Friday, July 15, 2016

Gun-Grabbers Enraged

They had a massacre in France, and didn't use a single gun (except the cops). The killer used a truck. He drove into a crowd of people and “mowed them down” like cutting down wheat, until the cops lined up in front of his truck and filled him full of holes. The only guns used here were used to stop the massacre. 84 people (so far) died, including some children. Is it Muslim terror? The French think so, and they're probably right. Only time will tell. But the gun-grabbers won't be able to use this one to promote their agenda to disarm all law-abiding citizens. Still. I wouldn't be surprised if they do. They might object to the number of bullet holes in the windshield of that truck, complaining that the killer didn't get the benefit of arrest and trial, even though he denied it to those he “mowed down.” Oops! He DID use a gun, but it only did minimal damage. It was way down in the CBS story, but that was based on French news output. But I'm sure it will be played up mightily in other American news reports, even though the most deaths were from being run over by the truck. Obama condemned the massacre, saying it was a “horrific terrorist attack.” Still missing was the word “Islamic,” even though we know who is in the “killing business.” It's instructive that the killer's first name is Mohammed. (CBS)

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