Monday, April 24, 2017

Terrorists Always Get Guns

That's what Newt Gingrich said on “Outnumbered,” on which he was the male prop last Friday. And he's right, in spite of the fact that France has very tough gun laws. Where do they come from? They get them from criminals who don't OBEY those laws, just like they do in America, It's mute testimony to the fact that tight gun laws (as we know them) just don't work. But they keep making them. The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” But that's what the anti-gun fools do regularly. They just can't get it through their thick skulls that they need to start doing something DIFFERENT. But they'll never learn, they don't have enough INTELLIGENCE. They think if they keep making it harder on people who want to use guns in self defense, that somehow, that'll do the trick. It doesn't. It just gets innocent people killed, but they'll never admit that. (Fox News Insider)

NRA Worse Than ISIS?

That's what a professor in Missouri says, to the consternation even of his university. I have a few questions to ask this professor. First, how many innocent people has the NRA beheaded? How many people have they murdered for not believing in their preaching? He says they want NO restrictions on gun ownership, for anybody, any time. That's a pure LIE. They want proper training, sensible laws, and the enforcement of current law IF it actually does anything to reduce the violence. The NRA does not send their “soldiers” into civilian crowds to kill as many innocent people as they can. To compare them to ISIS is just plain IDIOCY. And this is the kind of man who teaches our kids? There should be a way to FIRE these people when they teach such outrageous things. It's not a matter of freedom of speech. Without his podium, he would be free to make a fool of himself out on the street without fear of prosecution by the government. Without infecting the minds or our impressionable children. (Tea Party)

Friday, April 21, 2017

California Gun Laws Useless

Every day, in every way, we see more and more EVIDENCE that “tight gun laws,” as we know them now, are totally INEFFECTIVE in stopping “gun crime.” In Fresno, California, the man who shot and killed THREE random people ”because he hated white people” and who shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he did so was a felon in possession of a gun. California has ALL the anti-gun fools' silly laws in force, but none of them prevented this crazy felon from getting the gun he used to kill three random innocent people. What I want to know is, when are the anti-gun fools going to wake up to the fact that NONE of their laws do ANYTHING to prevent gun violence and, in fact, INCREASE it, by disarming honest, law-abiding people? I keep asking it, but I never get an answer. They ignore me. Chicago is another glaring example. They also have all the “tough gun laws,” but their streets ar “running red with blood,” as gang members kill one another while innocent people, including CHILDREN, get caught in the cross-fire. (Breitbart)

Blaming the GOP

Liberals are twisting facts again, so they can blame the GOP for “Fast and Furious,” a completely Democrat-run, and botched plan to “track” guns THEY allowed to be sold illegally and prove (erroneously) that most of the guns used by the Mexican drug cartels came from America. Yes, the plan was originally tried in the Bush administration, but was stopped when the cartels removed the GPS units from the guns that were sold, so they couldn't be tracked. Obama resurrected it WITHOUT those GPS units, which meant there was NO WAY those guns could have been tracked. They call the ATF incompetent, even though it has been operating for a long time WITHOUT a Congress-approved full director under, in effect, a budget cut, doing more with less money and has outperformed other agencies with larger budgets. Yes, they have made BIG mistakes in the past—mostly under Democrat administrations. Which doesn't mean they're incompetent now. I never thought I'd ever be DEFENDING the ATF, but when credit is due, I will say so. (Trace)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Violence Increase, Zero %!

That's how much the gun violence in DC increased after the Supreme Court declared DC's “gun ban” to be unconstitutional. Of course, the anti-gun fools will tell you this “means blood in the streets! OMG! We can't allow law-abiding human beings to be armed for self defense! They'd be out killing 'bad guys' all over the place, wouldn't they?” Only when the “bad guys” try and shoot them, but the anti-gun fools don't make that distinction. To them, “gun violence is gun violence,” even if it is law-abiding people defending themselves. The fact that this PROVES what we have been saying for years seems to have escaped them. They seem to have that elusive quality that allows them to IGNORE reality when it disagrees with their preconceived notions. (Gunmart)

Typical Police Politician

Who knows nothing about the real world, says, “concealed carry or open carry will be dangerous and get more cops killed.” Which shows his complete stupidity on the subject. Rank and file cops KNOW that more guns in the hands of law-abiding people is NOT a danger, and, in fact, means there could be some HELP for cops from that sector. His opinion completely IGNORES the millions of ILLEGAL guns already in the hands of NON-law-abiding people, which IS a danger; not only to cops, but to everybody. Many “top cops” have never been “in the trenches,” and consequently know nothing about how things work. This is apparently one of those, or if he was, he never LEARNED the way the world works. The “gun violence problem” does not come from the law-abiding, but from the CRIMINALS, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. And keeping guns out of the hands of GOOD people only gets them killed. But this chief will never learn that. He needs to look at the gun violence and see how many are caused by people legally allowed to have and carry guns, vs. those with ILLEGAL guns. It they even bother to keep such records, he will no doubt find that most, if not ALL of them are committed by holders OF ILLEGAL guns. IF he's interested. (Greenville Online)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Today's Gun Save

Anti-gun fools say it never happens. They say concealed carriers are more likely to shoot themselves than anybody else. They say that the average person carrying a gun NEVER is able to stop violence from being committed. They're WRONG. And today's “gun save” proves it, again: In Pierce County (Seattle area), a homeowner shot and killed a burglar who was at the time assaulting him in his own home as he forced his way into the home, where the man's 3-year old child and a 32-year-old woman were asleep within. Proving yet again that the anti-gun fools have no idea what they're talking about, and that they get people killed with their ignorance. (KING 5 TV)

Damfool Notions

The fanatical anti-gun fools' ideas are based on many fool notions. The worst of them is the fiction that taking guns out of the equation would stop violent crime. It would NOT. If there were no guns, the “bad guys” would find some other way to commit their violence, as they did before guns became common. Another fool notion is that “gun-free zones” will keep people from bringing guns into them and thus there will be no shootings there. Recent developments prove otherwise. Actual mass shooters have told us they SEEK OUT gun-free zones in which to do their dirty work. For instance: “Everytown For Gun Safety” (a silly name at best) was forced to note recently that there have been 220 SCHOOL shootings in America since 2013. And that doesn't even count shootings in OTHER “gun-free zones.” Since ALL schools in America are gun-free zones, that says a lot. The entire idea that making laws against law-abiding people getting guns to use in self defense is a “damfool notion.” They do NOTHING to prevent people from getting guns ILLEGALLY, and only make people DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there. Laws made to control the PEOPLE who misuse guns would do a lot more. The gun laws they do have have not prevented a SINGLE gun crime. (Everytown Research)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What's Bloomberg's Problem?

It seems like former (illegal) three-term mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg is determined to violate our constitutional right to own and use a gun for self defense. Apparently he believes that anti-gun fool crap that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself and “run away” while waiting the eternal (seems like) time it takes for a cop (with his gun) to get there. He has pledged to spend another $25 million this year to take away our right to self defense and the tools to make it possible, Many politicians are right with him, criminalizing everything that possibly can become a self defense weapon, everywhere, as soon as it is discovered. But the people are NOT “with him,” which is why, no matter how much money he spends, he loses most of the time his atrocities are actually put up to a popular vote. The NRA depends on private contributions of millions of people, not on “buying” the votes necessary to pass his atrocities. (Bearing Arms)

Gun Controlled Chicago

Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the land, yet 29 people have been shot in under 18 hours. Shannon Watts, of “MOMS Against Guns (or something like that) says her kind of gun laws will prevent that—but they won't. And she is apparently too stupid to realize it. If her kind of gun laws prevented “gun violence,” there wouldn't have been 29 people shot in Chicago in 18 hours, which HAS a bunch of her kind of gun laws in effect. She and her fellow fools just don't realize that all their efforts do not work, because they're all concentrated on the GUN, not the PEOPLE. You have to make use of a gun worth many more years in prison--or death, to do any good at all, if only it takes those who DO commit violence off the streets for a longer period of time. (Breitbart)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump Easing Gun Restrictions

Donald Trump is quietly ending most of Obama's non-congressional restrictions on gun ownership, and use. He hasn't yet been able to get rid of many laws passed by a Democrat Congress, but he has ENDED those “rules” made by fiat (executive orders). Gun sales in America are going down, since the people are no longer afraid of further restraints on their ability to get and use the means to self defense, a gun. Before now, “authorities” have worked HARD to keep Americans from being able to defend themselves against the ILLEGAL guns arrayed against them by criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. They seemed more interested in keeping us from being able to defend ourselves than lowering “gun violence.” And that may continue locally for a while. They (in some places) even targeted stun guns and other non-gun methods of self defense. If it could possibly be used in self defense, they wanted to BAN it. But that will mostly go away, thanks to Trump's election as president, as more and more local politicians get the message. (The Gun Writer)

"Life or Death Battle"

MOMS Against guns (or something like that) founder Shannon Watts says, “There is a life or death battle going on in this country for gun safety, and caring Americans support gun control. Others support the gun lobby.” (Hee, hee!) It's hilarious how the anti-gun fools think they have the only right position while anybody on the other side just “supports the gun lobby.” That might be true if only their silly ideas ever WORKED. Not a single “gun law” pushed upon us by Shannon and her fellow goons has ever saved a SINGLE life. On the contrary, they have COST lives by disarming law-abiding people while IGNORING the millions of ILLEGAL guns there are out there in the hands of people who wish to do us harm. She really thinks her brand of “gun control” gives her the “high ground,” while we get the “low ground.” This is one cocky broad whose ideas MIGHT change if she ever encountered a criminal with a gun. That's if she doesn't already carry her own gun, as so many anti-gun fools do. (Breitbart)

Friday, April 14, 2017

"MOMS 7-Person Turnout"

MOMS against guns (or something like that) had a “massive turnout” in Iowa, hoping to defeat the measure that was moving through the legislature to be called the “stand your ground” law to replace the “responsibility to run” thing. That is, if you can outrun bullets fired by criminals from their ILLEGAL guns. Their “massive turnout” included (only) SEVEN well-paid members of “MOMS.” And it was a massive failure, as the bill passed, and was signed into law by the governor the other day. Iowa then became the latest of the 35 “stand your ground” states. Which is a majority. MOMS claims a massive membership, but can't turn out even TEN paid members to their “demonstrations” in many places; Iowa being one of them. That should tell them something, but it takes INTELLIGENCE to learn from such things. (Gun Free Zone)

Unconstitutional Gun Laws

So far, ALL laws limiting gun purchase and use ARE unconstitutional. Period. Why? Because they infringe on a constitutional right. For instance: the law that in some states says the applicant for a “carry permit” must demonstrate a NEED for such a permit IS an infringement on a constitutional right. Look at it this way: what if the government told you that you must demonstrate a NEED before you can speak freely (under the First Amendment on freedom of speech)? That would be immediately recognized as being ABSURD, wouldn't it? Why then, can states get away with requiring a NEED before they will issue a carry permit? Limits on how guns can be stored are similarly infringements. In one state, you can get a “carry permit,” but the gun you carry MUST BE UNLOADED! What the hell good does an UNLOADED gun do you? Gun locks make it virtually impossible to get your gun into operation fast enough to deal with a criminal with an ILLEGAL gun. And they do NOTHING to hinder that CRIMINAL'S use of his illegal gun to kill you while you try to get to your legally-owned gun and get it into operation. (Heritage Foundation)