Friday, July 31, 2015

Manchin Dismayed

Sen. Joe Manchin (Democrat [of course] WVA) is “dumbfounded” at the COMPLETE lack of support for his latest ignorant effort at gun control legislation, which he calls, “perfect common sense,” but which is ANYTHING but common sense. It's just another effort to disarm honest, reliable people and make them easy targets for ILLEGALLY armed criminals), and will do NOTHING to keep criminals from getting their guns. That's all they have, and there are already enough laws already on the books to take care of that, if they would just ENFORCE them, instead of using them as “bargaining chips” to get convictions on other crimes. If they ever made a law BANNING such deals, I'd support it, in a minute. His bill talked about the “gun show loophole” and a new national gun owner registry, both proven already to have NO EFFECT on guns in the hands of criminals. (Breitbart)

New, Powerful Argument

Against the current brand of gun control. It comes from Kurt Schlichter, a Los Angeles attorney and recently retired infantry colonel in the Army, and it is this: “Screw off!” He tells us there isn't a cogent argument that will penetrate the “concrete-lined skulls” of the anti-gun crowd because their “minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts.” They don't recognize facts if they disagree with their preconceived notions. Everywhere guns are prohibited, murder and violent crime rates go up. Where guns are allowed to the “average citizen,” violent crime and murder rates go down. This is as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning and going down at night. But they don't accept that as “evidence.” It is, to them, merely an anomaly and means NOTHING in the long run in their “war against guns” in the hands of HONEST people. Never mind their laws do NOTHING to keep them out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who, by definition, do not OBEY laws. Those laws only serve to INCREASE gun violence and create more unarmed victims for criminals, who have no trouble getting their guns, no matter what the laws say. Their goal is not simply to eliminate guns, it is to increase their POWER over the rest of us. Chicago (where they have some of the tightest gun laws in the nation, coupled with some of the highest murder rates) means nothing to them. They ignore it, and continue to make their USELESS gun laws, which they call “common sense gun laws,” but are ANYTHING BUT common sense laws. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pastor Shoots Robber

Then prays with him. They've never before had a breakin at the Church of New Beginnings in Baytown, TX, though there have been some in other churches. Until now. This guy broke into the church at night, but didn't know the pastor was sleeping inside, and he was ARMED. The burglar was Lee Marvin Blue, Jr., and was shot in the shoulder. He was arrested at the scene. This is the second time this pastor has apprehended a crook with his gun, although he didn't have to fire a shot the first time. The perp was a 52-year-old woman who had been stealing UPS packages off people's porches (of course, it the UPS driver had bothered to get a signature from these people, she wouldn't have had any luck). He caught her stealing on his own porch and held her for the cops. The Baytown police don't anticipate charges against this pastor. This IS Texas, after all. Don't mess with Texas. (ABC 13)

Senator Hates Guns

Except for the ones he was arrested for selling to what he thought was a rep from a New Jersey mob. Last year, Democrat (what else?) Calif. Sen. Leland Yee was arrested on several charges, from corruption to gun-running. What makes this shocking is that Yee is one of the most vociferous enemy of guns there is (in public). He has sponsored many failing anti-gun bills in the legislature. While allocuting after pleading guilty, he was specifically asked by the judge, “Are you guilty of these charges?” His answer was an unequivocal “yes.” We have yet to see if he will get jail time, and if so, will he be elected to the Congress (or to be Attorney General) as Alcee Hastings (another Democrat) was, after he was impeached as a federal judge on corruption charges.. That's what generally happens to Democrats who get in trouble. It makes no difference in their “march toward the top.” It just delays it a while. It also happened to the mayor of DC after he served time on drug charges. He was later elected (again) to be DC mayor. It seems like no amount of crime can stop a Democrat from being elected to something, except maybe murder. That hasn't yet been tested (except for abortion). (Right Wing Tribune)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Obama Helps Increase Gun Sales

That's not how he planned it, but that's what happened. I guess you could file it under “unintended consequences.” Americans are so afraid he will eventually succeed in his efforts to make the Second Amendment useless that they're buying guns in huge numbers. He's proud of his “numerous accomplishments” (sic). But this isn't one he wants to claim. He says, “We are the only 'advanced nation' that does not have sufficient common sense gun laws.” He's right. All the laws they HAVE made are NOT “common sense gun laws.” All they do is provide easier targets for the criminals, who do not (willingly) obey laws. A new report by the BATFE says his actions have resulted in an increase in gun production of 140%, just to meet demand. That if his goal was to REDUCE gun production and sales, he has failed miserably. Obama should get an award for “being the best gun salesman in the decade.” An honor I'm sure he has no desire to attain. (Patriot Post)

Seniors Need Protection, Too!

Even more than able-bodied people do! But Obama is taking steps to DISARM as many of them as possible by making “rules” that ban the ownership of guns for seniors who have others to manage their finances—whether or not they do it because they can't do it themselves, or it is just more convenient for them (and that is just the "camel's nose in the tent."). It doesn't matter to Obama. He will take their guns away, anyway, Never mind that, being old and infirm, many of them have no other way of defending themselves if some young, strapping, guy decides to victimize them. There is no LOGICAL reason to disarm these people except for the fact Obama isn't able to do it any other (legal) way, and he can CLAIM that if they can't (won't) handle their own finances, they MUST be a “danger to society,” whether they are, or not (they're not). In other areas, he (and locals) are penalizing people who have too much ammunition in their homes. Ammunition is NOT a :fire hazard,” but fire departments are saying they are and are (at orders from higher up?) confiscating (stealing) that ammunition, sometimes forcefully, using axes to break into their homes. It's happening right here in Denver. Obama has all sorts of illegal scams (that need no congressional approval) working to steal guns and ammunition (guns are no good without ammo) so as to DISARM as many people as possible. He must be really scared of a revolution if he's working so hard to get our guns away from us. (1776 Coalition)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Australian Gun Control

Actress Rebel She says she doesn't know of ANY “mass shootings that have happened there since they passed an almost TOTAL gun ban. Wilson (Pitch Perfect, whatever THAT is!) What about the one that happened in Sydney, Rebel? You know, the one nobody important but Fox News is reporting on, huh, Rebel? The one that happened in a Sydney cafe and resulted in THREE DEATHS, including that of the shooter? The one that put four people in the hospital, including one cop, who got shot in the face? Cops and politicians rushed to assure us this was NOT a “terrorist attack, even though the shooter was a KNOWN Islamic terrorist agitator who was “on bail” while awaiting trial for killing his WIFE (There should be NO BAIL for a capital crime). They says it was a “damaged goods” person with a "grudge against the world.” They must be taking their cues from Obama. Studies on gun deaths (mostly suicides, which seems to be what they concentrate on) show a DECREASE. But, according to experts, their “studies” are “flawed” in their methodology. For instance, they will not call it a “mass shooting” unless MORE than 3 people are killed. And I'm sure many are simply not covered at all. They probably don't include figures for ILLEGALLY-obtained guns at all. (Washington Post)

Keep Frustrating Him

Obama says, the biggest frustration for him is not being able to take more of our guns away from us. Good. We should keep on frustrating him until he comes up with a law that will WORK to reduce gun violence, instead of INCREASING it and getting people KILLED. Everything he has come up with so far does nothing but DISARM honest, reliable people and make them “easy targets” for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals and crazy mass shooters. One small woman who was worshiping at a church in Colorado Springs, Colorado ENDED the shooting spree of a would-be mass shooter who came into her church to kill people, by shooting him before he could kill more than one or two of her fellow parishioners. If she and her gun had not been there, how many more innocent people would have been killed before more “good people with guns” could arrive? In that theater shooting in Chattanooga, cops were there in 30 seconds, but in that 30 seconds, the shooter was able to kill 3 people (including himself) and injure 8 others before the cops could get there. Whatever has infected liberals like Obama that causes them to keep passing the same old, tired laws that don't work, over and over, I don't know. But the fact is, you can't change their minds; they're already made up, right or wrong. Don't confuse them with facts. They're unalterably convinced they're right. (Freedom Outpost)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Smart Kansas Law

“It was only a few weeks ago the state of Kansas signed a new law into place. The law provided people in Kansas the ability to carry concealed without a permit, a law detractors said would clearly increase gun violence. In fact, the opposite appears to be true. Young, dumb criminals broke into a sporting goods store and were stopped in the parking lot by a man who took advantage of the newly enacted law. Which should make it so liberals tuck in their tails and run home in embarrassment.” But will it? Not likely. They aren't smart enough, just as people are so stupid as to complain about the veterans standing in front of recruiting places holding automatic weapons, as if they're liable to “go nuts” and kill a bunch of people, except for simply being a “line of defense” against crazies shooting up the place. People who think like that ought to just SHUT UP and stop displaying their ignorance and stupidity. (Right to Bear)

Pushing Gun control

The Journal-Inquirer in Connecticut (where else but the North East?) is pushing HARD for “gun control” in a letter to the editor from a small-town mayor (who is probably a member of Bloomberg's “Mayors Against guns.”). But all I hear is the same ol' same ol' when they talk about what CONSTITUTES gun control in their minds, none of which do ANYTHING to ACHIEVE gun control, but simply disarm HONEST people and make them “easy targets” for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, who do not obey laws. They say our gun laws are “loose and varying,” but that's a false generalization, as usual. Of course, this piece immediately becomes a slam against Republicans and support for Hillary and other Democrats when they say, “Not a single Republican candidate for president has embraced common-sense reforms to curb gun violence. I am forever thankful that our Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, since first announcing her campaign has taken a leading role in the discussion of how to curb gun violence. “ Of course, Hillary has no real answers. Either. This mayor mentions Sandy Hook, but fails to mention that Sandy Hook, as a school, was already a “gun-free zone,”:which did NOTHING to stop the shooter from coming in and killing a few children. I searched high and low, but could not determine her political party. But I figure it must be Democrat, since she “knocks” Republicans in her piece. Damn! It used to be a REQUIREMENT for all things political about a political figure include their party connection. But apparently no more. (Journal-Inquirer)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Inspired By ISIS!

There's no question the shooting at the Chattnooga recruitment center was motivated by Islamic terrorism, (under whatever name they use) no matter how much the feds (motivated by Obama's ignorance, of course) deny it, and pretend they're still trying to find out his motive. It's not that they're stupid, it's that they are WILLFULLY stupid. Obama refuses to call Islamic terrorism what it is, and they are AFRAID to because of that. The point is, wherever people congregate, and especially military people, who have done the Islamic terrorists the most damage, that's where they will strike. Advice: stay away from large groups of people. That's where these damned fool terrorists and would-be terrorists will strike (always unarmed groups). They're coming here to do their “dirty work,” and that's because Obama has INVITED them here by his actions, the latest one of which is giving Iran billions of dollars to spend on killing non-Muslims, and even some Muslims that don't believe EXACTLY the “right way.” Of course, the anti-gun fools come out of the woodwork the minute a gun is involved in ANYTHING, and demand more if their insane and USELESS “gun laws” be passed. (The Blaze)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Only In La-La Land

Bostonians saw a man getting on a bus wearing an ammunition belt with some phony ammunition in it and called the cops. Really! They got so frightened at this they called the COPS! And, true to form, the cops not only responded, they arrested the guy. Fortunately, “wiser heads” intervened and charges were dropped. The man was NOT carrying a gun, only some phony ammunition. And that alone so frightened the Boston liberals that they called the cops, and the cops actually ARRESTED him! Is this STUPID, or what? But what do you expect in La-La Land? They're so brain-washed there, the sight of a bullet makes them wet their drawers. And that includes the cops, who were stupid enough to actually ARREST this guy. What would they do if they actually saw a gun? I shudder to think. Probably shoot him on sight. What amazes me is the CHARGES brought against him. It was “unlawful possession of ammunition and carrying a GUN! He was NOT carrying a gun and it's really STUPID to make possessing ammunition into a crime. But what can you expect in La-La Land? (Right to Bear)

Marines Are Smart

They were disobeying orders, but, ”it's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.” Two of the marines in that recruitment center were armed, and exchanged shots with the shooter who killed others. Now they face punishment for disobeying orders, but I can't think their punishment will be severe as their actions were heroic. Unless the people who bring the charges against them are dedicated liberals in their thinking. Only a FOOL would want to REALLY punish these men for BEING heroes, because of their guns. People who insist on being armed, in spite of “the rules” are the smart ones who will remain alive while those who think like liberals will die. As the liberals in our government make more and tighter gun laws, people will necessarily turn to buying guns ILLEGALLY, as criminals do, therefore becoming criminals, themselves. But becoming a criminal for wanting to be able to defend yourself is a lot better than being dead. (Conservative Byte)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Shooting In Gun-Free Zone

Didja know the shooting in the Louisiana theater (like the shooting in the Colorado theater) is in a “gun-free zone?” These people “cling to their gun-free zones” while people get killed in them every day (with guns), somewhere. Seems like those who want to kill a bunch of people just don't worry about breaking a piddling law like a “gun-free zone/” Surprise, surprise! Meanwhile. Potential mass shooters and other criminals get their guns from other criminals, who make a lot of money selling them on the “black market.” Oops! Obama is gonna call me a racist for saying, “black!” Horrors! I hate it when they accuse me of being racist for such stupid reasons! Meanwhile, they keep on making their silly gun laws while Obama says “We have no common sense gun laws in this country.” And he's right. Because those making the gun laws don't know WHAT are “common sense gun laws,” and keep making their USELESS ones. (Town Hall)

"Obama:Best Gun Salesman":

Obama is the “best gun salesman of the decade,” according to “The Hill.” Well, maybe not THE best, but he's “right up there.” Gun production has more than DOUBLED during the Obama administration, according to BATFE, his own supposed “gun-control” agency. Why is that? Because people are afraid Obama is going to take away their gun rights, and they want to already have their guns, so they can hide them when he comes to “confiscate” (steal) them. The federal assault weapon ban was a prime reason leading to the Democrat “shellacking” in 1994. Remember, the American REVOLUTION started because of the British trying gun control—and it could happen again, but this time, not to Great Britain. Meanwhile, Obama just doesn't realize that HE has done more to sell more guns in America than anybody else. So he keeps on making his USELESS “gun laws. (Town Hall)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

No Right to Bear Arms?

Politicians, led by Obama, are still trying to tell us we don't have “the right” to bear arms.. That what is meant by the second Amendment simply means we can “bear arms” if the government gives us permission, and if we obey the limitations they put on that “permission.” NOT SO, as it is with many of the things our erstwhile government tells us. According to the Second Amendment, we have an UNFETTERED RIGHT to “bear arms,” against the GOVERNMENT, if necessary. In fact, being armed against government overreach is an important part of what the Second Amendment means. Politicians know their fondest dream is to severely limit the other rights we enjoy, and that they intend later, to come to us and take what they want, as what the “RICO Laws” NOW allow—their “right” to declare any money or property they find on us to be ILLEGAL, and to just TAKE IT, without the necessity of even filing charges against us. You think I'm wrong, just Google “RICO Laws" and see what's out there. Find a copy of the laws themselves and READ them. It'll be a revelation for you. (Weapon Blog)

Should Recruiters Be Armed?

Absolutely! They're the most visible members of the armed forces at home (such a description is ABSURD if they can't be armed except in battle zones). They have a TARGET painted on their backs, just like the cops today. More cops have been murdered by criminals from ambush because there are more of them out “among us” wearing that uniform with that shiny “target” on their chests, driving well-marked patrol cars (Nut at least, they ARE armed--so far). Military men mostly are in “civvies” when at home, unless they have a duty station that requires a uniform. I think any time a soldier must wear a uniform, a gun should be part of the uniform. At least a side arm. They should not be made to be a target without the means to defend themselves. Frankly, I don't think any other country has such an absurd rule about their soldiers being armed on military reservations. (Guns)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why A Military Gun Ban?

Why is it that members of the military are not allowed to be armed on military property unless their DUTY requires it (like military police)? What's the thinking there? That's an easy one. Politicians are AFRAID of the military. They know what they do is outrageous and if a generally armed military gets “up in arms,” their days are short. So they send them over seas and arm them there, but when they come home they keep them unarmed so the military can't do what the military has done in other “tin-pot dictatorships” and just “take over” the government, throwing those politicians out of office, and in some cases, putting them in prison for their “crimes against humanity” and even executing them. They think returning soldiers are one of the biggest dangers they face, and they're right, as long as they continue to RAPE the citizens of this country (The Hill)

Citizens Smarter

The citizens in Chattanooga are apparently smarter than the politicians, it seems. While their politicians are still calling for stronger registration laws, gun safes, trigger locks, etc., in order to disarm the VICTIMS while criminals still find it easy to get their guns ILLEGALLY, citizens are arming themselves at an increased rate. Unlike their politicians, they KNOW the best way to self-defense is to be armed and well able to defend THEMSELVES. The cops sure aren't going to be able to do it. They can't be everywhere at once, and criminals usually make sure the cops are far away when they do their “dirty deeds. Which is why guns are selling so well in Chattanooga after that shooting the other day. Maybe the military people, who are still not allowed to be armed on base will still be targets, but those citizens who buy their own guns, will not. (Times Free Press)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's Expanding

I already wrote about that fool in the White House wanting to ban gun ownership for people on Social Security who have others run their financial affairs (by necessity OR for their convenience), but he's not stopping there. Now he wants to include those who are ill, too. As if being old, or being ill made them into monsters who should not be able to own guns. I'm 77, and I fit in both those other categories (not sufficiently ill to be in a “home,” but I do have my problems, one of which is NOT being unable to handle my own finances). That means I can't legally buy a gun, so I'll probably have to hunt up an ILLEGAL gun seller in an alley somewhere and buy one our of the trunk of his car so I can defend myself and not depend on the cops, who always get there AFTER the crime has been committed. Nothing against cops, but they just CAN'T be everywhere, OR get there in time to STOP all crimes. It's up to US to defend ourselves, and Obama and his ilk just can't see that—or WON'T. (Fox News)

"That's Not How Marines Respond!"

That's the response to Obama from Marcus Luttrell, hero Marine sniper, when he heard about the order coming down not to wear their uniforms for a while. He further added that letting them have GUNS at their recruiting offices would guarantee no more Marines or Navy Gobs (spoken respectfully) would die in such a shooting. Anybody trying it would die in an instant. Obama, DON'T disarm our military. In military institutions, or ANYWHERE. Don't disarm Americans. Like Tojo thought, one of the best defenses for America is “a gun behind every blade of grass.” Obama's big problem is that he thinks the way to self-defense is to DISARM everybody. He forgets (if he ever knew) that criminals don't obey laws.

They get their guns any way they can, from STEALING them to buying them from another criminal in a back alley somewhere.But the fact remains, they will always HAVE their guns, no matter what honest people do. Islamic terrorists have already come here and are plotting to kill Americans every day. If we don't ARM OURSELVES, we will be the same easy targets as the Islamic terrorists face elsewhere as they go about killing, maiming, raping, and beheading innocent people who don't believe the exact way they think they should. To American citizens: GET A GUN, learn how to use it, and be ready when some bearded fool comes to kill you. Send him home in a box. Let him and his friends know it won't be as easy for him and his friends to kill people here. (The Blaze)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Stepping On Their Own Feet

Gun violence is still a “problem,” although it's not as big a problem as the gun-grabbers want us to think it is, and instead of trying to work on the REAL reasons for it, they're squabbling over a FLAG. A flag that was once the symbol of the DEMOCRAT Party and, indeed, was once used by ex-president Bill Clinton on a campaign button. Now they're trying to make us think it is a “symbol of hate.” What the hell does a FLAG have to do with “gun violence?” Maybe if they'd abandon their USELESS gun laws and make some REAL ones, we might get something done about gun violence. But they won't. They're convinced their idea of proper gun laws are the ONLY thing that will work, although they have proven for YEARS they won't. All they do is get people killed. So they'll keep on pushing their phony “solutions” like “gun registration,” “gun-free zones,: “trigger locks,” “gun safes,” and limiting gun ownership to people they APPROVE. Meanwhile, people die because they're left defenseless before the ILLEGAL guns wielded by criminals, who don't OBEY their laws, or any others. (Tea Party News Network)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

On Social Security?

Soon you won't be able to own a gun for self defense, if Obama has his way. He's all set to make an “administrative change” that disallows gun ownership for ANY reason if you are on Social Security and let others handle your finances. This is an example of the outrages he is planning in many areas, not just in gun control. How many times lately have we heard stories about octogenarians stopping crimes with a gun? Often without even firing a shot? Many. There is no LOGICAL reason to ban guns to people on Social Security, but Obama is planning it. They're “putting it together” in secret because they know what an outrage it's going to be. He's going to base his action on people who have others handling their finances. People who are in such bad shape they aren't ABLE to handle their own finances aren't likely to want to buy a gun, anyway. Many people though, have others handle their finances as a CONVENIENCE. But the contention that having others handle your finances equates violent tendencies is a patent fool's play. Under this qualification alone, 4.2 million Social Security recipients would lose their right to own guns. And this action is just “the camel's nose under the tent,” and will lead to banning gun ownership to ALL Social Security recipients, which can lead to banning gun ownership, period. (Breitbart)

He Got Some Guns Illegally?

Horrors! The laws they made didn't keep the Aurora shooter from getting all his guns! He got some legally and some ILLEGALLY. The SOB didn't worry about breaking a little law like the one that says he can't have a gun, since he was planning a much worse crime, and the laws didn't even stop him from getting some of them LEGALLY, while he's planning to MURDER as many people as he can! Oh, woe! My gawrsh! You mean gun laws don't work? My faith in humanity is LOST (….not)! THAT for those fools who think “gun laws” will keep such things as the Aurora theater shooting from happening, aas well as the killings in Chattanooga. They should be put in a “rubber room,” because they are INSANE! Mostly because these things keep happening to make their laws into a LIE, and they keep making them, hoping that if they keep doing the same things over and over they will someday WORK! That, in itself, is the DEFINITION of insanity. But they keep doing it, over and over, and people keep dying because of it, since it keeps them DISARMED and unable to defend themselves. Somebody needs to take the lawmaking toys away from these FOOLS so they can't keep getting people killed by their damned foolishness. (Town Hall/Katie Pavlich)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Gun-Grabbers Hate This

As the number of concealed carry permits INCREASES, murder rates DECREASE. That flies contrary to everything they (falsely) preach. Why, it might even lead to the REMOVAL of all their fool “gun laws,” since all they do is get people killed, anyway. One such damned fool notions if “gun-free zones.” Have you ever noticed that almost ALL “mass shootings” have happened in “gun-free zones?” Why is that? Because a potential; mass shooter can be pretty sure there won't be anybody IN one of those “gun-free zones” to oppose him. A “gun-free zone is an OPEN INVITATION to such shooters to “come in and shoot us up.” Any guns there are are probably minutes away. That Navy facility in Chattanooga, TN where six people died at the hands of such a shooter was A “gun-free zone.” Every school and church that has suffered a mass shooter is a “gun-free zone.” When will the people MAKING these stupid laws get smart and stop making them? Even reverse them? Probably never. They're convinced their ideas are sacrosanct and should not be questioned by the peasants. (Freedom Out[post)

Americans "Arming Up"

The number of persons holding concealed carry permits has increased 15.4%. And undoubtedly would have increased a lot more if government employees were not dedicated to keeping Americans from being armed in their own defense, at all costs. These are the only ones that have “slipped through” their vigilant efforts to stop us from being armed. With crime increasing everywhere, and Islamic terrorism obviously coming here, since things like the Chattanooga shootings are now occurring with a frequency never before seen, canny Americans are DETERMINED to be armed in self-defense. And if they can't get their guns legally, they will do what criminals do, and become criminals themselves, by seeking out an ILLICIT gun dealer in some back alley somewhere and buy their guns out of the trunk of his car. Of course, they take a chance on buying a gun with a crime already attributed to it that way, and if ever caught, could well be charged with that crime. But that's the chance you take when you try and “go around” those fool laws the gun-grabbers pass. (Real Clear Policy)

Friday, July 17, 2015

No Guns On Military Base

Liberals are making a “big thing” about so many Marines being killed in that Chattanooga attack, but they're not mentioning the reason why that is: they're not allowed to carry weapons in any military base unless their duty requires it. Which reduces the possibility for them to effectively fight back. What this does is effectively make any military base into a “gun-free zone,” which is an OPEN INVITATION to anybody who wants to shoot them up. It makes our military people “sitting ducks” for people like that. Until those in charge figure this out, more people are going to die as crazy shooters like this Islamic terrorist take advantage of that irresponsibility. I've said on many occasions that the people running this government are INCOMPETENT. It is this sort of thing that proves my words, every time. It's not the military that's incompetent,. It is the people making the rules they must follow. And the people running things are deathly AFRAID of having more armed people on military bases than absolutely necessary—or anywhere else, for that matter—except for the offices of federal agents and police. (NewsOK)

The "Big Lie"

That “tighter laws” would STOP gun violence.” What a WHOPPER that is! Did they stop the church shooter in S. Carolina? Did they stop ANY of the mass shooters? Many of whom PASSED background checks, others of which never even bothered to try. They just STOLE their guns or bought them from other criminals. And those sales never have to pass a background check. The kind of “laws” they get passed do nothing except disarm honest people so they're “easy targets” for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. But they'll never realize that, nor admit it if they ever did. They don't care about that. They just want to get rid of ALL legally-obtained guns except those in the hands of the cops or other government agencies. The reason for that is painfully obvious. They have plans to take everything they can from honest people in the future and they know if they push them too far, they might stop a few bullets—and they don't want that. You think they don't have such plans? Look back at communist Russia in the beginning and Nazi Germany. They didn't think so, either. (Freedom Outpost)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Prefer Gun-Filled Areas

A recent Gallup Poll found that most people (63% of us) “feel safer” in an area where residents are allowed to have guns. And that number has DOUBLED since 2000, when the number was only one in three. They wisely infer that with more people armed, an outside (or inside) criminal will have less chance of success. This, of course, nullifies what the gun-grabbers say. They insist (in spite of reality) that most people want to live where most people are disarmed, and that's a lot of bullderm. But then, they're specialists at SPREADING bullderm. An even more recent Rasmussen Poll found the number to be 68%! So it's not just one poll. And both these pollsters have a reputation for being right. In this story they say, “Shout this to a liberal and watch him (her) squirm.” But that's incorrect. They never squirm. They just question the veracity of both polls and go on lying to America. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

MSNBC (Of Course) Analyst Wrong Again

MSNBC Analyst Eugene Robinson is now saying that “Armed citizens would cause more carnage in a terrorist attack.” What? What's wrong with that? I presume most of the carnage would be to the terrorists if they attacked a bunch of ARMED people, not the UNARMED and wussified people they usually attack. But Robinson doesn't think about that, He just sees the blood. Not whose it is. He cites France as an “ideal.” But remember, Islamic terrorists killed 12 people unimpeded for drawing a picture of “the prophet,” and ran the UNARMED French police off after killing one of THEM. Firearms in the U. S. are NOT as “easily accessible” as he thinks, To buy one requires lots of paperwork, a background check and. In some states, significant waiting periods before you can take possession of the gun. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Got Guns, Now Knives

In Britain (which has no Second Amendment) they now have COMPLETE gun control. They now have eliminated ALL guns from their society (Except for those in the hands of CRIMINALS, I guess, since criminals don't worry about obeying ANY law). So now they're moving in on KNIVES. I've made sarcastic cracks before about gun-grabbers banning KNIVES. But as with every sarcastic remark I've made, liberals have made them come true within a short time. Sometimes I wonder if they read this blog and I give them ides. Never mind knives have a definite NON-LETHAL place in life. They now want people to 'turn in” their KNIVES, and gullible people are actually DOING it. even chefs and fry cooks, who use them every day in their work, not to hurt people. And don't think it can't happen here. Once they manage to completely ELIMINATE the Second Amendment, take away all our (legally owned) guns (but not those held by CRIMINALS, who don't OBEY laws), then they'll go to work on our KNIVES. Never mind a knife is not primarily a weapon. Hasn't been since guns were invented. Never mind that a person determined to kill will FIND a way, even if there is no knife or gun left in the world. If they start demanding any knives I have, I'll give it to them, point first, where they sit. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

The Truth Hurts

THE TRUTH HURTS: At least, it hurts the gun-grabbers, when real research (not their imaginary research they always cite) tells us the truth, they try and suppress it or scoff at it. Here, the Justice Department itself gives information that will have the gun-grabbers jumping up and down (IF they can). This Department of Justice output says many good things, among them that only 2% of state OR federal inmates used an AR-15; less that 1% got caught with a gun bought in a gun show. From 1993 to 2011, firearm related deaths DECLINED 39%, and during the same period, non-fatal firearm firearm violence DECLINED 69%! Gun-related murders of black males DECLINED 61%. Finally, the murder rate in schools DROPPED by almost a THIRD. This proves that the gun-grabbers aren't interested in “reducing gun violence.” they just want to CONTROL the actions of gun owners. (Guns 'n' Freedom)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It Happens First In California

They are now conducting firearms confiscation raids in California. “Attention residents of the City of Los Angeles and Orange County: We (Ammoland) recently learned that local law enforcement entities are conducting firearm confiscation raids in your area on behalf of the California Department of Justice, as part of its Armed Prohibited Persons System (“APPS”) program. These raids are typically conducted without search warrants. Be prepared! While these raids are promoted by politicians as intended to disarm dangerous criminals, they actually more often target unsuspecting citizens who present no danger and have no idea that they are prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition.” Seems some politicians think they are empowered to “prohibit” firearms possession for certain individuals, on their own initiative, for any reason, or NO reason. It’s beginning, folks! (AmmoLand)

Killing Gun Control

In Kansas, they’re trying to kill local gun control altogether. They’re trying to make a law BLOCKING all local efforts to “control” guns, saying the multiplicity of laws already on the books confuses the efforts of the “authorities” to lower gun violence. Which is silly, at best. The entire PREMISE is wrong: the current laws do NOTHING to lower gun violence. To attempt to stop local authorities from enforcing ANY kind of gun laws is short-sighted at best. The emphasis should be on the KIND of gun control laws that are to be enforced. Current laws concentrate on the GUN, while they should be concentrating on the SHOOTER. Punishing people much more harshly for committing a crime WITH a gun, than without. You say there are already laws on the books to do that. Yes, there are. But they’re mostly “throwaway” charges used as a “bargaining chip” to get confessions to other crimes, rather than being ENFORCED. What they’re doing in Kansas will put “gun control” completely into the hands of the feds—which is not a good thing, because they’re worse “anti-gun fools” than anybody. (Topeka-Capital Journal)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Gun-Grabbers Lied Again

These people apparently don't know how to tell the truth. Their sainted FBI screwed up and ALLOWED the sale of a gun to Dylan Roof, in spite of the felony conviction on his record. It was NOT a “NRA sanctioned loophole” like they told us. It was a screwup by a bureaucrat in the FBI who failed to key it in properly, and then just “let it go.” I guess he./she figured, “no harm, no foul,” but nine people died because of his/her mistake. This just emphasizes how well (sic) the current gun laws work, if it all hinges on the actions of one fumble-fingered bureaucrat. The fact remains that Roof wanted to kill people, and being refused in that gun store was not going to stop him, as easy as it is to find a CRIMINAL to sell him one, or to find one to steal. There are already laws on the books to punish illicit gun salespeople, and THEY wouldn't have worked. (Town Hall)

Everytown Lies Again

Everytown Against Guns (or something like that), another one of former NY Mayor Bloomberg's gun-grabbing outfits lies again. They're trying to convince us that there has been at least ONE “school shooting” every week since Sandy Hook. But that's a lie. It all depends on how you DEFINE “school shootings.” I don't call it a “school shooting” when somebody commits suicide CLOSE to a school. Or when a couple of gang members shoot each other outside a school--or even INSIDE a school. Yes, there have been a FEW “school shootings” where a guy comes into the school with a gun and shoots the place up, killing as many people as possible. One guy shooting another CLOSE to a school does not qualify. But they keep on trying, and many gullible people who “pay no attention to politics” eat it up. So they get to pass yet another of their USELESS gun laws that only serve to disarm HONEST people and get them killed. (Daily Caller)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Govt. Steals Facebook Account

A gun shop owner lost the right to his own personal Facebook account when he was forced into bankruptcy recently. And he spent seven weeks in jail for refusing to give them the password to that account. Was this a real “confiscation of assets,” or punishment by this judge for this man's posts in favor of the “pro-gun” crowd, AGAINST the “anti-gun crowd?” Gotta watch what ya post on that liberal-run system. People will take them up and really hurt you because of them. There's a constitutional prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishment,” but that didn't stop a judge from fining a baker $135,000.00 for refusing to bake a cake for a gay “wedding,” which, if they're forced to pay, will RUIN them. Ya gotta be careful what ya do nowadays. Judges and politicians no longer care about the Constitution in dealing with folks who disagree with them, and actually have the gall to SAY so. What does this have to do with guns? If they can get away with ignoring one Amendment, they can certainly ignore another. (Survival Joe)

Just Any Excuse to Tax

The gun-grabbers will use any excuse they can find to make it harder on gun owners to be able to AFFORD to own guns. Now, politicians in Seattle want to impose a special $25 per gun tax on all gun purchases, and a 25 cent tax per bullet bought, as what they call a “gun violence tax,” payable and to be passed on to customers, gun sellers. EVERYBODY who buys a gun or a bullet will have to pay this tax, even though a majority of them will never be involved in gun violence, except maybe as a DEFENDER against UNTAXED guns and bullets held by criminals, who not only obey NO laws, but pay NO taxes, either, since they STEAL their guns, or buy them from other criminals out of their car trunks in a back alley somewhere. But then we know their goal is not to disarm CRIMINALS, it's to disarm HONEST people who DO obey laws, no matter how stupid that is. (The Daily Caller)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Because of the Confederate Flag?

People are asking about how many people were killed by guns in Chicago over the July 4th weekend BECAUSE of the Confederate flag. What? Can they really BE that stupid? Talk about conflating separate things! The gun deaths in Chicago on July 4th were NOT because of that flag, they were because of the STUPID GUN LAWS that prevail in Chicago, that keep HONEST PEOPLE unarmed, while doing NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Wake up and smell the gunpowder, people! Damn, what MASSIVE stupidity! This was said by a female being interviewed on Fox over the controversy about “Kid Rock” telling those who wanted him to denounce the Confederate flag and promise never to use it again in his videos telling his critics to “Kiss my a**” I'm with him. I don't care much for his music, but his attitude is “right on.” More people should repeat that line when liberal fools criticize them and demand he take some stupid action. (The Blaze)

"No Law-Abiding Gun Owner"

Leah Gun-Barrett (funny name for a gun hater), head of the “New Yorkers Against Gun Violence,” really let her mask slip when she said, “There is no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner.” Which reveals the hidden opinion of all gun-grabbers that, if ANYBODY got his hands on a gun, he suddenly became a “rabid killer.” That this is a STUPID opinion goes without saying to people with any degree of intelligence. People carry guns legally every day, and they don't go out and commit mass murder. Frankly, I don't know of but ONE CASE where a man bought his gun legally, then committed mass murder, and that is Dylan Roof, who, with a record that should have disallowed a gun purchase, somehow “slipped through the cracks” and was able to buy his gun. He was ALREADY determined to kill some people when he bought it. The gun didn't somehow “cloud his mind” and FORCE him to go into that church, pray with them for an hour, then kill nine people. So even gun control laws ALREADY in place failed to prevent these killings, one gun-hating congressman notwithstanding. He didn't need to own a gun to be kill-crazy. He bought his gun BECAUSE he was ALREADY kill-crazy. And especially, no amount of gun-buyer registration would have stopped him. Identified him after he had killed nine people, maybe. But those people would still be dead. (Bearing Arms)

Friday, July 10, 2015

"That'll Fix ' Em!"

After those white on black killings in that black church in S. Carolina, they went right out and did something guaranteed to stop all the racist killings (except the black on white ones, of course) in the land. They passed a law in the S. Carolina legislature to take down the Confederate flag! There! That oughta make it impossible for white racists to kill black people! I understand a female “direct descendant” of Jefferson Davis went before the legislature and screeched her support for the measure. Of course, it won't do a thing to stop black people from killing white folks, which many black extremists are going around calling for. But that's okay, according to Obama and his crowd, who are PUSHING black against white racism now, hoping for something terrible to happen that will allow him to ban guns altogether. The holder of the rights to the eighties' series featuring a car with a Confederate flag on top even pulled that show from reruns. That oughta help, too. Of course, the actors won't be getting any royalty checks any more, but that's neither here nor there. We gotta stop racists from killing black people! And, of course, banning that nasty flag will do it! (CNN)

Nancy: "Moral Obligation"

Good ol' Nancy Peelosi displays her stupidity again with this one: “Americans have a moral obligation to support gun control.” But, of course, she says nothing about border control or deporting illegal aliens, or the other laws Obama ignores. No Nancy, we DON'T HAVE an “obligation” to support the stupid, useless gun laws they're passing these days. All they do is disarm HONEST PEOPLE and DO NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who don't obey laws. They just get honest people killed since they're defenseless against illegally armed criminals. I guess nothing can stop ol' Nancy from displaying her stupidity every time she opens her pie hole. Maybe her friends in Congress can help there by whispering in her ear about her stupid statements before she makes them. We need to get this stupid woman OUT of Congress before her stupidity really scuttles us. (Just common sense)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Vetoing Gun Control

New Yorkers are “vetoing” New York Gov. Cuomo's ambitions “gun registration” scheme, by—ignoring it. You can't put EVERYBODY in jail, nor even FINE them if they refuse to pay. Soon you'll go broke trying to prosecute them all. Even an entire state has limits on how much money it has—and if you can't prosecute them because of their sheer NUMBERS, you've lost, before you start. This is the way to defeat such laws and such people. Just refuse to comply, and defy them to punish you ALL. This is a “stunning repudiation” of Cuomo and his useless gun laws. He came up with this useless law to register all guns after the Sandy Hook massacre, as if somebody planning mass murder is going to worry about disobeying a crappy little law like registration. When you want to kill a bunch of people, you don't worry about little things like registering your gun. But then, Cuomo isn't smart enough to figure that out for himself. (World Net Daily)

Used A Stolen Gun

The killer on the San Francisco pier STOLE the gun he used in the killing of that innocent woman. He stole it from a federal agent, who was a little less security conscious than he/she should have been, it seems. Somebody tell me: what laws could they have made that would have stopped this fool from getting this gun? It's already against the law to steal a gun, isn't it? And stealing it from a FED makes it a “federal case,” doesn't it? I'd sure like to know what kind of a law they could make to stop that from happening. What? You mean a five-time felon doesn't worry about “small things” like stealing a gun from a fed, you say? I guess that means there isn't ANYTHING we could have done to keep that gun out of his hands, huh? Isn't that what I've been saying, all along? I hate to say, “I told ya so,” but, “I told ya so!” When are the gun-grabbers going to figure this out for themselves? Never, would be my guess, They just aren't smart enough. (Town Hall)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Do Gun Laws Work?

What a dumb question! No, they DON'T. It was illustrated yet again during the July 4th weekend in Chicago, which has some of the TIGHTEST gun laws in the nation. So tight, in fact, that the Supreme Court threw at least one of them out as unconstitutional. Even so, 40 people were wounded by gun violence, and 7 were KILLED, including one little boy (7 YO). Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy said, “We need to repair a broken system.” It isn't going to be “repaired” with the kind of laws they've been making. The 7 YO, Amari Brown, was an unintended victim of a bullet meant for his father, who is a “ranking gang member” who rightfully SHOULD have been in jail. The father has been arrested 45 times, has a lengthy criminal record, and thus shouldn't even be out of jail. And therein lies the problem. 45 arrests and a long criminal record, and still free as a bird. Doesn't that tell you something? Sounds like kind of a weak enforcement, to me. Of laws not connected to gun carrying. (Town Hall)

"It's NRA's Fault!"

Obama said it, so it must be true—what a LOAD of bull dung! If Obama says it—ANYTHING—it must be a LIE! The man doesn't know HOW to tell the truth, about ANYTHING. He would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better! If he says ANYTHING is the NRA's fault, you can depend on the fact that the NRA is innocent. Obama keeps pushing those useless laws all the gun-grabbers have been championing, that do NOT do ANYTHING to even slow down, or stop “gun violence. Until they find a law that will stop lawBREAKERS (who don't OBEY laws) from getting their guns (which ain't gonna happen—ever, with these fools in charge) the criminals will always still be able to get their guns, and people (whom Obama wants to disarm) will continue to DIE because they have no guns for defense from ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. But he doesn't care. He's committed to the current batch of useless gun laws, and is zealous in trying to increase their number. (Second Amendment Insider)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

She Blames the Cops

The family of a man charged with murder in the killing of a cop in Indianapolis say, “The cop should have stayed in his car.” What? Are they STUPID? It's not the cop's JOB to “stay in his car” while a crime is going on. They say the cop probably CAME to kill him, since his FATHER was killed by a cop. How stupid IS this bunch? Davis' father was drunk and fighting police when he died of a heart attack. He was NOT killed BY the cops. But the family (of course) blamed the cops. Cops don't usually go out to kill people in revenge. Criminals sometimes do. Pam Moorman, one of his relatives, says, “He's a good person, even if he DID kill this cop. Right. Then why did he have an automatic weapon? Does he carry an automatic weapon routinely for “protection?” The killer's father had been arrested 15 times, And did three years on drug charges. A real “upright” family. This cop killer also had multiple drug arrests and was “brandishing” his gun when approached by this cop. These people seem to have “an unswerving ability to justify any and all criminal activity from their family members” while blaming the cops for trying to keep the peace. (Bearing Arms)

Damn! Can't Blame Guns!

I'm sure that's what the gun-grabbers are thinking about the stabbing death of a Democrat intern for Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes (D-Ct) in a subway. The killer had just been released two days earlier after the charges in a similar crime (without the murder) were reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. I wonder how he managed THAT? But what gun-grabbers are mad about is they can't use this killing as a means to increase the pressure to pass their useless gun laws because there wasn't a gun involved, just proving my contention that if somebody really wants to kill, they don't NEED a gun. They'll use a heavy ASH TRAY or their BARE HANDS if that's all they can get. So all the laws in the world to keep guns out of the hands of honest people who OBEY laws won't stop violent crime. That's a FACT, Jack! The point is, their “laws” do NOTHING to keep CRIMINALS from having guns. All they do is disarm HONEST people. (Fox News)

Monday, July 6, 2015

47 Shot in Chicago

And that's just over the “Fourth of July” weekend. Which is a demonstration of just how well the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation work. Maybe the “gun-grabbers” will make note of this and change their ways. Doubtful. That would take BRAINS, something which is in short supply among them. They keep harping on “registering” all guns, which only tells them who has the LEGAL guns, and nothing about those gotten illegally by criminals, who don't obey ANY laws. They also like such things as “gun safes” and “trigger locks,” which only serve to make it easier for criminals to victimize people, since they already have their loaded guns in their hands while it takes TIME for honest people to get their guns in action when threatened. They also like to limit the SIZE of magazines, again, which only gives the advantage to the criminal. None of that does ANYTHING to stop criminals from getting their guns. It only makes it easier for criminals to kill honest people. I keep telling them that, but they aren't listening. They're not SMART enough to listen. (CNN)

Stupid Families

When a homeowner saw Deyfon Pipkins climbing in his window, he didn't ask questions. He shot him. The homeowner was an elderly man and Pipkins was a young, strapping man, so the homeowner wasn't required to do anything but protect himself, and he felt deadly force was required. Pipkin's sister-in-law (Lakesha Thompson), however, didn't agree. She said the homeowner should have “warned” Pipkin before shooting. Apparently she lives in a “fool's paradise” where people give criminals all kinds of warning so they can overcome whatever they have. Sounds like she knew what Pipkins was up to, and approved. Maybe even was an accomplice. But under the law in Dallas, TX, you have no need to retreat. If you feel your life is in danger, you do what's necessary to stay alive. Lakesha has a “particularly warped sense of entitlement," says “Bearing Arms.” She, or other members of her family, might even try to “get even,” and they should be advised, this guy doesn't take prisoners. Be warned. (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gun Grabber Guilty

California Sen. Leland Yee, who has never seen a gun he didn't hate (except for the ones he was running to Muslim rebel groups in the Philippines), and was arrested on corruption charges right in the middle of his run for California Secretary of State. He has pleaded guilty and is facing a prison term. His political career is OVER, in a real world. But in this liberal world, after he gets out of prison, the Democrats probably will find a way to “rehabilitate” him, as they did to the former mayor of Washington, DC (Marion Barry). Then there's the former judge, who was IMPEACHED, and is now a member of Congress (Alcee Hastings). This is the quality of people pushing the anti-gun campaign. They only hate guns unless they can profit from them. They'll probably find a way to run him for Congress after he gets out of prison. They probably think, “Hell, why waste a good gun-hater?”(Reason Magazine)

Proof Gun Laws Don't Work

An illegal alien who has been CONVICTED of several felonies before, and has been deported FIVE TIMES, who is not legally allowed to buy a gun, shot and killed a random woman, who died in her father's arms. Where did he get his gun? How did he get it? He was a known felon. Yet he had a gun and killed this girl right in front of her father. There is NO WAY this murderer should have been free under any circumstances. Not after being deported FIVE TIMES and still returning. This is evidence of many things. Among therm the INCOMPETENCE of the politicians in the federal; government, to govern. Another is their incompetence in thinking LAWS will stop criminals from having guns.

Their laws only serve to keep HONEST PEOPLE from having guns to use in defending themselves. This murderer is only ONE of 30,000 illegal alien convicted killers who are loose in this country, all released by Barack Hussein Obama. Murderers who have, since being released, murdered at LEAST 124 more people since their release. What Obama was thinking, I can't fathom. I'm not that stupid. Obama himself should be imprisoned, and suffer a death sentence for his part as an ACCOMPLICE in every one of these murders How many times do people have to die before the gun-grabbers stop being stupid? (Limits to Growth)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th!

I need a day off, and this is it. Be back tomorrow (If I'm still alive, that is). Happy 4th!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Guns Mean Safety

In Bridgeport, CT, there is a registered gun for every three citizens. And crime has gone down. In fact, in 31 out of 41 states that have right to carry laws, have seen decreases in crime. And 37 such states have seen a decrease in the murder rate (by all means). That should tell the “gun-grabbers” something, right? WRONG! They're impervious to facts. Their minds are made up, so don't CONFUSE them with facts. As I remember it, it is Connecticut where thousands of citizens are refusing to register their guns and the gun-grabbers are having a fit. It doesn't matter to them that crime is going down. They just want guns registered. One thing is for sure, the gun-grabbers aren't too bright, and they'll never give up. They want to disarm America at all costs, and DAMN the statistics! (TheBlaze)

Church Gets Smart

The “Greater Bible way” church in Charleston, SC will probably never suffer a successful mass killing spree in it's church. They actually listened to the people who advised them that guns in church were not “verboten” and the best defense against such a mass shooting was many people among the congregation who had their own guns and would probably limit the dead in any attempt to TWO: one parishioner and the shooter. They don't go far enough, but they have the right idea. A few security guards with guns is a good idea, but allowing honest people to bring their guns to church is a better one. Remember, ONE little girl in a Colorado springs, CO church ENDED the shooting spree of one guy just by being armed, and her armed presence being unknown to the shooter. She ended his shooting spree with one bullet. To that pastor: “Good on ya!” (American Thinker)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

"Uber Safe"

In San Francisco, the people who run “Uber,” the unregulated taxi service, have banned guns, for both drivers and passengers, so they “cam feel safe.” Predictably, an Uber driver was held up at gunpoint the very next night, by a criminal, who predictably doesn't obey their “rule” about not bringing a gun into their cars. Did they really believe anybody but their drivers and passengers who aren't bent on robbing them would “obey” their edict? Damn, there are some supremely STUPID people in this world, and I guess that includes the Uber execs in San Francisco. Will that make them rethink their policy? Doubtful. They're too stupid for that, as are ALL anti-gun fools. Anybody who thinks “banning guns” in certain places works just needs to look at the news and see where people who want to use guns illegally GO to “ply their trade.” ANY “gun free zone” is an OPEN INVITATION to gun-wielding criminals because they can be pretty sure there won't be any real opposition to their guns. (BulletsFirst)

Obama's Gonna Hate It!

Texas has just passed a law that's gonna rip Obama a new one. He's gonna throw a hissy fit. The law makes it legal for EVERYBODY to “open carry,” even on SCHOOL PROPERTY, a place where liberals FAINT when they think about it. He hates the whole idea of states being able to pass laws like this that “offend his sensibilities.” It's like he thinks such laws as he wants to pass will actually DO something about gun violence. If he does, he's just as stupid as the rest of the gun-grabbers who have been making such laws for years, without doing ANYTHING to reduce gun violence. In fact, they INCREASE gun violence by DISARMING honest people and doing NOTHING about criminals, who always get their guns, anyway. Maybe if he spent more time really thinking about the economy and quits spending more than we'll ever have, maybe something good might happen. But that's not likely. He isn't smart enough. I say, “Texas, good on ya!” And if Obama doesn't like it, he can kiss my...oh. I can't say that. Okay. (The Right to Bear)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I'm Gonna Be A Criminal

Soon I'm going to get 20 years in PRISON and a million dollar fine (good luck on collecting anything, Obama) for TALKING about guns on the Internet. This won't be because of a LAW, but will be created by Obama's “magic pen” in a “ruling” by the State Department at his orders. It will be illegal as hell, but Obama doesn't care about that. He does illegal things every day. Of course that will be a life sentence for me. At my current age of 77, I won't last 20 years in prison. I'll come home in a box. But Obama doesn't care about that, either. He doesn't care how many people DIE because of his “magic pen.” But I will NEVER “shut up,” no matter what they do to me. Again, Obama can stick his “magic pen” up his “brown hole” and leave it there, for all of me. He says this is to keep people from putting “technical data” about guns on the Internet, but, guess what? HE alone decides what IS “technical data.” (Stop Them)

Was His Gun Legal?

An apparently drunk man in front of a bar in Aurora, CO, was told by cops to drop his gun. He didn't, and was shot several times. He's still alive in the hospital. The bar is still barricaded on Wednesday while cops investigate. But the question in my mind is, “Was his gun licensed?” “Was it properly registered?” That's a question never answered in cases like this, and the gun-grabbers treat it as if it WAS legally registered, and the whole thing wouldn't have happened with the right laws. Which is naive at best and STUPID at worst. They use cases like this to promote their wishes for useless anti-gun laws that do nothing but DISARM honest people while doing NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of guys like this. Frankly, if somebody on the scene had had a gun, the cops would have only have had to do the paperwork and clean up the scene instead of shooting him, themselves. The gun-grabbers always “make hay” with cases like this. Completely ignoring whether or not his gun was “properly registered” under the law. (KVDR Denver)