Friday, August 14, 2015

Gun Poll Tainted

Ain't it the truth? ALL polls put put by the “anti-gun fools” are tainted because they LOVE to lie to support their spurious claims. It had 727 Democrats and only 427 Republicans. They ASSUME that 13% of DEMOCRATS are pro-gun, which we KNOW to be false. But their figures are BASED on that false number. It's “heavily weighted” with women and the Gun Mart Blog says it is “contrived and cherry-picked.” See if you don't agree. It's easy to see this is a “put-up job” because MOST of their “polls” are. You can't depend on them to tell you the truth because there IS no truth on their side. They are just BENT on disarming Americans, and out corrupt politicians are right there with them. They want us disarmed so that crooks (some among them) can victimize us at will and not have to worry about meeting a gun, themselves. It can't possibly be worried about so many people being armed, because we ALREADY have way too many people (most of them crooks) armed, and they shoot each other daily while some innocent people get caught in the cross-fire. (Gun Mart Blog)

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