Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Florida Nightclub Shot Up

What is it about nightclubs in Florida? There has been yet another mass shooting in a Florida nightclub. This time, in Ft. Myers. This time, the fool shooter only managed to kill two people. But 15 were injured. Now check this: it was “teen night” at this club, guaranteeing some teenagers would be hurt. Sick, right? Well. anybody who would shoot into a crowd of people is sick. The hospital says the victims ranged in age from 12 to 27. Now that is really sick! Some say, 12 to 17! This kind of thing is getting very tiresome, in that it has become “routine.” So routine, in fact, that this shooting didn't even get “all day coverage” on Fox News like Orlando did. Cops say they have detained two “suspects.” If shown to be guilty, they should revive the firing squads for such crimes, with orders to the shooters to aim for the stomach, so the perp will be “gut-shot” and will die a long, and painful death. They deserve it. Look for the anti-gun fools to jump right on this to get some more USELESS “gun laws” passed. (Daily Caller)

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