Friday, August 7, 2015

CNN: "Need for Gun Control"

Liberals can twist ANYTHING into a call for their useless, murderous “gun control “laws. CNN says the latest theater shooting (where the only bullets fired came from cops' guns) is proof we need more gun control. What a big LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! The poor guy didn't HAVE a gun. All he had is a PELLET gun and an axe, and he was shot down like a dog by cops. Maybe we should have more “axe laws.” All that proves is that if a crazy wants to be a “shooter” he will use a CAP gun, if necessary. All their “gun laws” would have made NO DIFFERENCE. How CNN equates this as “need for more gun laws,” I can't fathom. But then, I have trouble with a lot of liberal “thinking.” It lacks logic. In fact, liberals have been known to deny the EXISTENCE of logic. Most of their thinking lacks logic. And they're “in charge” almost everywhere. That isn't very logical, either. (Conservative Byte)

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