Sunday, July 10, 2016

They Don't Understand

People in other countries where they aren't guaranteed the right to own and use a gun for self defense, just don't understand our “passion for our guns.” they know nothing about the right to self defense, and to own and use the means to it, a gun, that the Founders made sure we had. They don't understand that the only REAL defense is to be equally armed when a criminal or terrorists approaches you with his ILLEGAL gun because they've never had that right. They accept the crap the anti-gun fools feed them that it's only “passion for guns” and not the “will to self defense” that drives us. That's their loss. They'll never know the power that comes from being able to defend yourself, and not wait for the cops while some fool with an ILLEGAL gun victimizes you. The cops themselves, will tell you that they can't be everywhere, and the very best means of defending yourself is YOU, and your right to own the proper tool for it, a gun. Salon is a liberal rag, so take what they say with a huge grain of salt. (Salon)

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