Friday, August 28, 2015

His Gun Was Legal

The black, gay killer of two newspeople ON THE AIR bought his gun legally. Which means no amount of laws (that are allowed) would have even slowed him down. There was nothing in his background that would have prevented it, even though he was KNOWN to be a racial malcontent who imagined that everybody was “slighting him” racially and was “mad as hell” about it. He got even madder when he was fired from the station because he was a constant troublemaker with IMAGINARY objections, and had to be forcibly removed from the property by the cops (which had happened to him many times before). None of that was known when he went into a gun store and bought the gun he used to kill these two innocent people. There was no KNOWN reason to refuse him. What kind of gun laws would have stopped this homicidal maniac? None of the kind they're making today, which is why I appose them all. If they came up with some that would DO anything, I'd be right with them. But that ain't gonna happen. There IS no “law” that will do it. (Daily Caller)

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