Thursday, July 28, 2016

You'd Think They'd Learn

New concealed carry permits have reached an all-time high, while Obama and the other anti-gun fools are still working HARD to take our gun rights away. You'd think that would tell them something: that the majority of Americans will NEVER willingly give up their right to be armed for self-defense. Against the GOVERNMENT, if it comes to that. Gun sales are at all-time highs, too. But nothing gets through the thick skulls of the anti-gun fools—except a bullet in the head of Gabby Giffords, scrambling her brains, and convincing her she can eliminate all guns from the world. She can't, but she'll never learn that. Yes, she got shot by a gun. But it was held by a misguided fool. He shouldn't have even been free, as crazy as he was. But that's not her target. Her target is that “inanimate object” that can't hurt ANYBODY until picked up by a human being. (Washington Times)

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