Friday, July 29, 2016

Abolish The Second Amendment!

That's what liberals want. They say it's “outdated and should be abolished, and hope we'll never need it.” What they don't know is it's NOT “outdated,” and we DO “need it,” right now, to keep our idiot politicians from taking away our right to be armed in order to defend ourselves from individual criminals, mass shooters, cop-killing blacks, and Islamic terrorists, that Obama insists on importing by the hundreds of thousands. The anti-gun fools are notoriously short-sighted, and think the way to self defense is to DISARM ourselves. That same philosophy was apparent in the move to get rid of nuclear arms during the cold war. Meanwhile, the “mutual destruction” concept backed by our nuclear arms superiority WON the cold war. Just the other day, a thug had a cop down and was trying hard to kill him, when a legally-armed citizen put a stop to it, something anti-gun fools assure you doesn't happen. (Andover Townsman)

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