TWICE recently. I guess their “no guns” policy didn't work very well, did it? Too bad. I liked the Waffle House near where I live. Too bad I'll never go back there. I don't want to be shot by some fool criminal who doesn't obey such rules, and SEEKS OUT places with a rule like that because he can be pretty sure there will be no guns there to oppose him. These liberal damned fools never learn. Their policies fail time and time again, but they insist on keeping them, while more and more people keep getting victimized by them. This proves that the people making these laws and policies don't have much in the “brain locker.” Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result is the DEFINITION of insanity. (Guns)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Celebs Increase Armed Security

After the Kim Kardashian jewel robbery, celebrities are increasing their armed security while still being against gun rights for “:normal people.” Apparently they think if you can afford to hire your guns to be carried for you, armed security is okay. But nobody should be allowed to carry their own guns, unless they're in the armed security business. This is a typical elitist attitude, where “special people” should be allowed things denied to “normal people.” It's the same with politicians, who mostly all run around surrounded by men carrying guns while denying us the right to carry our own guns for self protection. Some politicians even have their own guns, in addition to their armed security. One of those is Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the most vocal anti-gun fools, who has a “carry permit” to augment the protection provided by her paid “security.” (The Mail)

Homicides At Lowest Rate

The lowest rate since 1966. Betcha didn't know that, with all the anti-gun rhetoric lies being tossed around by people who should know better, but don't. Violent crime did TRIPLE between 1966 and 1991. But then, more and more honest citizens began buying guns to defend themselves against all those ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals. One thing usually not mentioned is that most gun crime is gang-related. In other words, kids too young to have guns legally, running around killing each other for being in the wrong place. But anti-gun fools keep aiming their “laws” at LEGAL gun owners, who are NOT the problem, and IGNORE those who ARE the problem. Thus, they make it harder and harder for honest, law-abiding people to defend themselves against all the ILLEGAL guns out there. There are many other things you should know, but no room here to list them all. To learn them, read the article linked here. (Libertarian Republic)

Monday, October 3, 2016

"Getting Around" the Constitution

Every law hindering honest people in the use of guns for self defense is an effort to “get around” the constitutional prohibition on “abridging” the gun rights of all honest (non-felon) Americans. Making databases of gun owners is an attempt to abridge gun ownership, as are “gun-free zones.” Those who are not criminals and are authorized gun carriers (for any reason) should be able to carry their guns ANYWHERE, unopposed by ignorant property owners of municipal ordinances. EVERY anti-gun law made so far is intended to LIMIT the ability of honest people to be able to get their guns in action quick enough to defend against criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists who, since they usually have ILLEGAL guns, aren't bothered by them. Such things as trigger locks, storing guns and ammo in different places, or even ALLOWING concealed carry (as in one state) but the gun must be UNLOADED, are DESIGNED to “get around” the constitutional prohibition. “Okay, we can't just BAN guns, so let's just make them impossible to use!” In one place, they put a $1,000 tax on each gun, which was declared unconstitutional, and rightly so. (Marianas Variety)

Here We Go Again!

Cops killed a “young teenager” in the LA area,”shooting him in the back.” He was “unarmed,” and he was “running away with his hands up.” Yeah, right! Cops found guns on the scene. I wonder who was carrying them? And I seriously doubt he was “running away with his hands in the air,” crying, “I'm unarmed!” Of course, nobody talks about the stolen car he was riding in with his friend, and the possibility that he was a street gang member, and was trying to kill those cops. They emphasize his youth, and the fiction that he was “running away,” and “unarmed.” That's a pattern with the “Black Lives Matter fools. Lie, lie, lie, and twist the truth. And even when the lie is PROVED, insist on TELLING the lie. Facts don't seem to matter to them. They do everything they can to obfuscate the facts and make the cops “the bad guys.” All they want is for the cops to “go away” and leave the field to them and the rest of the thugs. So they can loot and burn, and steal people's belongings. (TheTruth About Guns)

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Chicago: The Murder Capital

hicago, IL, has some of the tightest gun laws in the nation, and they do no good at all. They not only don't keep guns out of the hands of potential killers, they ENCOURAGE them to obtain them ILLEGALLY. One of their biggest “gun problems” is youth street gangs, who regard stealing, intimidating of “normal” people, and “running wild” as “fun.” They don't give a second's thought to the possible consequences of their actions, such as being shot and killed, themselves. Yes, adult criminals and other “bad guys” account for other deaths, but the highest number of “gun deaths” are caused by street gang members, out to “have fun.” None of this is stopped, or even slowed down by all their tight gun laws, and they don't know what to do. So they just keep on making USELESS “gun laws” that do NOTHING to stop the gun violence, sometimes caused by a boy (gang member) who ventures into the wrong block. (Hot Air)

"Sitting Ducks"

Many shopping malls, restaurants, and other establishments are making “sitting ducks” out of all their customers. Outfits like Target stores, Wal-Mart, Panera Bread restaurants, and others who have declared their stores “gun-free zones” leave their customers defenseless against criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. Islamic terrorists have “targeted” “gun-free malls” for their shooting rampages because they know there will most likely be NO GUNS there to oppose them, so they can come in and kill as many people as possible before “good guys with guns” arrive and kill them. Schools, too, are well-known “target-rich” environments. This is generally true of the “big box stores” that prohibit their customers from bringing their legally-carried guns onto their property. They are “targeted” by would-be mass shooters because there are usually lots of unarmed, defenseless people there. But they also target smaller places, such as Panera Bread, and other smaller stores too, because they are “low-hanging fruit,” and it's like “shooting fish in a barrel.” The cops will eventually arrive, but not until they have killed many people. And they might even escape before the cops arrive. Criminals and other “ne'er-do-wells” don't worry about bringing their guns into such places, just as they don't usually buy their guns legally. So the only people who OBEY such restrictions are the law-abiding, who are not usually the problem, anyway. (NRA News)

Saturday, October 1, 2016

"Only Cops Should Have Guns"

John Legend (whom I've never heard of, but apparently a lot of people have) says, cops are prone to kill “innocent” blacks. But “only cops should have guns.” I've said, many times, that liberals don't use logic. That they don't even know what it is, and DENY it's very existence. Then people like this Legend character come out of the woodwork and prove me right, again and again. Meanwhile, that “Black lives matter” gang of fools wants to establish “cop-free zones” where their members can commit their crimes, unbothered by a cop. I sure hope if they're actually taken seriously (and in this day and age, with liberals running things everywhere, somebody may well do it), I don't live in one of their “cop-free zones” where cops aren't allowed. Because if it happens, and one of them accosts me, he's going to DIE. Legend blames “cops being nervous and quick to shoot” on all the gun violence, ignorant of the fact that almost ALL of it is committed by ILLEGAL gun owners, something ALL their laws can do NOTHING about. He says that, in places where guns are prohibited, their violent crime rates and suicide rates go down, and he's wrong. Just the opposite is true. Crime rates SOAR, and so do suicide rates. They still use guns, usually obtained ILLEGALLY. (Breitbart)

China: "Gun Free"

They have effectively BANNED guns in communist China, for anybody except the cops and government agents. So how did this guy kill his family, and 17 neighbors, to cover up crimes he had committed? They don't say HOW he killed them, since if he used a gun, it would be “bad press” for the government. Even if he didn't use a gun, as most killers in China don't (they use knives, poison, homemade explosives, or arson), it's “bad press.” So they don't mention the method. This proves again what I've been saying all along. A potential murderer, if he can't get a gun, will find a way, as this guy did (If he's guilty, which he is, since in California, you're “guilty until proven innocent”) There will always be guns. Smuggling guns into areas where they are prohibited is “big business,” and is more profitable in such areas than in areas where they are easier to obtain. (Fox News)