Saturday, August 29, 2015

Phony Gun Control, As Usual

Terry McAuliff, former DNC Chairman, and now governor of Virginia, is doing the “knee-jerk” thing and calling for “renewed” gun control in the wake of the television personality shootings that happened on the air. He's calling for increased background checks (proven to do NOTHING to hinder gun ownership), notwithstanding the fact that the killer PASSED background checks and even endured “waiting periods” to buy his gun. That there wasn't anything (on paper) in his background to stop him meant he could buy a gun without a problem, regardless of the already in effect laws. As I've said many times, a man contemplating MURDER is not worried about violating a piddling “gun law.” Nor is he worried about “gun-free zones,” since what he's contemplating is a lot worse than these piddling laws that are designed only to disarm honest people and make them “easy targets” for illegally-armed criminals. (The Hill)

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