Monday, March 19, 2018

Media Ignores Jihadist Attack

A teenaged "Jihadist" who "read the Koran for strength," murdered one student, and stabbed others at a "birthday sleepover." This boy was a "known risk," as he had been "investigated" by the cops for "alleged violent tendencies." He watched Jihadist videos between readings of the Koran, and actually SAID he did it for Islam. Again, the FAILURE of the "authorities" to take him seriously has resulted in one death, and two injures, and the liberal media ignores it. Why? Because he did not use a gun, so they would be unable to push their narrative against guns in the hands of law-abiding people while people like this kid get their guns (or knives) any way they can. Something needs to be done to prevent these Jihadist recruiters from "infecting" the minds of our youth, who have no basis in knowledge to prevent them from buying their bullsh-t. Yes, I know we have freedom of speech, AND freedom of religion, and Jihadists use them (rights they do not have in their home country) effectively to make our defenses against their infiltration ineffective. They are using our constitutional rights to undermine us, right along, while some of their people rape our women and sue people out of business for imagined slights. (Keep and Bear)

Flailing and Failing

That's what the anti-gun fools are doing. Within MINUTES after the shooter in Florida pulled his first trigger, they were insisting on more of the same laws that have done NOTHING to stop "gun violence." Why would they do that unless they were too ignorant to do anything else? They just can't understand that none of their laws works worth a damn. They just keep doing the same things, over and over again, hoping for a different result, which is the very DEFINITION of insanity. George Bush (the elder) got a law called, "The Gun-Free Schools Act" passed, and signed, designed to stop school shootings. Linked here is a list of school shootings (probably incomplete) SINCE that law was passed. But do the anti-gun fools take note of that? Not a chance. They aren't smart enough. "You figure that after 15 events, even the most dense in the Gun Control community have to start thinking that maybe the Gun Free Zones are not working and maybe we should rethink the whole scheme." But NO! They're not listening, as usual. It doesn't fit their false narrative. Why these people are so "tone deaf" to reality, I can't figure. I can only assume they just want to be able to tell others they can't be armed for self defense. It's a matter of POWER. (Gun Free Zone)

Friday, March 16, 2018

It's A Common Thing

Anti-gun politicians coming to anti-gun fool gatherings with their ARMED security. Sen. Feinstein, one of the biggest anti-gun fools going, not only goes around surrounded by ARMED security, she also carries her own gun in case they aren't enough. New York Governor Cuomo went to one recently, where he participated in anti-gun chants with "students," while his ARMED security stood by, on high alert for danger. Every time a politician comes to such a meeting, they bring along their ARMED security to protect them. Meanwhile, they want to deny "us peons" the same right to self defense. I'm not saying politicians are not deserving of such protection, I AM saying WE are also deserving of it. They SAY we can depend on law-enforcement to protect us. Can we?

Did they protect those concert-goers in Las Vegas? How about those students in Broward County, Florida? No; the cops CAN'T "protect us." They always arrive AFTER the damage has been done, and they "clean up" the scene, preserve evidence, remove the bodies, and (maybe) find the doers, long after the bodies have been buried. Think about it, folks! These people say the cops can protect us. They also say that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself. Why then, do the cops carry guns? Why do politicians hide behind ARMED security? No; their arguments are silly, and WRONG. Cops CAN'T protect us, so we need to have the tools to defend OURSELVES. And hat's what they want to deny us. (The Gateway Pundit)

Conning Frightened Students

The anti-gun fools are busy right now conning frightened students who were afraid for their lives in Broward County, Florida, telling them that the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself, and everybody else who obeys laws, while ignoring those who do NOT. The laws they come up with NEVER work, but they keep pushing them, every way they can, And those young boys and girls, who know NOTHING on their own (they haven't been alive long enough) believe them as they brainwash them. Liberals marvel at how "eloquent" and self-assured they are in speaking out, never letting on just how much they have been ":prepared" for what they're saying, by their parents and school "authorities." One such spokesman is the son of a former FBI agent, while it is well known that the FBI is one of the most outspoken supporters of gun control. They still think that lawbreakers will somehow obey their laws, while they obey no others. That shows complete ignorance, but they are "tone deaf" when you try and convince them of the illogic of passing laws that lawbreakers will NOT obey. (Gateway Pundit)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Scools Cooperate With Gun Grabbers

You've probably heard about all the "school walkouts" all over the country supporting gun control, haven't you? And you haven't heard much about any OPPOSITION to those "walkouts," have you? That's because the schools (and the liberal media) are suppressing word of ANY opposition, In one place, some students went to the shooting range and posted pictures from their trip. The school suspended them for that. In other places, students are on "spring break," and are thus not in school. The school says THEY are part of the anti-gun walkout. And some schools are paying to send students to various "demonstrations," while refusing to do so for students who OPPOSE new gun control laws. This is how they "tailor" the news. Prevent all opposition from getting traction. And gun control fools know it, and depend on it to promote their LIES. In one case, a man used a KNIFE to stab a bunch of school students, and the anti-gun fools jumped on that one, too. insisting on even more of their stupid, ineffective, anti-gun laws. (Just common sense)

Cashing In On School Shooting

"Everytown for Gun Safety," a top anti-gun fool outfit, is "cashing in" on the school massacre in Broward County, Florida. So far, they have gotten $800,000.00 in "unsolicited contributions" since those 17 school students and several school staff died in a hail of bullets from a gun whose owner violated the law, just by HAVING that gun. This happens every time a mass shooting happens. Gullible people who think banning guns will somehow cause lawbreakers to OBEY a gun law when what they are contemplating is a much more serious crime. Those people are just not concerned with a piddling little law that says they can't buy or own a firearm. And if the anti-gun fools were ever successful in getting all guns banned, they'd be "out of a job" and have to find a REAL job. But that will never happen because there are too many gullible people out there who buy their bull droppings. Like the poor, there will always be gullible people who really think banning guns is the answer to support these anti-gun fools. (NJ Herald)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Anti-Gun Rally Draws 20

It's not likely that the Brady Campaign thought they'd only get 20 "demonstrators" to come to Sparta, New Jersey the other day, to demand stricter gun laws, but that seems to be all the attendees they could raise. Most Americans just aren't interested in their wish to violate a basic constitutional guarantee, and they said so, by staying away from their foolishness. They tell legislators they want them to enact"common sense" laws, when there ARE no "common sense" laws in what they wish to enact. None of them work, and the REAL solutions, such as arming teachers, will not even be considered by these fools. Since the death of their namesake, the Brady Campaign has been languishing, and has not been even as effective as they used to be in getting ignorant laws passed, by ignorant lawmakers. They only drew 20 to this "demonstration," but they TALK like they had drawn a thousand. The anti-gun crowd is languishing, everywhere, as they discover the almost complete LACK of interest in their ignorant protestations. Other anti-gun "rallies" have suffered similar lack of interest in their "demonstrations," one only pulled ONE person beyond the organizers, and the ARMED police who were there, both expecting a much larger turnout. It's a trend, folks, whether you know it, or not. (NJ Herald)

Nelson Is Deluded

Sen. BIll Nelson (Dumocrat, of course) FL) has decided, in his ignorance, that the Second Amendment ONLY protects HUNTING RIFLES. It doesn't occur to him that hunting is only the LESSER of two reasons why people want tio maintain their constitutional RIGHT to be armed. He says "An AR-15 is not for hunting. It's for killing." What the hell does he think he's doing when he shoots an animal? And I'd BET that, if somebody started shooting at him while he's doing that, he'd start using that gun to shoot back--or DIE. All anti-gun fools think they know better than us peons, and Nelson is no different. He uses his twisted reasoning to SAY he is FOR the Second Amendment, while he works hard to violate it in many ways. It is ignorant politicians like this who keep the "gun debate" alive, even though EVERY attempt to "infringe" upon that right is a violation of the Constitution. If the Founders had thought to make it a violation of the law to even ATTEMPT to pass a law that violates the Constitution, people like Nelson would not be in Congress, they'd be in PRISON. (Breitbart)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Gun Control: Civil Rights?

That's what "The Oprah" thinks, anyway. She is equating the push for anti-gun laws with the civil rights march. She forgets that there was no constitutional guarantee of equal rights for blacks back then. In fact, for many years, blacks suffered under the "Dred Scott Decision," which marked blacks as "only partly a human being." In this case there IS a constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT anti-gun fools (like her) want to violate, or remove, altogether. That their anti-gun laws don't work worth a damn is obvious to everybody, and, instead, make it easier for those with ILLEGAL guns to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey those silly laws, seems to escape them. Are they just STUPID? Or do they KNOW, and just not care? I can't understand why so many people can be so STUPID and demonstrate otherwise intelligent knowledge elsewhere. As to Oprah, somebody needs to tell her that nobody cares what she thinks. Her views reflect the IGNORANCE shown by ALL liberals, and if she ever gets up the guts to run for president, she will then learn the despair Hillary suffered after losing what she thought was "fixed election.". (MSN)

Created Their Own School Shooting

Broward County literally CREATED the shooting that killed 17 and wounded another 14. They did it by telling the cops to stop arresting students. No. really! They really told the cops to stop arresting students, no matter what they did. They did it in response to the Trevon Martin killing. It was a misguided move, and they were TOLD that it would result in something like this shooting, but, like most politicians who think they know more than anyone else, they "turned a deaf ear" to those who warned them. And the "Valentine's Day Massacre" is the result. After Martin was killed, they noted a rise in the arrests of students (mostly for misdemeanors), and told the cops to "stop it." The kids predictably noticed that, no matter what they did, the cops would not arrest them, and small time student crime began to rise, while the cops did everything they could to avoid arresting them, following the orders of the County. This is the result of those "tone deaf" politicians. (The Last Refuge)

Monday, March 12, 2018

Gun Confiscation Begins

They're using the panic over the fools who go into schools and kill children to panic lawmakers into doing the unthinkable--confiscating our guns, for no other reason than they are guns--an inanimate object that does NOTHING until a PERSON picks it up and guns someone down. Should we ban PEOPLE? Now, in the late, formerly great State of Illinois, they're taking guns away from less than 21 year-old owners, without any kind of legal basis. No crime committed, and with no law that ALLOWS it. It's a completely lawless action on the part of the cops. What is it about a 19-year-old that bans him from owning and using a gun, even though many join the military and are REQUIRED to be armed (unless they're on a military base)? Do they think that, somehow, being in the military gives them the adulthood to be able to control impulses to shoot up the landscape, while being just a citizen does not? Even so, what gives them the right to deny the ownership and use of guns to ANYBODY, since it is GUARANTEED by the Constitution? This is the "camel's nose in the tent" that will lead to GENERAL confiscation of guns--unless those with INTELLIGENCE put a stop to it. (Great American Republic)

Anti-Gun Pipe Dreams

I just heard an interview with the former astronaut whose wife (Gabby Giffords) is one of the biggest anti-gun fools in the country. He acted like those "pipe dreams" they call "gun crime" laws actually WORKED to combat "gun violence," and didn't CONTRIBUTE to it by disarming the law-abiding, leaving them DEFENSELESS against the criminals and other miscreants who obey NO laws. They blame the NRA for stopping the lawmakers from making most of their useless pipe dreams into law. It would be different if their laws WORKED. But they don't, and if they have any intelligence at all, they know that. But they keep making them, and pretending that ANYBODY who opposes them is stupid. It makes me physically ill to hear these fools pontificate on how their pipe dreams work, and anybody who opposes them are somehow "the bad guys," when it is the people who do not OBEY their useless laws who are. I wish these people would wake up to reality and get out of the way of people who are working on REAL solutions. (Just common sense)

Friday, March 9, 2018

One Victory Destroys NRA?

The anti-gun fools have just proven (again) that they are stupid. They think ONE VICTORY has DESTROYED the NRA. They wish! They'll use ANYTHING to make themselves, and the world, think they've won completely, when all they've done is trade on panicked lawmakers who want to be seen as "doing something," even if it is futile, and wrong. It's ONE VICTORY, and it has NOT "Destroyed the NRA. The NRA is still there, and will continue to be an impediment to those who would make laws that violate the Constitution, the BASIS for ALL our laws. Such ignorance is common to ALL anti-gun fools. They must be ignorant, if they think ANY of their laws will stop, or even slow down, those who wish to do ill. They have been so advised, on many occasions, but they ignore it, and continue to make their useless, silly laws that nobody except the law-abiding (who aren't the problem) seem to obey. Their laws just make it easier for the bad guys to victimize the law-abiding. (Washington Post)

"Arm Every Teacher!"

Somebody has to say it, and Adrian Vance, a former teacher, has done so. Of course, that's something that would be difficult to obtain, since there are anti-gun fools among the teachers, everywhere, who REFUSE to be armed in order to protect themselves AND their students. Apparently, they would rather DIE, and have their students die, rather than be armed. Fortunately, most teachers, after a school shooting such as happened in Broward County, Florida, rightly wish to be able to be armed in order to accomplish that wish. But stupid politicians don't listen to them. they only listen to the anti-gun fools, who want to make more and more of their USELESS, INEFFECTIVE "gun laws" that do NOTHING to prevent gun violence, and only CONTRIBUTE to it, by disarming the law-abiding, who mostly are NOT the problem, while allowing those who obey NO LAWS to keep their ILLEGAL guns, and come in and kill the kids AND the teachers. INTELLIGENCE tells you that, you CAN'T defend yourself by DISARMING yourself. But the anti-gun fools obviously AREN'T intelligent, because they just won't accept that. If every teacher was armed, nobody with any intelligence at all would try a school shooting, because he would be met with a hail of gunfire, aimed in HIS direction, before he could kill nearly as many children. But the anti-gun fools CRINGE at the very thought of teachers being armed, because they have NO FAITH in the intelligence and self control of those teachers, and think THEY will "shoot up the school" if they are allowed to be armed. They're WRONG, but they will never waiver. (iPatriot)