Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Always A "Good Excuse"

The gun-haters always have a plausible excuse to ban your ability to have a gun for self defense. In this case, they cite “security issues,” as if their cops COULD “keep the peace” in emergencies. Actually, they can’t. They’re too busy worrying about traffic and keeping people alive. But nothing ever stops the “anti-gun freaks” from doing everything they can to limit or erase your ability to defend YOURSELF from illegally-armed criminals, who don’t obey ANY laws. In this case, they cite the “snow emergency” Al Gore said would never come because of global warming (now called "climate change"). (World Net Daily)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Feel Helpless

If someone comes at me with a gun (which could happen any time in today’s world, anti-gun laws notwithstanding), I am completely defenseless if I don’t have my own gun with which to defend myself. Unlike the stereotype the “anti-gun zealots” want to paint, I’m no more likely to go off on a shooting spree at the slightest provocation than is that cop you see with the big gun on his hip. Responsible people ought to be allowed to defend themselves against the myriad of illegally armed criminals, and to be able to buy and carry (even concealed) the means to that end. If every gun were to be removed from the world today, criminals and crazies would still be able to find something with which to kill you. Remember the days of the sword? Everybody carried a sword, and it was a very polite society in those days. IN prehistoric days, they killed each other with rocks and clubs. Crooks need to always be aware that their intended victims might be armed, and well able to resist their attacks. Violent crimes would then go down precipitously because criminals are essentially cowards. Anti-gun zealots will say I’m wrong, but they have only to look at Florida, where it’s easy to get a “carry permit” and then look at the violent crime statistics in that state since that law was passed. Don’t ever give me that crap that violent crime goes UP where easy access to guns is created. It just isn’t so. If you say so, you’re lying. (Just common sense)

Not A Word About Gun Control

Many cities have had reductions in homicides; some that have tight gun laws, others with looser ones. But all gave as the cause of the reduction, “more or less gang activity.” Not a word about their “gun control laws.” What this proves it that gun control laws make NO DIFFERENCE in the violent crime rates. “Gang activity” is ALWAYS with ILLEGAL guns. I don’t think a gang member has EVER had a license for his gun (or guns). Some credit “more police activity,” and they might be right, in some cases. But more guns in the hands of responsible, honest people to allow them to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY-ARMED criminals would mean an even larger drop in gun violence and murders by guns, though not by other means. People who want to kill will kill, whether or not guns are available. Tight gun laws do NOT cause violent crime to “go away.” Because criminals do not obey ANY laws, much less those that say they can’t be armed. In fact, if guns miraculously disappeared tomorrow, they’d find ways to kill and maim, as they did before guns were invented. (Yahoo News/AP)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Becoming A "Gun Nut"

For a long time, although I think EVERYBODY ought to be allowed to carry the means to self-defense, a gun, so they would not be completely helpless if a criminal stuck a gun in their face, I didn’t do much about it. As I get older, and realize that “old guys” like me are prime targets of the “bad guys,” I started thinking more about how I could “even the odds” if a criminal DOES go after this old man. Therefore, I sell disguised self-defense products such as stun guns, pepper sprays, and even cameras disguised as teddy bear style puppy dogs and screws in the wall ( I also realize that if that “bad guy” has a gun, nothing can help you but your own gun if you can get it out fast enough.

Old age ought to be a “good reason” to be “granted” (by a bureaucrat who should have no power to "grant" it) the constitutional right to “keep and bear arms” so you can defend yourself, rather than be victimized by a criminal, who never seems to have any trouble getting a gun, whatever the anti-gun laws that are in effect in any given area. In fact, the tighter those laws are, the easier it seems for a criminal to get his gun. That makes me a “gun nut” according to the “anti-un zealots” who drive our liberal politicians to make more and more useless anti-gun laws. But I don’t care what they call me; I’m getting a gun, and after a few years in the military, I know how to use it. I’m not senile, and I won’t “go off on a shooting spree at the slightest provocation” as those “anti-gun zealots” say I will. I just want to “even the odds.” If a criminal kills me with a gun (or just makes the attempt), I want it to be the last thing he does in HIS life. (Just common sense)