Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Gun Control Is Racist

Liberals like to attribute everything to racism, so maybe we can do the same thing. The difference is, we have facts to back up our contentions. Back when the slaves were freed, Congress made laws to keep "freedmen" from being able to legally own guns, so they'd still be defenseless against white men. A Republican Congress scotched that by making laws allowing them to be armed for self defense (thereby making a LIE out of the Dumocrat contention that Republicans are automatically racist, just by being Republicans). In several states, they got around that by making guns the freedmen could afford unavailable to them while white men already had their guns, having kept them from the war. In S. Carolina, a black man caught with an illegal gun would end up on a chain gang, while a white man so found would get a small fine and a sore wrist for a couple of days. Other laws were made to specifically deny blacks the ability to have and use guns, and it was understood (though not spelled out in the laws) that those laws did not apply to whites. And such things continue to this day. (Keep and Bear)

Gun Free Zone Fallacy

One of the biggest fallacies in "gun control" is the "gun-free zone." It's supposed to save lives by preventing law-abiding gun owners from bringing their guns into them. But it does nothing to stop lawBREAKERS from using guns within them. What it DOES is create a "killing field" for ILLEGAL gun owners who want to kill a few innocent people, to do their dirty work. It's a well-known fact that mass shooters SEEK OUT gun-free zones when they look for places to kill innocent people. Convicted gun violence criminals willingly tell us this when asked. As with all their other "common sense gun laws," they get people killed, but the anti-gun fools take no notice of that. They're consumed with the wish to disarm ALL Americans and make them DEFENSELESS. That is, if they OBEY laws, which the "bad guys" do NOT. Why they expect people who disobey laws for a living to obey laws that say they can't use a gun in committing their crimes is beyond me, Maybe they're just stupid. They're certainly ignorant. The difference between ignorance and stupidity is knowledge. If they KNOW their laws don't work, and keep making them, they're stupid. If they DON'T know, they're ignorant. Such people shouldn't be making ANY laws. (National Review)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

"Guns, No; Libs, Yes

Liberals and other anti-gun fools tell us that "campus carry" will frighten students away from those schools that allow it. But, as usual, they are far from right. Which again proves they don't have any idea what's going on. Conversely, schools that have seen a lot of liberal unrest HAVE seen reductions in enrollment. Which tells one thing: if potential students fear anything, it is liberal unrest, not campus carry. Which is just the opposite of what the anti-gun fools told us. One would think they would "wise up" when things like this happen. But NO! Like most facts contrary to their narrative, it just doesn't penetrate their thick skulls. They have to be aware of this, but they keep on telling us the LIE that campus carry scares students off, while it doesn't. In so doing, they reveal their REAL goal. to disarm ALL law-abiding Americans and make them "sitting ducks" for the guys who IGNORE all the restrictions they make on buying and using guns for self defense (Gun Free Zone)

Proving It Yet Again

I've told the anti-gun fools time and time again that all their draconian gun laws that keep honest, law-abiding people disarmed and defenseless do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down "gun violence." But they aren't listening. They have to know that this is true, but they ignore it and go right on making their USELESS laws and regulations while law-abiding people die because all their laws--all their regulations--do nothing to stop criminals and other bad guys from getting their guns. You can't stop the bad guys from getting and using their guns by making laws for the law-abiding to obey, while the bad guys ignore them. In San Francisco, proving it yet again, none of their draconian "gun laws" have done anything to stop car-to-car shootings on a weekly basis. If there were anybody in that bunch who had an ORIGINAL idea, somebody might come up with something that would work. But I don't see that happening in my lifetime. (America's First Freedom)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Shut Down Gun Debate?

That's what Dumocrat fool Elizabeth Warren wants, anyway. They can't win anybody over with facts, so let's shut them up. As with the global warming/climate change swindle, they want the government to make laws making it ILLEGAL to disagree about gun control, in spite of the constitutional guarantees that say the American people's right to be armed, "shall not be infringed." Then there's the First Amendment, which says we can say what we want without government action against us. She doesn't care about that. She wants to make all Americans defenseless against all the ILLEGAL guns out there, and she doesn't want anybody to tell her what a FOOL she is. As with global warming, she has no facts to back up her argument, so she thinks she can "shut up" the debate by making it illegal to say anything against gun control. This is typical of Dumocrat politicians. There are no good arguments to support ANY of their contentions, so they just want to shut up any opposition. She says they are the ones with "science on our side." But they aren't. And even a majority of scientists agreeing with them doesn't get it. Science is not something on which to be voted. Things either ARE, or are ARE NOT. (NRA-ILA)

Spending Money for Nothing

OUR money. Politicians love to spend money that isn't theirs, to do things they think will actually accomplish something, but which will not. It's only OUR money, so they don't give a damn that their ideas don't work. They just keep offering them and spending our money. Such a thing is San Antonio's "ShotSpotter" program, that was supposed to be able to "spot" gunshots from a distance, and locate them so the cops could go in and solve any problems that have arisen. But there's one problem. It didn't work. And it "only" cost us $546,000.00 and resulted in FOUR arrests. That's about $136,000.00 per arrest. So they'll come up with yet another expensive idea to try next. It doesn't matter to them that they've wasted a lot of money--it isn't their money. So they'll come up with another hair-brained idea and spend a lot of money on it. (Gun Watch)

Friday, August 18, 2017

WERE There Guns There?

News reports insisted that many of the participants in the riots in Charlottsville were openly carrying guns--and even some were carrying automatic weapons. I saw a lot of the videos of those riots and I saw a lot of "big sticks," but NO GUNS. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe claimed that the cops were "outgunned" by the rioters, which is why they didn't "crack down" earlier. Now he's changing his story, saying there were guns "stashed" all over the place. But the cops, who searched diligently for those guns, didn't find any, which makes Terry a liar--again. Like most anti-gun fools, he lies a lot, because he has nothing FACTUAL to back him up. Frankly, I think he WANTED to make it look as bad as possible, so he could advance his anti-gun narrative. The only guns I saw there were on the hips and in the arms of the cops, and nobody got shot. So there's no reason to make gun ownership for the law-abiding more tight while ignoring the ILLEGAL gun ownership by the "bad guys." (Reason)

One In Six Armed

Wouldn't it have been fine if there were an armed policeman every football field length along the truck driver's route in Barcelona, Spain, as he ran people over? They say his carnage took place in SIX football field's length. One of those six cops could have "taken him out" (shot him to death) in the FIRST football field length as he drove. Now think about having ONE armed CIVILIAN at each of those six points. Cops can't be everywhere. And there probably WERE several ILLEGALLY armed individuals on that route, who didn't react, for fear of being arrested. Anti-gun fools wet their panties at the very thought of law-abiding people being armed, but completely ignore all the ILLEGALLY armed people out there already that they don't know about, because those people never register their guns. Legally armed people along that route could have ENDED the rampage before it got started--but the fools making the laws will never realize that. They're not intelligent enough. (Daily Mail)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

We're "Dumb As Rocks"

That's what Shannon Watts and her gun-hating bunch think, apparently. They recently told Colin Noir that the main difference between him and Shannon is that he got paid, while she was a "volunteer." Funny. I wonder how many "volunteers" are paid $347,000.00 a year? That's according to her tax records. But then, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they would lie about this, since they lie about everything else. And then there is the fact that she can't seem to draw a crowd to her "stupendous" rallies and other meetings that don't seem to be really very "stupendous," since they only draw 15 to 50 "dumb as rocks" supporters. Maybe the rest are finally tumbling to the fact that she lies to them so much. I guess she can't be blamed for lying so much, since she has no real facts on her anti-gun fool side. She says she is just interested in "reducing gun violence," but that is another lie. She has to know the measures she promotes that have become law in many places do nothing of the kind, and instead cause many DEATHS of the innocent people they disarm, while criminals continue to get their ILLEGAL guns, easily. (Gun Free Zone)

Gun Control Is Futile

That has been proven, time after time, by events, but it has never made a dent in the resolve of the anti-gun fools to disarm all Americans—except the criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, of course. As long as everything they do depends on LAWBREAKERS to obey their laws, gun control will be futile. That is not better proven than the fact that the MOST mass shootings in America came under Clinton and Obama, two of the most virulent anti-gun fool presidents. Obama's many attempts at gun control so frightened Americans, who only wanted the means to self defense, that he became the best “gun salesman” ever. Something he hates, I'm sure. Americans bought guns in record numbers under Obama, and almost as fast under Clinton. Gun sales have sagged a little under Trump, because Americans are less frightened about losing their right to own and use this means to self defense. (Gun Mart)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ignorant Actions

In Texas recently, a POLICE CHIEF was asked to leave his doctor's office because he was carrying a gun. Stupid, stupid! He had his ID hanging around his neck and his badge clipped to his belt, but it didn't dawn on them that he was a cop. They knew he was a cop after he made it clear, but they insisted he leave his gun in his car, or leave. Texas cops are allowed, by law, to go anywhere and bring their guns, although private enterprise is allowed to have “gun-free zones” wherever they wish. It is unclear whether or not cops can be armed there, in spite of that. The doctor apologized later, but the police chief plans to find a different ENT specialist. This would be funny of it were the only such case, but it's not. Recently, a cop was asked to leave a sports stadium because he was armed while on duty there, Virulent anti-gun fools put themselves and others in danger by their inordinate fear of an inanimate object, a gun. (Police One)

The War's Still On

In Baltimore, MD, as in Chicago, the street gangs are engaged in a war. “Authorities” tried to get them to have a “72 hour cease fire,” but the urge to kill was just too much for some gang members, so there have been several killings this weekend. What good they thought that would do is anybody's guess, but obviously it failed, because the guys with all the ILLEGAL guns ignored it, as they do their anti-gun laws. None of their highly-touted laws do ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun violence,” but they keep making them. They also do things like this “72-hour cease fire”—which are ALSO failures. Another obvious failure anti-gun fools ignore is the fact that their “gun-free zones” are not “gun-free,” but are KILLING ZONES because those with ILLEGAL guns can be pretty sure law-abiding people will not be armed there, so they can bring their guns and kill at will. Everything they have done so far, has been a failure. Their only accomplishment is to get law-abiding people KILLED by DISARMING them in the face of all the ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of “neer-do-wells.” Their laws DEPEND on such people, who break laws for a living, to OBEY the laws they pass and they predictably (to those with intelligence, anyway) ignore them, making them look like the FOOLS they are, and always have been. (Channel 4 Washington)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

They Can't Buy Guns

So they use hammers to murder three women in NY City. Guns are hard to get (legally) in New York City, so this murderer used a hammer. As I said, if they want to do harm to someone and can't get a gun, they'll use something else, as this murderer did. Which AGAIN proves that it is the HUM,AN who holds the gun (or hammer) that should be looked at, not the gun itself. If you somehow magically eliminated guns altogether, people would still hurt and kill one another. One of the women he killed was his mother, who had thrown him out because he was becoming increasingly violent. When he came and tried to get in, he found the locks changed and went into a rage, killing his mother, sister, and a friend who was visiting. Then he went out to his car, parked nearby, and fell asleep, where the police found him later. (Fox News)

Gun Control's Real Goal

They've always got a “good reason” to take away your rights, but, as usual, the “good reason” is never the REAL reason. In gun control, that is as true as anywhere else. “Gun control is about money and power and control over you, and making you SUBMIT to government control, all the while making progress in the left's effort to reduce your individual rights, your Constitutional rights, and your freedoms.” It's as simple as that. It's all about POWER. The power to tell you what you can, and can't do. And their “laws” never stop, or even slow down “gun crime,” because they DEPEND on lawbreakers to OBEY their laws. A good example is “gun-free zones,” which would be better called, “killing fields,” because shooters NEVER hesitate to bring their guns in there and shoot people. In fact, they SEEK OUT gun free zones because they can be pretty sure the law-abiding won't be armed, there. They want to take away ANY possible weapon you can use for self defense.  (Totally Right)