Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trucks And Pressure Cookers

Do we need to ban these important, and useful tools? If we follow the faulty reasoning of the anti-gun fools, we do. Whenever some fool kills somebody with an ILLEGAL gun, they immediately want to ban LEGAL guns. They can't be talking about banning ILLEGAL guns, because criminals don't obey laws. More people are killed with KNIVES than anything else. Should we ban all knives? No. That is a useful tool, too. Nor should we ban trucks or pressure cookers, because of the MISUSE of a few by fools. It's not the gun's fault, nor is it the fault of a pressure cooker that a couple of damned fools bombed some innocent people in Boston. Nor is it the fault of trucks because one was used to kill innocent people. If these people would get off their dead butts and THINK a little, they could figure this out for themselves. But they're not into thinking. They just look at something that might appeal to other fools and do it, thinking that they're “doing something” to stop gun violence, when they're not. All they're doing is DISARMING honest, law-abiding people and making it easier for criminals to use their ILLEGAL guns to kill them. (The News-Star)

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