Thursday, July 7, 2016

"Shoot Up the NRA?"

Adjunct Professor James Pearce, at Southern State Community College (SSCC) has advocated “Shooting up the NRA and making sure they're all dead.” He didn't use those exact words, but that was his meaning. Leave it to anti-gun fools like this to advocate using GUNS to eliminate people who favored GUNS in defense of themselves. And they don't understand the “disconnect” from reality such a thing exhibits. This is not the first time an anti-gun fool has advocated SHOOTING a pro-gun person. They're kind of stupid that way. They're so deep in their unreasoning hatred of guns they're blind to the contradiction. They think killing everybody at the NRA will stop Americans from their work in maintaining our constitutional right to be armed for self defense. To do that, they'd have to murder MILLIONS of people. They'd have to go after other prominent organizations with the same goal, too. Those executives they want to kill would quickly be replaced. The shooters would be killed by the armed NRA executives on the scene,and the work of the NRA would continue. They just can't understand that. SSCC is considering his termination. (Campus Reform)

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