Friday, October 18, 2019

"We're Not Anti-Gun"

That’s what “MOMS Against Guns” (or something like that) say, even though everything they do is geared toward getting guns out of the hands of honest, law-abiding people, leaving them at the mercy of the lawless, who just don’t obey ANY laws, much less the ones MOMS cons people into passing. Meanwhile, head “MOM” Shannon Watts calls gun confiscation “innovative and exciting.” If that isn’t anti-gun, I’d like to know what is. What I do know is that this bi… er, witch gets an excellent salary as head of MOMS, and the net result of her actions is to disarm only the law-abiding. If she has her way, the only people who have guns will be the lawless. And she wants to make us think she and her organization is not “anti-gun.” Well, Shannon, we’re more intelligent than that. We can see right through your lies—all of them. I don’t know what you gain from all this, unless it’s that handsome salary you’re making as head of MOMS. But we can see right through you and put a stopper to as much of what you do as we can. (CBS News)

Twisting the Numbers

The anti-gun fools always get numbers that favor their position by twisting the figures to suit themselves. Example: self defense killings are reported by them as “murder.” Suicide (the biggest number) is not separated from other kinds of gun deaths and is used routinely to inflate the numbers. They have a large segment labeled “other” that includes unintentional deaths, law-enforcement shootings, or deaths from “undetermined circumstances.” But they are still “reported” as “gun deaths.” There don’t seem to be enough REAL numbers for them to cite, so they twist the numbers they can to support their position. Which means when they come out with “reports” that sound bad for pro-gun people, they’re likely false. They can’t be depended upon. You’d think these people would realize their mistakes and go off in another direction. Stop blaming the gun, which is useless, and try to find the real cause of what “gun crime” there is. But they don’t seem to be intelligent enough to “put 2 and 2 together and get 4. And there are many anti-gun fools making a very good living touting gun control, so they’re not going to stop what they’re doing, as long as gun control can “bring in the bucks.” (Just common sense)

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Using Any Excuse

This government is now officially out of control when it comes to gun confiscation. They’re now using any excuse to come and take guns away from law-abiding people, while ignoring the lawless and their guns. I’ve seen several cases recently where they took guns away from a law-abiding person with no record because he/she called their attention to him/her. In several cases recently they took them away from vets who had them specifically for self protection. In the case linked here, this guy, who is a Korean War veteran, expressed “concern” about a potential school shooting. He committed no crime, and displayed no probability that he would use his guns to commit a crime. He is 84, and worked as a crossing guard after his wife died, to “keep busy” and because he loves kids. He lost that job after his guns were taken, and all because somebody misheard a comment he made about a school shooting. Believe me an 84 year-old is not going to commit a mass shooting! This guy is just “hanging on,” waiting to die, as are all of us in our 80s. And if some young buck comes and threatens one of us with his ILLEGAL guns, we need to have our own guns to use in opposing him, or die. We're certainly not able to overpower him. But “Red Flag Laws” allow this kind of gun confiscation, and they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. But they will be enforced until the Supreme Court says its piece, and the damage will be done, as it was in this case. (Western Journal)

The $250 Million Mistake

Anti-gun laws are useless. They do NOTHING to reduce gun violence. In fact, they make things worse by disarming those who are not likely to use them to violate the law, leaving them completely defenseless against those who WILL. Dicks Sporting Goods bought the lies fed them by the anti-gun fools and stopped selling guns, which cost them $250 million dollars in sales of all sorts of things, since gun owners just stopped buying from them. Whichever executive who made this stupid move should be FIRED. And blackballed, so he (or she) can never be in a position to make such a stupid decision, and cost any company that kind of money. $250 billion dollars is a lot of money, and any executive that makes a decision that costs his or her company that much money for a stupid reason has no business being in a position to make such decisions. I know Dicks is a big company. But are they big enough to survive a $250 billion dollar loss? Will they “go under” because of this? Targeting the guns in trying to stop gun violence does not work. That’s a fact—not just my opinion. But anti-gun fools will not see it. They persist in their useless posturing while law-abiding people die. They actually destroyed $5 million dollars’ worth of guns at this executive’s direction. What a way to declare his/her stupidity! (Fox News)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

It's A Death Sentence

Paris Police have been disarmed. Which is a death sentence for many of them if they attempt to do their duty without guns to oppose the illegal guns that proliferate in the hands of the criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. Disarming the cops is INSANE! I remember when two Islamic terrorists came to the offices of a satire magazine there, and murdered 11 people because they had the temerity to actually publish a picture of Mohammad, while unarmed cops had to hide behind their cars and watch. They were unable to “take a hand” because they didn’t have any guns to use in defending those11 people. So those people died while the unarmed cops cowered behind their cars, knowing that if they tried to intervene, they to, would die. I suggest every cop who has been disarmed by the damned fool politicians should resign, effective immediately. Let those damned fool politicians try and find someone dumb enough to replace them. It’s a terrible thing when damned fool politicians can put good people in deadly danger by their misguided orders, but it happens, everywhere. Disarming the cops has even been suggested, here. Fortunately, nobody has yet been stupid enough to actually do it. (Breitbart)

Democrats Ignore the Constitution

It sickens me to hear Dumocrat candidates threaten (promise) to “come for your guns” if they get elected to the presidency. As if they had the right to do so, under the law, which is based on the Constitution. They talk as if becoming president will give them dictatorial powers, so they can ignore the Constitution and do what they want, in spite of the fact that the Constitution, to which ALL LAWS must conform, PROHIBITS them from “coming for your guns” if they are legally owned. Dumocrats have always acted as if they didn’t have to follow the Constitution, when they MUST. Which is just one more reason NEVER to vote for a Dumocrat because they WILL do things that are prohibited by the Constitution, and enforce those unconstitutional laws until the Supreme Court “jerks them up short.” Of course, by then, the damage will have been done. People will have lost their legally-obtained guns and will be DEFENSELESS against the criminals with their illegally-obtained guns. Some will have been imprisoned, and lost property and status. All because they may have “violated” an ILLEGAL LAW. (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

It's All About Power

This situation proves it. Now they want to make a law requiring people to ASK PERMISSION to defend themselves. Universal Background Checks are bad enough. They give the government control over an inalienable right. The power to license means they have the power to say “NO.” And to go along with it means you’re giving the government your permission to take away your right to own and use a gun for self defense. Their argument is that universal background checks “keep guns out of the hands of criminals.” It does NOT. Criminals merely find a black market gun dealer and get their guns illegally, or just steal them. None of their anti-gun laws do anything to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals.” The proliferation of ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals proves that. The worst example of this is the “gun-free zone,” something that is popping up all over the country, by law in some places, and by the decisions of the owners of private businesses in others. All they do is guarantee a criminal that the law-abiding (their targets) will not be armed there, and they can victimize them at will. Each and every mass shooting has occurred IN a “gun-free zone.” The anti-gun fools are KILLING us! We need to stop electing them to offices where they can impose their will upon us. (NOQ Report)

Self Defense Is Violence!

That’s how the anti-gun fools define it, anyway. Hobby Lobby is being criticized by the anti-gun fools for “selling items promoting gun violence.” Things like bumper stickers that say, “No Trespassing! Violators Will Be Shot. Survivors Will Be Shot Again.” Or, “You Can Have My Gun When I’m Out Of Bullets.” Both promoting only SELF DEFENSE, which is a constitutional right. But to the anti-gun fools, ANY use of a gun, even for self defense, is “gun violence.” Whenever some fool starts shooting, they jump on it, demanding more of their stupid, unenforceable, USELESS laws that do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down real “gun violence,” which is usually carried out using ILLEGAL guns. They never recognize the difference between gun victimization and gun defense to that victimization. To them, it’s all “gun violence.” This is how they inflate their “numbers” when they tell us all about how much “gun violence” there is, and why we need more laws against guns, for everybody. Never mind the bad guys just IGNORE their laws and shoot us, anyway. And, of course, if they don’t have any numbers to inflate, they just make them up. That’s not just my opinion, it is a proven fact. (Yahoo)

Monday, October 14, 2019

The Best Gun Salesmen

For many, it is anti-gun Dumocrats, such as Barack Obama and others, such as Senator Feinstein or others, all Dumocrats. Everything they do causes a spike in gun sales. Obama has been cited as the top gun salesman in the country, but there is a better one: mass shootings. Every time there is a mass shooting, there is always a “spike” in gun sales, as people buy guns for self defense. Meanwhile, anti-gun fools always jump right on them and demand more of their useless, unenforceable anti-gun laws be passed. Never mind none of their damned fool laws have EVER stopped a single gun killing. The net result of their meddling is the death of many law-abiding people, who do obey those laws, even while knowing they are stupid. What they do is cause an INCREASE in “gun crime” by disarming the law-abiding in the face of the millions of ILLEGAL guns there are, already out there. Gun control laws do work in the way the politicians wish. That is, they give politicians more power to tell us what we can, and cannot do—which is their main purpose. (New York Post)

"For Me, Not For Thee"

Many of the huge number of Dumocrat candidates for president are anti-gun fools. They think passing a law that says criminals can’t use guns to victimize people will actually cause a reduction in “gun crime.” It will not, but they aren’t smart enough to understand that simple fact. In Florida, they made a law allowing teachers to bring their legally-carried guns to school so as to protect themselves and their students if some fool comes in and starts shooting them. One of those many Dumocrat candidates, Kamilla Harris, who admittedly carries her own gun “for personal protection,” immediately spoke up in opposition, saying, “[W]e need more books and pencils in schools, not more guns.” She carries a gun “for personal protection,” but wants to make it impossible for YOU to do likewise, and especially teachers, who only carry them into their schools for the PROTECTION of your children. She’d rather both DIE, rather than be able to bring a legal gun in, so as to be able to defend themselves, instead of being “easy targets.” Mass shooters love to shoot up schools because they know they ARE “no-gun zones.” (Breitbart)

Friday, October 11, 2019

Anti-Gun Insanity!

Talk about “doubling down on stupid!” The anti-gun fools are so damned insane that they have now entered the world of complete lunacy. A little girl pointed a FINGER at a classmate, pretending it’s a gun, and they charged her with a felony, then led her away in handcuffs! How is it remotely possible for a 12-year-old CHILD to hurt anybody with her FINGER? The person who charged her needs to be locked up in a loony bin and forgotten. Talk about overreaching! And if there’s a judge, anywhere, who will agree to this fiasco, that judge needs to join that prosecutor in the loony bin. All involved in charging this innocent little girl with a felony need to be locked up with them. The anti-gun fools are getting more and more desperate, every day, as they fail to get their fool laws passed because they don’t work to do anything except to make the law-abiding DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there. In desperation comes insanity, and charging a CHILD with a felony for pointing her FINGER at someone definitely rises to that level. This action is definite proof of the desperation of the anti-gun fools. I agree with one of the comments to the story linked here. There’s a more appropriate finger to be raised about this fiasco, and aimed at those so-called “authorities.” (Flag and Cross)

Exposing the Gun Lie

The anti-gun fools tell you, every day, that “gun crime” is out of control, so we need to disarm the legal owners of guns and leave them defenseless against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of the neer-do-wells who want to victimize us. But that’s a LIE, told you to frighten you into letting them disarm you, to your detriment. There are now more concealed carriers In the United States than ever, and crime generally iS DOWN! That’s a combination of numbers the anti-gun fools would rather you not know so they can continue to disarm you in the face of the criminals who still want to victimize you. So the presence of those concealed carriers IS having an effect on crime by removing one criminal at a time from the ranks of those who would use their illegal guns to victimize you. That do that by killing, injuring, and apprehending those criminals when they try. The numbers of criminals “taken down” by concealed carriers is increasing, day by day, and will soon go down, after most of the criminals are dead or in prison. The anti-gun fools are in panic, and do everything they can to conceal this from you so they can better control you. (Guns)

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Deluded Anti-Gun Researcher

He seems to think that background checks could have prevented Sandy Hook massacre. He is deluded if he thinks that. The shooter first murdered his own mother, then STOLE a gun or guns from her. How a background check would have had any effect on that is a mystery. At no time did this killer EVER have an opportunity to stand for a background check. He wanted to commit a dastardly crime, so he STOLE the gun or guns used. This “researcher” also thinks better mental health research will not have much of an effect on “gun crime.” In that, he’s wrong, too. Better mental health WOULD help reduce such crimes by better being about to recognize murderous Intent in a person and “take him out of the game” before he can carry them out. Background checks, like all other anti-gun fool laws, do NOTHING to stop, or even reduce “gun crime.” That’s the problem. Targeting the gun is futile. It only stops the law-abiding from getting guns easily, which is useless because a potential mass killer will get his guns by buying them ILLEGALLY or STEALING them. (Public News Service)

National Gun Tax

While the country pays close attention to Beto O’Rourke’s blatant threat to violate the Second Amendment and “come for your guns” if he is elected president (a forlorn hope, that) nobody seems to be paying much attention to another Dumocrat presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, who plans to tax guns at 30%, plus a 50% tax on ammunition, something that will make it impossible for most low-wage people to own guns, even if the law allows it. Fortunately, neither candidate has much chance of ever getting enough votes to be elected. But the fact remains that MOST, if not all Dumocrat presidential candidates have expressed some interest in “gun control,” even though gun control has proven itself to do NOTHING to reduce “gun crime,” anywhere it has been tried. Chicago is a prime example. Almost every anti-gun fool law existing is in effect there, yet every weekend people are killed in double digits and more, mostly by ILLEGAL guns. Similar figures in “gun crime” are extant in almost every major city in the country, even the world. Great Britain, for example, has made it almost impossible for the law-abiding to get guns, and now are fighting “knife crime,” by banning pointed knives—another futile effort that will come to nothing. (American Action News)