Monday, July 11, 2016

How Can They Tell?

They say Kenya has the highest number of guns in the hands of private citizens in Africa, and has rising gun attacks. Really? How can they tell? Their figures only reflect the number of LEGAL guns in civilian hands, which, if this country is an example, is only a small number of the guns in civilian hands. That's the problem with the anti-gun fools all over the world. Their figures only reflect LEGAL gun ownership, and ignore ILLEGAL gun ownership. That way they can DISARM honest people and give criminals free rein to victimize them. And sometimes the criminals are wearing badges. Damn, I get tired of pointing this out, while only INTELLIGENT people are listening. Apparently, that does not include the anti-gun fools who make their “common sense gun laws.” They just keep right on making their USELESS gun laws that do nothing except leave honest people defenseless against the ILLEGAL guns wielded by criminals and other “bad guys.” (GunMart)

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