Friday, July 1, 2016

Water Is Wet

They did a study recently that found that criminals don't get their guns from gun shops, gun shows, or the Internet. That they do is a common phony claim by anti-gun fools and, of course, it's a LIE. It has been proven many times that they get their guns in a back alley somewhere, out of the trunk of a car owned by an illicit arms dealer, or just STEAL them. They just do NOT go to legal sources, and that is the only place their “gun laws” affect. So all their highly vaunted “ gun laws,” which are aimed in the wrong direction, are USELESS. But they keep making them, because “we have to do SOMETHING!” It's like a duck in water. On the surface, nothing is happening. But under water, his feet are moving furiously. They APPEAR to be doing something, but they aren't. And they can still raise money from other “anti-gun fools” who mistakenly think, like them, that all they have to do is “make a law,” and that will solve the problem. They know it won't, but it LOOKS like they're doing something. (Guns Save Lives)

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