Friday, January 31, 2014

It's Coming, Folks!

In Israel and Lebanon, Islamic terrorists are hiding munitions (guns, rockets, and such) in private homes and apartments to support their actions against Israel and, hopefully for them, make Israel hesitant to attack those arms caches for fear of killing civilians. Do you think they’re not doing the same thing here? Yes, we haven’t had many incidents of Islamic terrorists “doing their thing” in America. Yet. But never think they are not quietly preparing for some actions in the future. This is yet another reason for every American to be armed, so we can “take them out.” My favorite picture is an Israeli woman standing over a turbaned terrorist pumping bullets into what passes for a brain in his head. Yes, small guns might not be able to repulse a concerted, well-armed Islamic terrorist attack, but most of their attacks are on “soft targets” where they don’t expect any opposition. You need to BE that opposition whenever it is needed. (The Blaze)

"More Guns, Less Crime"

That’s the title of John Lott’s largely ignored (by anti-gun fools) book, and it says more in one sentence that all the other “knowledge” out there. The shooter in that Maryland mall carried his hidden gun into the mall unseen until just before the first two murders. There is NOTHING that could have been done to prevent this murder in this mall except treating the mall like a prison with armed mall cops and metal detectors at all doors (notice: the solution to an illegally used gun is LEGAL guns), and that doesn’t even include all the BACK doors tenants use to get deliveries. But as this article makes clear, he would have just waited for them to be at an alternate location to commit his murders. Pundits (myself included) have speculated that this was a simple jealousy killing, But the real motive has yet to be revealed. The “authorities” have mentioned this shooter’s hatred of “unnamed” groups but I sincerely doubt it. Like in that gun store in Indianapolis, if lots of armed people were around, maybe this wouldn’t have been so bad. But the “authorities” aren’t smart enough to know that. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Gun-Free Zones" (Again)

The Maryland mall in which a shooter entered (with a gun) and murdered two people and himself, after shooting and wounding several people, was a “gun-free zone.” How many people must die before ignorant politicians discard the “gun-free zone” as an INVITATION to people who want to shoot up the place? In only ONE case in memory (Indianapolis) did a would-be shooter try to shoot up a place where there WERE other guns in the hands of people willing and able to use them in self-defense, and that guy only got off one shot before he was made to resemble Swiss cheese by everybody in the gun store he was trying to shoot up, including the clerk he shot. We keep telling and telling these FOOLS who make their stupid laws that they don’t work, but it bounces off their heads like a rubber ball against concrete. They’re “tone-deaf” to reason and logic. (Bearing Arms)

"Big Brother" Watching YOU!

Now gun control is no longer just “national security” or “common sense” (it isn’t common sense). Now it’s “for the children.” That “old saw” liberals have been using for eons to sell unconstitutional laws to the public. Nobody wants to vote against “the children,” do they? Or vote against “common sense?” But there’s nothing “common sense” or “for the children” in their latest scam of telling people to “find out if your neighbor has any guns and tell us.” That is pure “Big Brother.” Neighbors “snitching” on neighbors. Next, they’ll be telling children in school to tell them if their PARENTS had any guns (if they aren’t doing it already). Is there no low to which these fools will not sink? The communists used children to "snitch" on their parents. (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Children" Up to 20

A recent “pediatric study” by Yale spiked their numbers by including “gang-bangers” (we KNOW don’t get their guns legally) up to 20 years of age. Talk about falsifying their findings! And this is TYPICAL of the kind of “research” the anti-gun fools use to fool people about their intentions to take away our ability to defend ourselves against criminals (and gang-bangers) who use illegally obtained guns. We need to start penalizing people who put out FALSE information the press “swears to.” These people send this kind of thing to the media and they print it, without bothering to check their methodology OR truth. And people who do not “pay attention to politics” slurp it up like a dog with a bowl of ice cream. (Bearing Arms)

"Unconstitutionally Vague"

California’s law against “assault weapons” is so vague as to be unconstitutional and is made to prohibit ownership of “scary-looking guns.” I leaves it up to the individual arresting officer to DECIDE whether or not the gun they’re looking at is, or is not an “assault weapon” and is, like the laws covering sexual harassment, something the individual officer can DECIDE whether or not it is illegal. Sexual harassment is “in the eye of the beholder” and a man can be cited if the woman “feels harassed,” even if she has to twist his words and actions to BE sexual harassment. In the “test case” for the lawsuit filed by the Second Amendment Foundation and Calguns Foundation, the gun was nowhere NEAR what intelligent people would call an “assault weapon” but the cop decided it was and the victim spent a week in jail on his “judgment call” and was released when “wiser heads prevailed” and charges were dropped. (SAF)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Woman Kills Intruder

She actually called 9/11 and asked if she could shoot the intruder when two men broke into her Oklahoma home. The operator told her to do what she had to do to protect her baby. So she did. She locked herself and her child in a bedroom and waited. When the intruder broke into her bedroom and approached her, she shot him dead. I don’t know if his accomplice bolted or stayed, under her gun. But he was apprehended and now sits in jail. This is what an honest citizen can do under our constitutional right of self-defense with a gun. A right many of our politicians are trying HARD to take away from us. This proves AGAIN what I say about more guns in the hands of honest people cutting down the crime rate. This criminal will break into no more people’s homes, and neither will his accomplice, for a while. He would be well advised to go into another business than crime.(ABC News/YouTube)

Smith & Wesson Refuses to Comply

They made a law in California that all new or redesigned guns must use “microstamping” technology to imprint the make, model, and other info on the shell when it is shot. The process is very expensive and almost impossible to achieve. It makes it almost impossible for the maker to comply, therefore, it effectively prohibits the maker from selling covered guns in the state. What bonanza for illegal gun sellers, who don’t care about such laws as they vastly improve their business as law-abiding people become criminals in order to have guns for self defense. They can’t just BAN guns, so they make them impossible both to make, AND to use in the field. They’re making more and more such laws every day. Soon there won’t be a legal gun left in the country and everybody who owns one will be a criminal, by definition. A neat way around the Constitution. (Washington Times)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Texas Cops Arrest Open Carrier

“We get a 9/11 call about a man with a gun, we have to arrest him,” said the police chief in Andrews, Texas. TEXAS? No, they don’t. Yes, come and talk to him, maybe. But “arrest him?” I don’t THINK so. This police chief has a funny idea of just what his duty is: to ARREST a man breaking NO laws, just because some fool panicked and called 9/11 because he saw a gun? I don’t think so. If that police chief had any brains he’s have “made contact” with the man; nothing more, in a state where they RECOGNIZE the constitutional right to carry openly. Where did he leave his brains? This is what we are facing, folks: ignorant cops who think they must ARREST somebody because of a 9/11 call, regardless of the law. The anti-gun hysteria is getting serious, fueled by anti-gun fools. (Bearing Arms)

Maryland Shooting

Maryland has some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation, right up there with DC. That mall was a “gun-free zone.” Yet some fool who had a grudge against somebody came in and killed two people and himself. How’s that “gun-free zone” workin’ our for ya? Many, many times I have said this, and I’ll say it again: gun-free zones are an OPEN INVITATION to fools like this to come in and shoot people. How many more people need to die before the fools in power figure it out? Why we (not me) keep sending these fools to Washington and our own state capital, I don’t know. Are we all (not me) stupid? NO; we’re just uninformed about them. We need to GET informed about ANYBODY we elect to office BEFORE we elect them. (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

One More Chance

There has been another mall shooting in Columbia, Maryland (close enough to DC to frighten politicians), according to Fox News this morning. The last one that was bally-hooed was NOT a “mall shooting.” It was simply one guy shooting another that happened IN a mall. Whatever; it’s just another chance for the anti-gun fools to clamor for yet more silly laws that do nothing except give such people more unarmed victims while that leads to more dead people who aren’t allowed the means to self-defense, the right to carry their own guns. Nobody can convince these brain-dead politicos that the laws they make are useless, and that they kill people. They just refuse to listen and go out and make more restrictive anti-gun laws. They never learn from life. (Baltimore Sun)

Using Black Children

I’m watching “stock footage” of Obama signing his ignominious “Affordable Health Care bill” (otherwise known as “Obamacare”) into law, which is being used to illustrate him signing yet ANOTHER bill into law. It’s really disgusting to watch VP Joe giving the kid a shoulder massage” while he watches Obama screwing the nation with that law that nobody ever read before it was signed into law, and which people have only read parts of, later, in order to enforce all the HIDDEN crap in there. I don’t know where they got him, but I’ll BET later on in life, he will not “own up” to being there that day because he will be ashamed of being a part of one of the most monstrous swindles EVER. When they make onerous laws, they always say “it’s for the children,” whether it is, or not. Mostly not. That’s just a con they use on a regular basis because it usually works on gullible Americans who don’t pay attention to politics. Damn, I HATE the things politicians do! (Just common sense)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Arrested For One Shotgun Shell

Gun control gone completely crazy. They raided his home in military-style clothing, threw him and his girl friend on the ground, cuffed them like arch criminals, and tore his house apart, looking for guns. They found none. But they did find ONE shotgun shell he kept as a souvenir of a long-ago hunting trip, sent in cops in protective gear, and took it out, using tongs, very carefully. As if it was going to explode and kill them all. The raid was instigated by his estranged wife, who CLAIMED he threatened her with a gun, something he didn’t have, and which story was found to be unfounded later.

The raiders numbered THIRTY, all wearing “tactical gear,” all made up like soldiers. His 16-year-old son was naked in the shower, and they used a battering ram to get into the bathroom,, cuffing him and putting him in a room with his siblings, all of whom were crying, wondering what was happening. He faces TWO YEARS in prison for having that useless shotgun shell. Such is life for the non-connected in Washington, DC. (Washington Times)

Banning Guns On Campus

A Colorado initiative would ban guns on all university campuses. What? I thought they had laws that already did that. And, of course, all criminals and crazies are rushing to stay away from them…not. Supporters of this initiative say, “All schools should be safe places to live and work.” Why then, do you make rules that make that impossible? It has been amply proven that “no gun zones” don’t work because criminals and crazies don’t care about breaking laws. So all they do is act as an INVITATION to shooters to “come in and shoot us.” “No gun zones” have claimed more lives than anything else by denying honest citizens the right their Constitution is supposed to guarantee, the right to be armed in self defense. When will politicians realize this? When hell freezes over, I guess. (Daily Caller)

Friday, January 24, 2014

You Don't Always Need A Gun

Anything in reach can be a weapon. That’s what this would-be rapist found out to his chagrin. He thought he had an easy rape, but he didn’t. His intended victim put a screwdriver into his eye and ran. It's a good thing she didn't push it harder. The cops, who are SUPPOSED to be able to protect you, got there in a hurry. Unfortunately, not in time to stop what happened. That was left up to this woman, who is the kind of woman I would like. She doesn’t “just lie back and enjoy it” when being raped. She does what she can to stop it. Maybe the legislators where she lives will ban the screwdriver. That’s what they DO: ban ANYTHING we can use to defend ourselves. But they can’t ban ALL potential weapons. This woman proved they’re all around us if we but see them. (Opposing Views)

Banning Guns On Campus

A Colorado initiative would ban guns on all university campuses. What? I thought they had laws that already did that. And, of course, all criminals and crazies are rushing to stay away from them…not. Supporters of this initiative say, “All schools should be safe places to live and work.” Why then, do you make rules that make that impossible? It has been amply proven that “no gun zones” don’t work because criminals and crazies don’t care about breaking laws. So all they do is act as an INVITATION to shooters to “come in and shoot us.” “No gun zones” have claimed more lives than anything else by denying honest citizens the right their Constitution is supposed to guarantee, the right to be armed in self defense. When will politicians realize this? When hell freezes over, I guess. (Daily Caller)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another Bloomberg Mayor Gone

One by one, we’re doing away with anti-gun mayors. Mayor Maggie Stock, of Butler, PA, has been ousted, replaced by a retired police officer who believes in armed citizens. He was asked what he thought of the Second Amendment, he pulled his coat back and said, “1911-A.” He also said, “If you’re not armed, you can’t protect yourself.” That said it all. He thinks we need to enforce some of the laws we have on the books instead of using them as “bargaining chips” to get convictions on other charges. He recognizes that ALL the mayors who don’t want YOU to be able to defend yourself have hired other people to carry their guns. Citizens there are rejoicing. (YouTube)

California Lib Ignorant About Guns

Kevin DeLong, a California anti-gun fool, pretends he know what he’s talking about, but reveals his ignorance when attempting to describe the gun he was holding in his hand. He talked about 30-round magazines and said the gun was capable of firing x-number of magazines a minute. Anybody with a minimum knowledge of firearms (like me) knows he was referring to 30 BULLETS per minute or some such. But he’s too dumb to know the difference, as are ALL liberal Democrat anti-gun fools. And these are the people who pretend to make laws for us. Dumb people are too dumb to know how dumb they ARE. The writer of this item says Californians need to get rid of such ignorant people or end up living in a police state run by idiots. Too late: they already are.  (Daily Caller)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Second Amendment Outdated?

That’s what a “letter-to-the-editor” of the “Courier-News” in Chicago thinks. He says guns today are made for one reason: to kill people. What the hell does he thing those muskets were for? He says now we can call 9/11 when danger is imminent; to what point? So they can document our murder and get rid of the body? The man’s a fool. He says we “have plenty of protection.” Where? When? Cops are MINUTES away. Even if they start immediately. That ILLEGALLY-armed criminal is THERE; NOW, and may kill us while we WAIT for the cops to arrive. Somebody needs to talk to this fool about common sense. Common sense tells us we need to have a gun there; NOW, so we can STOP that criminal. Not later, so his crime can be documented. (Courier-News)

"No Guns allowed"

I recently wrote about a man who shot to death an armed “gun crazy” who came into a “Dollar General Store” threatening to kill everybody in sight. Turns out that store had a sign on its door prohibiting guns in the store. A lot of good it did them. A crazy man who didn’t care about that came in, ignoring the sign, threatening to kill everybody in sight. Fortunately for them, another customer, who was NOT a “crazy” and also didn't care about their sign was there, too, and killed the gunman. Would they keep their “no guns allowed” sign after that crazy shot up the place and killed everybody? Maybe the guy who put up that sign would be among the victims. That WOULD be “poetic justice.” (Guns)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yet Another Mass Shooting

Shots were fired at the Purdue University in Indianapolis (West Lafayette, actually, an Indianapolis suburb). So brace yourselves for the onslaught of new anti-gun laws being made; laws that will do NOTHING to “stem the gun violence,” but will allow politicians to say “we DID something.” The laws will do nothing to stem gun violence and will allow illegally armed criminals to kill more unarmed victims without opposition. Politicians NEVER learn from experience. They keep making their fool laws and getting people killed because of the lack of the ability to repulse the criminals. When are we going to start ASKING politicians what their stance on gun control is BEFORE an election, and start NOT electing anti-gun fools to office? This just proves you get what you vote for. (ABC News)

Criminalizing Gun Law Enforcement

[Recently], State Sen. Mae Beavers (R – Mt. Juliet) introduced S.B. 1607 to the legislature. This would be an expansion of the already extensive Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act of 2009.  If enacted, the bill would make it a crime to enforce federal gun laws in the Volunteer State. The text of the bill states, “Any federal enactment or federal enforcement action relating to firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition, is void in this state.’ ” I don’t know how legal this is; can you make enforcing a federal law illegal? If you try, will you end up in trouble, yourself? I don’t know, but I’d like to see this law being enforced. I would cheer to see some “untouchable federal agents” perp-walked to jail by state police. But it probably won’t happen. They’ll come to some kind of “understanding” and that law won’t be enforced as written. But whatever happens will be good for gun owners. I hope. (Guns)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Bill Maher Disses "Gun Nuts"

He thinks everybody who supports the Second Amendment is a “gun nut.” And a fool. Meanwhile, has he ever looked at what is on the hip of the security people he routinely passes by every time he comes in to work? How about when he goes home? Does he hire armed guards to accompany him so crazies won’t attack him because they disagree with what he says on the air? Maybe he just thinks people who can’t afford to hire people to carry their guns for them shouldn’t be able to defend themselves. He calls these people “paranoid.” But it’s not paranoia to be aware that there ARE people out there who want to do you harm. Just look at the statistics. How many UNARMED people have been attacked and killed lately? How many injured? It's not paranoia to want to be able to repel such attacks. (The Blaze)

Proof Positive

That more honest people who carry their own guns for self defense will reduce gun violence. A gunman burst into a “Dollar Sore” threatening to shoot everybody in sight. So a customer shot him to death. One less deranged gunman shooting up the place. If that guy hadn't been there with his own gun what would the story have been? They say the incident was caught on security video and that this customer will face no charges. NO kidding. Only in New York or New Jersey where ANYBODY using a gun, even in self defense (except a cop) WILL face charges. Bravo to that civilian. (Breitbart)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Ultimate Hypocrite

This mayor was a big anti-gun fool for many years; probably still is. But he was recently convicted of a “gun crime” involving discharging his gun to scare a man away from his home. The fact that he INVITED the man into his home didn’t seem to dawn on him. He wanted to intimidate him, so he fired his gun. He wanted a gay sexual liaison with the man, who wasn’t interested. Firing the gun was part of the intimidation process. He is a member of Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun mayor’s group. He’s going to prison for 10 to 20 months, plus probation and community service, and a fine. This is a known “anti-gun fool” who has his own gun, and used it to intimidate a man in his own home. The mayor actually had him brought there in a police cruiser. This is the quality of man who is against guns for everybody BUT himself. (The Blaze)

"They'll Wish They Weren't Alive"

That’s what Harvey Weinstein says about his upcoming movie he is making to knock the NRA. Never mind he has made many, many movies showing much gun violence, more than ever happens in real life.  Ted Cruz says such movies rarely do well at the box office and predicts this one won’t, either. He calls attention to the fact that Weinstein HIRES gun-toting “security” for himself, but doesn’t want Mama to ever be able to defend herself against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals who want to victimize her. He calls people who want to have guns for self-protection “paranoid,” completely ignoring the fact that it’s not “paranoid” to recognize a very real danger, as HE does when he hires his gun-toting bodyguards for his own protection. (The Blaze)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ill-Considered Laws

A new Mississippi law says you can only claim self-defense within 30 feet of your home. Like that’s the only place the “bad guys” lurk. What if an illegally-armed criminal accosts you 31 feet away from your home? Would it then be illegal to shoot him? This is an example of the STUPID laws anti-gun politicians make today. What should we do? Have a place to put our guns at the 30-foot mark so we won’t break the law? And wouldn’t criminals know where to wait to attack us? Silly and stupid. But they’re “DOING SOMETHING,”  right? …WRONG! They’re creating more dead people, but they don’t care, as long as they can disarm honest people while criminals buy their guns out of the trunks of cars parked in alleyways with NO controls because criminals don't obey laws.. (Mississippi Gun News)

Obama Knew

He knew all along about “Fast & Furious.” And he knew it would do NOTHING to “trace” the guns down there. What it WOULD do is buttress their LIE that “most guns used there came from the United States. Bush’s similar plan involved GPS devices embedded in the guns, but the drug cartels found them and removed them. So he stopped the program. Obama picked it up, but without the GPS devices. It became simply a “gun-running operation” designed to prove a lie. Obama and Hillary both knew it, and didn’t care that hundreds of people, including at least one federal agent, would be killed as a result. What MORE do we need to find Obama and Hillary guilty of a major crime? (Gun News Daily)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Lies and Misconceptions

“The battle for gun control is fraught with misconceptions, false extremes, and emotional statements (mostly based in fear). On one side, you have law-abiding gun owners who are afraid that the government is going to ban/take their guns, leaving them without their preferred method of home- and self-defense. On the other side, you have (arguably well-intentioned) advocates who believe that the best way to save lives is to reduce the amount of guns in the country and who might have access to them.” (Opposing Views) So politicians go about gaily making useless laws that only INVITE people to shoot us because we will likely not have the means to self-defense, a gun, so they can SAY they “did something about gun violence” while people die because of their ill-advised, ignorant laws. A new study debunks most or their lies and misconceptions. Will it make any difference to them? Not likely. They’re “tone deaf” to reason. (Opposing Views)

Another School Shooting

There has been yet another shooting in a school, where guns are not allowed by law. When are these ignorant politicians going to learn that laws do NOT stop criminals and crazies from shooting up places? I’m only aware of ONE shooting in a gun store (in Indianapolis), and the killer ended up quickly dead. Another shooter tried to shoot up a church, but there was one small woman who had a legal gun and she shot him, stopping his shooting spree. It has become obvious that “no gun zones” are an INVITATION to shooters to come in and shoot people while there will be no guns there to oppose him. When are our fool politicians going to get this very simple idea? Probably never, because they’re “tone deaf” to reason. They’ll keep making their ignorant laws to disarm us and let us be killed by people who don’t pay attention to laws. I just don’t understand the mindset of these fools. (Just common sense)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's A Damned Shame

It’s a damned shame this former Marine had to die when a 12-year-old student started shooting up his school because he didn’t have a gun when he attempted to stop him (as Marines do). But with the laws the way they are, he didn’t have his own gun and was defenseless against the illegally-carried gun of the shooter. So this brave man died and was unable to stop this kid from injuring two other students and killing himself. All because schools are “no-gun zones.” This is just more proof that the ignorant anti-gun laws in this country KILL people. Need I say more? (Marine Times)

"Common Sense"

Whenever anti-gun bigots propose yet another unconstitutional law to limit or eliminate our right to have and use guns in self defense, they always say, “We support the Second Amendment, but…” Then follows the unconstitutional law they propose. They know they can’t make guns themselves illegal, so they try to make it impossible for gun owners to get their guns into action if they’re attacked by an ILLEGALLY-armed criminal, who obeys no laws, therefore is not concerned with their laws. They always call it “common sense,” but it never is. Where do these people COME from? Are they BORN hating guns? Or are they TAUGHT to hate guns by their society? More likely the latter. (The Truth About Guns)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Law to Criminalize Parents

In Missouri, they’re trying again (They tried last year and failed) to get a law passed that CRIMINALIZES parents for not telling their child’s school they do or do not have guns in the house, thereby making themselves targets for gun-confiscators later. Frankly, whether or not I have a gun in the house is not the business of a school system. These parents, if this law is passed, shouild tell the schools to "got to hell and refuse to answer. they can't put ALL of them in jail. To my mind it’s not the business of ANYBODY. But fools in position to make laws think otherwise. And since we (not me) keep electing these fools, it will undoubtedly stay that way for a while until wiser heads prevail. They started making these fool laws way back in the days of the quick-draw” cowboys but they didn’t put much stock in those laws because they weren’t made where THEY lived at first. But that fool practice spread all over the country and gun violence increased accordingly wherever anti-gun laws were the strongest. You’d think that fact would register to the anti-gun fools, but it doesn’t. They have “heads of stone” where guns are concerned. (Mississippi Gun News)

39% Americans Own Guns

Giving the LIE to Obama’s claim that a “majority of Americans like my anti-gun laws,” 39% now OWN guns, which is up from 34% in a 2012 survey (It was 50% in the 70s, before the defense against anti-gun laws got going). Obama claims aside, there were more laws passed in 2013 to loosen the laws against guns for individuals than to tighten them, although Obama predictably, when he lost in Congress, did much the same things they stopped him from doing by law “administratively” with Executive Orders. illegally. You’d think politicians would learn that it ain’t smart to take their guns away from Americans. Their Second Amendment is precious to them, and they’re not gonna take kindly to their attempts to take them away. But NO! They’re “tone deaf” to suggestions that taking guns away from honest people while criminals still easily get guns because they aren’t concerned with obeying laws. I’ll be surprised if that ever changes. Anti-gun politicians are “hard-headed” that way, in SPITE of logic. Indeed, liberals deny the very EXISTENCE of logic and reason. They’re FOOLS, but we (not me) keep electing them, so we (not me) deserve what we get. (United Liberty)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Paying For Both Sides

Chicago taxpayers are paying for BOTH SIDES in Chicago’s battle to violate the Constitution. Taxpayers pay to fight FOR and AGAINST the Chicago near ban on all guns that was just decided in favor of gun possession. They have to pay for the challenge, AND taxpayer money pays for Chicago to fight it in court. Even so, the mayor (formerly Obama’s top aide) is asking for a six month delay in implementing the supreme Court decision declaring the law to be unconstitutional. Chicago is long known for having the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation, AND the highest gun murder rate. But politicians don’t notice things like this. They’re “tone deaf” to logic when it comes to guns, and a lot of other things, too. (Reason Magazine)

Sen. Yee Is An Imbecile!

California  State Senator Leland Yee (Democrat, as usual) is an immigrant from China. He should be sensitive to protecting the Constitution, since they had none there. But he isn’t. He was instrumental in the “bullet button” law that forced gun makers on the AR 15 to create a magazine removing system that required a TOOL to remove. This applies to the AR 15 but not to other weapons with the same firing rate and use the same ammunition like a Ruger Mini-14.. This law is based on the fact the gun “LOOKS” mean. Sen. Yee knows absolutely NOTHING about firearms. He only knows the AR 15 “looks mean” and he is horrified that people can actually BUY such a gun. But he doesn’t seem to be concerned about other guns just like it. And since he can’t just ban the gun, he makes a law to ban the magazine release. This writer asks: “Do we have to weld the magazine in place to satisfy these people?” This law simply shows that, since they can't just ban your gun, they want to make your gun useless for the purpose it is designed: self-defense. (Gun News Daily)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Liberals Don't Have the Intelligence

They don’t have the intelligence for ANYTHING, but I’m specifically talking her about the “solution to gun violence.” They think the answer is to make owning and carrying a gun, the means to self-defense, illegal while criminals couldn’t care less. They always get their guns, especially where gun laws are the tightest. Illegal gun sellers seek these areas out because they know they can sell more guns to more criminals. They ignore facts like crime rates in areas where gun laws are tightest go up while they go DOWN in areas where gun laws aren't so tight. Liberals are told over and over again the REAL means to an end to gun violence but they’re “tone deaf” to reason. They even think reason and logic do not even exist. The real logical answer is to ALLOW honest people to be armed in self-defense. They will soon take care of the “gun violence” problem by eliminating the illegally-armed criminals who buy their guns illegally in back alleys out of the trunks of cars owned by other criminals and never "register" them. They think if we are allowed to be armed for self-defense, we’ll go out and “shoot up the landscape” at the slightest provocation as ILLEGALLY armed criminals (like gang members) often do. (Just common sense)

Quick! Disarm Them!

That seems to be what liberals think. “Quick! Somebody got shot! Make a new law to get rid of the gun! Disarm everybody so nobody can get shot again! But that doesn’t work. It has NEVER worked, but liberals continue to make useless laws to disarm us while criminals (who obey NO laws) continue to get their guns illegally and victimize us because we are helpless, made that way by incompetent liberals. We wonder why laws continue to be made that do nothing but give criminals a steady stream of unarmed victims. There is a “disconnect” between electing fools to office and being disarmed before illegally-armed criminals. Liberals ARE good at getting elected by lying to us on everything. They are BAD at everything else, and cannot govern properly. They think they can “spend their way to riches,” but they’re wrong there, too. They believe in “global warming” though this globe has NOT been “warming” for more than 15 years. But they’re too incompetent to see this simple fact. They’re too dumb to know how dumb they are. And most people don’t pay attention to politics until just before an election, when the lies are flying. That’s the weakness in the republican (not Republican) system. Fools get elected on the basis of their lies and continue to lie to us to stay in office. (Just common sense)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Unnecessarily Strong Police Presence

What does a tiny city like Fort Pierce, Florida need with what is more like a TANK than a police car? Such a small city is not “crime-ridden” so why would they need such an over reaction in equipment? Do they think there’s going to be a revolution that starts in Fort Pierce? Do they think those revolutionists will have rocket launchers and other weapons of war? If not, why do THEY need such a “weapon of war” to enforce traffic laws? Personally, I think Obama is EXPECTING a revolution as he pushes us further and further toward a socialist system and is secretly over-arming the cops so they can help “put it down” since the army can't. (The Truth About Guns)

Grandma Routs Thug

She fired a "warning shot" (though she didn't intend it that way--she missed) when she saw him beating up on her elderly female friend with a baseball bat. He ran off and was not seen again until the cops found him. He was arrested for attempted murder, burglary and trespassing. He burst into her home and started beating her female friend with a baseball bat and this 71-year-old woman took aim and shot, missing. “I was tryin’ to kill him cause he was trying to kill my friend,” she said. If this woman had not had a gun, both women would undoubtedly have been killed. There will be no charges against this woman, according to the cops, who say they’re confident she fired in self-defense. Additionally, the assailant was injured in his fight with the little old lady he was attacking. Cops are proud of her and say she will not face charges because this is not New York City or Washington, DC, where there are laws against firing “warning shots.” Or just HAVING a gun. (Tea Party Economist)

Friday, January 10, 2014

"No Guns Allowed"

These signs are popping up all over banning guns in places controlled by private individuals, such as restaurants, convenience stores, etc. It seems to me that the people posting these signs have a RESPONSIBILITY to protect people who come onto their premises without their guns, following the orders in these signs while CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, NOR signs, retain their guns when entering. Personally, I would not ENTER an establishment posting such a sign; ever. Even if they later took it down. And I recommend everyone else do the same. I have a constitutional RIGHT to be armed in self-defense and people who post such signs violate my right while on their property. As such, I will NOT give them my business—ever. (Mississippi Gun News)

Carry Permit Demand Soars

Obama says most Americans agree with his actions on gun control. But if they do, why has the demand for “carry permits” soared since he took office? Kansas and Illinois are leading the charge, but I expect many other states to follow suit as time goes on. That anti-gun liberals are completely out of touch with the wishes of Americans is becoming obvious. They don’t care about disarming criminals, they want to disarm EVERYBODY (except themselves and their political friends, of course). An armed community is a community of CITIZENS. An unarmed community is a community of SUBJECTS (slaves). Subject to the whims of their politician “rulers.” (Examiner)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Don't See A Shrink

They’re using that as an excuse to remove the right to have a gun from honest Americans. If you see a shrink for ANY reason, even something simple and non-threatening like peeing your pants, they take away your right to have a gun. At least that’s one of Obama’s new “regulations.” It’s the same thing they’re using on vets who seek help for ANY reason to keep them from being able to have guns. This is but one of the phony “reasons” Obama’s thugs will cite for depriving good Americans of their right to keep their guns for self-defense while criminals, who obey neither laws NOR regulations, continue to be illegally armed. These actions do NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but it gives the politicians the means to say “We’re doing something.” Meanwhile, You are being disarmed if you obey laws. They SAY the cops can protect you, but the cops will be the first to admit they CAN’T. So what do you do? Buy a gun illegally as criminals do, and become a criminal yourself? (Washington Times)

Web Sites As A Weapon

They SAY you can do things, but they limit you to a web site to get it done—and the web site is so lame and dysfunctional (on purpose) that you can’t get it done, the “deadline” passes and you lose the right you THOUGHT you had. That’s a scam that’s being used in Canada to make it impossible to get, or renew licenses to keep guns. And it’s also being used by Obama to screw up the medical profession so badly people will be DEMANDING a “single-payer” system, which is what Obama wanted, all along. They then can SAY you didn’t respond quickly enough, so they take your rights away from you. Watch for Obama to start a new web site for you to use in retaining your right to self-defense. And it will be unusable, as usual. (National Post)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's Too Much

I have THREE main blogs TRYING to bring as much TRUTH to you as possible. But I’m an old man. I’m 76 and there is only so much time I can sit at this computer and type before I must rest for a time. Even so, I have 275 items backed up, ready to be posted in all my blogs and no energy to post them all. I have no problem FINDING material, but little time to post it. I was relieved of some of my work when Town Hall closed down ALL of its “citizen blogs” recently (they didn’t say why). So that killed my "THOMA$ REPORT." At the same time, I brought the number of daily posts in my (now) main blog, “The Bull Cutter” back up to three a day, which will help me clear out some of the backlog. But the main problem remains my lack of energy. But I will continue this work as long as I am able. I promise. (Just common sense)

Gun Laws Don'r Work

Not the gun laws they’ve been making, anyway. They always rush to pass more anti-gun laws whenever a crazy kills somebody with his (illegal) gun. But according to a recent study (The study is called, "An examination of the effects of concealed weapons laws and assault weapons bans on state-level murder rates," and you can find it published in the journal Applied Economics Letters), areas that have the most restrictive gun laws have significantly HIGHER murder rates than those with “concealed carry” laws that allow honest Americans to have their own guns for self-defense. This professor has no “axe to grind” in gun control, but his discoveries are intriguing in that they show that the 15,000 anti-gun law made since the Sandy Hook massacre have resulted in HIGHER murder rates in areas where laws are the tightest. that means these laws KILL people. Try and convince the anti-gun fools of this and it’s like throwing rocks at a brick wall. They bounce right off their already made-up minds (Don't confuse them with facts). We need to make laws that PUNISH the USE of guns in crime more heavily, which would, at least, keep gun criminals off the streets for longer periods and not punish honest people who simply want to be able to defend themselves. (Fox News Video)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gun Sales Break Records

Obama says (a typical Obama LIE) that a majority of Americans favor stringent anti-gun laws, which they do NOT. They’ve proved it by buying more guns than ever before, in anticipation of his promised much more stringent anti-gun laws. They’re telling him, “WE WILL NOT BE DISARMED!” If he persists in making these useless laws (and regulations), he (and his cronies) will suffer. Notice that most of those pushing “gun control” laws are liberals. They’re frightened of gun-owners because they have plans to come and take what’s ours later on after making “laws” to make it legal and they don’t want to meet a gun at the door. Many cities (and states) are in financial trouble due to the BAD MANAGEMENT OF LIBERALS who run things in almost Every City that is in trouble. Yet we (not me) keep electing ignorant liberals (socialists) and even avowed COMMUNISTS to office. We need to stop doing that or we WILL go “down the tubes” along with them. (Washington Times)

Serious Financial Consequences

Colorado is learning that there are serious financial consequences to passing ever-more restrictive anti-gun laws. Aside from losing THREE liberal lawmakers who backed serious anti-gun measures (two recalled, another resigned as a recall effort was in place), two major manufacturers of gun appliances have signaled their intention to move OUT of Colorado, a place where they could not sell their products. That takes about $80 million dollars annual revenue (and the taxes on it) out of the Colorado economy. There are other gun-dependent businesses also contemplating a move OUT of Colorado unless the state comes to its senses. Other anti-gun fools all over the country are learning that Americans jealously guard their right to own and use guns for self-defense as law after law sponsored by the gun-haters falls by the wayside. They’re learning that no longer can they DEPEND on gullible legislators to “rubber stamp” their useless anti-gun laws. (Examiner)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Instant Karma

A thug walked into a convenience store and “clocked” the female clerk. Then her husband, who was right behind him, ”clocked” him. He thought he had n “easy thing” with nobody behind the counter but a small woman. But he forgot to check behind him, where her husband stood. And he paid for it. It was “instant Karma.” He now has free room and board for a while before he can think about walking up to another woman and “clocking” her. A fool who would do such a thing had it coming when he got flattened IMMEDIATELY after hitting this innocent girl. (Opposing Views)

Who Do You Call?

The “logic” of anti-gun fools in impenetrable. When confronted with a criminal who has a gun, what do you do? Call for a “good guy” who has a gun. Don’t try and have your own gun so you can do what that “good guy” with a gun would do if he could get there in time. Leave it to the cops. They won’t get there until long after the crime, but they’re good at documenting your murder and getting rid of the body, then MAYBE punishing the criminal later. They have so much experience at that, you see. They’re the FIRST ones to tell you they CAN’T protect you because they’re ALWAYS minutes away while the bad guy is THERE! NOW! But if you have your own gun you might “go crazy” and shoot up the place. They trust cops (who studies show go nuts more often than legal gun carriers) but they don’t trust YOU with a gun. There IS no logic in liberal land. They deny its very EXISTENCE. That way, they don’t have to be bound by it. (Just common sense)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Detroit Getting Smarter

At least its police chief is. Detroit police Chief James E, Craig has come out and frankly SAID that “armed citizens deter crime.” A long time ago when he was a police chief in California, where it takes an “act of congress” to get a carry permit (and crime is sky high), he was denying cc permits every day. But when he got to Maine, where it is EASY to get a carry permit and crime was WAY down, he changed his tune. Now he’s in Detroit, and is, against all odds, thinking the same way. And by so thinking, may single-handedly reduce violent crime in “bankrupt city.” Craig says, “Maine is the safest place on Earth,” and puts it down to the ease with which honest people can get carry permits. It’s amazing, and demonstrates his superior intelligence, that he gets this connection, which most police politicians do not. (The Blaze)

90-Year-Old Routs Robber

When this guy comes into his Laundromat and demands money, this 90 year old owner pulled his gun and ran him off. This isn’t the first time robbers have made attempts on this man.  In 2010 he was beaten up and robbed. So he went out and bought a gun. Another time, two robbers attempted to rob him and he shot one of them in the chest. I think the other one is still running. The guy who tried to rob him this time really should have researched this man. He, too, may still be running. This is what happens when honest citizens are allowed to have their own guns. They cease to be easy victims." But will the incompetent politicians running things today learn that simple lesson? Not likely. (The Blaze)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A "Liberal" Gun Club?

How is this possible? Liberals are, by definition, AGAINST guns; totally. So how do a bunch of California liberals (one of whom describes herself as a “queer activist”) [Remember I’m just quoting her. Don’t shoot the messenger. –RT]. Some of these people regard Obama as being “too conservative.” How damned dumb can you get? They love guns but hate the NRA. Can you find a better contradiction? The NRA provides a valuable service beyond their advocacy of guns and their opposition to the silly gun laws this government (and previous ones) have made. I still can’t figure out what these people stand for. They hate the current useless anti-gun laws but promote their own useless anti-gun laws, but they are hard to pin down. You can't make this stuff up, people! (The Blaze)

It's A Bitch

 It amazes me how far people will go to avoid using a word that is proper in certain instances. Like this case, where they say a black man will be a difficult target for those “race-baiters” who will want to paint him as a racist after he killed two unarmed black men who appeared to be reaching for a gun while robbing him (he’s black, too). The quote to which I refer is this: “It’s gonna be a biotch playing the race card against this guy.”) I have always refused to “knuckle under” to the PC Police and have always used the words that are proper to the situation. Liberals can rail at me all they want, and it will be like throwing rocks at the Hoover Dam. To hell with them. (Gun Free Zone)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Magazine Maker Leaving Colorado

One of the country’s largest maker of gun magazines is leaving Colorado because of the recent passage of rights-limiting anti-gun laws passed this year; laws that got three legislators FIRED. Magpul Industries, of Erie, CO (North of Denver) has announced a move of parts of its operation to Cheyenne, WY and Texas. HyViz Systems (which makes gun sights and accessories), of Ft. Collins, is moving to Wyoming. This will cost Colorado MORE than 200 jobs. Magpul vowed to move out of Colorado if these laws were passed, and they are true to their word. They promised to move OUT of a state where they could not sell what they make. (Associated Press/Gun Free Zone)

Guns Can Be Funny

In 1759, Benjamin Franklin said, “Democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for lunch.” Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” “Statistics showing high murder rates justify gun control; statistics showing high murder rates AFTER gun control are just statistics.” “The Brady Bill and the Assault Weapons Ban, both of which went into effect in 1994 are responsible for the decrease in violent crime rates, which have been declining since 1991.” “We must get rid of guns because a deranged lunatic may go on a shooting spree at any time and anyone who would own a gun out of fear of such a lunatic is paranoid.” “The more helpless you are, the more safe you are from criminals.” “The New England Journal of Medicine is filled with expert advice about guns; just like Guns & Ammo has some excellent treatises on heart surgery. “ "The 2nd Amendment, ratified in 1787, refers to the National Guard, which was created 130 years later, in 1917." What’s fun is listening to anti-gun fools babble about the reasons for controlling guns. (Yahoo Answers)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Cherry-Picking" Numbers

Have you ever wondered how anti-gun fools come up with their fiction that gun crime goes down where anti-gun laws are the tightest, when just the OPPOSITE is true in most places? “The grand dogma of the gun controllers is that places with severe restrictions on the ownership of firearms have lower rates of murder and other gun crimes. How do they prove this? Simple. They make comparisons of places where this is true and ignore all comparisons of places where the opposite is true (which are in the majority). Gun-control zealots compare the United States and England to show that murder rates are lower where restrictions on ownership of firearms are more severe. But you could just as easily compare Switzerland and Germany, the Swiss having lower murder rates than the Germans, even though gun ownership is 3 times higher in Switzerland. Other countries with high rates of gun ownership and low murder rates include Israel, New Zealand and Finland.” (IGN Watch) This “cherry-picking” of numbers is something crooked politicians all over the globe (not just here) use to make things LOOK like what their fantasies tell them is so  (IGN Watch)

Lawmakers Take Notice

In Colorado we “take no prisoners.” When you make us mad enough, we GET RID of you. That was something learned by THREE Colorado legislators who helped pass too many restrictive anti-gun laws in 2013. All three are gone; two by a recall election, and another quit while we were whomping up anther recall election. The governor is up for re-election, and will not find it so easy as last time to get re-elected. The lesson? Don’t mess with our gun rights! Lawmakers, as a rule, think they’re safe from retribution when they make such laws. They think they’re safe until the end of their term and then they hope we forget. Not these three. The “anti-gun fools” gaily making restrictive gun laws all over the country need to take note. Even if they can’t be recalled in their state, they can be UNelected in their next election. We WILL call them to account. This is still a free country (mostly) and will be, until the socialists destroy that. So lawmakers beware! Watch what you do. You’re not the boss, WE are! (Just common sense)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Making Anti-Gun Bigots Angry

It’s easy to do. Just try and argue LOGICALLY against their pet ideas like putting locks on guns in locked gun safes in the house so when an ILLEGALLY-armed criminal comes calling you’ll never be able to get your gun into action quickly enough to keep him from shooting you with his ILLEGAL gun. Of course, his gun is not subject to such STUPID laws because he doesn’t OBEY laws. Of course, that makes your gun USELESS, which is their goal, anyway. Or their propensity for “registering” all guns so the government will know where they are, and who owns them when they get ready to come calling and confiscate (steal) them. They get angry because they know they can’t ANSWER your logic. So they just walk away in a huff after calling you nasty, vile names. Names that would have gotten them shot 100 years ago (which was a GOOD thing). Fools like that ALWAYS get angry when people attempt to confront them with logic. (Just common sense)

Actions of Fools

2013 was a year of fool actions, to be sure. But will 2014 be any better? Not with the anti-gun fools being still in office. The problem is not the very EXISTENCE of guns; it is that people with bad intentions GET guns. Lawmakers THINK making laws against criminals having guns (which, unfortunately, includes good people having guns for self-defense) will stop the crooks from seeking out illicit gun dealers who sell their guns out of the trunk of their cars in back alleys. They will NOT. But that never deters these fools from making their useless laws that do nothing but give ILLEGALLY-armed criminals a steady stream of unarmed VICTIMS; which makes crime rates rise, and, more importantly, makes the number of gun deaths also rise. Nobody seems to be able to get through to these ignoramuses. They’re “tone deaf” to logic. Some even deny the very EXISTENCE of logic. Maybe some day these fools will “wise up.” I hope it happens before some criminal shoots them with an ILLEGAL gun. (Just common sense).