Thursday, June 30, 2016

"2A Didn't Kill Anybody"

Florida's Republican governor is a smart guy. He doesn't “knuckle under” to political pressure like most politicians do. Rick Scott refused to order a special session in the state legislature to “debate gun laws” after the Orlando killings, saying, “The Second Amendment didn't kill anybody.” What goes unsaid is that the usual run of “gun laws” HAVE killed people, by disarming honest people in the face of increasing danger from ILLEGAL gun-wielding “bad guys.”The anti-gun fools seem to think it did, because it advocates guns in the hands of honest people, to oppose the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals and other bad guys. They seem to think, in their stupidity, that guns in the hands of good guys are a danger. I agree. But they're only a danger to BAD GUYS with ILLEGAL guns! I used to be one of those “good guys with a gun,” and I never killed anybody over a trifle like a fender-bender. Obama is importing some of those “:bad guys” by the hundreds of thousands (Islamic immigrants, including many Muslim terrorists) while, at the same time, trying his best to make us DEFENSELESS against them when they come to kill us. I have my own ideas about why he does that, but that's a discussion for another day. Meanwhile it grows more and more dangerous to be an American while our president tries hard to disarm us. That's a fact, and Rick knows it, even if other politicians don't. (Guns)

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