Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"What Are You Afraid Of?"

If you carry a gun, what are you afraid of?” That's the question often asked of pro-gun people by anti-gun nuts. As if carrying a gun for self-protection was, somehow, “unmanly.” But the proper answer is, “I'm afraid of all the people who carry ILLEGAL guns and want to use them to victimize me!” In short, I want to “level the playing field” (which is a favorite saying of liberals). Anti-gun nuts seem to think the only danger from guns comes from LEGAL gun owners, when it actually comes from the owners of ILLEGAL guns, about which all the current type of “gun laws” do NOTHING. They ignore completely the danger out there from people who carry ILLEGAL guns and use them daily to victimize innocent Americans. Not even to mention the Islamic terrorists Obama is importing by the THOUSANDS, who have PROMISED to kill as many “Infidels (non-believers)” as they can. And America, which is a CHRISTIAN nation, is “fertile ground” for people who want to kill “unbelievers.” (Gun Link)

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