Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bad Gun Laws

Or is that a repetition? ALL gun laws, so far made, are bad. “Gun-free zones,” for instance. How may mass shootings have happened in areas that are “gun-free zones?” ALL of them. Potential shooters who plan on mass murder aren't going to worry about an "unimportant little law” that says they can't bring their guns in a certain area. In fact, according to one mass shooter, they SEARCH OUT gun-free zones” in which to do their outrages. The area in which the Orlando killer murdered 49 people and wounded as many more was a “gun-free zone,” and he bought his guns legally because he had not, as yet, done anything to give him a criminal record. That's the biggest problem with ALL “gun laws.” They only apply to honest, law-abiding people. Those who are not the problem, at all.

Anti-gun fools have a hard time making their gun laws today, because people (other than them) know they are USELESS. Most of them are Democrats. “The difficulty the Democrats face is that, stripped of the emotion and politically driven posturing, their legislative demands either flagrantly violate the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens, or are hopelessly ineffective and unenforceable against would-be terrorists and mass murderers.” Liberals (Democrats) rejected the whole idea of “reasonable suspicion” when they managed to outlaw “stop and frisk” in New York City (a very effective crime fighting tool). But that's the very thing they want to base their putting people's names on a “no-fly list” on, which is as they use it, a “no-gun list.” If they ever come up with a law that WILL do anything, I'd be right there with them. But as long as they come up with these duds, I will not. (Reformer)

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