Thursday, November 28, 2013

Still fighting Eye Problem

Turns out it wasn’t conjunctivitis after all. It was something in my eye, digging in. My doctor took it out after almost a week of suffering under the mistaken diagnosis reached at University Hospital—which made it better. But here is still something in there she missed (it wasn’t hard), on the other side of the eye and I can’t get to her until tomorrow. Thanksgiving, you know. The article below was written just before it struck, and was written for today so it MUST go up.

Indians Didn't Save Pilgrims

 The Free Market did. Yes, the Indians may have taught them a lot of things, such as how to grow corn. But that would not have saved them under their original system, which amounted to SOCIALISM. With INCENTIVE thus eliminated, many people didn’t work because they still got s full “share” of any bounty there might have been whether or not they worked. So many didn’t, and the colony starved. Many died, including the governor’s wife. So he set out to change things and return INCENTIVE to the equation. He let them keep their plot of land, but allowed them to keep and sell (at a profit) what they grew. This gave them the INCENTIVE to work hard, and they did. They grew so much there was a surplus, which they sold, at a PROFIT. The first Thanksgiving was not to ”thank” the Indians for saving them, it was a gesture of FRIENDSHIP to their neighbors. As with the story of Robin Hood (That’s another story. Robin Hood did NOT steal from the rich to give to the poor, he stole BACK from the nobles and gave what was rightfully theirs to the peasants), this has been lied about and twisted over the years by people who wanted to reinstitute socialism and the power it gave to a few.
 (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Can't Work

Sorry to anybody who has missed my posts to my several blogs the last few days. Last Friday just before I was to update “Ray’s Shorts,” I was unable, as I could not even keep my eyes open. I had to go to the hospital. Seems I have conjunctivitis, otherwise known as “pink-eye.” Some may think that is a minor ailment, in that it’s not going to kill me. But take my word for it, it is NOT. It can be very painful and debilitating. For me, several days later, it still IS. I still mostly can’t open my right eye, and it is hard to do this work with only one eye, whose movement effects the other eye. I’m hoping it will clear up soon and I can resume my work. Until then, Aaaaccckkk!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Socond Amendment "Misunderstood"

That’s what the university professor who advocates removing the Second Amendment to the Constitution and the whole Constitution itself be “reviewed and changed” since the world has changed so much since it was written. But she doesn’t give any SPECIFICS as to what is wrong. Liberals never do. They just make broad statements without giving specifics. How IS it “misunderstood?” It’s misunderstood because liberals and other gun-haters WANT it to be misunderstood. The reference to a “militia” is used erroneously since the idea of a “state militia” was unknown at the time. ALL PEOPLE were considered to be members of a militia. But the gun-haters ignore that and continue to insist that it meant “membership” in an ORGANIZED militia, not a VOLUNTEER militia called up in case of attack. That’s the only “misunderstanding” there is: that MANUFACTURED by liberals and gun-haters. (Dallas Observer)

This Is How Liberals Operate

When a vote didn’t go his way, a liberal Democrat just stopped the vote, while in progress. This is, of course, against the “rules of order,” but he doesn’t care. He wanted to avoid LOSING the vote so he “took his ball and went home” like a little kid. They were trying to pass another stupid anti-gun law and they were seeing that it would not pass, so they got mad and illegally stopped the vote so there would not be a recorded vote against their measure. This is “business as usual” for liberals. It’s just usually done behind the scenes. (YouTube)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Promoting Mediocrity

One of the foolish things liberals promote is “scoreless sports.” Why is it foolish? Because without scoring, NOBODY can know who won, so what’s the point? If they had an auto race without a winner, what’s the point? When adults force scoreless sports on the kids, the KIDS know what the score was, even if the fool adults do not. If you LIKE mediocrity, join the Democrat (not Democratic) party. For them, losing is a resume enhancement. Refusing to score a sports event is one of the most foolish things I’ve ever heard. No, it’s not. Thinking the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself is one; thinking you can SPEND your way to prosperity is another. Frankly, the number of damned fool things liberals think is so numberless I could write many books just LISTING them. (Just common sense)

Mental Health Laws Kill

One of the reasons for the apparent increase in the number of “mass shootings” like the one at the theater in Aurora, Colorado is the almost complete LACK of proper treatment for KNOWN mental health sufferers. Some years ago lawmakers made it possible to CLOSE most mental health facilities in favor of smaller, more “personal” facilities that could give more personal treatment for patients. Unfortunately, those smaller treatment facilities did not materialize while the larger facilities still closed, leaving the mental cases on the street. Meanwhile MOST “mass shooters” are KNOWN to have mental problems that have been DIAGNOSED. But since there’s nowhere to send them, they’re turned loose on society and people die. Such is true in the case of the state senator’s son who almost killed the senator and DID kill himself, HOURS after being set home from the hospital after being diagnosed as a danger to society because there were “no beds.” This is a TRAVESTY! Will lawmakers do something about it? Maybe—but it will take them an unconscionable amount of time to do it, while more people die. (TIME Magazine)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Colorado "Gun Fight" Not Over

Those who think the fight over gun rights in Colorado is over are doomed to be disappointed. Yes, we got rid of two of the most noticeable anti-gun fools when we voted to recall TWO state legislators because of their votes FOR gun control. But we’re looking at others, now. “A coalition of gun-control supporters who rallied on Capitol steps Monday asked the Democratic state Legislature not to revisit last session’s gun-control package, which included expanded background checks and a limit on ammunition magazines.” Do they really think they can defeat us with such actions? Gun control will again be a prime topic in the 2014 legislature in Colorado. We’ll be watching closely, and ANY legislators who support gun control will not last out their terms. In addition, we’re looking at one more legislator AND the governor for what happened THIS year. Voting for anti-gun measures WILL end many careers. I guarantee it. (CBS Denver)

Somebody Needs to Pay

And it's NOT "the gun." Remember that TSA officer who was killed at the Los Angeles Airport? He didn’t have to die. He laid there bleeding for more than a HALF HOUR before para-medics were ALLOWED to treat him. Yes, I know; the “authorities” hadn’t yet declared the area to be safe. But as a former para-medic, I know they would have gone in and done what they could even if the shooter was still putting bullets in his dead body. There’s no excuse to allow a man to DIE because the area was not yet declared “safe.” They should have MADE it safe as soon as possible. As with one situation I was mixed up in one time in West Palm Beach (FL) where a man was allowed to die because my ambulance was not the one serving the “zone” in a city that demanded ONE AMBULANCE in each zone. I was on my way BACK to my zone after delivering a patient to a hospital ONE BLOCK into the next zone. I could have saved the man’s life, but they wouldn’t let me because I was in the “wrong zone.” I went to the city after that and got the rules changed to allow the senior medic on the scene to order a patient transported regardless of “zones” and the bureaucrat in charge of emergency medical services fired. This situation is just as bad, and is foolish. It led to this man’s death. The senior medic on the scene should be able to treat a patient on his own responsibility. (

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Fast & Furious Update

The family of the Border Patrol Agent murdered by one of the guns Obama smuggled over the border to drug cartels in Mexico has had their suit for “wrongful death” thrown out of court (by the government, which is the only place they can turn) because they’ve “already been paid off” for his death. I bet that would make HIM happy if he weren’t dead. I wonder how happy the families of all the MEXICAN cops and other innocent people those guns have been used to murder are. Of course, Obama doesn’t care about that because they’re “only Mexicans.” If any other president had been directly responsible for an American cop’s death by his ILLEGAL actions, he’d be in prison now. But not Obama. Nobody has the gonads to charge him. (Town Hall)

U. S. Regionalism?

Does that account for the gun debate? That’s the question they’re asking at MSNBC. That’s to typical of those “brain-dead liberals,” I wonder why people look at their stuff at all. I can only point to the fact that a majority of AMERICANS are as “brain dead” as they are. They simply want a “free ride” and they figure liberals are their best choice to make sure they get it. That’s why Obama is still in office. But what accounts for the gun debate? The wish from liberals to DISARM everybody except their heroes, the cops. The ones they tell us can protect us, even though logic dictates that they can’t. And the cops are the first to admit that. They can only (usually) get there long after the crime has been committed, “write it up,” dispose of the body or bodies, and MAYBE catch the criminal, later. If SOMEBODY had had a gun and the will to use it were THERE when the crime was BEING committed, maybe it would be different. But don’t ask MSNBC. They’re as “brain-dead” as other liberals. (MSNBC)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Stupid Politicians

In Swampscott, Mass (Where else?), Selectman Barry Greenfield says we should make laws allowing cops to enter our homes to “make sure our guns are stored safely.” What a LOAD that is! Politicians like this should become FORMER politicians as soon as we can “make it so.” We did it to two of them in Colorado, and we’re looking at doing it to even more. Politicians like him should ever be allowed to make ANY laws for us, anywhere. Police are not legally authorized to do so because of that pesky Constitution. Like most fool politicians, he thinks we can just decide to disregard it. Current law in Swampscott makes guns impossible to get into action when a criminal with an ILLEGAL gun (who is under no such law because he doesn’t OBEY laws) comes in to threaten somebody now. He wants to make it even worse. Get RID of this fool NOW! (Opposing Views)

Tun Violence In England DOUBLES

Anti-gun fools constantly cite Great Britain as an example of “good gun laws lowering violence,” but it’s not true. It has NEVER been true, except for a short time after their almost complete BAN on guns in the UK went into effect. Now the instances of gun violence there has DOUBLED. In some areas it has increased FIVE FOLD. Will the anti-gun fools take note? Not likely. They make a practice of NOT noticing ANYTHING that will hurt their “cause. Now they have cops armed with MACHINE-GUNS doing routine policing. Are the “unarmed cops” in Britain GONE? “To the media and Democrats, it simply doesn't mater that gun control isn't working in England or Chicago or anywhere else. And it sure doesn't matter if gun control might be emboldening criminals to commit gun crime because they know the public isn't armed. All that matters is defeating the NRA and handing Obama another win.” This is a point of FACT. Nothing takes the place of winning a battle for Obama. Not even LOGIC. (Breitbart)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Gun-Free Zone"

What’s a one-word description of a “gun-free zone?” STUPID! I can’t be more specific than that. A “gun-free zone” tells criminals they will meet no resistance there, so they can come in and shoot the place up without worrying about anybody there with his own gun to oppose them. I can’t think of a more idiotic situation. Like the anti-gun fools’ idea that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself, the very idea is STUPID. But then, we expect stupidity of the anti-gun fools. Just as we expect stupidity of the elite liberals who usually find some way to make our laws. They tell us the cops can protect us, but the cops would be the first to tell you they can't/ All they can do its "write it up" after the crime has been committed, dispose of the body or bodies and (maybe) catch the criminal later. (Gun-Free Zone)

Stupid Professors

STUPID PROFESSORS: In yet another demonstration of the STUPIDITY of some of the “professors:” who are teaching our impressionable children who don’t know better than to listen to them, yet another “professor of LAW in Texas now says “The constitution is outdated and the Second Amendment should be repealed.” Why? So we can turn the United States over to the criminals, who will always be able to get their guns, no matter whether or not WE can? This kind of “professor” is only  PROFESSING to be intelligent. We need to get rid of such people before they pollute the minds of our youth. But in many cases, we can’t. They have “tenure,” which means we can’t fire them, no matter what SLOP they put in our kids’ brains. (Info Wars)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Politifact Disputes Cruz

Ted Cruz said Obama prosecuted gun crimes less often than did Obama and they disputed that. They said he “cherry-picked” the facts to prove his case. But if you picked ANY year between 2002 and 2008 you’d find better figures than in 2012 with Obama. But Politifact themselves “cherry-picked” figures. Cruz used those put out by Transactional Records Action Clearinghouse (TRAC), which used figures from all gun-involved incidents while where gun charges were the lead charges. Politifact used those from the Justice Department, that included charges involving guns in ALL the charges. Slight difference, but made it LOOK like Cruz was lying. Typical liberal anti-gun scam. Cruz’s point was that Obama is more concerned with making NEW laws to further limit our right to be armed while not enforcing (or selectively enforcing) those already on the books. Thus “changing the subject” while not really disputing his word. His point was correct. They routinely use illegal possession of guns as a “throwaway” charge to get convictions in other cries instead of enforcing them. (The Washington Times)

New "Study" Touts Racism Theory

They had a “Study” in Australia and came up with the same old crap that other “studies” have claimed: that whites fear blacks an want guns to use on them. the TRUTH is, the whole idea of GUN CONTROL was started by those same liberals who wished to kill blacks in the 1800s. But it isn’t any longer. They can make false claims all they want, but the wish to “keep and bear arms” IS simply the wish to be able to defend ones self against criminals, WHATEVER color they may be. To deny that is to reveal massive ignorance. The fact, however, that blacks commit MORE VIOLENCE than whites, and are far more apt to BE criminals can be used in such specious “studies” to CLAIM that pro-gun people just want to kill blacks.( Just as such people think that, since there are more blacks in prison than whites, that we are somehow putting more blacks in prison for some nefarious purpose. The fact is, more blacks commit crimes and so are over represented in prison). Likewise they think our only reason for wanting to have a gun is to kill blacks. Not so; they just want to DEFEND themselves against ALL criminals, black or white. The REAL racists here are the people who try to find racism where it does not exist.(Liberty Alliance)

Friday, November 15, 2013


We “skeered ‘em!” Pro “open carry” people showed up for a rally of “Moms Against Gun Violence” meeting in a restaurant. They gathered BEHIND the restaurant, and had NO contact with the “Moms.” But the cops “rousted them” anyway and even arrested several—for TRESPASSING, not “open carrying” of their guns. They wanted to arrest them for SOMETHING, and they knew “open carry” was LEGAL. So they “trumped up” a charge and arrested them for it. This is how the anti-gun cops react when people exercise their constitutional rights. Find SOMETHING to arrest them for, even if they KNOW it won’t hold up in court. Force them to go to the expense and effort to defend themselves against those “trumped up” charges. I guess “The Moms” were frightened when a bunch of people carrying guns showed up in the same place where they were meeting. I guess they thought they would be SHOT. What damned fools they are! (The Blaze)

Law Written Too Loosely?

That’s what people who want to repeal Florida’s “stand your ground” law are saying. That it needs to be rewritten, if not repealed. But they’re losing. Floridians LIKE being able to defend themselves and not be forced, by law, to RUN when confronted by a criminal who wants to do violence to them. And it is NOT “written too loosely,” which can be said of many of the anti-gun laws now on the books. In California, for instance, the definition of a deadly weapon is “anything that can be projected at a person so as to make him uncomfortable.” I don’t know if it is the same today, but it was written that way when I was selling pepper sprays and tear gas guns. Consequently it included the pepper sprays and tear gas guns I was selling. Fortunately, I was in Indiana, and just couldn’t sell my pepper sprays in California because of that law. Other laws in other places became ZANY in their effort to disarm Americans without violating the Second Amendment. Other places do things like ban AMMUNITION, which is not SPECIFICALLY covered in the Second Amendment, thus making guns useless. They’ll “get around” the Constitution any way they can. (Gun-Free Zone)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Using Children to Prove a Point

That’s what liberals and anti-gun fools DO. This little girl has no idea what she’s promoting with this sign. And if she does, she’s only “parroting” what she’s been told by her gun-hating parents. Like Obama’s use of a little black boy to stand beside him as he signed his atrocious health care swindle bill into law while Joe caressed the child, this if hateful. One of the best known scams in government is saying, “it’s for the children.” Nobody wants to be seen as being “anti-children.” So they continue to use children in their scams and the children, who don’t know what they’re doing, cooperate. (Gun-Free Zone)

The Worst Law Ever

The National Firearms Act (1934) was made to combat the “mob” in Chicago. It IS unconstitutional, but has never been declared so. It outlawed the gun that became popular as an “eeeevil gun,” the Thompson sub-machine gun. This gun was not nearly as ubiquitous as Hollywood would like you to think, but was the “poster gun” for anti-gun legislation after that poorly conceived law banning liquor was repealed. Today they’re working HARD trying to get rid of today’s “poster gun” for prohibition of guns, the automatic weapon, which does not fit the description for the Thompson. As usual, this gun is nor nearly as widespread in use among criminals as Hollywood would have you believe. Actually, one of the best customers for these guns is Hollywood, to use in making their misleading movies. Just to prove such laws never work is the fact that Chicago, which has some of the most restrictive anti-gun laws in the nation, ALSO has one of the highest gun murder rates in the nation (along with Washington, DC and New York City, both of whom have similarly restrictive gun laws and similarly high gun murder statistics. (The Bang Switch)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Family Rescues Girl

Beverly Arcenaux was kidnapped by a former boyfriend, who had a HISTORY of abusing her. The cops were looking, but they couldn’t find her. Her family did, just as her ex-boyfriend was stabbing her. They shot him to death before he could kill her. The cops showed up later (as they usually do) and dealt with the body (as they usually do). They’re “investigating” (as they usually do) and haven’t filed any charges against her family (yet). The way things are working today, the family of the dead kidnapper will probably sue this family—and get a judgment, with all the wimpy, spineless liberal judges there are out there (but I don’t think they’ll collect much). This further shows that the cops CAN’T “protect us,” only ”investigate” after the crime has been committed. This guy was under a restraining order, which shows they’re useless. Only a gun in the hands of someone who can, and will use it is the answer to crime. But the anti-gun fools will NEVER admit that. They will ridicule our contention. Laws need to be made BANNING families from starting suits in such cases. Suing the VICTIM is an abomination! (Freedom Outpost)

Disarming Us: Common Sense?

Not hardly. But that doesn’t faze the anti-gun fanatic losers. They tell us it’s better that you don’t have a gun to protect yourself because the “bad guy” will take it away from you and shoot you with your own gun. But what about HIS gun? He can shoot you with it WITHOUT taking it away from you, and if you don’t have a gun to oppose his (most likely illegal gun) you’re doomed. If you’re properly trained, he will NOT be able to “take your gun away.” That’s an argument for LOSERS. Anybody who buys a legal gun should also rake a course in gun handling and the best ways to KEEP the “bad guy” from getting your gun. This, they never mention. They think we’re ALL so incompetent in gun handling that the criminal CAN take our guns away. That might be true with THEM, but not with us. It’s a patently phony argument, Criminals LIKE “gun control” because it gives them more unarmed victims. (Common Gun Sense)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hick Wants Us Out

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, the KING of anti-gun fools in Colorado, wants pro-gun groups to “stay out” of any new recall effort for anti-gun lawmakers. I guess he thinks if he can get us to stay out, he can WIN any new recall effort for anti-gun lawmakers, and maybe even salvage his own career. If we did that, it’s be like Iran actually STOPPING their nuclear plans because we ask them to—which they’ll never do. He wants us out so he can WIN any new recall election. But it’s not gonna happen. We’re not going to make it easy for him. (US Finance Post)

No Guns In Iran, Huh?

 “We don’t have problems like this in Iran,” said a man in a band that had fled Iran because the GOVERNMENT wanted to kill them for playing MUSIC and whose fellow band members were murdered (in America) by a disgruntled ex-band member. In Iran it is the GOVERNMENT who is more likely to shoot you to death, just for playing music. Playing music is “against cultural LAW" in Iran. So they came here and were murdered by a fellow musician who was angry because he couldn’t seem to get a job in a rock band. In Iran they were likely to be killed by the government or an Islamic terrorist with an illegal gun. They THINK they don’t have guns there, but they do. They’re blaming the gun, rather than the fool holding it, as usual. Like when Ahmadinijerk said, “We have no homosexuals in Iran.” Do you know where they live?" So we can go and kill them? The same is true with innocent musicians. If Iranian “authorities” know where musicians live, they’re dead. People don’t flee America because we have guns or if they’re musicians. It’s not the GOVERNMENT that will kill you for playing music here. It’s crazed musicians with ILLEGAL guns. I don’t know if the gun used here was legal, but I’d bet it’s not, This is New York City, remember, where guns not in the hands of “the authorities” are as illegal as is music in Islamic Iran, but are all over the place. (

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sue the Hero

This is a travesty. “A disturbing but telling story is playing out in Pennsylvania. Two men robbed a local store, but were killed by a private citizen who confronted them before they could get away. Now the families of the criminals want to sue the man who stopped a crime, because he killed their loved ones.” And they’ll probably win. Or the lawyers will settle and they'll have to pay (and they will be robbed again, this time by the law). With all the liberal judges in this country, it’s possible for the families of robbers and murderers who are killed while committing their crimes to win massive judgments against the heroes who kill their relatives while they were committing crimes, This should NOT be allowed. There should be a law made STOPPING such suits from ever seeing the light of day. Such people should NOT have the right to drag the hero who stopped their relatives from victimizing others into court to even have to spend the money and take the TIME to DEFEND against such an atrocity. The very EXISTENCE of such a possibility creates a “chilling effect” AGAINST such people rising to defend others. (Eagle Rising)

Students Run Off Robber, Get Suspended

They’re students at Gongaza University in Spokane, WA and have their own apartment OFF campus. When a man tried to rob them, they pulled a LEGAL gun and ran him off. Their college suspended them, even though it didn’t happen on campus. What makes this college think they have the right to expel PAYING customers without refunding their money because of something that happened OFF CAMPUS is beyond me. Either way, it is NOT within their power to do so whether they’re too stupid to know it or not. They think because the students rent from the university they can tell them they can’t have and use their LEGAL guns. They SAY banning guns on campus makes the students safer. What “fantasyland” do they live in? By the way: they didn’t tell them about the gun ban when they moved in, or they wouldn’t have moved in. (Opposing Views)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hateful Robot

Remember Brent Spiner? The inquisitive robot on Star Trek: The Next Genration? Apparently he doesn’t think much of gun owners. I wonder if that extends to cops and government agents, as well. Like most “not too bright” gun haters, Spiner ignores reality when he thinks ALL gun owners are dangerous. That is, except for the ILLEGAL gun owners.  They may be, but only to those who would use their ILLEGAL guns to threaten them. Spiner needs to find himself at the wrong end of a gun pointed in his direction to begin to realize that GUNS aren't the problem, CRIMINALS are the problem, but that probably won’t happen. He can afford to HIRE his guns, with people to hold them, whether or not he does. Maybe he thinks the cops who surround him on personal appearances are dangerous to him, too. But what would he do? Just let people shoot him so he wouldn’t have to ever CARRY a gun? It amazes me how ignorant such people can be. They think we can eliminate ALL guns and the “bad guys” won’t be able to get theirs. How stupid is that? (Breitbart)

What FOOLS They Be!

Circle K stores FIRED Johnny Jariel for defending himself with his legally carried gun when confronted by a robber, he told WXAI TV. He wants people to boycott the Circle K “convenience stores” because he feels (and he is right) they fired him wrongly. I guess he should have just “rolled over” and sat up, panting while the robber took the company’s money and maybe killed him. I think he did exactly the right thing except for one thing. He could have been a better shot. The guy practically “teleported” from the scene, and according to Jariel, he is probably still running. If Circle K was smart, they’d allow licensed carriers to bring their guns to work, but apparently they’re not too smart. (The Blaze)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Off the Internet

Sorry folks: my Internet was down all day yesterday and I could not post. It was caused by an upgrade my provider made that was “too much” for my old router. We had to get a service call and couldn’t get it until this morning. I now have a new router and I hope the problems are over.

What IS Socialism?

You're probably wondering what this article is doing on a bog about gun control. The answer is simple: taking guns away from us is one of the necessary parts of what they must do to impose socialism on us. As long as many of us have guns and the right to carry them, they can't be sure we won't meet them with a gun when they come to steal our property. The LA Airport shooter was right when he thought there WAS a plot to disarm us and impose a "New World Order" on us. He was just wrong in his reaction to his thinking and the action he took..

Many people don’t even know what socialism is, even though others are working hard to impose it upon us. My own SISTER didn’t know until I explained it to her, and she is now one of the most implacable enemies of socialism there is. It’s really very simple: there are TWO basic economic systems operating in the world: the FREE MARKET, and COLLECTIVISM. They are opposites in every way. You are operating yourself under one or the other, to dome degree, whether or not you know it. Under the free market, people are encouraged to “fend for themselves,” find a need and fill it, and therefore prosper on their own efforts. Under collectivism, they are encouraged to find someone operating under the free market who is prospering, and con him out of part of it, using “need” as a CLAIM on part of his earnings. Under collectivism, the GOVERNMENT does the conning, making LAWS and REGULATIONS to accomplish it, To do this, the government must con the free market people (the producer) into believing he has an OBLIGATION to give part of his earnings to the “collective.” To disguise themselves, they come up with all kinds of “aliases” hoping we won’t figure out they are one on the same, with only cosmetic differences.

Some of those “aliases” are socialism, communism, Fascism, and Progressivism, with Progressivism being a direct name for communism. There are others, too numerous to mention here. But these are the major ones. They keep telling us these names all mean something different, and are NOT collectivism. That’s a LIE. They ALL come from a simple saying that comes from Karl Marx, the “father of communism.” That saying is, “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” This makes NEED a CLAIM on the EARNINGS of those capable and willing to PRODUCE new wealth. Collectivism, under none of its “aliases,” PRODUCES nothing. It is a LEECH on the production of the PRODUCER. Basically, it is THEFT of the PRODUCTION of those people. Communism (one of the “aliases”) was instituted in Russia and allowed to “run its course,” and it did. It only took 75 years for it to collapse when it could not compete with the free markets in other countries, such as America. In Germany and Italy, Fascism lost in a war.

But if they had not “gotten too big for their britches” and tried to take over the world, they would have eventually succumbed to the same thing that happened in Russia. The basic thing that will eventually kill ALL collectivist governments is lack of INCENTIVE to produce. Without that INCENTIVE, the government must FORCE people to do ANYTHING but TAKE from one another through the government. Dedicated communists say the reason communism failed in Russia is because they never got REAL communism. That’s just an excuse. They got as REAL a communism as they could impose, and it failed, as collectivism always will, eventually, when they run out of other people’s money. The basic thing you can draw from this is that without INCENTIVE to produce, people will NOT produce new wealth. That is the basic flaw in collectivism under whatever name it hides. Collectivism is BASED on the THEFT of earnings, taken from the PRODUCERS of new wealth, and that will NEVER work. Therefore, it is MORALLY wrong.

Meanwhile, President Barack Hussein Obama is trying his best to impose this failed philosophy (economic philosophy) upon this country. Everything he does is designed to “spread the wealth” (as he told ”Joe the Plumber” during his first election campaign). What he means to do is to TAKE from the wealthy (who have mostly EARNED their wealth) and GIVE that taken to those who will NOT earn for themselves. His “signature law, “ the “Affordable Care Act,” better known as :Obama’s Health Care Swindle,” is very simply “collectivism in disguise,” since it DEPENDS on the YOUNG buying health insurance they don’t need at inflated prices to pay for the higher health care needs (“NEEDS”) of older people. Without those young people buying into the program, the whole thing collapses. Everything else he does promotes collectivism in some way. Collectivism will never work, especially in this country, which was BUILT on the free market and the will to create new wealth (profit). It is the free market that allowed this country in several hundred years, to EXCEED the wealth of countries that have been in existence for THOUSANDS of years. Yet he wants to IMPOSE that “failed system” that has failed everywhere it has been tried, upon the freest, richest country in the world. (Just common sense)

Here We Go Again!

The anti-gun fools are working to use the shooting at Los Angeles Airport to promote their pet anti-gun laws, as I predicted. But the problem that led up to the shooting and killing there is an old familiar one: the shooter, one Paul Anthony Ciancia, was showing evidence of insanity for a while. He didn’t like the government’s making laws against guns (which by itself isn’t bad), and made comments that showed clearly his mental instability on Facebook-type platforms and in angry text messages to his family condemning the government and claiming “conspiracies” to disarm us and enslave us. But the most frightening is some of the threats he made. They will use this to try and show he was a “right-winger” and to try and make more anti-gun laws. But what we need is more control over such PEOPLE when they give warning, as he did. That’s not happening. That's been the problem in a number of mass shootings. Not the guns. (Washington Times)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's All they Have

Call them racists. Anti-gun fools are losing. Even if they DO manage to pass more and more silly gun  laws to keep guns out of the hands of honest people, the number of such new laws is “flat-lining.” They don’t “automatically” pass each and every new law on top of their other laws to criminalize people who simply want to defend themselves, since the cops can’t. The cops are the first to tell you they can’t, in a majority of cases. All they can do is get there AFTER the crime has been committed, “write it up,” take away the body or bodies, and MAYBE catch the criminal later, to be dealt with in a half-assed way by the “justice system.” The ONLY answer is to have someone ON the premises who is armed, and that the criminals doesn’t suspect is armed.

It worked admirably some time ago in a Colorado Springs church, where a PARISIONER who was a licensed carrier shot a would-be mass murderer BEFORE he could kill more than a couple of people. This WORKS, no matter how much the anti-gun fools deny it. They have no more arguments to use so, like the federal government does when ANYBODY criticizes Obama, they call us racists.  In California, they make a big thing out of people making laws that effect latinos, not mentioning that latinos are the ones breaking most of the laws. For the same reason, liberals lament that more blacks are in prison than whites, totally IGNORING the fact that more blacks COMMIT CRIMES than do whites. They both twist that to make a phony case for racism. This is not a “knock” on latinos OR blacks—it’s just the FACTS. (Daily DEMOCRAT)

Obama KNEW All Along

He not only KNEW he was arming criminals in “Fast & Furious,” he DESIGNED it that way. George Bush had a similar program that included GPS sensors in the guns to track them BEFORE a crime was committed. It failed because the drug czars found and removed those GPS sensors and it was canceled. Obama, even knowing this, re-instituted it in his first 100 days in office with the GPS sensors removed—to track the guns AFTER the crimes had been committed. The result? Multiple murders, including many cops, and including some of OURS. He KNEW that would be the result, but he didn’t care how many people died. This is an IMPEACHABLE offense, but with nobody in DC having the GONADS to call him on it, he is still getting away with this crime, among many others. (Gun News Daily)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Racism and Guns

Liberals have always tried to make people think wanting to own a gun for self defense is racism. It’s a stretch, but the anti-gun fools are known for stretching the truth painfully out of shape in an attempt to prove their phony theory that making a LAW against gun ownership will keep criminals, who don’t obey laws, stop carrying them. They still maintain that people who want to carry their own guns do so for racist reasons. I know; it’s stupid. But THEY are stupid. If they had any intelligence at all they’d realize that taking away your ability to defend yourself only makes you vulnerable to the depredations of CRIMINALS who never have a problem getting their guns, no matter how tight gun laws are. IN fact, where they’re the tightest, like Chicago or New York, the gun violence is the worst. If you’re in a position to vote yea or nay on a gun question, don’t fall for their bullsh-t. Vote it down. (Plos One)

Jury Nullification

They have made so many silly gun laws there is a great possibility you will run into one of them by accident if you have occasion to carry a gun, legally or not. Yours may be legal in your home area, but not when you go to other towns or states—and if you forget, you’re going to pay a fine or go to jail. Or worse yet, be called to jury duty in a case where somebody got “caught out” forgetting to leave their guns at home and are in danger of being found guilty of a felony. But you can put s stop to that. At least in that case. Most juries are required to come to a unanimous decision to convict, and if you disagree with the law you are called upon to enforce, all it takes is ONE VOTE to acquit—and it’s legal. You are not required to convict if you do not think a real law has been broken. The “justice system” frowns on “jury nullification,” but there’s nothing they can do about it. It’s written into the law for our protection against just such laws as these. Do what you think best when called to judge a fellow innocent American whose only “crime” is forgetting the myriad of stupid gun laws made by FOOLS. (Gun News)

Monday, November 4, 2013

MOMS: All Guns "Assault Weapons!"

An offshoot of (NY) Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun group is now insisting that ALL guns now be called “assault weapons,” which is about the stupidest suggestion they have ever made—and they have made some stupid ones. They keep insisting they only want to ban “certain” weapons, but this comment shows their REAL goal. Banning ALL guns. They’re still saying the LA Airport shooting was done by an “assault weapon,” but from the far-away look I got at it, I doubt it. They also say it was the same kind of “Assault weapon” used in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, which I KNOW to be false (I live less that a mile from that theater and am privy to LOCAL coverage, which says NOT. This is the same kind of LIE they tell all over to make things look worse than they are. (Gun-Free Zone)

Cops Raid Gun Collector

His only “crime” was in owning too many guns and model rockets. Was he a potential terrorist? NO. Only in the fevered minds of some government bureaucrats. They “trumped up” charges of several felonies, including six counts of illegal possession of explosives (for a hobbyist rocketeer). This man is also in the Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame. Has he EVER shown the slightest tendency toward terrorism? No. But that makes no difference to the anti-gun fools in our government, who will do whatever it takes to criminalize gun ownership, especially someone who owns many guns. Cops were called for a break-in at this man’s house, saw all the explosives (legal) and guns (also legal) and panicked. They moved people from their homes and blocked off the area, as if the explosives (connected to his rocketeering) were in danger of going off (which they weren’t). I expect most charges to be dropped later, after all his expensive explosives have been detonated and destroyed, and most of the guns kept, with bureaucrats saying they are “dangerous weapons,” even though they were ALL legally owned. (The DC Clothesline)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Arm TSA Agents?

Will the Los Angeles Airport shooting be used to ARM TSA Agents? Yes, it will. I predict it. No equivocation. It WILL. They’ve wanted to arm them all along, but there was a lot of opposition to it. But now they have their excuse, and they WILL exploit it, just as they have exploited the school shooting in Newtown that killed several CHILDREN. Never mind their damned fool laws don’t stop ANYTHING. They just want to make ANY gun ownership (except for cops and government agents) illegal. That way they can “criminalize” everybody who carries a gun for self-defense. That way, when their thugs come to take what’s ours, they won’t meet a gun as do some other criminals. (The Daily Sheeple)

"Gun Laws Protect Women"

That’s one of their most recent LIES. That their laws to prevent responsible, honest people from owning the means to self-defense, a gun, “protects women.” HOW? It takes guns out of the hands of the people who CAN use them to protect their women while leaving it easy to get illegal guns if you don’t care about violating laws, as do criminals. Criminals and crazies don’t obey laws. So they can go to that guy who parks in an alley with a trunkful of illegal guns for sale and get as many as they want. While HONEST people, who OBEY laws, no matter how misguided; don’t have guns with which to oppose them. Every day the “anti-gun fools” come out with another LIE about guns while ILLEGAL guns kill more and more. They never think about how many people DIE as a result of their foolish laws, or they don't care. (The Hill)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

They Have Nothing Else

So they call us racists if we want to have a gun with which to defend ourselves. They can’t answer us with facts, so they just call us names. They can’t answer the ONE question I have been asking them for years: “What makes you think a LAW will stop CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, from having a gun?” They never answer. They just call me a “gun-lover” or some other derogatory name, and run away. They KNOW that ANY truthful answer they give will DESTROY their argument. Their entire campaign is based on LIES, just as Obama’s health care swindle law is based on lies. Great Britain ought to know better. They lost a war over trying to impose gun control upon Americans. (NY Daily News)

Oregon Getting It Right

They’re now telling school teachers that if they wish, they MAY carry their guns to school is they are licensed to carry; thus returning to them the same rights enjoyed by the average American, even if the “authorities” don’t agree. Now would be school shooters have no way of knowing that if they go into a school to shoot people, they won’t be met with a gun in the hands of someone they didn’t suspect had one. This, more than anything else, will ensure fewer mass shootings in schools—at least in Oregon. In Arkansas, they’re doing the same, and the Attorney General (who is apparently an anti-gun fool) objects. But school officials say they will allow teachers and school staff to be armed, and the AG can go to hell. (Daily Caller)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Deadly LAX Shooting

It’s happening right now, as I write this. Early reports say multiple people shot by at least one man with a rifle at the Los Angeles Airport. Anti-gun fools will use this as yet another excuse to make yet more crappy laws that make it more difficult to get and use guns for self-defense. They don’t know yet if there was more than one shooter, who has been wounded in the leg and “taken out.” They STILL think the way to self-defense is to make laws that DISARM everybody but the criminals, who never have any trouble getting their guns. Stupidity remains among the anti-gun fools. Stupid people are too stupid to know they’re stupid and they think they’re smarter than anybody else. They deny the whole idea that ONE person in the crowd with his own gun and the will to use it could easily stop such a shooter who, in the absence of that person, could kill at will as people cower under benches until he gets to them. Politicians NEVER LISTEN to reason and some even deny the very EXISTENCE of reason and logic. It’s time we elected some INTELLIGENT politicians who can see reality and make laws punishing the USE of guns in crime and so make sure such people are in prison for longer periods. They currently use such laws as DO exist as “throwaways” to get convictions on other charges. They need to stop doing this. (4 NBC LA)

"Hob-Nailed Boots"

That’s the best way to describe the pre-dawn police and federal agent raid on the home of a reporter recently. They were there (they said) to look for “unregistered guns and a potato gun.” They didn’t find any. But they “confiscated” (stole) unrelated documents and everything else they could get their hands on. She said, “I think they found a great way to get into my house and get a hold of my confidential notes and go through every other file in my office." And that’s what it was: a transparent raid to get their hands on her confidential and private information: information she is not required to divulge under constitutional law. But I’m sure their warrant (if they even HAD one) covered going through everything they could find. This is how Obama is operating today, and he has way too many “willing accomplices” to his crimes. That’s how it works as you solidify your power as a dictator.

   They also “confiscated” (stole) her properly REGISTERED firearms, according to court documents. She told us that she figured it was a “fishing expedition” and they took only notes regarding a story she wrote critical of the Federal Air Marshal program way back in 2008. And many of what they took were not even noted on the inventory of what they DID take, while such inventory is REQUIRED by any such warrant. They told her she could “come and get” some of the papers after they had had WEEKS to copy them, forgetting entirely that they ought to BRING them to her. But then, that’s the arrogance of government employees. No charges were (so far) filed against her or her husband, which means it WAS a “fishing expedition.” One member of the  “break-in team” even told her that story “embarrassed the agency.” Which told the story. (Fox News)