Monday, July 4, 2016

Advocate: "No Guns for Gays"

Even the “gay intelligentsia thinks gays getting guns for self defense is a bad idea. They really think gays are stupid, and can't handle guns, just as they do the general population. The Advocate says (no, I don't read it as a rule), “In the wake of the massacre at Orlando's Pulse nightclub, some pundits, activists, and presidential candidates have trotted out the reliable red herring that the deadly rampage could have been thwarted if there had only been some 'good guys with guns' inside the LGBT club.” “Reliable old red herring, huh? There's a good reason why it's so “reliable.” It's TRUE, no matter how anti-gun fools deny it. They just want to disarm everybody, and gays are going against the “common knowledge” the anti-gun fools think is true. Guns in the hands of people potential mass shooters don't know are armed, can, and DO put an END to a mass shooting by killing or incapacitating the shooter. But they can't accept that, because it denies on of their favorite lies. Honest armed people don't do what armed criminals, crazies, or even Islamic terrorists do. They go about their lives quietly, and are usually LESS violent that ILLEGAL gun owners, but they ARE “ready” when somebody tries a mass shooting in their crowd. (The Advocate)

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