Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trump Nominated

You can retire the word, “presumptive” in referring to Donald Trump's nomination to be the Republican candidate for president in the national election. He needed 1237 votes, and he got more than 500 more! He got more than 1,600 votes! A LOT more than he needed. In other words, he beat them “handily,” as usual. This guy the “wise men” told us would never make it through the primaries not only DID it, he did it “in style,” getting more votes than any candidate in history. They've been wrong, all along, and they'll be wrong again when he doesn't lose to Hillary in November. For once, we didn't nominate a “rabid anti-gun fool” for the top office. Which means we probably won't have as many attempts to take away our gun rights in the next four (hopefully 8) years as usual. (CNN)

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