Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ferguson 3.0

That's what they're trying to create in Texas. A teenager (liberal translation meaning “innocent child”) They never recognize the possibility that “teenager” might be a seasoned criminal. Or even a gang member. Trevon Martin was buying ingredients to use in making dope. He “targeted” “that white man” who he thought was following him and tried his best to kill him before he, himself was killed. Mike Brown (in Ferguson, MO) was a huge thug who BULLED his way through life intimidating everybody he came in contact with until he met a cop he couldn't
intimidate. In this case the guy was clearly committing many felonies, was obviously high on drugs that cancel out pain, and the stun gun had no effect on him. Guys in that situation don't need a gun to be deadly, so he was shot. The cop was white. So of course, the liberals go bananas. Not so outside of Houston, where a black man sneaked up BEHIND a while cop and shot him to death. To demonstrate against that doesn't advance their agenda, so no riots. I think we need to start looking at these cases OBJECTIVELY, not according to the incendiary words used in liberal media coverage. (Daily Caller)

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