Monday, August 24, 2015

Brady Criticizes National Guard

The “Brady Bunch” is criticizing the Indiana National Guard for asking the NRA to train its people. Like they said on this blog, “the 'Brady Bunch' put politics ahead of the safety of the Guard members.” Training the people charged with defending us is NOT like training civilians in how to handle guns. Whatever, training ANYBODY who is going to USE a gun in how to use it safely is one thing this bunch doesn't want. If a gun is involved, they want to stifle it. I'd like to ask them a question. Was the guy who shot Brady and Reagan using a LEGAL gun? Probably not, and if not, NO LAW would have stopped him from shooting those people. This is what these fools forget, if they ever KNEW. Laws will not stop people bent on the worst crime possible, murder, from getting their guns. (NRA Blog)

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