Saturday, July 30, 2016

Get Ready for WAR!

We're in a war, even if Obama still refuses to acknowledge it. BECAUSE Obama refuses to acknowledge it. He's playing right into the hands of the enemy, whether he realizes it, or not. And I think he DOES. I think denying the danger is part of his plan to “take over,” not as president, but as DICTATOR. The “anti-cop” campaign is part of his war. And criminals happily cooperate because that means they get to kill as many cops as they can. The number of shootings, mass and otherwise, have increased so much that they are now a DAILY occurrence. And the answer is NOT to disarm Americans. Quite the opposite, in fact.

We need to arm as many law-abiding Americans as we can, as quickly as we can. But that will never happen as long as Obama is allowed to influence the “useful idiots” who are anti-gun fools. He does everything he can to disarm us, while at the same time, importing Islamic terrorists, by the hundreds of thousands while ridiculing those who see through his scheme and want to stop it. And he is releasing as many violent FELONS as he can, too. He stirs up the already resident criminals to kill cops, making cops “nervous,” knowing they now have targets on their backs (or chests, as it were). What that does is CREATE the very situation they SAY they hate, “itchy finger cops” who shoot first, and ask questions later—if anybody's left alive. If we don't arm ourselves and get READY for war, we're going to lose it, and end up living under the “iron heel” of despotism. (Just common sense)

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