Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Being Pro-Gun Not Extreme

Anti-gun fools want to make you think being pro-gun is an extreme position, and to be such means you’re an extremist on all issues. But it isn’t true (as are most things they preach). What they think of as “extreme” is not extreme, at all. They think being against letting gays usurp the word “marriage” is extreme. It’s not. Just because someone wants to keep the word “marriage” to mean a union between a MAN and a WOMAN, somehow that makes you an “extremist.” It does not. They use this method to “marginalize” people who disagree with them. As an aside, I’ll say, I have nothing against two men or two women making a contract between them exactly like marriage. But I will not allow them to usurp the WORD “marriage” to describe it. That is NOT an “extreme” position, much as liberals would like us to think it is. This is a standard scam liberals use to “marginalize” us on all issues. (Bearing Arms)

Violence Policy Center Lies (Again)

 They put out a report in which they claim that 189 people, all legal gun carriers, committed SUICIDE from 2007 to 2012. Unfortunately, only 639 NATIONALLY died during that period, and Michigan suicides made up only 29% of that total. This is an indication of how the anti-gun fools LIE to support their attempts to destroy the Second Amendment. Then there’s the “Moms” doubling the number of supporters who actually attended their “companion gathering” in Indianapolis with the NRA.  These women can’t seem to tell the truth about ANYTHING; much like Obama, who would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It Was A "Gun-Free Zone"

But that didn’t make any difference to the guy who shot up the FedEx depot in Kennesaw, Georgia. Proof positive that “gun-free zones” do absolutely nothing to stop a crazy from shooting up a place. As they found in a similar attempted shooting in a Colorado Springs church, ONE PERSON who is armed and not afraid to use her gun can make all the difference in the world. This tiny woman shot the would-be shooter and ended his shooting spree. She was legally armed and the church approved, thus saving I don’t know how many lives. Six people were shot at FedEx, and two are in critical condition. All because some short-sighted people banned guns from the premises. (Gun Free Zone)

35th Gun Defense In Oklahoma

 They’re keeping track of how many times people use their legal guns to defend themselves against criminal attacks in Oklahoma, and they’re up to 35 already this year. 1,106 nationwide, overall. In this case, the crook called the cops himself after being hit several times while a homeowner defended his home and himself. The “bad guy” did make it home, and called the cops to get help with his serious wounds. Liberals claim there ARE no cases of people being able to defend themselves with their legal guns, but this, and many other cases, proves otherwise. But they’ll keep on telling their lies, in spite of sure evidence to the contrary. (Guns Save Lives)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Professor Destroys Anti-Gun Arguments

In one fell swoop, he destroyed the anti-gun freaks’ arguments to keep school staff unarmed as a means to stop school shootings. Eric Diet, former homeland Security Director for Indiana, now a professor at Purdue found that just 10% of school staff and ONE armed security guard would significantly reduce the victims from school shootings. Time is of the most importance, and a shooter can kill many people while the cops are “on the way.”  But with armed staff, his time to kill before somebody shoots HIM is very limited. But will they listen? NO. They’ll ignore it. They always do ignore evidence that proves them wrong, and ridicule it, while the laws they make get many people killed. “The research found that the most critical element to reducing casualties in an active shooter situation at a school is 'time',” Dietz said. Obviously, the less time a shooter has to carry out his twisted plan, the less people the shooter can kill.” And with more armed people already on the scene, the less chance he has to kill more people. (The Blaze)

To Protect Yourself

A former Seal Team member tells us one of the BASIC things we need to know in order to protect ourselves. Dom Raso, who has killed many “bad guys,” puts it simply: “Get your nose out of your phone.” But it’s a little wider than that. It’s “spacial awareness.” Knowing what’s going on around you. Not everybody runs into power poles while walking and looking at their tiny screens while the crooks line up on them. But most people still pay no attention to what’s happening around them and are thus surprised when they’re accosted by criminals and robbed, beaten, and sometimes killed. Personally, I’ve been trained to observe everything around me, and that has mostly kept me safe during my 76 years of life. But one of the most important things you can do IS stay aware of what’s going on around you, and never go where danger might await. (The Blaze)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Good for Us, Not for Them

Shannon Watts, of “Moms Against Guns” (or some such bullcrap name), appeared at the Moms soiree held well away from the NRA meeting in Indianapolis and, to all reports, she (AND other anti-gun fools) were accompanied by tough-looking, black suited ogres with suspicious bulges under their arms or at their backs. Seems like all anti-gun fools who show up at such gatherings do so with ARMED security while they insist on DENYING us “little people” such rights. This is not a new development. Politicians (like Sen. Diane Feinstein) who work HARD to deny us the right to self defense and to carry the means to it, a gun, go around armed themselves, or surrounded by armed security. This is a well-known FACT. Not to be denied. I can also remember several liberal pundits who are adamantly AGAINST guns for “the little people,” but who themselves have and use guns in their own defense. (Gun Free Zone)

All NRA Speakers GOP

ALL NRA SPEAKERS GOP: It seems like every speaker at the NRA convention in Indianapolis is a Republican. I wonder why. Could it be that Democrats are not smart enough to realize that the only way to defend ourselves against illegally-armed criminals is to have our own guns and know how to use them? Or do they carry their own guns, as former San Francisco mayor, and now the best-known anti-gun fool out there, Sen. Feinstein (best known for waving an automatic weapon around with her finger on the trigger at an anti-gun meeting), who DOES carry her own gun but wants to deny us the same right SHE exercises for herself? And I remember another liberal gun-hating COLUMNIST who shot an invader to his home and was charged with a crime by officious prosecutors. They PREACH it, but they don’t PRACTICE it. I think most pf them are either armed, or have armed security to carry their guns for them. What’s good for the goose doesn’t seem to be good for the gander. Bloomberg says he’ll spend $50 million to defeat NRA, but guess what? 100 million MEMBERS will spend $24 each, or MORE to defeat Bloomberg. How’s THAT?  (The Guardian)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sorry Folks

I had to bury my wife of 40 plus years yesterday and I was sick all day in the bargain, starting at 3 AM. I just didn’t feel up to working.

The "Violence Policy Center"

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Sounds like they have a plan to curb violence, doesn’t it? But they don’t. They’re just one more bunch of anti-gun fools who think (erroneously) that disarming us ALL will keep guns away from criminals. Of course, since criminals never obey ANY laws, it will not work. But don’t try to pound that into the granite-like heads of the anti-gun fools. They don’t hear ANYTHING that might tend to prove them the fools they are. You tell them their work KILLS people and they call YOU a fool and ridicule you. Meanwhile, people die because they have no way to defend themselves against the illegal guns in the hands of criminals or crazies. They have no answer to actually KEEPING guns out of the hands of criminals, who obey no laws, but they keep making their useless laws, anyway. (Bearing Arms)

Make A Liberal Go Bananas

Just show them this video that shows the usual thing: a woman, all alone, finding a man with a knife outside her door trying to get in. It’s what she DOES then that makes liberal and all anti-gun fools crazy. Click the link, and enjoy. This should be the outcome in every such case, no matter what hairy reasons liberals come up with in their efforts to disarm all honest people while doing NOTHING about criminals, who always get their guns, anyway. (Eagle Rising)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Is It A Government Conspiracy?

Many people insist that the government is building up its supply of ammunition to take ammo out of the hands of possible objectors to its excesses in the future. Others say they’re preparing for a revolution.  But a full consideration of facts shows that the Homeland Security agency has many different government agencies under its command, and the number of bullets bought or wanted is very small when divided up among all those armed agencies, which include the  Border Patrol, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Secret Service, FEMA, and the Customs Service. And that doesn’t even mention the SWAT teams the AGRICULTURE Department has—and other agencies you wouldn’t think had need for SWAT teams. And that scares me. I think they’re just expecting trouble and want to have enough bullets on hand to kill as many of us as they can. Keeping bullets from us is only a small part of it, and I don’t think it’s a “conspiracy.” It just works out to look that way. The whole point is, they’re buying (and using) a lot more than this one purchase to supply ALL the multiplicity of “federal agencies" out there. (Uncommon Gun Sense)

Some Politicians Get It

They passed a law in Georgia that allows concealed carriers to carry heir guns into certain places like bars, churches, schools, and government buildings. One group criticized it as “guns everywhere.” But is that a real criticism? “Guns everywhere” can be a GOOD THING, if the guns are in the hands of good people. After much publicized mass shootings lately, some states have called for more restrictive gun laws (as if criminals obeyed laws!). But others opted for allowing people to carry their guns in more places. Of course, this was fostered by Republicans, giving Democrats something to criticize. Democrats aren’t smart enough to do it. The law still allows people to control their own property, allowing churches and bar owners, say, to ban guns from their establishments, thereby creating places where armed criminals (who obey no laws) are invited to come in and shoot it up, so it’s not a perfect law. They note that schools have been “gun-free zones” for a long time, but have been targets for gun-toting criminals. (Town Hall)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ARES Refuses to Be Extorted

They have filed for a restraining order against ATF (or BATFE as it’s now known, since all those “agencies have changed their names so we won’t recognize them as easily. I have a different name for it and it ends in "uck" instead of "E."), which not only wants to “confiscate” (steal) their inventory, they want the names and addresses of their CUSTOMERS so they can harass them. They offered NOT to raid them if they would give them their inventory and the names of their customers. Sounds like extortion, to me. ARES has obtained a temporary restraining order against ANY such raid on the basis that the “part” the government contends IS a “weapon” is NOT. “The BATFE has expressed interest in obtaining Ares Armor’s customer list in the past and is now attempting to strong-arm us with undue threats based on information they know to be incorrect. Our customer’s privacy is of the utmost importance to us. I cannot in good moral conscience turn over a list of names to the BATFE just because they unduly threaten us with an unjust raid based on information they know to be false,” (Guns)

The Evidence Is There

Anti-gun fools tell you that gun ownership for honest people will NOT result in gun owners successfully defending themselves against criminals, armed and not armed. That’s a LIE. There ARE instances of that all over, and I can go to numerous web sites where such instances are detailed, with the sources. It happens almost every day, somewhere. The site shown lists many such instances and the source is NOT them. The sources are news media all over the nation, but they’re treated as “local stories.” The national media does NOT pick them up, as a rule. Therefore the anti-gun fools can falsely CLAIM this doesn’t happen and you won't know the difference. The same is true of stories about child abuse BY the “child protectors,” which I also work to make them national stories to show the world how prevalent it is. (NRA-ILA)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"My Place In Heaven Guaranteed"

That’s what former Mayor Bloomberg says, but he’s wrong. Trampling on people’s rights will NOT earn you a “place in Heaven.” That’s presumptuous of him to even THINK that. His activities taking away the right to self-defense and the right to carry and use the means to that, the gun, have caused many people to be killed because they have no way to defend themselves against the guns in the hands of CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws. Causing people to die will NOT get you into Heaven. People who think so are not only STUPID, they’re EVIL. And that will NEVER get you into Heaven. Whatever gave him the idea he was “doing God’s work” is as arrogant and delusional as he is. (News Busters)

It's Not Just About Guns

Every time I turn around, some liberal (mostly Obama and his thugs) are trying to “overrule” the Constitution. And when they can’t they just ignore it  until the courts (which are usually on their side) overrule THEM. Cities pass gun bans and are overruled. Then they regroup and do it again, and are overruled again. The feds pass laws against gun ownership for honest people who OBEY laws, which do not affect gun ownership for CRIMINALS, who buy theirs out of the trunks of cars owned by other criminals in alleys somewhere . Tight gun laws just make it easier for that to happen. But an overlook tells me that Obama and his henchmen are trying their best to destroy the Constitution itself, not just the Second Amendment. Right now, they are conspiring with Muslims to make a law CRIMINALIZING the critics of Islam, even if true. If that makes it into law, we are DOOMED because Muslims can go on murdering innocent people and people like me cannot say a WORD against it. then Obama, who already calls opposition to his policies racism, includes that in “hate speech.” We must be vigilant, and stop every effort to subvert the Constitution by those terrorists in office. (Daily Caller)

Monday, April 21, 2014

"Citizens Only" Unlawful

The top court in New Mexico has ruled its “citizens only” CCW ordinance unconstitutional because it unfairly works against non-citizen residents (not illegal aliens). New Mexico apparently thought they could discriminate against people who lived there but weren’t “citizens” of that state. They were wrong, and the Second Amendment foundation (SAF) went to court and showed them they were wrong. I don’t know about the politicians who think they can “get around the Constitution” by making such laws. I’m glad we have Alan Gottlieb and the Second Amendment Foundation to prove them wrong. (SAF)

The Power to License

Includes the power to say, “no.”  Norridge, IL initially gave Tony Kole  a license to sell guns. Then it changed its mind, took it away, and basically BANNED all gun sales in the village. It seemed like a good way to “get around” the constitutional prohibition on making ANY laws prohibiting gun ownership, but it is not. If you can’t BUY a gun, you can’t USE it in self-defense. What the hell is this tiny municipality THINKING? Where do they get the idea they can basically violate the Constitution with their little ordinance? Now Kole and the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) are taking them to court to decide the issue. I predict Kole will win. This will be the same court remember, that reversed CHICAGO’S gun ban. (Harvard Law Review)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Going "Anti-Gun Crazy"

That’s what’s happening all over the country under the banner, “Zero Tolerance.” What that means is its practitioners absolve themselves of logic and reason in their actions against other people in their small sphere of influence and “authority.” When asked why they make stupid decisions, they say, it’s “Zero Tolerance,” and no opposition is allowed. It’s used like the term “gang activity” to explain why the cops make no effort to investigate your son’s murder. Same thing applies to “It’s the Mafia,” to explain why the crime will never be solved. Today, school “officials” suspend children from school for pointing their fingers (like guns) at people or cutting a piece of pastry in the vague SHAPE of a gun. It’s stupid, but they use it to the hilt. In one case in Virginia, a child is suspended AND facing criminal charges for—wait for it—shooting plastic SPIT BALLS! (Uncommon Gunsense)

Fools With Mouths

Anti-gun fools picketing NRA headquarters were asked if they should be allowed to defend themselves with guns if criminals threatened them with guns. Their answer was a simple “NO.” They said, “You should wait for the cops.” There’s only one flaw there. The cops won’t get there in time to protect you. They will only be able to DOCUIMENT your death and maybe publish the killer LATER. Operative word, LATER. I can’t believe the abject STUPIDITY of these people! One protester said, “30,000 (where does he get his numbers?) people die every year from gun violence and it’s all the NRA’s fault.” What kind of ignorant reasoning produced this, I can’t feature. If there is ANY “reasoning,” at all. (Tea Party)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bigger Than NRA?

Not a chance. Ex-Mayor Bloomberg plans on spending $50 million dollars to build an anti-gun organization bigger than the NRA. But can he do it? Not a chance. Guns are important to people who, like me, want it to be the last thing he does in his life if somebody shoots me. It’s a matter of life and death to them. Not so for the anti-gun fools. That’s why they’re LOSING all over the country, state by state, and at the federal level. They don’t like guns. Some of them have an irrational FEAR of guns, like one legislator in Washington state. But in reality, except for a vague fear of the entire populace being able to defend themselves, they “don’t have a dog in this hunt.” If they ever DID manage to rid the country of guns (not possible), they might get a little satisfaction out of winning, but that’s all. If the PRO-gun people win, they can then defend themselves against the attack of an illegally-armed criminal. They get to stay alive. There is no such motivation for anti-gun fools. (New Yorker)

Hard As A Rock

That describes the heads of the anti-gun fools who treat it almost as a RELIGION. They stick to their narrative in spite of clear evidence it's wrong, and won’t even HEAR anything to oppose it. They call those who do “trolls” and just ignore them. “Anti Gunners have absolute faith in The Narrative. They won’t deviate or even consider for a second that there might be something wrong with it. It is like the Papal Infallibility taken to the extreme.” But they are CLEARLY wrong because their answer is ALWAYS to try and keep guns out of the hands of EVERYBODY and succeed only in keeping them out of the hands of honest people who OBEY laws but not CRIMINALS, who do NOT. There is no way to change their minds. It’s their RELIGION and they’re the “faithful.” Their heads are “rock hard” on the subject. They’re not amenable to logic. (Gun Free Zone)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Bloomberg's Pipe Dream

Former NY Mayor Bloomberg continues his epic war on guns and gun ownership. He is now investing $50 million dollars in a new group called, ”Everytown for Gun Safety”  (what a STUPID name!) that he hopes will crush The NRA (national Rifle Association). But it won’t. It will not even make a DENT in the NRA because the whole thing is based on a FALLACY. The fallacy that you can ELIMINATE guns from the landscape and thus reduce gun violence. It was PROVEN to be a fallacy by recent happenings in Chicago, where the court shut down Chicago’s effective “gun ban” and violent crime predictably (to intelligent people) dropped like a stone. Chicago had the kind of laws he wants, and had the worst violent crime in the nation. It now has laws like the NRA wants, and violent crime went down, thus proving my point. (NBC News)

Little Old Lady With Gun

Some thugs “sucker punched” this woman at a bus stop, then kicked her and laughed at her—until she took out her .357 Magnum and blew the head off one of them. I don’t know—I guess the rest of them are still running away from this formerly thought “easy target.” This story turned out to be fiction, published by a parody web site. But it could be true (and I’m sure it has happened, somewhere, but not reported by the liberal media) on any city street in the country (or the world) where thugs think they have the upper hand over what they view as defenseless old people. (Uncommon Gun Sense)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm Repeating Myself

But I love it because it completely destroys the narrative the anti-gun fools have been using. They say if you let citizens carry guns for self-defense, they’ll be shooting each other in the streets over fender-benders and insults. It’ll be “the wild West all over again.” But it isn’t. Chicago under their tough gun laws (now reversed by court order as unconstitutional) WAS “the wild West.” But since the courts took that law down, the violent crime rate has dropped like a stone, and is still dropping. Chicago’s murder rate is now at its lowest point since 1958. And it is still going down. It just PROVES that making gun ownership illegal in liberal bastions will only serve to make violent crime worse. Liberals everywhere will need to take note, even if they won’t admit it. Everywhere people are allowed to have guns in their own defense, crime WILL go down; quick. That’s a FACT. One they can’t logically deny. But they will. Liberals and other gun haters are not known for their logic. But the only way to reduce gun violence is to allow citizens to have and use the means to self-defense; a gun; then criminals everywhere will never know when the average citizen will or will not be armed and well able to defend himself AND others. He will need to make a conscious decision to go into other “work.” Or be killed. This could really “solve” the gun violence problem, not the feeble efforts previously used, that cost honest people their lives and property. (Eagle Rising)

"Fixing" the Second Amendment

Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens thinks he knows how to “fix” the Second Amendment. But the Second Amendment doesn’t NEED “fixing,” except maybe to eliminate that foolish reference to a “militia.” At the time it was written, an “official” (organized) militia did NOT exist. A “militia” was considered to be ALL THE PEOPLE, male and female, subject to call up by the government in time of emergency, WITH their guns. I guess it’s a good thing Stevens is a FORMER Supreme Court Justice. (American Thinker)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Only On the "Frontier"

Utah is still considered to be “on the frontier” because they still think (for the most part) like they did in “the old West.” That the best defense is an offense,” and having guns is the best solution to being shot and killed by people who don’t obey “gun laws.”  “With one tragic shooting incident after the other, people all over the country are realizing that those willing to inflict harm on innocents are willing to attack the most vulnerable of places. Politicians, law enforcement, school officials and parents nationwide debate how to best protect schools from the unthinkable. In Weber County, officials are already responding by inviting teachers to participate in a unique class to not only get their concealed carry permit, but to also be prepared for an active shooter incident in their school. Utah is one of a handful of states that allow loaded firearms on school property with a concealed carry permit -- as long as the firearm remains on the employee's person and not in their desk, purse or jacket.” (Standard-Examiner)

Give Our Soldiers Guns!

“The ban on military personnel being able to carry weapons on base is a 20-year experiment that failed and places service members in danger.” It’s very embarrassing to military people to be shot and killed without being able to defend themselves because a misguided Democrat (liberal) president (Clinton) thought these men and women who went to war with guns to defend us and our rights should not have the right to have guns right where they live to use in defending themselves. That’s why there have been THREE “mass shootings” on military installations in the last few years: two at Ft. Hood, and one at the Navy Yard. But why were they no longer allowed to carry guns on post? Were they shown to be irresponsible in their handling of guns on post? No. Bill Clinton arbitrarily decided they should not be allowed to be armed on base, and for NO reason.

In Los Angeles, a would-be shooter in a POLICE STATION was stopped by ONE cop with a gun after only ONE person was wounded. The same would be true on a military base if soldiers were allowed to carry their guns on base. But short-sighted politicians (and that includes some high-ranking soldiers) think otherwise. Thus, people DIE. The most recent Ft. Hood shooting was ended when the shooter was confronted by ONE female military police person (the only one allowed to carry a gun on post). Had there been others on post armed, he would not have been able to kill a bunch of people before the cops arrived.  In Texas recently, a woman licensed to carry could not bring her gun into a restaurant and had to watch helplessly while a mass shooter murdered her parents. This kind of thing needs to STOP. Many states have responded to this kind of thing by making it easier to be “carriers.” Such shootings have predictably DECLINED in those states while they have INCREASED on military bases since Clinton’s silly order. (The Clarion-Ledger)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Overgunned, Undertrained

That’s the problem with many cops. That’s why we’re seeing so many stories about cops shooting unarmed people (sometimes in the back, while their hands are raised) or killing dogs who come up to them wanting a little loving. They’re so afraid of dogs, you’d better hide your dogs if you call them. In other cases, you call them to protect someone you love, and they KILL him/her, thinking (erroneously) that they are a danger to them. But anti-guin fools never take such things into consideration. They think cops and feds are the only people who should be armed, even though they have proven themselves to be MORE liable than private citizens to use their guns in a bad way—and get away with it because their superiors know they, themselves, might need to be “judged” by their compadres some day. (NBC)

"They Never Give Up"

That’s what the Mississippi Gun News says about the anti-gun fools, of which Ovomit is the chief fool: “I’ve watched politics for years and throughout those years there is one truth that seem to never change. Democrats never give up. I was reminded of this truth last week while watching U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder address Congress and ask for $1.1 billion to “protect Americans” from gun violence–including $182 million to support the president’s ‘Now is the Time’ gun safety initiative.  At every turn the President’s gun-control agenda has been stopped, but true to the Democrat formula he pulls back, constructs another lie, and begins another assault to accomplish his agenda.” The people have shown him that he is on the “wrong side of history” but he perseveres in spending OUR money to pass his unconstitutional laws against our Second Amendment rights. Criminals trying to disarm their victims once and for all. (Mississippi Gun News)

Monday, April 14, 2014

"Guns Shock and Sicken Me" (Again)

“That’s what a Washington State Senator admitted during a hearing there. During a hearing, State Senator Jeannie Darneille of Tacoma frankly revealed what lies behind much of the support for I-594 and other gun control measures across the country.” And this is the kind of person who works tirelessly to PREVENT other people from owning and using guns in defense of their person, property and lives. Defense against the illegal guns in the hands of criminals, who obey NO laws. She apparently has an irrational FEAR of guns, for no reason except they’re guns. The fact they can do NO ONE any damage until some PERSON takes then in hand AND uses them.That doesn’t seem to matter. These are the kind of people who MAKE our laws. They should not be allowed to do so. (Daily Caller)

More Fodder for Gun Haters

A hate-filled former (?) high-ranking Klan member shoots up some Jewish Centers in Overland Park, a suburb of Kansas City, killing several people. He’s probably pretty pleased with himself. Frazier Glenn Cross, 73, has a long history of anti-Semitism and hate for Jews, as well as other groups you’d expect. Since this is not a black on white shooting, AG Holder will probably do his job and prosecute the shooter, since the shooter is not “his people.” The funny (strange) thing is, the 14-year-old victim wasn’t even Jewish. He was Methodist—or did Frazier hate them, too? The anti-gun fools are probably already mobilizing to take advantage of this, and will no doubt blame the gun This guy has been a "ticking time bomb" for a long time and something "set him off." Probably getting old. I understand that (though I don't condone it). He might have wanted to "go out with a bang," even if he had to make the bang himself. He may not have planned on surviving this incident. (Reuters)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

McDaniel Fires Up Crowd

He spoke at the Freedom Works PAC in Kentucky and the crowd went crazy. “We’re fighting, and so it begins again,”’McDaniel opened his ten-minute speech.’ “One last great stand for liberty. One last great stand for our Constitution. We dare not disappoint. There’s too much at stake. Our country’s too great to lose and I will not tell my children one day about a once-great Republic that we were unable to save. We will not witness the managed decline of this Republic. We will witness its revival. We will witness its resurrection.” The only problem is, we ARE “witnessing the decline of this great nation,” orchestrated by the man who CONNED his way into the presidency and SET OUT to destroy this country, making it into a socialist state. We’re almost there, and he may have succeeded by the time his time is up; if he allows that to happen. He came to power in a “bloodless coup” and just may try to STAY in power by MANIPULATING the Constitution to his advantage. That’s how he works. (Breitbart)

Antis Will Deny it

But when the courts overturned their anti carry laws, allowing Chicagoans to carry their guns in self-defense, crime took a precipitous DROP. Predictably. Florida changed their laws to allow concealed carry and THEIR violent crime rate went down. A man in Chicago used a gun to stop the robbery that would have been successful had he not be armed. Nonetheless, the cops tried every way they could to charge him with SOMETHING, but couldn’t. “The hooded thugs fled and the police were called. The police determined that the shooting was in self-defense, the man had a valid firearm owner’s identification card, a valid concealed carry permit and police were able to determine that he had completed a required concealed carry class and was properly trained. No charges will be filed against the citizen who defended himself.” They tried HARD to make him to be a criminal for using his gun, but couldn’t. It’s a shame such a simple thing as Second Amendment rights is LOST on so many people. (Dana Criswell)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Self Defense? Or Vigilantism?

In Detroit, the chief defends the right to self defense and to own and use the means to it, the gun. Other police politicians don’t like that, and are calling it “vigilantism.” Really? When the cops CAN’T protect you, but are only able to document the crime or crimes committed against you, Why is it NOT a “good thing” to be armed in your own self-defense? Criminals do not obey laws, by definition. So why can’t honest, reliable people be able to carry their own guns to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals who have no trouble getting their guns in an alley somewhere? It’s only the “hide-bound” old duffers still wearing their old, wrinkled cop uniforms that think ONLY cops should be armed. They think we are all unable to handle the right to be armed, and they’re stupendously WRONG. People DIE because of how wrong they are! (Gun Free Zone)

"'Making Jobs"

Obama is truly “creating jobs.” In the South. Many gun and gun accessories makers are moving South as a result of Obama (and other anti-gun fools’) policies. They refuse to be where they can’t sell their wares. But they COST jobs in the North. There’s no “net gain.” Just jobs moving South. The gun industry is doing fine, in spite of anti-gun fools' efforts to ruin their business. People are buying guns at an amazing rate and many states have made “gun-friendly” laws. Obama can’t be happy at that and he will probably try and make laws AGAINST them moving. Or laws to TAX them for moving. (Bearing Arms)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fed Caught In Gun Scam

The head of the federal Air Marshal Service has resigned in a gun scam. “No, Robert Bray isn’t running guns to narco-terrorists or mobsters like he’s a member of the Department of “Justice” or an anti-gun California State Senator, but he does stand accused of using his influence to acquire firearms below market value for the personal use of government employees.” It’s an old story: they make laws for US, but not for THEM. When they want guns (even for personal use), they use their influence and power to get them, when we can’t. And I’ll bet they’ve got the paperwork to prove it’s “legal,” too. Jut goes to show you they can’t be trusted. (Bearing Arms)

Protecting Soldiers

Obama pledged to “protect our soldiers” at the tribute to the victims of the most recent Ft. Hood killings. But I’m sure, as usual, that’s a bunch of crap. What he’ll probably do, instead of just letting the soldiers carry if they’re licensed to do so, he’ll spend a billion dollars to create a “special force” of armed people to “protect them.” If he does it, it has to cost a LOT of money and have many holes in the plan for people to profit. Mostly his friends. Obama and other liberals NEVER do anything simple. If they do it, it HAS to cost a LOT of taxpayer money. But you can BET he will not simply let soldiers, who are allowed to use guns in OUR defense, have their own guns on base. That’s unthinkable to him. (International Business Times)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Problem Solved

The gun violence problem is solved. In one case, at least, The criminal tried to hold up a Florida family, but won’t do it any more. He’s dead. Looks like a man named Mitchell Large (an apt description) attempted to break into a house where EVERYBODY was armed. After warning shots were fired, he maintained his attempt to break in and was hit by bullets from at least TWO of those guns. He will break into no more homes. It was pretty stupid of him to ignore the warning shots, but nobody has ever said people like him are smart. More proof that an armed individual CAN do what the cops CAN’T do: prevent the crime, instead of just “documenting it” and cleaning up the scene after it has occurred. Crime has gone down in Florida, due to the fact that more Floridians are legally armed and kill off enough criminals to lower the violent crime rate more than anything else except future criminals deciding to go into other lines of “work.” (Eagle Rising)

You Can't Stop It

It doesn’t matter how many anti-gun laws the anti-gun fanatics get made. People will kill people with guns, anyway. You’d think the people they trust to guard the gate at military bases (the only place where guns are allowed on base) would not kill each other. WRONG! One guard on the main gate at LeJune Marine base in N. Carolina took his gun and killed the other guard on the gate. We’ll probably never know the reason for this killing, but it is ample proof that no amount of anti-gun laws will prevent such things. (The Guardian)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gun Or No Gun

I guess it doesn’t matter if somebody who wants to go into a school and kill people can get a gun or not. They use what they CAN get. The picture at the top of this story looks strangely like the one taken at Colorado’s most famous school shooting at Columbine High School. The incident anti-gun fools used to get many silly laws made to keep guns out of the hands of EVERYBODY but criminals, who never obey laws, anyway, But this guy apparently couldn’t get a gun, so he went in and started stabbing people, left and right. Total stabbed at Westmoreland County High School in Pennsylvania. Which proves conclusively that lack of a gun never stops someone who is bent on hurting people. They’ll find a way. (Huffington Post)

"Moderately well Prepared"

Didja hear about the California man who was put on a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation when it was discovered he had 100 guns and 100,000 rounds of ammunition? In Michigan, he’d be “the last man alive in Detroit.” In Utah, he’d be called, “moderately well-prepared.” In Alabama, a “likely gubernatorial candidate”; and in Texas and Oklahoma, he’d just be “Bubba, who’s a little short on ammo.” It’s all in how you define it, I guess. I guess that’s the next step: declaring gun owners as mentally deficient and thus unable to own a gun. Damn, I’m glad I don’t live in California, any more! The fools there running things get a lot of people killed. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

LuckyTo Be Alive

A shooter who walked into a police station and started shooting was shot several times by other cops. But he’s still alive, and lucky to be so. Most would-be mass shooters go where they can be pretty sure there won’t be anybody there with their own guns and well able to do something about him. But like that fool in Indianapolis last year who tried to shoot up a GUN STORE, he now resembles a wedge of Swiss cheese. Obviously it’s not a good idea to try and shoot up a police station. They don’t yet know where he got his gun, but I’ll bet none of the existing anti-gun laws would have stopped this incident from happening. There was no metal detector there, as the cops didn’t think this was a very violent place. But even if there were plenty of guns there, it was a “gun-free zone” for civilians. (Just common sense)

I Told Ya So!

Chicago gun violence is down 40% while gun ownership is UP 400% since the Supreme Court struck down Chicago’s gun ban law. Facts don’t lie. This is absolute PROOF that more guns in the hands of honest, responsible people means LESS CRIME. But will the anti-gun fools listen? Not a chance! All they want to do is ELIMINATE guns, forever. They don’t care about “inconvenient facts.” When you try to enlighten them, they just ridicule you and laugh at your “feeble efforts” to derail their plans. They’re fools out to do one thing, and they don’t care about facts. They make them up to suit themselves. And Obama and his goons are at the top of that list. (Amarillo Globe)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Jump right On It!

That’s what the anti-gun fools do. Less tan 24 hours after some fool took a LEGAL gun and shot up Ft. Hood again, they’re out there using that to promote their USELESS laws to limit gun ownership. “Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group put out a statement last night quickly turned from condolences to politics: ‘Days like this remind us that killers with illegal guns murder 33 more people every day across America’.” What he doesn’t mention is this was done with a LEGALLY-obtained gun. None of the laws they propose would have stopped this crazy from shooting up Ft. Hood. All they would have done was give him a steady stream of UNARMED victims (as current laws do). “The founder of ‘Moms Demand Action’ tweeted last night, ‘When will Congress take action to end the war at home’?” But what this fool outfit suggests will NEVER reduce gun violence. It will only keep honest, responsible people from having guns to use in defending themselves. Maybe they’ll learn that someday. But I doubt it. (Cowboy Byte)

AP Photog Killed

She was sitting in a car in a traffic jam when an Afghan POLICEMAN walked up and sprayed her car with bullets after shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” I can’t think of ANY amount of restrictive gun laws for NON-policemen that would prevent this from happening. When the very people we TRUST to protect us murder us randomly, there’s something wrong in the world. And what’s wrong is Islam. The cop surrendered to the other cops in the area and was “taken into custody.” He “disappeared into the system,” and nobody will ever know what happened to him. He will probably stay in jail for a spell, then be “repatriated” in a “show of empathy.” Never mind that he killed an innocent woman and there’s no telling how many other innocent, random people he has killed that we don’t know about. (Mail News)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sorry About Yesterday

No update. I'm sorry, but it just became too late and I just ran out of energy.

Punish rhe Majority

That’s the military way. When ONE member of a unit does something wrong, they punish the whole unit, hoping members of the unit will punish the “evildoer” for making the whole unit suffer. But that doesn’t work in the matter of keeping soldiers on military bases unarmed because 20% come back from Iraq or Afghanistan as “damaged goods” likely to take their guns and shoot their fellow soldiers. To solve that problem, let the 80% responsible soldiers be armed (if they wish) so they can defend themselves. As in the private sector, you don’t buy self-defense by DISARMING us. But they don’t know that. In government, the most simplistic method is the one used. And it IS “simplistic” to disarm ALL military personnel on base rather than disarm only those KNOWN likely to misuse their guns, so that 80% can put a stop to any of their number who want to shoot up the place before they can kill as many people. People around with their own guns that a would-be shooter don’t necessarily know are armed is the answer—not disarming everybody. But that’s their way, which is why so many die. (Just common sense)

Why A Poll?

Why do they need a poll to find out that people “feel safer’ if there are guns in the home? That’s a “no-brainer.” I know I certainly do. If somebody shoots me, I want it to be the last thing he does in his life. Is that something bad to wish? I don’t think so. It amazes me sometimes the things they spend money taking polls about. Like a study of the “sex life of the Tse-Tse fly.” Or to find out of dope is bad for you. These are things people with INTELLIGENCE should know. We don’t need “studies” and “polls” to learn these things. They’re self-evident. (Mississippi Gun News)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Why Weren't They Fired?

The ATF SAID they were. They LIED, which is the usual thing when a government agency (especially in this administration) gets caught with its pants down. They told the House Committee investigating “Fast & Furious” the people involved with Obama’s “gun-running scheme” weren’t working there any more. But that’s a LIE. Not a single person connected with this crime has lost his job because of it. Yes, a few retired or resigned, but NONE have been fired, in spite of this LIE. Not only were they NOT fired, they retaliated against whistleblowers in the agency. (Town Hall)

Beating Cupomo's Gun Ban

One of the main components of “assault weapons” in Cuomo’s “SAFE Act” is a “pistol grip.” Which is easy to change, making the gun perfectly legal. “[M]any gun shops in New York are offering to replace the grip on a banned weapon to make it compliant with the law. The modified gun still fires at the same rate and with the same power; the shooter just holds it slightly differently. These modified weapons do not have to be registered with the state.” This shows the complete ignorance on the part of anti-gun lawmakers as to just what CONSTITUTES am “assault weapon.” They’ll probably change the wording in the law as quick as they can to make this impossible. But until then, change away! (The Guardian)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

They Had Warning

As with Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the first Ft. Hood shooter in 2009, there was plenty of warning there might be a problem. In that case, Hasan gave them plenty of warning he might be a problem by his actions as a recently radicalized Muslim and his oft-stated sympathy for Muslim terrorists. In this latest case, the soldier who shot the place up, without opposition from UNARMED soldiers, was being TREATED for mental health problems. Yet nobody was watching him. Even after the first shooting, security was NOT tight, with gate guards just “waving cars in” without ANY searches for weapons. This is really STUPID, in view of that shooting. In the first shooting, Obama refused to call it terrorism, though it clearly was. I wonder what he’ll call it this time. He was stopped by a small female MP who wasn't even pointing her gun at him. He saw her, and killed himself. (Wikipedia)

It's A Police State

It’s become evident by the many reports of cops all over the nation going WAY too far in their attempts to “enforce the law.” They shoot unarmed people, claiming they “feared for their lives,” when the victim had his back to them with his hands up at the time. Cops are becoming way too officious, and disregard the law in their actions. Now it’s the U. S Marshals in (where else?) Albuquerque, NM, who shot an unarmed man, then tried to “confiscate” (steal) the cell phones of all bystanders who might have videoed their crime, saying those phones “contained evidence.” Yeah, right. “Evidence” they wanted to delete. The cops stopped the man, hollered “hands up,” and immediately shot him before he had a chance to do anything.

Then they tried to bully bystanders so there would be no “evidence” of their wrongdoing. This is not a piece against cops. It IS a piece against cops who act too fast and shoot people without real cause, then try and intimidate bystanders, as well  as against cops who shoot people in the back while they have their hands in the air. This victim did survive (so far), but that’s no thanks to the marshals on the scene, who did give him first aid, but apparently waited a long time to call an ambulance. The video I saw showed them just “standing around” while ONE cop tried to stop his bleeding. Cops today are too arrogant and seem to think THEIR WORD is law, not the laws passed in congress and their own legislators. (News With Attitude)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

NY Times Alters Sign

In its story about the sign a SC bar owner posted insulting gun owners, they showed a completely different sign than the one in which he called gun carriers “losers” who are so afraid to go out without a gun, he didn’t want their business. ´Well, okay. He won’t get ANY of mine and I think I’ll try not to insult HIM. But he doesn’t need to insult me, and other gun owners if he’s so big and brave he doesn’t need one. This sign reflects the arrogance of most anti-gun fools, and the NY Times, owned by a concealed carry holder, is afraid to post his REAL sign while they make him out to be a victim. It’s typical cowardice on their part, shielding this coward from the righteous wrath of people who wish simply to be able to defend themselves against CRIMINALS, who get their guns ILLEGALLY, anyway. (Bearing Arms)

Jailed for Legal Carry

“A person can legally open carry without any kind of permit in the state of Michigan. But if someone wants to carry concealed, he needs a permit. I frankly don’t understand these laws or why any kind of government permit needs to be issued in the first place whether you want to wear a handgun hidden inside your pants or carry it out in the open on your hip.” It's  RIGHT guaranteed by the Constitution. The reason is that politicians want it to be so, and they set out to make laws to MAKE it so. Never mind their laws are unconstitutional, they will be enforced right up to the minute a court declares them unconstitutional (sometimes after). There are people in prison TODAY for violating a law that was subsequently declared to be unconstitutional, but they’re still there.

It takes years of effort and lots of money to get them released, even though the law they were convicted under is no more. In this case, apparently the cop decided on his own that this man’s gun was not “open carried” and arrested him. This is typical over response for some cops. Some cops are viciously anti-gun and arrest people on gun charges every time they get a chance. Other, smarter cops do not. They wish EVERYBODY could be armed to make their jobs much easier. This guy spent Christmas in the pokey because of this cop’s stupid action and was released without charges when “wiser heads” intervened. But that doesn’t help his ruined Christmas and the cop most likely will NOT be punished. He’s suing, and if he wins, the money will be paid by the taxpayers—not the people responsible. (Last Resistance)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bloomberg Defunds "MOMS"

Former New York Mayor, and billionaire anti-gun fool Bloomberg has “defunded” “Moms Demand Action for Gunsense” because he “thought I was paying…for something else.” But he doesn’t say what he THOUGHT he was paying for. He admits he enjoys bossing people around and “Moms” always did exactly what they were told. He says he didn’t realize he was funding a redundant second gun control organization. Maybe he just liked bossing a bunch of ignorant women around. Mark Glaze, director of “Mayors Against Guns” was going to say something else at this press conference, but Bloomberg yanked the chain attached to his suit and he went away. All this makes you wonder: just what did he THINK he was buying? And this is one of the smartest people around. (Bearing Arms)

Voter ID--NOT

Restricting ownership of guns in New York is okay, according to the New York Times (whose owner is a “concealed carrier”) but requiring people to prove who they are in order to VOTE is not. It would seem to me that requiring proof of identification in order to vote is  “no brainer,” but to the New York Times apparently it is not. So I guess the Democrats are still free to have their people vote ten times (or more) each to elect Democrats. Meanwhile, the “Safe Law” that is DE FACTO gun ban in New York is also okay. Both are constitutionally protected but NYT apparently doesn’t care. They LIKE gun control but they DON’T LIKE ID control for voters. So I guess Deocrats can just keep on stealing elections, as they did in both of Obama’s elections. That DOES explain how Obama got re-elected when he was so roundly disliked by most Americans. He’s “got the fix in.” (The Truth About Guns)