Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Concealed Carry In All States

Did you know that “concealed carry” is now allowed for most people in ALL states, today? Illinois was the last state allowing it. Remember the Clackamas “mass shooting?” It was stopped by a “Concealed Carry” holder without firing a shot. The “perp” saw the guy preparing to shoot and killed himself instead of others. 'Result? Only two (besides the gunman) killed, in a case that could have been much worse. There have been several other instances where a would-be mass shooter was foiled by a legal gun carrier, and there will be more, as more and more people become legally armed. But legislative FOOLS will continue to try and make laws that disarm honest people. Laws that don't affect the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals. Some will succeed, and some will fail. Obama has said his most frustrating thing is his failure to take away more of our guns. Where guns are allowed for honest people, crime predictably goes down, as would-be shooters go into other forms of crime because they fear being shot themselves by their intended victims. This is also as predicted by us “gun nuts.” Meanwhile, in places like Chicago, where they have the tightest gun laws around, gun crime has gone up. Just recently, “Mother Jones,” not a gun-friendly magazine, flubbed, and reported that where guns are legal, crime goes down. I wonder who got fired over that. (Breitbart)

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