Tuesday, November 13, 2018

I Don't Understand It

The anti-gun fools rush, after each mass shooting, to DISARM all law-abiding Americans, to make them an “easy target” for the shooters. That’s instead of allowing them to arm themselves so they can do the job of defending themselves from mass shooters. It defies logic! The cops can’t do it because they aren’t usually “on the scene” when a mass shooter starts killing people. The cops can take minutes to HOURS to arrive (in one case recently, they didn’t answer a 911 call until the next day!), and in that time, a mass shooter can kill a lot of innocent people. In a recent mass shooting in a bar in California, the cops (bless ‘em) got there in three minutes. But in those three minutes, the shooter killed 11 innocent people and wounded 20 others. Three minutes! Then he killed the first cop on the scene. It is futile to think the cops can do anything but “clean up the scene,” corral all the facts, get rid of the bodies and send the wounded to the hospital. But none of this does anything to STOP such shootings. There HAS to be another way. The anti-gun fools have to know that, but for some reason, they refuse to recognize it, continuing to make their USELESS laws that target the gun, which itself is useless without the hand that shoots it. I know they’re not stupid, so why do they act as if they are? They need to concentrate on other ways to protect innocent people other than banning guns, which does not work, anyway. Criminals just ignore their laws and get their guns illegally. (Just common sense)

"Gun Nuts Are Terrorists"

That’s what one (Dumocrat, of course) anti-gun fool in Tennessee says, anyway. They call us “gun nuts” for insisting on our constitutional rights. He’s referring to those of us who wish to retain the constitutional RIGHT to own and use a gun for self defense, against those who IGNORE all their short-sighted laws that only make life easier for criminals to victimize the law-abiding. He says nothing about those who routinely IGNORE their silly laws and get their guns ILLEGALLY. Those are the ones who are closer to being “terrorists,” not the law-abiding, who OBEY their stupid laws. This wildly “out there” politician is trying to paint himself as a “moderate,” something that most Dumocrats do, and then they work to pass some of the most extreme laws ever while still claiming to be “moderate.” And they think we believe that crap. The language used by the writer in this article is unfortunate, so be forewarned. The amazing thing to me is that this candidate is trying to present himself as a “pro-gun candidate,” using an OUTDATED former NRA rating in his campaign. The NRA is demanding he get rid of the ads claiming NRA support because they are now lies. (Washington Free Beacon)

Monday, November 12, 2018

"It Never Happens!"

But it does. All the time. Anti-gun fools confidently tell you that a “good guy with a gun” cannot do anything about a “bad guy with a gun.” That the whole idea of arming the law -abiding for self defense is absurd. That to do so would “create a wild west atmosphere” where people would be getting shot over a fender bender or something else just as unimportant. Of course, they ignore the fact that people ARE being shot over fender benders by people who got their guns on the black market, and never stood for a background check, in spite of all their well-meaning laws trying to take guns out of the hands of the bad guys. Their fatal flaw in their thinking is that ALL the anti-gun laws ONLY keep guns out of the hands of honest people, leaving the way open for those who don’t obey laws to victimize them. That makes the law-abiding “easy targets” for the bad guys because they have nothing with which to defend themselves. “Gun-free zones,” for instance. This is one of the most USELESS ideas the anti-gun fools have ever come up with. All they do is create a “free fire zone” where the lawbreakers can bring their guns to do their dirty work without worrying about any of the law-abiding people there being armed. They SEEK OUT such areas in which to commit their crimes. Only the brain dead believe they can help stop “gun violence.” In Kentucky, a good Samaritan used a legally-owned gun to stop a mass murder at a Kroger store. Just one more instance. But that must be our imagination, since it never happens, right? You won’t read much about this in the liberal media because they won’t cover it. It doesn’t advance their anti-gun narrative. (Gun Watch)

"Unlicensed Gun Dealer"

It really amazes me the way politicians “dance around” to keep from calling something what it is. In this case they call the CRIMINAL who sold the gun that killed a cop an “unlicensed gun dealer.” Masking the fact he is a CRIMINAL. One of the guns he sold was a Glock 26 9 mm handgun, that ended up in the hands of a four-time felon who used it in February to kill Chicago police Cmdr. Paul Bauer in a shocking daylight shooting in the heart of the Loop, according to recently filed federal documents. It’s the same thing when they insist we call an “illegal alien” an “undocumented immigrant,” thus DEcriminalizing (they hope) the crime that illegal alien committed in entering this country illegally. Of course, the Chicago cops emphasized the fact that the gun used in killing this cop “came from out of state.” Forget that ALL guns, legal or illegal, “come from out of state” unless the manufacturer is IN that state. It’s a “fact without significance.” They talk about “how easy and lucrative” illegal gun sales can be, while masking the action with that “good sounding” phrase, “unlicensed gun dealer.” They refuse to see that NONE of their anti-gun fool laws touch this criminal because they only seem to apply to the law-abiding. This criminal was under their view, but he succeeded in selling this gun to a felon, anyway. (Chicago Tribune)

Friday, November 9, 2018

Disarm the Cops?

That’s about the most foolish idea to come down the pike lately. Unarmed cops would be useless against criminals, just about ALL of whom are ILLEGALLY armed. Especially today, when outfits like “Black Lives Matter” are sparking the killing of cops from ambush, and criminals are killing cops at the drop of a hat—and are even sometimes dropping the hat. In France recently, a bunch of unarmed cops were ON THE SCENE while a couple of Muslims murdered 11 people who worked for a newspaper. All they could do was cower behind their cars as those Muslim terrorists did their murders, while praying the murderers didn’t come after THEM. Disarming the cops not only puts you and I in mortal danger, it does also to those cops, only moreso. And if it ever happens in this country, I recommend every cop resign and go on to another occupation. In a world where even the most innocuous-seeming call can turn deadly in an instant, if I were a cop, I would quit INSTANTLY if I were to be disarmed. The silliness of disarming the cops was made plain recently in Colorado, where some cops were sent on a simple “family disturbance” call, and were instantly fired upon, killing one cop, before the rest of them killed the shooter. (You Tube)

Banned Guns, Knife Violence Rages

In Great Britain, there is an almost complete gun ban for its citizens—and even most of its cops. So “knife crime” is on the upswing, proving (again) what I’ve been saying for years, that if there were no guns, the bad guys would find something else, and continue their violence. So now the UK is also working toward a ban on KNIVES! Something that will be just as USELESS as is their gun ban. They keep referring to “youths” as the attackers. Which means, of course, gang members, who are engaged in a “war that dares not speak its name.” After they ban knives, what’s next? Clubs? Will they ban baseball bats? If so, how will baseball teams play ball? It has always been obvious to those of us with a modicum of INTELLIGENCE that banning the TOOLS the bad guys use does not work. They just get them illegally. they’re CRIMINALS, after all! But the anti-gun fools insist on making even more of their useless, unenforceable laws the bad guys IGNORE, while the law-abiding (who are not the problem) obey them, making them “easy targets” for those who do not obey those laws. It is time somebody looks to attack this problem LOGICALLY, not in the “knee-jerk reactions” as usual, that only result in more restrictions on the law-abiding, and are ignored by the law breakers. (Geller Report)

Thursday, November 8, 2018

"Vowing Gun Control"

Dumocrats, after hearing about the mass shooting in California, wasted no time in “vowing gun control, using their newfound majority in Congress.” Riiigghhtt! They’ll send out many fund-raising letters, demanding money to do what they know they cannot do, take guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. All their favorite laws are already in effect in California, the state in which this new atrocity occurred. So what do they want to do? Enact even more of their USELESS, unenforceable laws that do NOTHING toward “keeping guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.” Their big problem is that none of their laws apply to those who shouldn’t have guns because they just IGNORE them and get them ILLEGALLY. Word is, the shooter in California got his gun legally, in spite of the fact that he had been subject to a mental health examination after a confrontation some time ago where he was wrecking his own house. They decided then that he was not a danger to himself, or others. Boy, did THEY screw up! So all their laws did NOTHING to keep him from getting the gun he used to kill 12 people, including one cop, who tried to stop him. There were reportedly SIX cops in that crowd, all UNARMED, so they could do nothing but cower, out of his sight, while he killed people, left and right. They give politicians a hard time for “doing nothing about gun control” when there’s actually nothing they CAN do, using the laws they have made so far—and nobody has come up with anything better. (New York Times)

NRA Takes Victory Lap

The NRA congratulates Kavanaugh on his successful appointment to the Supreme Court. This can only be a good thing for “gun control,” which is a misnomer. There is no “controlling guns.” Only LEGAL guns. The laws the anti-gun fools have made only apply to the law-abiding, and NEVER to the lawbreakers, who ARE the problem. Kavanaugh will always rule, based on the Constitution, not on his own personal views and opinions, and especially not on his political views. That will be a disaster for liberals, most of whom are anti-gun fools, who keep insisting on making USELESS laws that accomplish NOTHING. Correction: they do accomplish something. They make it easier for those who ignore them to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey them, even if they don’t like them. The NRA has been a stalwart champion of the constitutional RIGHT to “keep and bear arms,” and Kavnaugh’s appointment can only be a good thing for them, as he rules, based on the Constitution, not on anything else, not even foreign law, as some previous Justices have done. (AmmoLand)

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

What Career?

Teenage anti-gun fool David Hogg (well named, he) says, “People getting shot helps my career.” WHAT “career?” Going around spouting damned fool notions, and pushing the passage of even more USELESS laws that don’t get CLOSE to doing what they’re supposed to do? And taking on many other issues, of which you know nothing? This brat has conned liberals into financing him to travel around the country spouting their nonsense, thinking that he “makes a difference” in their efforts to deny us our constitutional right to be armed for self defense, Make no mistake: this child could not travel all over the country spouting inanities without serious financing by liberals. They think that, because he rushed to his school while it was being shot up by a madman qualifies him to be a spokesman for “gun control.” It does NOT. They are using him, and he is using them. But for different reasons. They’re using him (they think) to promote their damned foolishness and he is using them to extend his “fifteen minutes of fame” while having a lot of fun at their expense. (News Channel 5)

Up Against the Wall!

The anti-gun fools are throwing everything they can think of “up against the wall to see if it will stick.” ANYTHING to limit your right to own and use a gun for self defense. Now, in Washington state, they want a “literacy test” you have to pass in order to buy a gun. That’s IN ADDITION to all the other limitations that state has put on those who simply want to have a gun to use against the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of criminals and other bad guys. Different states have come up with many ideas to limit access and usage of guns, without actually BANNING them, since that is prohibited in the Constitution, the basis for ALL our laws. One state is now trying to pass a bill into law requiring gun buyers to not only pass a background check, jump through all the other hoops they have placed in our way, but to buy, and pay for, a “special license” before they can even THINK about buying a gun. As I write the “Unarmed Citizen” blog, I have become convinced that the government wants to criminalize SELF DEFENSE, and “getting rid of guns” is just part of that fight. The proof is in the fact that every time we come up with a good substitute for guns, like stun guns or pepper spray, they want to ban those, too. I believe that one day they WILL ban self defense, itself. (Liberty Park Press)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Gun Laws Help Criminals

Politicians insist that they’re only interested in “gun safety,” and “keeping guns out of the hands of criminals,” but that’s a lie. Every one of the laws they have voted into effect, ONLY apply to people who OBEY laws. Criminals, by definition, do NOT obey laws. So why, tell me, do they expect a criminal will suddenly decide to obey a silly little law like that when they are contemplating committing much more serious crimes? All their laws do is keep guns out of the hands of the law-abiding, so as to make it easier for the criminals to victimize them. Some of their laws not only don’t work, they ENCOURAGE criminals. “Gun-free zones,” for instance. Mass shooters who have been caught, willingly tell you they SEEK OUT “gun-free zones” because they can be pretty sure there will not be any guns in the hands of the law-abiding, who are their intended victims. Background checks only work if a gun used in a crime was bought legally. Since most criminals get their guns illegally, those laws do not apply to them. The basic flaw in all their laws is that they depend on LAWBREAKERS to OBEY them, and this is a forlorn hope. It just makes life easier for the illegally-armed criminals. (Just common sense)

Gun Control: No Issue

At least, it shouldn’t be an issue. The right of all Americans to be armed for self defense is GUARANTEED in the Constitution, to which ALL LAWS must adhere. If they don’t, they can be declared unconstitutional and made null and void. The Second Amendment clearly states: the right of all Americans to bear arms “SHALL NOT BE ABRIDGED.” Yet slimy politicians continue to make laws to limit or control gun ownership, and each one IS an ABRIDGMENT. Thus, they are unconstitutional. Each and every law that limits, in any way, that right, IS unconstitutional. And that includes laws to make it harder, or impossible to buy ammunition, or to register ammunition buyers, or to MARK ammunition microscopically. Those politicians use any method they can to “get around” the constitutional prohibition on banning gun ownership or use for self defense by law-abiding Americans. That includes making the guns they own useless by making ammunition hard to buy, or impossible to buy. They THINK that is not an “abridgment,” but it clearly IS. (Just common sense)

Monday, November 5, 2018

"It'll Save 2,000 Lives!"

One of the flimsiest claims by anti-gun fools is that a total gun ban would save “only” 2,000 lives. Anti-gun fools always quote that inflated number of 32,000 people killed by guns each year. Of course, what they don’t tell you is their “list” includes all the justified shootings by police officers, as well as suicides, plus all private citizens’ use of guns in self defense. Again, what they don’t tell you is that if somebody really wants to commit suicide and can’t get a gun, they’ll use something else. So making it harder to get a gun isn’t going to make much of a difference, there. Then there’s the fact—the unalterable fact-- that making laws against guns does not stop an evil-doer from getting his/her guns. All it does is force him/her into the ILLEGAL gun market, which is all around us. Where all CRIMINALS get their guns. And those who buy their guns illegally, or just STEAL them, never stand for a background check. Every one of their “common sense laws” against guns are USELESS in keeping guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. All they do is make it easier for the miscreants to victimize the law-abiding with their illegal guns, since the law-abiding DO obey laws, while the miscreants do NOT. (Gun Mart)

NRA Applauds Confirmation

They applauded the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Which will, of course, mean a lot of useless whining and crying from the left because the NRA disagrees with them (something they ought to know, anyway). They whine and cry, and stomp their feet in tantrums every time somebody (even those known to be on the other side) disagrees with them, thinking that all the world should agree with their silly policies. One thing I like about the NRA is that they just don’t give a “tinker’s damn” about what the left thinks, about anything—and they aren’t afraid to show it. They “flip the left off” with their every act, and I love that. Because the left is mostly composed of anti-gun FOOLS who believe they can, and WILL, ultimately get all guns banned in this country, and that will eliminate crime. They believe they can “make a law” that all lawbreakers will obey, while they obey no others. I say they’re STUPID. There’s a difference between ignorant, and stupid. Ignorant people are just suffering from a lack of information. Stupid is those who KNOW that information, and do stupid things, anyway. That clearly describes the anti-gun fools, who have to know that NONE of their laws do ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down, “gun violence,” but they continue to make them, or con legislators into making them, anyway. That is sheer stupidity. (AmmoLand)