Friday, July 8, 2016

Open Season On Cops

The :Black Lives Matter” crowd claims that cops have a campaign on to kill black men. That's foolishness. It's the other way around. The “Black Lives Matter” crowd's rhetoric tells already unstable people that it's now okay to kill COPS. So they do. They go out LOOKING for cops to kill. And cops accommodate them by running around in well-marked cars, wearing uniforms with convenient shiny “targets” on their chests. If they're not diligent and aware every second, they get shot and killed from ambush, often from behind, with NO CHANCE to defend themselves. So they're nervous, and quick to shoot. Something those fools CLAIM is already true. And the “Black Lives Matter” crowd thinks this is okay. They're CREATING the very situation they CLAIM they don't like: cops running around, nervously looking over their shoulders because around the next corner there might be a fool waiting to kill them for nothing except that they're cops. The anti-gun fools tell us that law-abiding people carrying guns are a danger to us, when they're NOT, for the most part. It's the people carrying ILLEGAL guns that ARE. And their current laws do NOTHING to “stem the tide” of gun violence. (Truth About Guns)

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