Monday, July 11, 2016

"No Guns for Blacks"

That's what our erstwhile black president, Barack Obama says. He says the reason that innocent man in Minnesota was killed by a frightened cop is because it's so easy for blacks to get guns (This from a black man who has us pay for the guns carried by Secret service agents who protect HIM). As if that were the problem. The problem REALLY is, there are too many criminals selling illegal, untraceable guns out of the trunks of their cars. They rarely get them legally, and so escape their “common sense gun laws.” That's where criminals get the guns the use to victimize honest, law-abiding people. The “laws” they make only seem to apply to LEGAL gun owners, not those criminals who are the best customers for those selling ILLEGAL guns. If they want to do something abut the “easy ability to get guns,” maybe they ought to concentrate on that, instead of hindering the ability of honest people to defend themselves. That cop saw that gun, even though he had already been advised of it's existence, as well as the legality of that man carrying it. It gets pretty bad when the mere SIGHT of a gun causes a cop to kill somebody. This only feeds the crap the “Black Lives Matter” crowd is putting out. It's an isolated incident, but they will make the most of it. (Zero Hedge)

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