Wednesday, August 26, 2015

High Capacity Magazines Responsible?

That's one police chief and his mayor say. How do such FOOLS get into such high places? They're incompetent to do their jobs, but are very good at conning their way onto them. Do these fools think we don't know better than to believe it's the “high-capacity magazine's fault” that many people are murdered? It's the fault of the PEOPLE who USE the guns to commit murder that are at fault. Not an in inanimate object like a gun, or a high-capacity magazine. It's fools like this who INCREASE gun deaths by misleading people as to the real cause, for their own purposes. Other police sources tell us they don't track the usage of high-capacity magazines, so there is no basis for this idea and the statements of the cops and politicians in charge in DC, except for their “crystal balls.” (Fox 5 DC)

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