Saturday, July 9, 2016

"NRA Is At Fault!"

It's the same old song they've sung hundreds of times. Any time somebody gets killed by a gun, be it in the hands of a criminal, terrorist, or even a COP, it's got to be the fault of the NRA. In the case of the cop shooting that killed a black man who was only reaching for his ID after he told them he had a legally registered gun in his pocket, they blame the NRA for what seems to their little minds a good reason. If not for the NRA, he wouldn't have BEEN a licensed carrier and that poor, frightened cop wouldn't have shot him. Thus again, blaming the gun, for an ill-trained cop's panicked killing of an innocent man, just because he was carrying a gun. You could hear the panic in that cop's voice as he tried to justify his shot. He screeched, “I TOLD him not to reach for that!” when he DID. He TOLD him to give him his ID. That's not the fault of the NRA, it's a failure of TRAINING, coupled with the panic, created by the “Black Lives Matter” crowd putting ALL cops “on edge,” knowing that they have a target in their chests. (New York Daily News)

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