Monday, August 17, 2015

He Wishes He Hadn't

Don Rogers, legally armed Vietnam veteran, was waiting for change when heard a guy behind him tell the clerk to “put the money in the bag” and knew it was a holdup. He drew his own gun and turned, whereupon the robber took a shot at him and missed (from a foot away). He fired three times and didn't miss. The guy ran and left in a car, but called the cops a few minutes later when he realized he was in big trouble and needed medical attention, fast. The cops, who quickly put it all together, arrested his accomplice right there, and he is still in critical condition in the hospital—and will be in jail when he is released—if he lives. Are you wondering why you haven't heard about this? That's because the liberal media gives stories like this, where guns do some GOOD, a “collective yawn” because it doesn't advance their narrative that “guns are bad and should be banned.” Rogers, unlike the “trigger-happy crazed fool” the liberals like to paint pro-gun people as being, wishes this had never happened, but he just “did what he had to do.” (The Right to Bear)

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