Thursday, December 14, 2017

What Law Would Work?

I'd like to ask the anti-gun fools a few questions: "What one of the current anti-gun laws actually WORK to reduce gun violence? And can you name me one that does? With proof? Do you really believe that disarming yourself is the way to self defense against a criminal with his ILLEGAL gun? These questions, and others are questions they just CAN'T answer, so they don't even try. They go immediately into the "name-calling" phase. They immediately accuse you of being a "gun nut," and an "NRA member," (used as an insult) and other insults designed to mask the fact that they can't answer these questions. It really amazes me that there are so many STUPID people in this world, who think CRIMINALS, who don't obey ANY laws, will obey the ones they make, That's the main flaw in ALL their so-called "laws" that only serve to make it easier for thugs to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey their laws, even if they don't like it. When a thug comes at you with his illegal gun, if you don't have one of your own and the training and willingness to use it, you're dead. Or certainly badly injured. (Just common sense)

Anti-Reciprocity Hysteria

The anti-gun fools are really hysterical at the thought of law-abiding Americans being able to have their own guns to defend against those thugs with their ILLEGAL guns who only want to victimize them. This statement shows it plainly: “There are 12 states that don’t require permits for carrying guns. Under #HR38, someone from one of those states could travel to your community and walk right into a school zone with a loaded weapon, no matter what local laws say,” Rep. Brendan Boyle, D-Pa., tweeted Dec. 5, referring to House Resolution 38. Of course, that completely ignores the fact that thugs carry their ILLEGAL guns into school zones (and other no-gun zones) at will, and there are no guns there to defend against them. That's the fatal flaw in their thinking, and their hysteria is getting people KILLED by keeping the law-abiding completely defenseless against them, You don't fight ILLEGAL guns with empty hands. It just doesn't work, But they're too stupid to realize that. and they can make stupid laws. (Bearing Arms)

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How Stupid ARE They?

The Constitution (the basis for every law we make, with laws being required to conform to it) clearly states that the right to bear arms for Americans "shall not be infringed." Yet anti-gun fools insist on making laws that INFRINGE on that right. They call it "gun control." Every law that puts limits on that right is an INFRINGEMENT. "No gun zones," for instance, require people to leave their guns outside those zones. That's an infringement that might get them killed. Requiring a permit to carry a gun concealed is an infringement because requiring a permit to exercise a RIGHT is an infringement. Requiring guns to be "safely stored" in gun safes or anywhere else is an infringement, because it makes those guns USELESS in an emergency where a criminal or other bad guy comes at you with his ILLEGAL gun already in his hand. The time it takes to get your gun into operation can be critical, and that law can get you KILLED. Allowing private businesses to limit gun rights on their premises is also an infringement, As long as those people do not threaten people with their guns they should not be impeded in carrying them. To do so makes being there dangerous for them and others if somebody holding an ILLEGAL gun comes in to shoot people with NO opposition. (Just common sense)

"The Next Deadly Loophole"

Liberals in Massachusetts are calling Reciprocity the "next deadly loophole in our nation's gun laws." What are these people SMOKING? If I were a druggie, I'd want some! The "gun laws" as now constituted ARE the "deadly loophole" that allows thugs with their ILLEGAL guns to victimize innocent people while law-abiding people can't get guns for self defense. The anti-gun fools are too stupid to know that the way to self defense is NOT to disarm yourself. They say, 'Call 911 and wait for the cops to arrive with THEIR guns. I don't THINK so! I want my own gun to use to defend myself while I'm waiting for the cops to get here, eventually. The cops (those "in the trenches," not the police politicians who often were never IN the trenches) themselves, will tell you they can't be everywhere and that the best defense being an offense, is to have your own guns to use in your own defense. They think if law-abiding people had their own guns, they'd "go crazy" and shoot up the place, which is not only WRONG, it's STUPID! But they're too stupid to know how stupid they are. (Guns dot com)

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Find the Real Reason

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich got pretty fed up with fool politicians blaming guns and nothing else for school mass shootings and he brought out a simple fact: that, "guns are a useful tool that can be dangerous if used irresponsibly." Just like fire. So should be ban fire? We should quit blaming the guns and look for the REAL cause of the problem. Society seems to be determined to demonize guns when they should be demonizing the PEOPLE who USE guns irresponsibly. Every law they make against guns only serves to make things WORSE, since they disarm law-abiding Americans, leaving them "sitting ducks" for all the fools who get their guns ILLEGALLY and are not concerned with following ANY laws. They make laws, expecting people who break laws for a living to somehow OBEY this law when they obey no others. That's stupid thinking. But don't try to tell them that. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with FACTS. (Conservative Tribune)

Duh....Ya THINK?

In California, they're now saying that, "Young men of color are the most likely to commit gun violence." They're identifying them so they can PAY them not to shoot each other and others for silly purposes. They have at least identified the "gun problem" as NOT "a gun problem, but a "gang problem," and they're targeting individuals (gangstas) the cops KNOW have either committed gun violence or been the victim of it (but couldn't convict) to "mentor" and pay not to do violence as part of their gang life. Sacramento is only (only) spending $1.5 million dollars on the program, with program managers matching it (I wonder where they're getting the money). Cities are signing up for the program for four years, but with the proviso they can "back out" after two years if it isn't working. One mayor says he isn't looking for reasons it won't work, but is looking for reasons it WILL work. If that's what he's doing, how will he even RECOGNIZE signs of failure? (Sacramento Bee)

Monday, December 11, 2017

"Guns Causing the Crisis"

St. Louis papers are saying that "Guns Are Causing the Crisis" after a former cop is acquitted in the death of a citizen (who was black, of course). Which shows the usual ignorance displayed by the anti-gun fools. GUNS are not the problem, the PEOPLE with (mostly) illegal guns are the problem. The mayor says it's the guns, and they have had 196 homicides (most unsolved) this year (which tells me it's incompetent cops, not the guns), the most since 1995, when 204 were killed by guns. Nobody is talking about the homicides by other means. So what are they going to do about it? Have a "gun buyback program," of course. That tired old saw that has proven itself to do NOTHING to reduce gun violence. Critics say their problems are much deeper than that (no kidding!). They've tried that approach several times in the past, while gun crime still keeps crawling up (surprise, surprise!). Many of the guns "bought back" in the past have turned out to be useless antiques (no surprise, there). Oh, yes; they're increasing funding for recreation and job programs, as if THAT will solve their "gun problem." (Newsweek)

"Better Than Nothing"

That's what the anti-gun fools think, as they continue to make their FUTILE laws to take guns away from law-abiding citizens to make it easier for those who do NOT obey laws to victimize them with their ILLEGAL guns. Not a SINGLE anti-gun law has EVER done one thing to stop, or even slow down "gun violence." The basic flaw in their thinking is that their laws DEPEND on lawbreakers to obey their laws. They think if they "do SOMETHING," Even If It's The wrong thing, it's better than nothing. It is NOT. What they do with their silly gun laws only causes more deaths, as lawbreakers victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey laws. One of the biggest stupidities is the "gun-free zone," which purports to keep guns OUT of certain areas, but which does NOT. The "bad guys" SEEK OUT gun free zones in which to do their "dirty work" because they figure there is less of a chance there will be any guns there to oppose them. "Safe Storage" laws likewise only make it harder to get a gun into action fast enough to defend yourself against an ILLEGALLY-armed criminal, who doesn't bother to obey those laws and has his gun already in his hand. One of the stupidest laws I've ever seen is the one that allows concealed carry, but requires the gun carried to be UNLOADED. It's refreshing to see an article like the one linked here, because the writer seems to know whereof he speaks. Unlike most newspaper articles about guns. (Roanoke Times)

Friday, December 8, 2017

"Traffic Ticket? No Guns!"

Yet more proof that politicians will use any excuse to deny Americans their constitutional right to be armed for self defense. In NICS there's a category called, "scary fugitive," which denies that right to those listed in NICS under that category. "Authorities" have used that to deny gun rights to many people whose only "crime" is an unpaid parking ticket! Fully 13% of refusals have that listed as the category. And another thing: You'd better hope there is no scumbag out there with the same name your parents hung on you. There is no system to verify the veracity of the factors in entering names into the NICS system. Some ATF agent playing a trick on somebody can get a name on NICS, and it takes practically an "act of God" to get it off. Next, there is the lazy data entry person. The guy or gal charged with ENTERING those names into the system. Admittedly, this is a small category, but an important one for those killed by people whose name SHOULD be in NICS. Then there's the fact that somebody's name in the system stops NOBODY from buying a gun in a back alley somewhere, from another criminal. Those people don't worry about being listed in NICS. (Truth About Guns)

No, It will Not!

The anti-gun fools confidently claim that "national reciprocity" (a law allowing people with gun carry permits in one state to travel with their guns to other states) will "add to the danger to domestic violence victims." No, it will NOT. People who are determined to victimize others do not obey such laws. If they can't get a gun legally, they get one ILLEGALLY. And the national reciprocity law will allow that VICTIM to be armed, in order to defend her/himself! The anti-gun fools think that disarming the law-abiding will contribute to self defense, and that is STUPID. But then, anti-gun fools aren't too bright, anyway, since they still pass laws they KNOW do not work, which IS stupid. Not a SINGLE anti-gun law they have ever passed has done one thing to "reduce gun violence," and they have to know that, but ignore it in their zeal to disarm as many Americans as they can, for reasons unknown, except to increase their power to tell us "NO." They would make laws to make self defense a crime if they could, but they can't. So they do the next best thing, and take away (if they can) the TOOLS we can use in defending ourselves. (Quartz)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Reciprocity Causes Mass Shootings?

That's what Nancy Peelosi thinks. Of course, this completely ignores the fact that there are as many, or MORE illegal guns out there being used for mass shootings than have ever been used by legal gun owners. Yes, a small number of people who have not previously committed a crime sometimes get guns legally and subsequently go out and kill a bunch of innocent people. But far more people WITH records do so, and they get their guns ILLEGALLY. Concealed carry reciprocity has NOTHING to do with either of those scenarios, and her statement is merely a smokescreen that allows her to oppose a system that can MINIMIZE mass shootings. That she knows NOTHING about what she pretends to be talking about is obvious to intelligent people, who seem to be suspiciously ABSENT among anti-gun fools. As with all other anti-gun fools, she will say ANYTHING to mask her true intention, which is to disarm all law-abiding Americans and make it easier for those with ILLEGAL guns to victimize them. She'll deny that to her dying day, but it is obvious to those of us with brains. (NJ Herald)

Making Them Their Bitch

That's what the 4th Circuit Court did to the Supreme Court when the Supreme Court inexplicably refused to hear two cases on gun rights. "On November 27 2017, the Supreme Court of the United States once again refused to stand up to protect the Second Amendment, by turning down two cases challenging infringing state gun laws, both of which had been decided wrongly in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. " How this happened with the current makeup of the Court is strange, except maybe the conservative members were not able to vote their conscience. Refusing to hear those cases indicates a willingness to go along with the 4th's wrong decision, if it was based on the Constitutional prohibition on "abridging" the right of Americans to be armed. If this decision is an indicator of future decisions, the Second Amendment is in mortal danger. (AmmoLand)

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

"Threat to Public Safety"

That's what the anti gun fools say about the "national reciprocity bill." They really think the only guns in existence will be in the hands of the law-abiding, who are NOT the problem, at all. Allowing law-abiding citizens to carry their guns with them when they travel can only make it safer for ALL law-abiding citizens when a lawBREAKER comes at them with his ILLEGAL gun. Allowing people to take their guns with them when they travel is NOT a "public safety threat," it allows people to defend themselves from the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there. But the anti-gun fools just can't see that. They only see the LEGAL guns out there, and they (erroneously) see those law-abiding gun owners as a liability. They are NOT. They are our first line of defense against ILLEGAL gun owners who want to victimize us, until the cops can finally arrive, after the shooting is over. They're too stupid to see that. (Fortune)

"White Men Love Guns"

Sayeth a black man while cleaning one of his many guns, many of which were illegally obtained, so as to defend himself against other black men who would be shooting at him later. The anti-gun fools seize upon anything to make people who want to retain the right to self defense look foolish. That statement above will, of course, be called racist by the fools who make up those things. But it's not. It's a recognition of reality that MOST of the gun violence is created by one or more black men shooting at another black man who is intruding upon their "turf." I'm talking about gang members, who are overwhelmingly black or Hispanic, definitely not white. They love to promote the MYTH that "white men are gun crazy," but it is THEM who have, and regularly USE guns, thus creating the NEED for white men to have their own guns for self protection. The difference is that most white men's guns are LEGAL, and they don't usually fight over "turf." They're too busy earning a living. This is NOT an indictment of ALL black men. Most are good, hard-working people who contribute much to the community. This is about that smaller subset of gang members and other thugs. (Pacific Standard)