Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More Gun Foolishness

They're now saying that the Dallas gunman was just “fighting tyranny for the NRA.” What “evidence” they use to back that up, I have no idea. Neither do they. Probably, like most assertions by liberals, nothing. They just make their assertions and defy us not to believe them. It's like Harry Reid claiming Mitt Romney never paid his taxes, based on a “tip” from an imaginary person. This is how liberals stoke public opinion. Lie to them with no facts back of it, and insist it's true, insulting those who disagree. They can't prove anything, but they say it, anyway. It's how they operate. How such people can be taken seriously is a mystery. How they take THEMSELVES seriously is also a mystery. They're blaming the NRA for the “gun grab” and killings in Michigan, too. Many people, who pay no attention to politics, but vote, anyway, will believe them. (Breitbartt)

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