Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Veto Kills Man

In Kentucky, licensed concealed gun carriers have the right (contained in the Constitution) to carry their guns for self-defense—except in restaurants and taverns, of course. The legislature made a law to fix that oversight and the governor vetoed it. So a stalker waited until his victim entered a place where she could not legally bring her gun and murdered a woman’s husband in a restaurant soon after. That didn't stop this murderer from bringing in HIS gun. Funny how the criminals always seem to be able to get guns while honest people can’t. “Governor Bredesen has ignored the will of the citizens of Tennessee yet again. Bredesen’s veto of the Restaurant Carry Bill speaks volumes about his disregard for our Constitution and our Second Amendment rights. This man was elected and swore under oath to uphold our Constitution. With an overwhelming vote in both the Senate and House, our fine Legislators spoke for their Constituents by their vote supporting the Restaurant Carry Bill.”

Nikki Goeser lost her husband because a stalker wanted him “out of the way” and she could do nothing because her licensed gun was in the car because of Tennessee’s law prohibiting guns anywhere food or alcohol is served. The governor’s veto caused his death as surely as if the governor had pulled the trigger on the illegal gun the murderer used to kill him. Politicians make or break laws without considering the EFFECT of them on human beings. When are politicians going to start facing the reality that anti-gun laws DO NOT stop criminals from killing people with their illegally-obtained guns? It amazes me how STUPID these politicians are! (Human Events)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who Bought Off the NRA?

They used to be dependably hard to get along with whenever government tried to put more limits on how Americans handle guns--something they have a constitutional right to do. But recently their actions have been “tepid” at best. They’ve gone along with way too many government actions regarding guns and it has cost them millions in membership fees, mine included. They recently sent me a pretty window sticker I would have liked to put on my car. But I threw it in the wastebasket. I will NOT be a member until or unless they return to their strong opposition to government attempts to inhibit our right to gun ownership and usage. (The State)