Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lie Is Truth

Truth is lie! Some politicians have a positive TALENT for not only lying, but for telling obviously false lies in the face of sure knowledge it IS a lie. Louisiana Rep Jeff Thompson insists that the law giving legislators an EXEMPTION from their new “tough gun laws” is NOT  “special privilege” for lawmakers. He knows, and YOU know that’s a lie, but he insists on telling it and DEFYING you to say he’s wrong. Many of Obama’s lies are like that. He tells the lie with a straight face and defies you to say it’s a lie. Bill Clinton was good at that, too. Hillary not so good. She tells a lie then demands to know “What difference does it make?” (Last Resistance)

Was It Ever Thus?

In Louisiana, they made a “tough gun law” for us; but, apparently, not for them. Like in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” They passed another law exempting themselves from the law so they could carry their guns everywhere but the State Capitol where they have cops to carry them for them. Their excuse? “We get death threats.’ As if we were not subject to attacks from people carrying ILLEGAL guns. This shows graphically that they care NOT or our safety—only for theirs. It’s like remembering Sen. Feinstein, one of the biggest-mouthed anti-gun legislators out there being found to be a “concealed carrier” who carried her own gun to those meetings where she waves automatic weapons around, pointing them at everybody, screaming about what a horrible thing a gun is in the hands of the peasants. (Last Resistance)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Chose A Gun-Free Zone

I’m proved right, again. This shooter TOLD PEOPLE he INTENTIONALLY chose a “gun free zone” in which to do his shooting. Most crazy shooters don’t confess this, but logic says they also intentionally “choose gun-free zones” for the logical reason that these zones are where there will be no armed opposition. He carefully planned his shooting spree, including the possibility of armed opposition. Then he chose a gun-fee zone,” which I call an open INVITATION to such people to come in and shoot us up. He intentionally chose this location over Deltopia, another possibility because of “all those damnable armed cops” who were there. The logic here is obvious, but does anybody expect the anti-gun fools will notice? Not a chance. They just want to disarm us. (Bob Owens)

Brazil gun Control Fails

They chose the wrong direction in their efforts to limit gun violence, just like we are. “The country chose the wrong path when it perceived the serious homicidal violence framework in which it was immersed, seeking solutions that were far from the real cause of the problem and that, only, intended to transfer the responsibility for it to society. The results were catastrophic and, today, the Brazilian killer framework is the worst since it began to be measured almost 35 years ago.” The number of people dying of gun violence there is higher than in countries at war. It’s the usual problem. They try to curb gun violence by taking away the right to self defense from honest citizens, leaving them defenseless against criminals, who obey no laws. (Bearing Arms)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's Too late, Ben

Ben Carson says “The Second Amendment is needed in case the government goes off the rails.” Too late, Ben; the unthinkable has already happened. Obama has violated the Constitution so many times the press goes, “ho hum” whenever a new instance rises. He has TRASHED the Constitution, and nobody has done anything about it. A new American Revolution is near, and he fully realizes it; that’s why he’s working so hard to eliminate our right to own and use guns in self-defense. He KNOWS the time is coming SOON when his people will be going personally to your door to remonstrate with you over what you say and do in opposition to his “policies” and he doesn’t want them to meet a gun when they do. This is the most lawless president, ever. I hope some day, somewhere, somebody who can male a difference “grows a pair” and puts a stop to him and his policies. (Cowboy Byte)

He Gave Plenty of Warning

This guy was under psychiatric care since age 8. Even his own parents were worried about him because of his Internet posts and tried to stop him. The cops even “looked him over” and decided he wasn’t a threat to anybody—until he murdered three women in their sleep, shot and killed three others on the street, then killed himself—all because he “couldn’t get any.” Where did he get that gun? HOW did he get it? Did anybody wonder why a guy with so many mental problems wanted a gun? Anti-gun fools will almost NATURALLY blame the gun, not the system. But I think the SYSTEM is broken. After he wrote his “manifesto” in his Facebook page, why did nobody act fast enough to stop him? The ONE limitation on the right to own and use a gun I agree with is that for mentally deficient people. How did this guy get by it? It interests me that he didn’t even try to have sex with those women he murdered in their sleep. If he was so horny, why not? Damn, what a screwed-up world we live in. (Cowboy Byte)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Joe the Plumber's Message

Remember Samuel Wurzenbacker, the man better known as “Joe the Plumber,” who braced Barack Obama on his “share the wealth” schemes while he was running for president? Now he has a message for parents of the victims of the most recent mass shooting: “Your dead kids don’t trump my constitutional rights.” That may sound a bit brutal and insensitive, but it is TRUE. The Constiturion says, very plainly, “The right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” How much more plain can you get? Forget that “militia” crap. Organized militias did not exist when that was written, so they could NOT have meant that. A “militia,” a the time, was ALL THE PEOPLE, so the amendment applied to ALL THE PEOPLE, no matter how much the anti-gun fools deny it. (The Blaze)

They're the Retards

 I know you’re not supposed to use the word “retards” today, but that’s PC speech Code, to which I do not subscribe. I use words that apply, even if liberals don’t like it. Some people at those two restaurants visited by “open carry” enthusiasts called them “Texas retards.” But in fact, the “retards” are those people because they don’t understand what these people are fighting for. Frankly, if somebody called ME a “retard,” I’d slap him silly; or “sillier.” Some people just don’t know how to respond to anything intelligently, so they just insult people with whom they disagree. As these people did. What really bothers me is when a cop, in another Texas town, tasers and arrests a man for open carry where it is LEGAL; and gets away with it! It bothers me ANY time when a cop blatantly goes AGAINST the law and gets away with it. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Illegal Guns Kill, Too

The anti-gun fools will try and use the case (they already are) of the rich Hollywood kid who killed a bunch of people because he couldn’t seem to get laid in their campaign to disarm Americans, but it won’t work. Whether or not this shooter had a license for his gun, he didn’t have a license for what he did with it. Yes, the very existence of a gun is something they can fight, but they’ll never success in getting rid of ALL guns from the planet. It’s just not possible, and criminals and crazies will ALWAYS be able to get their guns. The only way to solve this problem is to make the punishment so severe that potential mass shooters think twice before shooting. And to make it so he cannot know in advance if there will be anybody there who can “put a couple in him” and stop his shooting. (Daily Caller)

Confusing the Law

Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, just signed two laws to allow people who have carry permits to carry their guns into places where they serve alcohol. But not if the place makes most of their money from that alcohol. Restaurants that serve alcohol are okay. Cops and other “officials” are allowed to carry their guns in such places (unless their superiors deem otherwise), but they can’t drink while armed. Of course, those on “official business” will be allowed to carry them. Sound confusing? You bet. Even conservatives like Jindal can succumb to the wishes of the “anti-gun fool crowd” partially in how he makes his laws. He also signed a version of the ‘”Stand Your Ground” law allowing you to kill an intruder if you feel threatened. But if you hurt him, but do not kill him, it’s murkier. And you will need a battery of lawyers to straighten it out—so you might as well shoot to kill. This “stand your ground” law doesn’t apply if you’re outdoors. Domestic abusers would be denied the right to own a gun for ten years if they are under a protective order. But you know courts give these out like candy. My heads hurts just trying to figure it out. I’d hate to be being shot at while trying. (Times-Picayune)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Picture of a Criminal

Click the link and you’ll see a picture of an organized crime member. A bigger criminal than the Mafia, but a criminal no less. One than ARMED the Mexican drug cartels so they could threaten the cops, both in Mexico and in the United States, which they’re doing now. We’re being RULED by criminals now, starting with this guy’s boss, Barack Obama. I never call him president because he’s not worth the appellation. He’s a THUG; period. And this fool he’s got in charge of his “Justice” Department is also a criminal, as are most of his accomplices. One day he will be “brought to justice,” after he is no longer in charge of the means of prosecution. Hopefully before we’re all forced to become criminals to get guns to defend ourselves. (Bearing Arms)

Squeezing the Gun Industry

They can’t disarm us any other way—no legal way, anyway, so they go around legality. Now they’re pressuring banks to “dry up” the economic needs of gun and ammo manufacturers (Isn't that "restraint of trade?). It’s not legal for them to do that, but do you know of ANY crime Obama won’t commit to gain his goals? Somebody needs to straighten this fool out. Let him know that NOTHING he does will disarm America. If he does manage to get a law passed and enforced to ban guns, we’ll get them the same place the criminals do—in the back alleys of America, out of the trunks of other criminals' cars. You make criminals out of us, we might as well BE criminals. (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Duty to Protect"

Many municipalities are making laws DEMANDING their cops “protect” citizens when they are in an area where they are not allowed to carry the guns they are legally allowed to carry. Unfortunately, that’s an impossible demand, since it has been shown conclusively they can’t do it. They can’t be everywhere at once, and in the seconds or minutes it takes them to respond, the criminal can commit his violent crime and be gone. What moves these anti-gun fools, I can’t fathom. We tell them over and over that the ONLY WAY is to allow us to protect ourselves, because they just can’t get there fast enough. But they don’t listen. They think that, in their “infinite wisdom,” the way to go is to disarm honest people while there isn’t much they can do to stop criminals from getting their guns. So I guess the only answer is for us to have illegal guns, too. I’d rather go to jail for carrying an illegal gun that go to the morgue for obeying the law. (Mississippi Gun News)

Illustration Of Ignorance

 It’s an obvious illustration of the abysmal IGNORANCE of our “school officials” when PLASTIC GUNS can be banned. When little children are told they cannot sell mistletoe, and are advised to “go beg” for money. Meanwhile, Obama says, “Income inequality is the defining challenge of our time” while they work tirelessly to make us defenseless against illegally-armed criminals. They say letting us have our guns will only create more gun violence, and they might be right. But it will be “gun violence” in defense of our homes and families against the attacks of illegally-armed criminals: the kind of “gun violence” that will ultimately REDUCE the real gun violence there is when criminals get their guns illegally and we can’t get them LEGALLY to use in defending ourselves. There will ALWAYS be “:income inequality.” Even under a full communist regime there was “income inequality.” The average peasant was poor, and the government workers made a lot of money. But saying that while with the other hand trying to take away our right to self-defense is CRIMINAL. But then, we’re being RULED by criminals today, so what else is new? (Joe Messina)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

To MOMS: "Screw off!"

Restaurant chains all over the country have, in effect, told “MOMS Against Guns’ to take their demands that they ban open carry in their restaurants and sit on it—sideways. Basically, they say they’ll let local franchisees make their own decisions regarding allowing open carry in their restaurants. Which is only right, seeing they don’t own the restaurants, and thus cannot dictate such things. So MOMS can “go pound sand” with their demands. I wouldn’t like to be present at the next “MOMS” board meeting when this is discussed. (Bearing Arms)

Millions to "Study" Gun Violence

That’s what Obama and his thugs are calling the $50 million dollars they’re demanding to spend time coming up with more and more ways to disarm Americans. They say it’s to determine the causes of gun violence and how to stop that violence. But I suspect after all the money is spent and they come up with a “finding,” it will be to increase the restrictions on gun ownership for HONEST people who obey laws, but which will do NOTHING to stop criminals from obtaining their guns. As I’ve said before, they NEVER give up. As soon as one attack fails, they move on to “Plan B,” or whatever. They have a never-ending stream of plans in abeyance, waiting to be used when previous efforts fail. Now they’re using the Center for Disease Control as their front, just as if gun violence was a “disease.” (The Blaze)

Friday, May 23, 2014

What's WITH These People?

Why do we have so many people in this government who hate guns? Is it because they intend to take more power from us and don’t want (as the Japanese reasoned when not attacking the mainland) that there would be a gun behind every blade of grass? I don’t know. But all the anti-gun actions lately by the feds have failed, leading people to think the war on guns is over. It’s not. Don’t ever think so. These liberal fools NEVER give up. As soon as one effort is defeated, they begin another. They have a “Plan B” and a “Plan C” and more plans right along. If they run out of letters, they start on numbers. But their efforts to disarm this nation are unending. Hillary Clinton is one of the leaders in that effort and, if she is elected president (Heaven forbid!) it’s only going to get worse. Why we keep electing these fools is beyond me. Their hatred of what we wish is well-known, but we (not me) keep electing them, and then complain about what they do. Damn! (Liberty Alliance)

How Can This BE?

Can a lower court violate the Constitution in a ruling and have it be the “basis of action” all over the country? “The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals may have just dealt a serious blow to the U.S. Constitution. In a unanimous decision earlier this month the Court determined that law enforcement officers are not required to present a warrant or charges before forcibly entering a person’s home, searching it, and confiscating their firearms if they believe it is in the individual’s best interests.” I think “wiser heads” must rule on this, and right away, before the cops “go wild” in “confiscating” (stealing) our guns. The worst part of it is if you protest, they can KILL you. And they WILL. The Constitution clearly prohibits such things as what this ruling supposedly allows. Where these local judges get the idea they can violate the Constitution with impunity is beyond me, and they ought to be disrobed and imprisoned. But they won’t be. We don’t have enough people with gonads to do that. Their ruling will be upheld until a higher court (hopefully a more intelligent one) rules otherwise. The court is designated as an arbiter of constitutionality, but what about when they’re WRONG? (Liberty Alliance)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

You Are Your Own "First Responder"

That’s a fact, Jack! You can’t depend on the cops to bail you out when an illegally armed criminal comes at you with a gun. He’s THERE! The cops may be seconds, maybe MINUTES away. The bad guy only needs less that ONE second to shoot you. If you don’t have your own gun and the will and training to use it competently, you’ll be dead before the cops can arrive. MAYBE they can shoot the shooter after he’s done his crime, but that will be too late for you. But that’s okay, I guess, They can document your death and dispose of your body. /Sarcasm on. Okay for everybody else, but you. You will be dead. (Dom Rasso)

Delicious Irony

As if to prove my theory that making your property a “gun-free zone” was an INVITATION to people who wanted to come in and shoot it up, nine days after the “Jack-In-The-Box” in Durham, NC did it, a gang came into their back door (where no sign was posted, of course) and started shooting. As WND says, “Maybe they didn’t know that--or didn’t care.” They also said, “Maybe he realized the chances of encountering armed opposition to his shooting was very slim.” Slim to none, actually. I wonder how many times the anti-gun fools need to be proved wrong before they “get it?” Good thing there’s an “infinite number.” It’ll take that much to get through to those bone-heads--if that’s even possible. I don’t think so. I see the cops DID get there in time to arrest the shooter, but not quick enough to stop his shooting. So I guess they can “document” the shooting and send the victim to the hospital—or the morgue. The cops must have been inside eating donuts and drinking coffee. In the article, they said, “The bad guys are armed and dangerous. You need to be armed and safe.” I’d change that last word to be “dangerous,” too. Maybe he just didn’t like the owner’s name (Hatem). For my part, if I see a similar sign, I go elsewhere. Immediately. (World Net Daily)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Choking Them Out

The DOJ is trying to “choke the gun industry” out of business by “encouraging” the banks with which they do business to stop doing business with them. I guess if you’re not allowed to get rid of guns by law, then you try and do it otherwise. What they forget is that THEY need guns, too; in LARGE numbers, since even the Agriculture Department has a SWAT Team that needs a LOT of training in how to use them. “Storefront gun dealers, online dealers and ammunition dealers are on the “high risk” list, along with porn and other salacious products (as if they’re even comparable, the Second Amendment is constitutional right, yet it’s on the DOJ hit list). DOJ argues the program is needed to stop fraud, but that’s a lie. The program is used to target politically inconvenient industries without the permission of Congress.” Holder won’t prosecute black voting place blockers because they’re “his people” but he wants to choke legal gun makers and dealers out of business right along with porn sellers. Fortunately, there ARE some financial institutions not susceptible to Holder’s “encouragement (pressure)” and are offering the gun industry the financial resources they need. So Obama, you’re gonna have to find another way to “sneak up on” gun makers and sellers. (Town Hall)

Indiana School Gets Smart

The North White high school in Monon, Indiana did it. They're not the only one, but that's not enough. They’ve made it possible for teachers and other staff to be armed while in school. But they just couldn’t resist putting “severe” conditions on it, making it possible for somebody to find out just who might be armed before coming in and shooting the place up. They’re relying on a study done by the Homeland Security Administration that says no other way would allow quicker response to a shooter in the school. And we need an expensive “study” to find out what we’ve been telling them, all along? “The Homeland Security Institute found that adding concealed carry holders to the mix reduced both response times and casualties the most of any scenario tested. As Dr. Dietz characterized it, more friendly guns in a firefight is a good thing.” I wonder how many bucks it cost to find that out. Of course, the anti-gun fools tried to make fun of the concept; “When anti-gunners attempt to frame the issue of teachers and administrators carrying in schools, they whip up the strawman of an untrained doddering old spinster wielding some sort of hand-cannon, scared of her own shadow, blasting away at students, her fellow teachers, and responding police as she attempts to “clear” the school.” This is all they have: phony ridicule. NO facts to back up their silly positions. (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hillary Really Hates Guns

Unless they’re in the hands of her “security.” And, of course, she goes nowhere without her ARMED thugs, so she doesn’t need to have her own “carry permit” like fellow gun-hater, Sen. Feinstein does. Recently, at the National Council for Behavioral Health conference, she said, “We’ve got to rein in what has become almost an article of faith that almost anybody can have a gun anywhere at any time. And I don’t believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people.” But it IS in the interest of the vast majority of people that they be legally armed, to be able to fight off the hordes of ILLEGALLY armed criminals who want to prey on us (and who do NOT obey laws). The cops can’t do it because they’re MINUTES away and, to a legal gun carrier; help is NOT “minutes away.”  It’s right there when needed. And we can’t all afford to hire their guns like she can, so that’s the only OTHER solution, Hillary’s opinion notwithstanding. That picture of Hillary in the attached article shows graphically the maniacal nature of her opinions. (Bullets First)

Wrong Interpretation

Willie James Jones made the wrong interpretation of the “self-defense” rule in shooting someone who is illegally on your property. He, like many others, think that if a stranger is in my property, I have the right to shoot him.” But that’s WRONG. Just like the guy who set a trap for people he expected to break into his home and was convicted of premeditated murder, the key is, that perp was no longer a threat to him,” so if he killed him, it was MURDER. In Willie’s case, the kid was running away. Fortunately (for Willie), he didn’t KILL the kid. In the other case, he did. It’s a simple difference: just coming onto your property is NOT a DEATH SENTENCE case. It is mere trespassing, which does not rate death. In both cases, the perp was no longer threatening the shooter, which is the key.  (Bearing Arms)

Monday, May 19, 2014

How to Prove A Lie

Anti-gun fools have a lot to teach us about how to use lies and innuendo, false “facts” and “studies,” to prove something that is just NOT true. “There has been an onslaught of bogus anti-gun ‘studies’ published and publicized in recent years, many paid for with your tax dollar or by Michael Bloomberg’s Billions. Despite obvious bias in methodology and a complete lack of corroboration from official stats, these studies still get a great deal of airtime with the goal of falsely painting guns as a public health hazard” (Bearing Arms). The big problem is that people who proudly “pay no attention to politics” believe this crap, and they vote. Which is why I wrote my second book, “Pay ATTENTION to Politics!” available on Amazon. (Indiegogo)

How They See Us

Anti-gun fools see people who fight to retain their right to self-defense and to own and use the means to that end, a gun, as “wild-eyed fools” who want to go around armed so they can shoot everybody who irritates them. But the real fools are those who write such articles as is quoted here. In the first paragraph of the article quoted here they connect the winner of the gun with the killer at Sandy hook while mis-referring to the gun used as “a high-powered assault rifle.” It’s really pathetic that such writers don’t know a THING about the things they write about. Yet they get published all the time by publishers who are as ignorant as they are and have the same fool opinions. (Bearing Arms)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

How They Lie

They accuse us of “being against the CONCEPT of a smart gun” when what we realty ARE against is the “smart gun” being MANDATED, especially when it is so unreliable as to get people killed. Funny; they twist us not wanting to be ORDERED to use it into being against the very CONCEPT. The “failure rate” is 10%, which means 10% of the users will DIE when it malfunctions at a critical time. There are many other drawbacks mentioned in this letter that was written to straighten out the LIES told by this hack anti-gun fool writer. But will they listen? Doubtful; these people’s opinions are “cast in concrete,” and no amount of REASON will crack it. It’s very interesting to actually read this article, by Yasha Levine, in “Pando Daily,” an article (linked to) you can tell, by its very ambiance and description from the first mention of a sleeping bad-breathed attendee on the plane to his reference to parts of it being held in Indy’s premier stadium, it REEKED of ridicule. They really word HARD at misinforming us about guns and gun control. It must be hard to LIE for a living. (Bearing Arms)

How STUPID They've Become!

There are stories everywhere about the high-handedness of “school authorities” in their gun bans on campus. Stories about punishing children for using their FINGERS as guns in play, chewing a Pop Tart into the SHAPE of a gun, or a FATHER being arrested after his daughter DREW A PICTURE of a gun in school, etc. But this one tops them all. In Dubuque, Iowa, a high school student was suspended for having a BB-GUN in his car, parked OFF CAMPUS. They say they suspended him because his having that BB-gun in his car had “caused a disruption in the education process.” Never mind HE didn’t call the cops because of a TOY gun OFF CAMPUS. There was no "disruption" until these FOOLS called the cops. The story didn’t say whether or not the cops had a search warrant before they broke into his car. That “screen shot” the blaze used didn’t look like a BB gun to me. I think they found a “stock shot” of  REAL gun to make the story look better. They said this student’s “presence in the classroom” caused a disruption. What? Was he painted with a sign, “I have a gun?”  Damn! Talk about “Going STUPID!” (The Blaze)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Reasons to Own A Gun

The Blaze recently ran a story listing a bunch of reasons for owning a gun. All are good, but all can be encompassed in ONE reason: YOU are responsible for YOUR OWN defense. You can’t depend on the cops because they rarely, if ever, arrive on time to PREVENT a crime. All they can do is DOCUMENT the crime, arrest the perpetrators (sometimes) and be around to comfort the victims while disposing of the body or bodies. The “anti-gun fools” tell you the cops CAN protect you, but that’s been proved a lie many times. MAYBE, if they HAPPEN to be right there when it happens, they can prevent it, but that’s a “fairy tale” that almost never happens. In the final analysis, self-defense falls to YOU, but politicians try their best to make that impossible for YOU while they run around with their armed security or carry their own guns. I can’t understand their motivation for that, except if they plan on BECOMING the attackers in the future and don’t want to face YOUR guns. (The Blaze)

Cops Are Scared, Too!

In Guadalupe Y Calvo, Mexico, the cops have left. The drug cartels threatened them after killing their police chief, and they left. The federal government is sending in some cops to fill in, but they’re scared, too. So what do the citizens do? Politicians will not agree, but the ONLY way for the citizens to go is to become ARMED and dangerous. That way, they can oppose the cartels with overwhelming force and take back their streets and homes. Apparently, the government can’t accomplish it, so why not? That will work ONLY if they ALL get together and put the cartels down in an organized fashion. (Borderland Beat)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Terrorist Problems Reduced

That’s what they report in Brazil, where guns are COMPLETELY banned for its citizens. The reason for that is that non-terrorist gun violence has become a bigger problem since the anti-gun law was passed. It doesn’t mean that the GUN problem has “gone away,” only that the SOURCE of gun violence has changed. They’re telling them to “not complain, just give them your property and hope they won’t kill you.” That’s also what they’re telling the 600,000 foreign visitors to the World Cup—IF they’re stupid enough to come there. “Past history indicates that Brazilian police will practice a little extra-judicial killing ahead of the Cup to reduce the overall population of potential perps (excluding themselves). Yeah, there’s that too.” (The Truth About Guns)

N. Korea Honors Us

In the only way we appreciate. They have excoriated us for our “loose gun laws.” Complaints from such a source can only be taken as a compliment to a free people. It’s funny that such people think they have the “high road” when their “road” is the lowest possible. When a place like communist China or N. Korea, not known for observing civil rights criticizes us on OUR civil rights record, we can only laugh. Just as when N. Korea, one of the most oppressive in the world, criticizes us on our “loose gun laws.” I have to thank them, I really needed a big belly laugh. And you certainly gave me one. (Examiner)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

36.000 Reasons to Be Armed

Obama has released 36,000 illegal alien CRIMINALS into American society and we need to be armed to resist what they’re likely to do. I don’t know what asinine reasons Obama used to justify this CRIME, but he needs to be REMOVED from this powerful office before he finishes giving away the store. Do you think he would order the release of that many AMERICAN criminals? I’m afraid to answer that question. I just want a gun so, like that “granny” (whom her siblings call “Rambo”) in Detroit, I can fight back when they try to victimize me. I don’t know, but it really looks like Obama wants to reduce the population the best way he can. He TALKS about going after gang-bangers while releasing 36,000 illegal alien criminals into the population while he works HARD to keep honest people disarmed. (Guns Save Lives)

Gross Hypocrisy

The head of the Brady anti-gun campaign spoke at a Town Hall Seattle Forum about gun control. There was a sign on the door that said guns were not allowed (except, of course, the guns on the holsters of the ARMED SECURITY for the anti-gun speakers). What these people are thinking, I don’t know—coming to make a speech AGAINST having your own guns to defend yourself against criminals and crazies while bringing your own ARMED bodyguards—something most of us can’t afford. Which is something that can be easily and cheaply fixed by buying a gun—but they want to deny us that right while keeping it for themselves. This is a story heard all too often—like Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the best known anti-gun fools out there—who carries her OWN gun. And the anti-gun columnist who shot an intruder in his house. (Examiner)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Don't Mess With Granny!

Her siblings call her, “Rambo,” and for good reason. Several thugs approached her and immediately started shooting, hitting her several times. But she pulled her .45 and started shooting. The thugs disappeared from the scene very quickly, but were apprehended when they appeared at a hospital to get treatment for their own gunshot wounds. Paris Ainsworth, a 51-year-old grandmother, got a carry permit after being mugged before, and said, “If I hadn’t had my Gun, I’d be dead now.” The “Rambo” designation is very apt, and I think those thugs would agree. They probably won’t go after her any more. But if they do (after a long prison term), they’ll probably be dead the next time. I just wish she had been a better shot. (The Blaze)

Chicago TOUTS Gun Violence

The Chicago news media likes to make it seem like Chicago’s gun violence has continued to be a major problem since the passage of the “open carry law,” but it hasn’t. Aside from “cherry-picking” stories of gun violence and playing them up, statistics show that gun violence has gone down since the passage of that law. In many of the stories of gun violence, they include people who use their legal guns to DEFEND THEMSELVES from UNLICENSED guns. There will ALWAYS be gun violence from the unlicensed guns criminals and gang members (a repetition, there) buy from other criminals in the back alleys of the city. But no amount of laws made to keep guns from EVERYBODY will work to reduce gun violence; just the opposite, actually. That’s because there will always be criminals who sell guns to other criminals, no matter WHAT the laws say. Criminals, by DEFINITION, do not OBEY laws. And people who want to commit violence will either find illegal guns to buy or steal, or use other weapons. Until our politicians realize the simple fact that criminals do not obey laws and begin tailoring their laws to reflect that, those laws are going to fail. As of November, 2013, there were 377 murders (how many of those by gun, they don’t say), but 699 fewer gun victims since 2012. The LOWEST number since 1965, more than 50 years ago. (Fox News)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Than One Way

If they can’t deny our gun rights one way, they’ll do it another way. In Ft. Collins, Colorado, licensed carrier Susan Warren Had her gun taken away (stolen) by the cops after an accident, “for safekeeping,” and can’t get it back because of a bureaucratic snafu. The cops say they can’t give it back without a FFL background check. But the cops say they have no FFL holder on staff and, for some reason or other, don’t plan on adding one any time soon (surprise, surprise!). Meanwhile, Susan has had to turn down some work (as a housekeeper) because she doesn’t feel safe going into certain houses without protection and is losing money. This is a scam used by the Ft, Collins cops to deny this honest, hard-working woman her constitutional right to own and use a gun for self-defense. And how many others? (Freedom Outpost)


Police and other government agencies depend on gun makers for their guns. You know: the guns they use to “protect” us? But all the laws and regulations they have made to make gun-maker’s lives more difficult are having their effect on those gun-makers. So now 44 major gun companies have started REFUSING to sell to police agencies. What these laws do is cause  the average citizen to get an “inferior” gun while police agencies can get better guns, thus leaving the average citizen with “inferior” guns. So far, the number of gun makers refusing to sell to police or government agencies is 49. But the number is growing daily. If this keeps up, where will they get their guns? From criminals in a back alley, somewhere, as criminals do? (The Blaze)

Monday, May 12, 2014

It's All A Big Lie

Like most of the crap fed us by anti-gun fools, the “gun show loophole” is a LIE. You CAN’T buy a gun at a gun show while escaping the gun laws. Only SEVEN HUNDREDTHS OF A PERCENT of criminals in jail got their guns through a gun show, and that was “under the table,” and thus illegal. The “gun show loophole” is NOT real. There is NOT a “widespread problem” with criminals getting their guns through gun shows. But you can expect this kind of manipulating figures and outright LYING among anti-gun fools because they HAVE no real figures they can cite so they make them up as they go along. The rule of thumb is NOT to believe ANYTHING they say. Make them PROVE it. and then check their proof carefully. (The Blaze)

Black-On-Black Murders

People who should know are now saying that if you take the “black-on-black” gun violence (including gang violence) out of the picture, gun violence will almost disappear. And “black-on-black gang killings” are at the top of that list. But liberals don’t want us to know that, and they’re “in denial” about it. They’ll call me a racist for pointing this out, regardless of the fact it IS a fact. But they’re the MORONS in this; morons for refusing to accept this simple fact and insisting on acting on their own erroneous picture of the world. I just can’t understand how such people get elected to important offices in our government. I certainly don’t vote for them, and I’m sure intelligent people don’t either. The big problem is that there are way too many people voting to elect them to “keep the goodies coming” when they’re so OBVIOUSLY incompetent. (Minuteman News)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Liberals Hate This

It has been proven many times that more people being allowed to “concealed carry” does NOT increase violent crime. It REDUCES IT. One criminal at a time, as the criminals suddenly realize their intended victim is not helpless, after all. Just before that intended victim KILLS him. That’s the ONLY THING that will reduce gun violence in this country. Allow honest, reliable people to carry a gun concealed, so the criminal will never know if he or she is or is armed. Criminals, who are basically cowards, and will stop “risking it all” by pointing a gun at someone who MIGHT be armed, him/herself. In Chicago, formerly the WORST city when it came to gun violence, LOWERED their violent crime rate when they made a law that eliinated their “effective gun ban” in that city. Its gun violence is now lower than it has been for fifty years. You’d think Chicago Mayor Rahm (never let a good crisis go to waste) Emmanuel would make something of this. But he is too much of a “true believer’ in the liberal anti-gun fanaticism. He’s still working HARD overturn that. But the fact that EVERY TIME people have been allowed to carry guns concealed to defend themselves, violent crime has gone down. You’d THINK otherwise intelligent (supposedly) people would understand this simple fact. But anti-gun fools do not. (Allen West)

What the hell?

You can’t read a Bible in our schools. You can’t even quietly bring one to school in a backpack. You can’t even say the name, “Jesus” or “God” without being punished. But in at least ONE school, you can (must) “worship ” The “Sun God” or be punished. The Constitution PROHIBITS the GOVERNMENT promoting ANY religion. It does NOT prohibit the MENTION of “God” or any other things related to God. The idea is to promote FREEDOM to believe as you WISH; not to believe the way the GOVERNMENT wants you to believe. There are WAY too many supposedly intelligent people who just can’t understand this simple point, and these incompetent people are running our schools. Just like punishing a school kid for chewing a Pop-Tart in the shape of a gun or pointing his FINGER at another kid, punishing a kid for HAVING a Bible in school or saying the words, “Jesus” or “God” is STUPID and is, in itself, against our constitutional protections. But does anybody do anything about it? Not a chance. (World Net Daily)

Friday, May 9, 2014

It's None of His Business

Obama’s people are “encouraging” (pressuring) doctors nowadays to routinely ask patients if they have guns. What the hell business is it of THEIRS? The reason they ask is that the feds want to know where the guns are and who has them. And they figure doctors are the best people to gain that information since they ask so many other questions a patient might wonder about the purpose for them. But for my part, and it should be for your part, too, they have no business ASKING questions like that. Especially if some refuse service if the question is not answered. If you run into that, just LIE. There’s no law against lying to your doctor and if you don’t want that information to be in the feds’ hands, just LIE. Your doctor won’t know The government lies to you every day, so why can’t you lie back? He has no way to tell the difference and he has no way (yet) to check. So just “shine him on.” His business is to make you well, not be a conduit for information for the government. If your doctor tells you to get rid of any guns you have, tell him to stick it up his exhaust pipe. That’s not his business, nor his right to tell you such a thing. (Common Gun Sense)

Govt Hoarding Ammo?

There’s a “conspiracy theory” going around that the government is buying up all the ammunition so there will be nothing left for us. It’s fueled by certain parts of government we never would have thought of (like the Wildlife Service) buying up billions of rounds of ammunition. That sounds like a LOT of ammo, but when you look at the sheer number of agents that need to be trained in the use of their guns, that number is relatively small. What DOES concern me is the number of agencies (like the Farm Bureau) that now have their own SWAT Teams. Do they really need these armed agents in the FARM Bureau? I know they do in the BLM, what with their many “land grabs” going on—like the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and the other one in Texas, plus who knows how many other “land grabs” in which they’re engaged. I think we need to severely cut back on the sheer NUMBER of armed federal agents we now have in the field. Recently, 70 armed agents of the EPA descended upon a small Alaska town (Chicken, Alaska, over possible violations of the Clean Water Act, a real dangerous undertaking, that.., I think the number of armed agents who moved in there exceeded the population of the town. Other armed agencies are the Library of Congress and the Federal Reserve Board and the national Institutes of Health (I can see where they would need guns for that.) (Fox News Politics)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

They've Tried Everything

And failed sat most of it. The anti-gun fools have tried everything they can think of (so far) to limit or eliminate our right (guaranteed by the constitution) to self-defense and to carry and use the means to that, the gun. They want to make us helpless in the face of the easily obtained ILLEGAL guns in the hands of a criminal or a crazy. They’ve tried trigger locks. They’ve tried gun safes, both of which make getting to your gun when needed so slow you’ll be dead before you can get your hand on it. They’ll let you carry your gun in your car, but it must be disassembled and unloaded; again making it impossible to get into action when needed. Now they want to make you “register” when you buy ammunition (if you can get it). A gun without ammo is USELESS, and that’s what they want. They also use propaganda and say MOST Americans WANT tighter gun laws, which is a bald-faced LIE; they publish lists of “gun violence victims” that INCLUDE the names of CRIMINALS injured or killed by honest people who are defending themselves against their (the criminals') ILLEGAL guns.  The lesson here is to NEVER BELIEVE anything that say; it’s probably a LIE. They have no REAL figures to back up their claims, so they “make it up as they go along.” (The Truth About Guns)

Typical Anti-Gun Ignorance

An article written by a “Jimmy Z” recounted things Hillary Clinton said about gun control at a National Council for Behavioral Health conference outside of Washington, DC. She says she is “in favor of gun rights,” 9yeah, right!) but that the pendulum has gone too far toward gun freedom, citing a couple of instances where people shot each other over trivial things. Naturally, she failed to say the guns in most of these instances were ILLEGAL, which means their laws made no difference. “She decried new laws proliferating across the country that allow people to carry weapons in churches, bars, and other public places, saying that they will only lead to more deadly violence that could otherwise be avoided [Which is a load of BS. -RT]. ‘At the rate we're going, we're going to have so many people with guns,’ she continued, ‘in settings where … [they] decide they have a perfect right to defend themselves against the gum chewer or the cell-phone talker’.” Typical anti-gun fool trivializing the freedom to defend oneself against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. Like most liberals, she thinks Americans are so “wild-haired” we’ll shoot each other over chewing gum or talking too loud on a telephone. How STUPID is that? And this feeble-minded woman wants to be PRESIDENT! I had a “carry permit” for a long time and I never killed anybody over chewing gum too loud. (Patriot Action Network)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Smart Guns" Are Coming

And there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it. At least, that’s what the anti-gun fools want us to think. The”Smart Gun” technology is not anywhere ready to become law. It doesn’t work every time, and could be the cause of the DEATH of the person using it when a criminal is pointing his UNCONTROLLED gun at him. When his “Smart Gun” doesn’t fire because it doesn’t recognize the trigger-puller, that person will DIE. But the fools pushing for that to be “the standard” don’t care about that. They just want to WIN the “debate. (The Gun Wire)

"Shock and Awe"

The cops are going way to far toward the “hob-nailed boots” end of the spectrum. “Police officers screaming ‘police,’ ’get down’ and similar commands while charging into a citizen’s home through their shattered door all too often fail to realize that stunned and unprepared citizens need time to understand what is happening and to respond in any meaningful way. Yet SWAT teams try to use the element of surprise, in effect, causing the kind of stunned hesitation and confusion that poorly trained teams use to justify shooting unarmed citizens in their own homes when those citizens don’t respond precisely as demanded as quickly as officers think they should respond during their hyped-up charges.” Many of these “raids” are for such unimportant things as a “pot bust.”

They’re going WAY overboard and are too militarized (thanks to Obama supplying TANKS and automatic weapons to small local police forces). Often they KILL the homeowner, who, not realizing they are the cops, points a gun at them, which is his RIGHT in his own home. Sometimes that is the POINT of the raid. To get rid of somebody they can’t deal with so they can “deal with his widow.” This actually happened when one sheriff wanted the land for a new sheriff’s station and he wouldn’t sell. So he trumped up phony “charges,” burst into this guy’s home, and when he predictably tried to defend his home, they murdered him. Then they “dealt with his widow” to buy the property “on the cheap.” Often the very cops who KILL this person don’t realize what they’re doing. They’ve been lied to and think it’s “all in a day’s work.” (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yes, They Did

The family and friends of the burglars who got killed while trying to enter somebody else’s property say, “He didn’t deserve to get killed.” But he DID. They say since the teens were heading out the door, they shouldn’t have been shot. But they’re wrong. Those teens made the decision to rob these two old people not once, but TWICE, and those old people were in fear for their lives, so they shot them (the burglars). When you make a conscious decision to break into somebody’s home, you’re taking a chance on getting shot these days, with the number of legally licensed guns in the country rising so precipitously. These burglars knew that, and still broke in—TWICE. Am I sorry they’re dead? No. They would only have gone on to more serious crimes if they were allowed to continue. Now they won’t. Two less criminals on the loose. (Bearing Arms)

He Didn't Know She Was "Carrying"

So while a woman was arguing with Angela Martin, 44, who was sitting in her car, he pulled out a knife and started stabbing her (Martin). Whereupon she pulled out her gun and shot him to death. The result might have been very different if she had not been a licensed gun carrier. Further proof that more guns in the hands of responsible, honest people can reduce violent crime, everywhere. No doubt this case will be cited by anti-gun fools on their lists of “gun violence” reports. This is the kind of case they cite, not caring that the shooting was in RESPONSE to violence. (The Blaze)

Monday, May 5, 2014

That's Jist Orful!

You’re probably investing in gun companies whether you know it or not. This according to that liberal rag, the Huffington Post, which says if you have a 401 (K) plan, you may be investing in Smith & Wesson and other gun and ammo makers. Isn’t that turribl? Orful! Campaign to Unload, a coalition of anti-gun fools, is trying to get that money OUT of gun makers’ hands, without success. Their methods mirror the ones used to undermine “apartheid” in South Africa. But there’s one difference here. Investing in gun makers is NOT evil, as was apartheid. So their efforts will be (and are) futile. They keep talking about “companies that perpetuate senseless gun violence” without thinking about the fact that cops need those guns, too. And they’re still pushing the FICTION that 99% of Americans support gun registration against SURE evidence that they do NOT. (Huffington Post)

We Got "Em Outnumbered!

Former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who thinks anything he doesn’t like is something to eliminate from the Earth entirely, brags about spending $5 million dollars to take our guns (and thus our ability to defend ourselves) away from us. He thinks that’s enough to “git ‘er done.” It’s not. Not if you include five million PEOPLE with $25 each to use in opposing his unconstitutional efforts. 75,256 people who attended the recent NRA convention in Indianapolis (I’m proud that my home town played a role in this) tell him so. Compare that with a couple hundred attending a “challenge meeting” on the same day, down the street (they didn't want to get too close), with “Moms” giving out figures that falsely DOUBLED their attendance, and you have a good indication. Bloomberg talks about the power of NRA. But they have no power. Their five million members DO. “Moms” talk about “fearing for their lives,” but they would not have been in ANY danger had they been AT the convention where the people were nothing but respectful. They'd have probably just been ignored. Unlike “Moms,” The main difference between these two groups is that Bloomberg paid their air fares to get them there, while the 75,256 NRA members paid their own way, PLUS paid entrance fees. That’s a BIG difference in dedication.(Bearing Arms)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gun Ownership Declining

It’s a typical lie of anti-gun fools that gun ownership is declining. Well known anti-gun fool Josh Sugarman thinks the high numbers of ammunition sales is rich people buying up all that comes out so there won’t be any left for us. I might tend to believe him if it were the government buying up all the ammunition out there. Of course, they need millions of rounds to train those cops and “federal agents” who will be coming after our guns in the future. But the idea of a rich man doing it is absurd. But then THEY are absurd. The very idea that taking guns away from honest, responsible people will be good for self-defense is absurd. But they’re “true believers” and no amount of truth and logic is going to dissuade them from their mission to disarm all of us—except for them, of course. They’re the only ones responsible enough to have guns. At least, that’s their opinion. (Bearing Arms)

Gonna Need Lotsa Jails

In Connecticut, they’ve “created” 350,000 new FELONS. People who refuse to “knuckle under” to their new gun registration “law” over that gun part they bought. They’re gonna need to hire a lot more cops and build a lot more jails. And I guarantee you somebody is going to get hurt. Not cops. The people who will get hurt are the CITIZENS who think that law is a vast overreach and is unconstitutional. But the cops don’t agree, and they already have the guns and the means to put these people under siege, under the COLOR of law. Hob-nailed boots law. SS law. Gestapo law. They’ll come after a FEW of these people and HURT them, hoping to “send a message” to the rest, who will, they hope, “knuckle under.” But they won’t, and this will probably start the second American revolution, this time against our OWN government, not the British. And it's high time. (World Net Daily)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

This Proves It!

I’ve always said that ONE PERSON with a gun and the will to use it, could put a stop to a mass shooting, saving lives. Well, it happened; a man showed up on a construction site, pulled out a gun and started shooting, hitting the foreman in the leg. The foreman pulled out his legal gun and shot him. Then other men “took him down” and he tried to cut them with his knife, ineffectively. You wonder how many others he would have shot if he hadn’t bee “taken care of” by the foreman’s bullets? He is now in the hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries. The Austin liberal-leaning media is scrambling to negate coverage of yet another instance of a legally-carried gun scotching a shooting attempt. (Bearing Arms)

Bogus Gun Control Numbers

They can’t cite real numbers, so they make them up as they go along. Anti-gun fools claim that 636 people have died because of “concealed carry” in this nation between 2007 and 2014. How they arrived at that number, I haven’t a clue. Neither do they. They just cite it. It probably includes people who died trying to ROB gun carriers. With finally all 50 states having some sort of “concealed carry” laws, the fight ought to be over, but the anti-gun fools NEVER give up. They include the supposed 185 SUICIDES by gun in Michigan, which should not be counted because they have nothing to do with carrying a gun outside the home, since most happened INSIDE the home. But they don’t care about that. It makes for good sounding numbers. They double- and TRIPLE count the same cases, sometimes disregarding the LACK of convictions in the cases. It’s all a flim-flam and they’re good at it. (National Review)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Are Cops Trustworthy?

Anti-gun fools keep telling us the only people who can be trusted to carry guns are cops and government agents. WRONG! Cops are just as “unstable” in handling guns are most Americans. But worse than most. This is shown plainly by the actions of TWO New York City area cops recently. Officer Brendan Cronin empties a 13-round magazine into a car that was idling in front of him, hitting the occupant six times. He was not on duty. He was DRUNK, and no one knows why he did it. He was arrested. Elsewhere, a female police SERGEANT fired at least one round at her boyfriend and his “new squeeze.” She too, was drunk. And still elsewhere, Thursday, Detective Jay Poggi shot his partner in the hand while both were on a drinking binge. (New York Daily News)

Illegal Search Discovers Gun

At Leaf River Cellulose, LLC., they think a sign prohibiting firearms on their parking lot is good security. As such, when informed one employee had a gun in his car, they illegally searched his car and found it. Then they fired him. Yes, they have the right to fire him, but not to search his car without a warrant. If it were me, they wouldn’t need to fire me, I’d quit. Then I'd sue. I would not work for such a company, which thinks that sign represents security when what it does represent is an open invitation to gun-wielding fools to come in and shoot us up, since there will be no guns here to oppose you. It amazes me how many FOOLS there are out there who think DISARMING us will protect us. (Mississippi Gun News)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Don't Go Too Far

Yes, you can get away with killing people who break into your home to steal things and injure you if you try and stop them; but only while they are still able to do so. Not after you have already shot them once. The “kill shot” is then murder. NO matter what they’ve done or who they are. Byron Smith, a Minnesota homeowner, thought he could, and he was wrong. He was even stupid enough to record himself doing it. But he should have stopped after the first shot for both. It was the “kill shot” administered to the girl and his recorded statement right after the shot that convicted him of murder. He is now under two life sentences, and at his age, he will probably never see the sun without bars in between again.  It took the jury just three hours to find him guilty.(Bearing Arms)

Firearms Applications Triple

 More than triple. Almost 400%. This makes the anti-gun fools crazy. But then, they weren’t too stable, anyway. They had no real statistics they could cite to uphold their tenuous position, so they had to LIE about it. Now their story that “most Americans agree with gun control” story is proving false, too. Applications have increased so much it has overwhelmed the BATFE’s system. They had to hire 15 more people and reassign another 15 to handle it. I guess Obama IS “making jobs,” after all; but only in the government. Add these to the 15,000 more IRS Agents he has hired to collect his Obamacare fines. The Japs were right when they said, “There will be a gun behind every bush.” In spite of Obama’s best efforts to disarm Americans. (Freedom Outpost)