Friday, July 8, 2016

More Gun Control

Within HOURS of the Dallas police massacre Obama was out calling for more gun control. As if the guns used to kill those cops were bought legally and could have been kept out of the hands of the killer. The anti-gun fools, of which Obama is the number ONE, are completely blind to the idea that it isn't the GUN that's at fault, it's the FOOL holding the gun. He thinks, in his ignorance, that getting rid of the legal guns will solve the “problem.” It will not. The “bad guys” will still get their guns, ILLEGALLY and keep on with their killing ways. If those fools ever come up with some REAL “gun laws,” I'll be right with them. But they aren't smart enough. They've proven that, time and time again, while people with ILLEGAL guns keep on killing people. I'm really getting tired of saying this, and being ignored by the fools who make those absurd “gun laws” that do NOTHING to stop gun violence. (Robert Farago/TTAG)

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