Friday, January 18, 2019

Shut Up, Doc!

Liberals are putting pressure on doctors to ask their patients if they have a gun or guns as part of their “work-ups.” This, they have no right to do! The medical profession can try and make “gun crime” a “medical problem” all it wants, but it’s not. And asking their patients if they have guns is NOT part of their “medical history,” no matter how much the anti-gun fools want it to be. What I’m going to do if my doctor asks me such a question is tell him it’s none of his business. If he persists, I’ll find another doctor. I assume part of it is that the doctor will tell someone if he gets a positive answer. that’s an invasion of privacy and a violation of medical ethics. I also presume that, if this question becomes common, soon the politicians will want to make truthfully answering that question mandatory, with punishment to be added if the patient lies or refuses to answer. Things like this are usually “one step at a time,” with this being the “first step” toward doctors letting the politicians know, by law, if their patients have guns. (Boston Herald)

It Must Be Nice

It must be nice to be a subjectivist. Then you can imagine things as you wish they were, and think it’s real. That’s how it is with the anti-gun fools. They haven’t passed a single law that actually DID something about “gun crime,” but now they’re claiming victory because they’ve managed to get a bunch of stupid laws that do NOTHING passed, in spite of the works of those who KNOW their laws are stupid and ineffective. They say the shooting in Florida at Stoneman High School “galvanized” the anti-gun nuts to make even more useless, ineffective laws against guns (they didn’t put it exactly that way, but that’s how it is to those of us with some degree of INTELLIGENCE). They say “2018 is the year we turned the tide on ending gun violence.” Riiiigghhtt! Without making a single law that does ANYTHING about “gun violence.” Way to fool yourself, people! Yes, you got some laws passed. And you were able to pressure some companies into making other stupid rules that get the law-abiding killed, while the law BREAKERS still bring their guns and kill people. That’s not progress. You’re fooling yourselves. And others. (Huffington Post)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Stop Appointing Gun-Grabbers

The only way we’re ever going to be able to whip the anti-gun fools is to stop electing and appointing anti-gun fools to important offices. The more anti-gun fool senators and representatives we have, the more stupid anti-gun laws we will have to fight. Trump’s new Attorney General appointee has supported many anti-gun measures in the past, which indicates that he will support many more in the future. So who needs him? There is not a SINGLE anti-gun law now on the books that has done a SINGLE thing to stop, or even slow down “gun crime,” so what the hell GOOD are they? They ARE good for making the law-abiding easier victims for CRIMINALS, who are known to ignore laws they don’t like. One of the worst of those laws is the one mandating “gun-free zones.” Those are an “engraved invitation” to criminals and other miscreants to “come in and kill somebody.” That’s because the law-abiding don’t bring their guns, according to the law. So they will be defenseless in the face of your illegally-owned, and carried guns. Criminals SEEK OUT “gun-free zones” for this reason, because they don’t want to get shot, themselves. (Gun Owners)

Parents Favor Armed Teachers

No, not FORCING teachers to arm themselves, ALLOWING them to bring their already legally-carried guns to work with them, so as to be able to defend their students in case some crazed gunman comes in with his legal or illegally-owned gun and decides to kill a few children. Liberals always oppose the real solutions to problems that are recommended by others, and almost all liberals are anti-gun fools. Liberals try to convince us there are more than two sexes, and that men can menstruate. Both impossibilities; but that never stops a liberal from trying to FORCE us to accept their silly notions as “fact,” or vilifying us if we disagree. Letting legally-armed teachers bring their guns to school is, so far, the ONLY solution to “mass shooters” coming in to kill a few of their students. The cops aren’t a solution because, in the few minutes it usually takes for them to get there, that shooter can kill many children. The teachers are already there, and the shooter can’t identify those who ARE armed, as they can with a UNIFORMED “school resource officer” and kill them first. Teachers and other school staff are as responsible in their actions as are most cops, and if trained properly, are a real deterrent. But anti-gun fools won’t even ENTERTAIN the idea. Schools are a “gun-free zone,” which is an “engraved invitation” to potential shooters. EVERY mass shooting, in schools or otherwise, has occurred IN a “gun-free zone. So why can’t anti-gun fools realize that? They don’t have a better answer, so why keep opposing a real solution? Just STUPID, I guess. (Rasmussen Reports)

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

What Don't They Understand?

What don’t lawmakers who enact anti-gun laws that are aimed at BANNING gun ownership altogether understand about the Second Amendment to the Constitution? The Founders knew that if the government COULD ban the ownership and use of guns for the law-abiding, they could “run roughshod over them” with impunity, and they didn’t want that. They knew, from bitter experience, that this is true, and they didn’t want their government to be able to do that. So they made the Second Amendment, which says, unequivocally, that “no law” shall be made to “abridge” an American citizen’s right to be armed for self defense. The anti-gun fools have tried to complicate it, without success. It is very short, and to the point. And ANY attempt to “regulate” gun ownership or use IS an “abridgment.Lawmakers should know these things, but many of them apparently don’t. They do everything they can to make the guns we do own useless to us. Like the “safe storage” laws that make guns impossible to get into action quickly enough to oppose the criminal, who already has his gun out and aimed. Like the “minimum magazine size” laws that get the law-abiding killed while trying to reload, since criminals have as large a magazine in their illegal guns as they wish. I could go on and on, but you get the point, while they don’t. (Just common sense)

Guns Aren't the Problem

Every time some fool goes out and starts killing a bunch of people in a crowd, or even just one person, with a gun, the anti-gun fools start screaming for yet more “anti-gun laws.” And when anybody opposes them, they vilify them, saying they “wish for more people to be killed.” But I have one question to ask them: “What would you like us to do, that will WORK? Since none of your highly touted anti-gun laws have EVER stopped a single shooting? Just tell me something that will WORK, and I’ll be all for it.” Unfortunately, they have never come up with a single thing that will actually reduce “gun crime,” as we know it. And they won’t, because there IS nothing they can do, no law they can make, that will work, because the gun is NOT the problem. That fool with a gun in his/her hand IS the problem. We have to find a way to cause those fools NOT to decide to shoot people, with legal, or illegal guns. It’s like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. Guns exist, there is NO WAY they’ll ever stop them from existing, and the ILLEGAL guns in existence number in the millions. Make all the laws they want, and potential shooters will ignore them because they are contemplating actions much worse than disobeying some piffy little law that says they can’t be armed while committing their more serious crimes. (Daily Caller)

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Surprise, Surprise!

Criminals MOSTLY don’t get their guns legally, even if they have not yet committed a crime that prohibits that. Something I’ve been telling the anti-gun fools for years, even though they seem to be “tone deaf” to that. They think, in their abysmal ignorance, that all criminals get their guns legally, so all they have to do is make a law and, magically, the criminals will obey it. Well, The Department of Justice did a survey of criminals in prison, basically asking them how they got the guns they used in the crimes for which they are incarcerated. They had no reason to lie about it, and the results show that a massive MAJORITY of criminals got their guns ILLEGALLY. They either bought them from other criminals in a back alley somewhere, or STOLE them from friends, family embers, or even strangers. Will these results be instructive to the anti-gun fools? Not likely. They have their eye fixed firmly on the impossible goal of denying EVERYBODY of the right to be armed for self defense. Their minds are made up, so don’t confuse them with facts. (Truth About Guns)

"Kids Killed At Night Club!"

That’s how the headline reads. But there are some glaring inconsistencies in this story. First of all, it was NOT a “night club.” It was a restaurant that had a limited alcohol sales license. It was a “dance party” and they were NOT serving liquor to underage people. It was NOT a case of a “mass shooter” who came in and started killing people. It was a GANG MEMBER who started shooting at other gang members, while people in the event shot back. What? Sounds to me like many of the attendees were armed gang members, too. It was a gang fight. And calling most of these people KIDS is a falsity, since they call them “kids” up to 19! A 19 year old is NOT a “kid.” He/she is an ADULT who has not yet quite reached 21. Even members of “MOMS Against Guns (or something like that)” are casting doubt on the reports, and that’s unusual. Usually they jump right on ANY story about people shooting one another and try to paint it in the worst way. (Gun Free Zone)

Monday, January 14, 2019

Easier For Criminals

I look at each and every anti-gun law passed by the anti-gun fools, and I see that every one of them simply makes it easier for an armed criminal (who usually is using an illegally-obtained gun) to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey their laws, while the criminals do NOT. Think about it: “Background checks” do nothing but help find a shooter AFTER the shooting, IF he got his gun legally, and stood for one. Criminals, not so much. Making it harder for the law-abiding to get guns to use for self defense makes sure there will be fewer guns in the hands of the law-biding, making it easier for the law breakers to victimize them. “Safe storage” laws only make it more difficult for a potential victim to get his gun into action to defend against a criminal, whose gun is already in his hand, ready to shoot. Then there are the “limited magazine capacity” laws that help the criminal to kill a law-abiding person while he is reloading. Something the criminal doesn’t trouble himself with. And worst of all, the “gun-free zones,” that let the criminal know there probably not be anybody who obeys laws there with a gun, so he will be free to rob and/or kill them at will. I could go on and on, but you get the point. (Oregon 5 Bullet Law)

Take Their Guns Away

There seem to be politicians everywhere who think they have the right to take guns away from their constituents. They even campaign on passing “tougher gun laws.” Never mind their anti-gun laws never work, and even PROMOTE “gun crime by DISARMING the law-abiding. Meanwhile these selfsame politicians hide behind a cordon of ARMED “security.” Some of them even carry their own guns, as Sen. Diane Feinstein did, in addition to her “security” troops. They think they are somehow supremely entitled to such “protection” while working hard to DENY the rest of us the same rights. So what we need to do is deny THEM the right to self defense if they take a single vote against our retention of our constitutionally-guaranteed right to be armed for self defense. I know getting such a law passed would be difficult, because the very people it would expose to their enemies would have to vote it in. We can only hope there are sufficient politicians with honor to get it done. That may be a forlorn hope, but maybe not. There’s a law in Congress right now to do just that—except it goes a little too far, and wants to stop ALL members of Congress from having protection. But it IS a “step in the right direction,” as Dumocrats are fond of saying. (Daily Caller)

Friday, January 11, 2019

Ain't Never Gonna Happen!

They’re wondering if, one day, the anti gun fools are going to realize how stupid they are, and “go away.” It ain’t gonna happen, people! Stupid people are too stupid to realize how stupid they are. They tend to think they are the smartest people in the room, when they’re not. Each and every law or regulation made by them makes it easier on the “bad guys” to victimize the law-abiding when they predictably OBEY their laws, even knowing how stupid they are. “Gun-free zones,” for instance. Owners of illegal guns have no problem bringing their guns into them because they are CRIMINALS. Criminals do not obey laws. They know the likelihood of a law-abiding person being armed there is small, so such zones are an “engraved invitation” for them to come in and do their dirty work. Criminals freely tell us they SEEK OUT such zones, for that reason. Background checks only make it possible to find a shooter AFTER he has killed people, IF he used a legally-purchased gun—which most “gun crime” people do not. “Safe Storage Laws only make it harder for legal gun owners to get their guns into action when threatened by an ILLEGAL gun owner, whose gun is already out and pointed at them. Most of their other laws are designed only to make it difficult for the law-abiding to use the guns they have a constitutional right to own to get them in action quickly enough. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Gun laws are stupid. (Joe Huffman)

Today's Gun Save

Anti-gun fools say it never happens. They say concealed carriers are more likely to shoot themselves than anybody else. They say that the average person carrying a gun NEVER is able to stop violence from being committed. They're WRONG, as usual. And today's “gun save” proves it, yet again. In Wayne County, W. VA, some people claiming to have presents tried to enter Jerrica Little’s home. She knew something was wrong when the woman who told her she has qualified for some free presents couldn’t tell her from whom they came, and a scruffy man in bib coveralls got out of their van looking menacing. Jerrica shut her door and told the woman she had a gun and was calling 9/11. They got back in their van and left. Without a shot being fired. Just the fear that she actually had a gun frightened them off, from what could have been a “home invasion” attack. These things happen millions of times a year, but the anti-gun fools still deny it. (WDTV)

Thursday, January 10, 2019

"Save 32,000 Lives!"

The anti-gun fools keep quoting that phony figure of 32,000 deaths a year from gun violence, even long after it has been debunked, due to the knowledge that that figure INCLUDES not only “gun crime” deaths, but also “righteous shootings” by police and people using their guns for self defense, as well as gun suicides. They say that eliminating all guns will “save that many lives every year.” That’s a foolish pipe dream. Those wishing to commit suicide or commit crimes using guns will find other ways to accomplish their aims. That was recently proven conclusively by the sudden rise in KNIFE crime in the UK after they pretty much banned all guns that are legally owned, there. Those who want to kill will kill, even if they have to use a club. Additionally, there is NO WAY to COMPLETELY ban ALL GUNS. Those millions of ILLEGAL guns already in existence proves that. it’s actually EASIER to get a gun ILLEGALLY than legally these days, with all the laws and regulations in existence to make it as hard as possible to accomplish. (GunMart)

The Definition of Insanity

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the very definition of insanity. So why do the anti-gun fools do it? There is not a single law, now on the books, that has ever stopped, or even slowed down “gun crime.” So why do they insist on continuing to make them? Are they INSANE? Or just STUPID? Example: “gun-free zones.” Criminals SEEK OUT “gun-free zones” in which to do their “dirty work” because they can be pretty sure the law-a biding (their intended victims) will not be armed, and thus will be DEFENSELESS against their ILLEGAL guns. Anti-gun fools have to know these silly laws do not work, and are in fact, an “engraved invitation” to criminals to bring their illegal guns to victimize the law-abiding. You ask them why they keep making silly laws like that, and they never answer. They HAVE no coherent answer, so they immediately start calling you names and dismissing you, out of hand. What’s WRONG with these people? It can’t be lack of intelligence, because many of these fools are otherwise intelligent. But they just can’t se the contradiction in making these USELESS laws. Baltimore’s “gun buyback” didn’t work, so they’re going to do it, again. (CBS Baltimore)