Saturday, August 29, 2015

Going Way Too Far

Chuckie Cheese has a “no-gun policy” in its stores, which makes “sitting ducks” of its customers, and INVITES fools to “come in and shoot us up.” One of which DID not too long ago. Usually such a policy doesn't apply to police officers, who carry guns as a means both for self-protection, and to protect us all. But not to Chuckie cheese, apparently. When this cop came in one of their stores, with a gun on his hip as part of his uniform, they refused him service, and threw him out. Is there any limit to the STUPIDITY of the “anti-gun crowd?” I wonder if they would ban that cop from their store if he/she came in response to a report of an “active shooter” shooting up the kids having a party there? Would they try and throw the shooter out without the help of a “good guy with a gun?” I've always thought the “anti-gun crowd” wasn't too smart, but this reveals an ignorance that exceeds all expectations. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

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