Friday, July 1, 2016

Changing Sides

Republicans are traditionally pro-gun people. They usually believe in our right to self defense, and to own and carry the means to that end, a gun. Now a few Republicans have joined Democrats in supporting “gun control issues.” You know, the bills th, when they become law, only serve to disarm honest people while leaving them wide open to the depredations of criminals, who don't OBEY laws, by definition. Those Republicans probably hold other liberal views, as well. And if they were honest, they'd go over to the Democrat Party. Eight Senate Republicans have joined 44 Democrats in support of laws that allow the government to put your name on “no-fly lists” at will, with no control over their decision, and deny you the right to buy a gun (legally). I have even supported laws that allow the FBI to put those who have been investigated for serious ties to terrorism on a list for further scrutiny if they buy guns in a suspicious manner—but NOT a “blanket ban” on your ability to own and use a gun in self defense. And if they DO allow them to combine the “no-fly lists” with the “no-gun lists,” at least apply MEANINGFUL limits on just HOW people could be put on that list, and for cause. (New York Times)

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